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Pearl and shell

Pearl and shell we are twins brother and sister

Is the mother of shell and pearl

Shell of strong and tough

The beauty of pearl珍珠粉调养优雅准妈妈

The hardships that all soaks through a mother

The line net beautifies shell


Is all trace of wave

The sheen plates bright pearl


Is all heart sound of sea water

The ocean is worth respecting adore

The mother is worth lauding

Shell pearl this to twin brother and sister

Recompense what to finish not to is a loving care from childhood

Elder brother

Have a wisp of shell soul

Younger sister

Have a pearl heart
You are a beautiful shell珍珠粉调养
I am the pearl in your heart
That is 1 kind how engrave osseous love with piercing
Transplant your weak heart
You use sweet slightly contain bitter and astringent tears
In multiple layers surround I
Finally the Ning became
A drop of tears of the abyss of time in heart
The noodles in your youth permits
The Juan engraved a beautiful fine line
Flowing water
But can not get rid of
The love and scar in your heart
Undulate every time
Is all kind of happy and touch pain
You still with no regret
Silent in the bottom of sea
Guard this pure and lustrous pearl
The tears of this present life the abyss of time

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12 V importation

The 12 volt led lighting importation electric voltage merges 12 high bright give out light diode should use how much Europe of electric resistance

The sum that gives out light diode settles electric voltage according to the dissimilarity of model number, .(the material is different)Generally is at lowest 2.8 Fus, tallest 3.6 Fus;It is lowest 1.8 Fuses to have some, tallest 2.3 Fus;Common white light tube to say, sum settle electric voltage generally above(the typical model be worth general is 3.6 Vs) in the 3 Vs, work electric current generally at 20 mAs in.Consequently should the string is an electric resistance of 420 Ωs after 12 give out light diode to merge.led lighting design

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decision controls

The inner part that invest decision controls

The sixth company should continuously perfect research method and investment decision process, raise the science and objectivity of investment decision, ensure that each portfolio possesses fair investment decision an opportunity, build up the system environment of fair deal.

The seventh company should build up objective research method, any investment analysis and suggestion all should have full fact and data support and avoid subjective information for guess, strictly forbiding and making use of inside story as an investment basis.Silver extraction

The eighth company should according to above-mentioned research method the establishment whole companieseses apply of the investment object fully choose database and bargain opponent to fully choose a database, establishment definitely of fully choose a database establishment, maintenance procedure.

The ninth company should on the foundation that fully chooses a database, according to the investment target of different portfolio, invest a style and invest scope and connection to trade restriction etc., build up the investment object of different portfolio to fully choose database and bargain opponent to fully choose a database, the portfolio manager sets up a concrete portfolio according to the investment authorization on this argument

The tenth company in response to the sound investment authorize system, definitely investment decision committee, investment director general and portfolio manager's each investment of etc. decision corpus of job and legal power demarcation, the reasonable makes sure the investment legal power of each portfolio manager.Invest decision committee and investment the director general wait management organization and personnel not get to portfolio manager at authorize inside the scope of the investment activity carry on an intervention.Portfolio manager at authorize the independence in the scope decision, exceed investment the operation of legal power need after strict examination and approval procedure.

The 11th company should build up a managing of portfolio investment information and keep secret system, the graveness of of different portfolio manager's under the counter investing an information should insulate mutually.minister

The 12th company should build up the bargain method of system, namely portfolio the manager should draw up according to the investment style and investment strategy of portfolio objective, integrity of trading and making policy rule, and carries on trading decision according to these rules to promise the objectivity and independence that each portfolio trades decision.

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Feelings can never manage

The friend's feelings is in those four years
The morning and night falls through to say the cent divides
For an instantfamilies
My thoughts and feelings is again thrown
She quick two months
The heart isn't really painful ability again painful
Now then friend in the sky's business lets me again
Very suffered
Comforter friend by himself[herself] but also follow Hua

Loving really can hardly make the person understand
Since already choose to be good friends with very together
Why not the ability is really and together
Why know perfectly well one way that is so-called of asseveration
BE know no bounds with the Huang old milli- of world
But also want to say oath solemnly pledged
We not the ability is really and togetherCrystal cool summer

Pain we also all know is what of felling
I also how of don't think at this
Forget how much the night cry how distressly
The tonight destined me and want to want again
Think to be a lot of to want to like a pain to think have no sleep
If this is to have wine I want to inebriate,
But have wine I could not drink, either
Detection sometimes which afraid is take medicine
Or good painful endure good pain

But you
My remember fondly my loveCrystal color
Hard keep to the most beautifully smile
Lead long strong but not beautiful side to permit
In the mind's hiding more will make the person cry a heartache
If have a sky you can arrive my in the mind
You will know
I have Yao to care you to how love you

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deliberated value

The Chinese fiesta heavy hand's curing wine to drive has already consulted and deliberated value
In the road traffic safety, always is in the cause leads the high position of drunk after the motoring set out problem, till is still all countries hard overcome of difficulty.But because of innocence of street is subjected to the pedestrian that the spread loses precious life, sacrifice particularly meaningless.Therefore the international community have to engage in mental drudgery, make the loss reduced lowest limit and make the social cost of paying been tended to mollify.细看中国女人的爱情致命伤

The Chinese aspect released a report that performance forbids drunk with wine motoring to set out on the 19th, although can be regarded as an early result, but have already consulted and deliberated adoptive value.From bearer life pass sky, for the traffic accident processing, proper from palliate but in proper order get into to cure this stage, don't let to die unjustly to threw life without any reason any further.

In the past two weeks, the Chinese correction penal code drives by aggravating wine the offense penal item carries out, because the method contains clear statement and carry out again hard, consequently the statistics bright eye in initial stage.Public security official the department transportation management section says, from May 1-15, the drunk pilot amounts total 2038, on the average 136 people are suspected of every day, if and go(2010) a year together ratio, the number downs abruptly 35%.Say again because the wine drives an accident and the death drop 37.8% less and get hurt drop 11% less, are also a pair of pairs to descend.The eastern common saying so-called"save person's one life to win to build seven classes to float a Tu", law enforcement official's contribution is not- shallow, the one who acquire to benefit, regardless know and don't know, all assemble ten to worship.

The Chinese correction wine drives penalty, the contents is in brief clear, pilot who contain alcohol 80 milligrams, or have in the blood over 100 milliliter, think to is drunk by law, can not drive to set out.The pilot should also remember, since May 1, after inebriating drove to set out be confirmed, have to face a Xing period punishment for 1-6 months, and revoked driver's license for 5 years.The new method regardless uses wine to measure container or draws blood an examination on the performance and all unlikely obstruction happen.The judicial organization cuts place according to the record, not complicated, probably and generally drive a personnel to feel pressure, easy Zi hatred Dui or even rebound.But if the wine drives a cause, oneself care to know a not pure circumstance under violate method, solid is too late to regret;If bring about an irrelevant death or wounded and disabled, not more difficult rehabilitate.So face severe law, driver must don't embrace to go insurance by luck mind, with the observance go car order is heavy.酸奶代餐减肥法

Thailand is well-known wine to drive to lead one of the extremely high nations, every time round year stanza long leave, even if authorities record, the wine drives a cause to most likely stand first, the ratio then overs 40%.But the viewpoint of folks, usually think still not only hereat, not a few elephants with true facts may encounter mental reservation.Non- year stanza holidays, the street vehicle rushes and swerves about madly, all don't put safe problem in the mind.The eye sees street like dangerous spot, the road safe degree is bad, and this kind of phenomenon still doesn't know how long to improve.So every time round to there is the subject of traffic safety, we always cannot help but to announce viewpoint and put forward to appeal and hope that government and folks can notice, the street bumps either wounded or dead because of the surprised trouble of, is all compatriot.

China before spoken of with strictly forbid to stop wine to drive affairs, still keep belonging to palliate sex, and at enforce the law initial stage of phenomenon, since is palliate and then leave the root of having regard for the traffic safety and necessarily have a distance and Be treated to continue to make great effort to complete.BE enforcing the law initial stage, have to defend its day the long Wan living and fall a tight two loose not in any jurisdictionly reply Zhe in.But we rather send to the great and earnest hope, so-called"the good beginning is a half the battle", China presents a heavy hand, keep wine from driving measure to move to go on stage noodles, should chisel incessantly, be slacken maintenance palliate a work to bottom nowise to go;In the meantime again traffic safety legalization, the transportation educates thorough turn, the transportation constucts the measure that the modern etc. cures an origin, gradually the item Be secure to is completion, since is a great and impressive country essential, is also Asia to grow of point needle, is the line that each economy inside the district imitates.Probably above-mentioned opinion, how many item already in the consideration, or even already in the middle of promoting, just didn't°yet publicly just. 没空排便将来必有空光临医院

Particularly, in the coming several years, Asia must lead world to recover from the economic decline, ASEAN single economy formally nominal quotation operation, and then seem ready to come out.If the transportation facilities returns and similar formely, or although had a progress but can not satisfy an everyone need, then not only was hindrance a view to look forward, but also was the bar of economic development, believed far from the what everyone expected saw of matter.

In the item of traffic safety, inebriate to drive after drinking to set out, although just a link, but once resulted in various graveness loss, make the grass-roots unit felt helpless.Adopted concrete measure now in China, and get an initial result, the hope is this"good beginning", can form for the model and continue to extend, and cause to restructure transportation business completely.

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true gold silver

Become"true gold silver" Zhejiang to the stock is various and founds pearl warrant and pawns a loan

Tang Cui jewelry limited company in Zhejiang he or she originally the pearl of stock get hold of various and the city gold bridge warehouse limited company, after some kind of valuations, consultation and calculation, he soon from bank loan to 5,000,000 dollars.Say for him, this fee for writing gold undoubtedly solved critically urgent.Jade good stress

Zhejiang that stands up like a forest in the pearl business enterprise is various and city below the hills lake town, similar of story usually occurrence.Ever since that time various in 2009 and the gold bridge warehouse limited company established and started pearl warrant to pawn loan, have already issued to lend money for 42 business enterprises currently, the total amount amount of money reaches to 170,300,000 dollars."This viewpoint at the beginning had when 2008 annuities melt a crisis beginning to influence pearl profession."Make reference to the background that established at that time, the beauty pearl jewelry limited company representative director of Zhejiang of one of the main shareholders said, the original bead price was overcast at that time, parts of bead agricultures and bead Qi for how came out crisis information shortage, is just having a pearl warehouse the emergence of the company was under the background like this.

The pearl industry is various and the city create the importance of"6+2" modern industry system to constitute part and have special advantage in the pearl industry, various and below the hills the lake town is the most important fresh water in whole country pearl farming, process, bargain center.When the international financial crisis quickly spreads to in the world, various and the pearl profession was also subjected to certain impact, the small pearl business enterprise faces the condition that the funds runs short in the part;At the same time, original bead price slump, cause parts of pearl business enterprises appearing deficiency situation.But to majority of pearl business enterprises, the biggest problem still keeps lacking a funds to procure original bead.Because they all know, pearl price affirmation will sprung and suffer from having no money to accept pearl and influenced the industry chain of behind, may cause the whole industry chain's up all appearing a decline phenomenon.jade varieties

For a lot of in small pearl business enterprise but speech, as long as can acquire a call loan can the turnover of realization funds, will have business.Hence, the local industry and business section is as an as business enterprise and put forward establishment pearl warrant to pawn the all new operation mode of loan.

In September, 2009, from Zhejiang beauty pearl jewelry limited company, Zhejiang star treasure pearl jewelry limited company and various and city below the hills the lake is collective property management limited company etc.3 common to companies supports 10,000,000 dollars to establish of various and the city gold bridge warehouse limited company, be responsible for confront to escort pearl of take, authenticate, preservation etc. work, and provide the basis of pawning the loan to the bank in time.

The so-called pearl warrant pawns a loan and means to borrow funds a business enterprise to deposit in the bank the pearl that it owns to specify a warehouse company, and the warrant submitting by square of warehouse carry on hypothecation in the bank, the bank is worth of according to the certain comparison according to the pearl to borrow funds a business enterprise to provide short-term margin business.formation of jadeite

This all new mode at various and the country of this pearl emerge with the tide of the times and not only solved the margin hard nut to crack of pearl business enterprise, but also strengthened the confidence that their industry turns warm.The business enterprises that acquired a loan through the gold bridge warehouse company warrant hypothecation at that time all earned money, the first pearl boss who acquired a loan mostly earned 100% profitses.A pearl boss lent money 1,800,000 dollars through the gold bridge warehouse companies and finally earned 3,800,000 dollars at that time.

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profession information

Nine drill the jewelry profession information hair to drill markup to process profits pressure to enlarge expectation value because of adding a Si exhibition to the United States JCK Wei ascension, the finished product drills a need sturdy.The hair drills to keep on markup and brings pressure to process profits.Wear Bill Si ordination Philippe Mellier is new CEO, and will in Namibia ocean business of hold a comparison to descend to 50%.Su enriches to compare the Genevan sale will clinch a deal USD 89,100,000(clap to 90%ly clap an article), the inside Wei man(Leviev) buys the next 10.99 carat assortment deep powder color diamond ring by USD 10,800,000(each carat USD 986000).Good private get the Genevan sale will clinch a deal USD 78,700,000(press to clap an article to account to clinch a deal 84%), the space pulled man(Graff) to buy a heart form by USD 10,900,000(each carat USD 195000)56.15 the carat D color IF clean degree diamond.Richemont 2011 wealth year sell a sum to increase 33% and attain USD 9,800,000,000, the profits increases 80% and attains USD 1,500,000,000.India the finished product drill to export a sum to increase 6% and attain USD 2,000,000,000 in April, the hair drills import sum to increase 36% and attain USD 1,500,000,000Olympic Games

The United States:Stable market before the exhibition of JCK Las Vegas, the finished product drills obviously to run short to drive a need.Big go to 1.25 carats of merchandise class diamond missing most obvious.Lower of the trade quantity is made up because the sturdy finished product drills price.The wholesale dealer who goes to a Las Vegas is very optimistic, think missing will bring an exhibition will ascend to sturdily purchase.However, they also meant it's careful, probably the buyer of the United States probably haven't readied to accept high price.Retail sale to continue to improve compared with last year, get married a peak season beginning because of popular summer, get married industry will appear sturdy power head

Belgium:The market is active, the seller continues to drive trade.To 0.90-3.00 carat F-Hs of merchandise grade and VS-SI the goods contain good need and have been already run short according to report way these categories.Process a company still to feel very upset towards continuing to influence their profits of Gao Mao Zuan 's price.The dealer entertains to hope very greatly to the exhibition of JCK Las Vegas.

Israel:Pull a horse the sweet finished product drill to trade especially of sturdy power head keep on, because the dealers are doing preparation for the exhibition of JCK Las Vegas.To all color categories of 0.30-3 the carat VS-SI the diamond contain good need, and according to the report way good EX slice work goods have been already run short.Have need to more than 4 carats bigger goods, but to better quality of VVS need of the diamond isn't strong.The hair drills though price Gao trade prosperous.Processing a company hopes that the finished product drills price to soar further to ensure that their hairs drill to purchase to worth striving for.

India:Because the holidays is still just in progress in summer, as a result the finished product drills trade still opposite and more slow-moving, but is doing preparation for the exhibition of JCK Las Vegas because of the dealer, trade to slightly have increment.Have sturdy need to 1.00 carat goods of all categories, have been already run short according to the report way size and lower color class diamond with a premium price.Following to smaller 2 cents ground drill, the star drills, the bradawl goods still have a good need, though during the period of day off the trade of these categories already steady settle down.The hair drills trade equally also opposite weak, though have a report way to call at second class the increment of the Russian goods have already stimulated a function to the seller on the market.Nouveau billet

China:Whole up drill to the finished product of need stability, the point is mainly a 0.30-1.10 carat D-Hs of ratings and VS-SI goods, and run short according to report way these diamonds.To constitute to°from the 0.30-0.70 carat G-Is and SI diamond of become the need exaltation of wrapping the goods.To the interest increment that takes part in the exhibition of JCK Las Vegas, because the buyer wants to look for to slice an entering of the work good diamond goods opportunity, these goods are seen to supply to run short.Total of to say, having more people would like to do some concessions on the quality, this makes the species scope of trade more diversemollusc pearls

Hong Kong:Stable market has good need to the VS-SI goods of all categories.The having a kind of felling retails buyer to purchase reservation towards carrying on a great deal of stock, because they look for the stability of price.There is the foreign buyer of more amounts on the market, they seem to be to the new price than more easily accepted at first.According to the report way, all Ds of sizes and IF diamond and more for the G of merchandise class+, VS2 the diamonds have already run short

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Buddha promote

Vegetables 100 jadeite view the sound Buddha promote!Super temptation

Speak of to buy jadeite to hang a piece, discovering the topic of view sound, Buddha is many special, also often have a words that hangs by the side of the mouth:"The male wears a view sound, the female wears a Buddha", after understanding, is the original habitat of jadeite is in Burma, while Burma is again a nation of very envelope Buddhism, therefore also special to the influence of the jadeite of big~~but feel sorry that the place is jadeite view on market although the sound statue of Buddha is a lot of,the exquisite article is few and catch up vegetables this time 100 of jadeite month, lend a job it then took part in a jadeite view the sound Buddha promote and clapped a few photographs, with be like my similar fondness for jadeite of in person the sharing still really experienced not a few exquisite articles this time once and greatly opened new vista!Anti-fatigue health

Make reference to a Buddha, usually get material is all Buddha Maitreya in Tatu!Smile to often open!
This hangs a piece it is said that is ice to grow, radiant and deeply bright and like thin ice~~lie water Buddha in Tatu with sheer head, miscellaneous quality little and pure degree Gao!Quiting noodles is very smooth and delicate!

Buddha in Tatu smiles a world funny person, Tatu can permit and permit world difficult permit of matter!The lady wears Buddha more, is also come from to make the woman a little bit little to envy, say some right and wrongs less, a little more tolerate, be like the Buddha Maitreya similar amount of belly large, the natural happiness is comfortable!
View sound, mercy, Pu degree myriad living things, is save a bitterness to save a difficult incarnation鑽飾保養6點小貼士

The jadeite view sound becomes higher to the request of raw material, color, anticipate thinly thick all have been already paid attention to~~~anticipate of shine upon well, color then can the Long arrive together~~the jade quality is best, the sheen is delicate, machine type beauty, oil head foot, water head is big, it is an all good choice to collect to wear to wear!
Radiant and extremely keen of thousand hand view sound, if can please her to go home to be getting more precious too much!!!The regrettable purse not enough drum~~~all say thousand hand view the sound can protect to pass through various difficult situation and get rid of a slight illness, it is a superstition or a legend to don't take care of!Is all 1 kind to finely consign!

Mo Cui thousand hand view the sound be like~~~can see heavy green under the strong light!I to the Mo Cui special feeling have a clock only!The jadeite color is numerous, red Cui and green Cui, violet, only the Mo Cui is little and cherish, in the vegetables 100 see a lot of Mo Cuis of different styles!Is very rare!This view sound is like quality delicate, deeply the intensity of light is very good!The familiar man wears a view sound, mostly is say that let man a little bit little cruelties are violent, much some sounds similar mercies that are like a view are soft!However mostly number still all is for protect peaceful and satisfied!Or a kind of faith!

100 jadeite months of the whole vegetableses a lot ofly promoted and also had exclusively customer to VIP of some possess singly an activity!Pretty much draw on a person on the scene!In the gold diamond, vegetables 100 is that the head choose!But this of the jadeite movable meeting occasional now, under the sistuation that this jadeite price soars, vegetables 100 is still more steady in the price!And come to say to the person of vegetarian gelatin, quality and styles all have much super of choice space!Very rare!medical function


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physical endowment

Pearl powder health but allergic physical endowment should not
Ms. Chen asks:I once saw not a few relevant article that takes pearl powder to have health and hairdressing effects, my friend won to have after taking really the skin smooth and delicate precedent, hence I also bought to try, can feel that taking a later incarnation body is unwell, I takes is it all right?Area estimate

Answer:The pearl keeps and improves looks the effect Be really worth to worship, however it belongs to cool sex medicine, only the talented person of hot and dry physical endowment Be suitable to take orally pearl powder and take not only and may also bring human body since the effect for doing not arrive the hairdressing anti- decrepitude without authorization healthily concealed suffer from.Heat exchangers

In the daily life, not a few females belong to cold sex physical endowment, if take pearl powder over a long period of time, may cause indigestion, diarrhea and arms and legs' feeling chill, complexion wax Huang Deng Han Be evil to harm positive symptom.Moreover, the physical endowment is partial to cold, the stomach is cold and knot a stone disease sufferer, also isn't suitable for to take pearl powder.So before taking pearl powder, must look for first to cure to seek medical advice, the Bian clear oneself belongs to which kind of physical endowment after, again whether decision can take orally.Hoop strength

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eventually become stranger

Walk to the end of road, yous I eventually become stranger
If after we know, leave's what to leave is endless lonesome, so, we at the beginning whether also easily speak that to see again?
By accident see arrive such a words today:"If after breaking up we all at each other of disappeared in world, that explains that I am to really love you", feel description and own behavior of this sentence are such likenesses, there is a kind of unspeakable regrets stiring up among the heart!The years that looked back to once walk with you together, is calm already a long time of mood once again start to concuss ripple repeatedly, probably be silently and too getting longer, but in former days distress but have already been acted for by the benumbed!The passing years lightly dies, when did my eyes become a lonesome window sill?buy wedding rings

Can not remember clearly how much every day and night after night, from the first heartache and the numbness to fan Mang in now and weak thin, after years of continuously the Piao wash and dye red who the person is lonesome disappointed!Harms on the Mo that is sighed to the mind deep place, if the light sand of finger tip is general and pass in the elegy of a breeze youthful of the romantic destroy song!The You hatred of that song, whether I put to fly of thoughts and feelings!

Walk on the small city the You path in May up, should be the all flowers contends for gorgeous scenery, what then, strong breeze of last night, blew about the season of this fragrance of flower, lightly ten one flower petals are smelt to tip of nose, I seemed to smell a kind of hurtle into a heart of grief, joss-stick of such of wound!That remained a ground of almond fragrance of flower, a such as affectionate woman sort told the summer sadness of this quarterly.

This scorching hot midsummer, seem vicissitudes of life of a bit lonesome, gradually forgot the flavor of sunlight, affectionate raining season, sad but beautiful the setting sun of flower nautical mile twilight, but my cripple dream, how continue the next flower to blossom ocean?diamond ring

You of facial appearance, misty my double eye, can not remember when to start, become accustomed to with writing for the companion, in continuously repeated music, wander about in pale of plain Jian up!;Also can not remember clearly is when start, fancied to look up at a firmamental felling alone, see cloud lightly float, geomancy from flow, lightly sigh at 1 in, again drop into to recall of boundless long river!

These year, these matter, you of whether elegance remains, my Chi Chi the You sigh, water being died to you is central and recall~to the mind not to rise, coming and going of yesterday, flick not to exert, fall Mo of disappointed!Leave my vicissitudes of life, standing alone this quarter the sadness of the midsummer, as well resembled Huang this quarter the You joss-stick of the pure dream!

Be stood still to the cloud and mist of going toward the Xi inside, the breathing taste in former days, wait until vanish, annihilate of memory, and then how collect as treasure!You of definitely cut off with my persist, and then embellished who wife and children rain pour leaving of Li Shang?The flower of this quarterly blossoms, the Nu put lonesome tone, and again deeply assimilated me!Proposed drill wear

My sorrow opens in a few flowers, desire static, what then lonesome cannot stop, the Tu stays the wound in a hundred years and only inebriate sky month!

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The elegy of youth

Text|waning moon

You cloud Cang, green pasture Mang, the passing moment is difficult to stay, past bright moon light.

The year of Fang China, the pen and ink is fragrant, Gu night soloes and dyes green frost in dream.


Desolate summer night, the moon is curved curved of Be hanged to head, calm down to listen to the spring frog insect bird lightly blares.Bright star sky, dusky street lamp, a burst of breeze rises and takes out to repeatedly shed leaves a muttering voice.

This is extending far summer night, unexpectedly and thus of quite.heating radiator

Take a stroll to bum the winding path in May in the small city up, daze four to attend to, but the trace in old day cans not finds clues any further.Once walked all the way, carefree the efflorescence seeing a flower falls, at the have no sleep of all night long in, whether someone is like me, remains only stay by the side the place of that origin and there is also the corner that is forgotten.

In a hurry years, the easy style of writing sort has no walking of scar far.But in former days the place of origin, but have already become one boundless, the rest once met of wave, fold into the time for hugging to each other, ripple in the deep blue ocean.

Difficult while meeting, don't the dream is still cold.If pretend at this quiet overflow of nighttime, there is 1 kind in the in the mind head quarter difficult to expressly expect, expect an ability at turn head of moment, suddenly discovered the late lament that several years didn't see, then each other is caring and attentive some kind of.I know that this is just also my wishful once turned round just, return overdo, scenery remain, everything all such as come of the sort, the slightest didn't have variety.

The night color depth is deep, the endless scandalous story covers with to fix attention on ex- everything.The secluded lake front orders the shimmer of point and imitate a Buddha most purely really fantasy.Misty view the inside, the confusing look in the eyes, have already canned not distinguished dream in reality of distance, I can move a heavy step and slowly walk into this prosperous old dream.Analysis diamond ring

Dream green flower, flower but difficult open.The light Nian begins medium years, melody listen to recall, allow deep thoughts Man to postpone, make the sadness danced, finally buried oneself, also old mind.

If say, the memory is one cup Chen Niang's bitter wine, why, also have so many people to like alone does the Zhen drink?BE don't give up, or sacrifice?

The breeze late leads place and destroys a shadow to float to shake.The mouth inside carefully chews the ancient words of that"the wine doesn't inebriate everyone from inebriate", but disappointed thoughts and feelings, but have already leaped the track of time, connect memory to scatter a ground of flirtatious red and gorgeous.

Tonight, I use a slice of film fallen petal in order to lead son, put together into an incomplete dream world hard.In dream according to sparse, I seem and returned to the age of that red scarf and returned to the schools in that year the classroom that year, returned to the garden pond in that year the banyan that year, also saw the person in that year, heard the voice in that year.This a moment, imitate the whole world of Buddhas all held still general, leave dream inside of the scene, matchless beautifully bloom in the lonesome heart.

These year, these matter, how much heavy gather heavy spread, get empty building to hope a month, this go to again the words inebriate miserable.

All say, the recollection is a kind of another of beautiful, muddled, the Meng hazy Long.Those traces that can not put on, quietly loaded me 100001000 of think of, even if the time lost for thousand years, I still Zong feeling high song, sing a years, sing all the way prosperous.

Time water, don't need the passing years.Turn an eye, we walk to the youth is over of edge, all of everythings are so of rush, it is so to reluctant to part with again.While recall~toing the mind early times ever and ever, those of those, all gradually old went to in my in the mind, end, also canned be consigned me with some in great disorder writings for thinking of things of the past, in in addition to dream in the dream, coagulate a continuously Wen Shi's tender feelings.

Also remember, that year, we the rushing of happy voice joke is in having a class of road.

Also remember, that year, we do the action of morning exercise to is that so laughably.

Also remember, that year, we for the sake of several hair money of zero spend money, but dead dead of depend on in the home Be not willing to go to school.heat exchanger industry

Also remember, that year, our red scarfs are like the fried dough twist of disorderly Ning.

Also remember, that year, while getting homesick we will secretly hide in the bedding to shed tears.

Also remember, that year, we got in touch with that to be called in love with phrase language for the first time.

Also remember, that year, we all will secretly of write love letter for adoring girl.

Also remember, that year, our looking at girl's son that wes liking will blush.

Also remember, that year, we all have a flock of brothers sister that is called a wolf friend beautiful girl.

Also remember, that year, I return incognizant you, you also incognizant I.

Also remember, that year, I can't also express the writing of writing these sensitive faculties.

Also remember, that year, I return young and rash.

Also remember, that year, we are still very pure,

Also remember, that year, ……

That year, probably is we forever all return don't go of dream world, grow up, also Be getting more mature, we all want for the living but continuously rush about, hypocritical public, built-up of mask, deceitful smiling face, pack us to all order into the traveler of myriad shapes, again don't reply the past days of purely true.

Hobble the on the travel of this life, several Be turned by Dou, several degrees worry bowel, in the heart already didn't fluctuate of emotion, seem all memories gradually and far go to along with the advanced footstep voice.The red scarf in that year, the classroom in that year, the friend in that year, the lover in that year, seemed to be all to start becoming misty, hazy, I imitate a Buddha and heard the come from young of folk song:"Let us start to concuss a double oar, the boat son pushes away a wave, the sea surface pours to reflect the white tower of beauty, on all sides surround a green tree of red wall ……

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soon as possible

The river north officials call that the city Jin hopes an economic turn that the power just and necessarily goes and acts together as soon as possible
"The cooperation power of the that the city Jin hopes is necessarily going and have no choice, because everyone faces a lot of common hard nut to cracks at present, only holding hands then can solve."People's government in Hebei often works vice- provincial governor Zhao Yong is in the river north gallery shop on May 18 for the city Jin hopes that the cooperation puts forward 3:00 suggestion:Establish specialized office to moderate three local governments common activity;Draw up city Jin to hope that the district integral whole turns and economic turn concrete programming in capital city as soon as possible;The set sets up city Jin to hope that the district cooperates an institute for research.Draft position

Together sky, the national hair changes economy department department chief in Wei region Fan Heng Shan also speak about an economic turn of capital city in the public for the very first time construction.Fan Heng Shan said that Be"25" programming of importance strategy, the construction of economic turn in the capital city has very strong demonstration to arouse a function to the national economy and economic development in the district, the most direct path is the cooperation that strengthens a that the city Jin hopes at present.

The nation should moderate three grounds of common activities

On May 18, from people's government in Hebei and the national hair changes the Wei economic graduate school sponsors, wreath capital city in Hebei green economic turn construction office and China the happy property incorporated company contracts for job of"2011 city Jins hopes that the district cooperates a high level meeting" convene in the river north gallery shop.

Zhao Yong means in the meeting, current, the city Jin hopes that 3 grounds face together many challenges, 3 grounds need to hold hands to solve.

"At present, we can see the capital city face a lot of pressures and hug , industrial upgrading and ecoenvironment pressure etc. such as the population, transportation, these pressures only depend oneself in Peking to can not solve forever."Zhao Yong thinks that three cities should adjust structure under the interactive background and change a way.Some functions and industry need from Peking, Tienjin transfer and move with each other with river north, then can really make the structure of three cities excellent to turn, the formation industry chain, industry gathers cluster.

Zhao Yong says that the that the city Jin hopes should walk a kind of road son of common cooperation and transfers some functions of capital city toward the periphery, but Tienjin is the economic center of north, then should start to undertake the function of economy center and strengthen peripheral radiation dint.Columbia s

Zhao Yong points out that three ecoenvironments of cities all face a rigorous challenge, particularly is the waters of wreath Bohai Sea to manage currently, the north of Peking sandstorm prevention and cure and air manages etc., all need three cities hold hands, depend alone which districts all solution not.

"Several years ago, the city Jin hoped that the district cooperates not to exert like person's idea, the reason is various", Zhao Yong says, an among those important reason is really actually a want for to affect 3 grounds at of carried a body.Is exactly also according to this, the Hebei Wei and provincial government released a green economic turn of wreath capital city strategy, and is Hebei this four fight slightly of head.

According to understanding, green economic turn strategic purpose in wreath capital city, be hopes the terrace that the district cooperation starts to build a share for city Jin.Currently, this strategy has already made the local economic development tasted sweetener.Only half year several time, the item flocks in endless waves, the region is too busy to make proper response.

Zhao Yong appeals that hope that State Department establishes specialized office to moderate three local governments common activity as soon as possible, the related section draws up city Jin to hope that the district integral whole turns and economic turn concrete programming in capital city as soon as possible.In the meantime, the authority organization leads long a set to set up the city Jin hopes that the district cooperates an institute for research.

Zhao Yong says that the city Jin hopes three city halls in the province should are real to break barracks, don't close the door, don't establish an obstacle and really respect market economy regulation, make various production factor flowed to move.

Create economic turn in the capital city ability not from shut

Creating economic turn in the capital city is an our country"25" programming of importance strategy.Introduce according to Fan Heng Shan, the concrete work of economic turn programming and construction in the relevant capital city is changed economic department in the Wei region by the hair to do a further research at present, detail still inconvenience reveal.

But he puts forward, the programming construction of economic turn in the capital city, since want to insist a Chinese special feature, and then want to hold world standard, can not escape from history of accumulate Dian to, in the meantime, turn in the economic globalization and the district integral whole of in the progress, create economic turn in the capital city not ability from shut, should constuct according to the standard of world the best city.Trail Blazers

Fan Heng Shan still suggests economic turn in the capital city is while programing construction, since want to actively dissolve a current antinomy, again the important step dint solve a farsighted development.If is solving transportation to block, population hustle, innovation ability not strong etc. problem can not consider the case as it stands, need to position with function, the function resolve and appropriately transfer with function and asunder the etc. farsighted target knot put together.

He points out that equity and efficiency relate to the society development and the stability and relate to people wealthy and happy.As a capital city, if have traffic jam every day, it is can hardly for a lot of affairs to do, people will feel unhappiness.Therefore, the construction of economic turn in the capital city, since wanting to concentrate on the efficiency that promotes a development, and then wanting to solve and pursue a society hard is fair.

"The capital city is a model for others, capital city while developing an oneself with all strength, should also make great effort to work well whole country demonstration", Fan Heng Shan says, is still harmonious regardless in the science development, system mechanism innovation, independence innovation social of constucting and waiting aspect, the capital cities should have a model function.

For river north, Fan Heng Shan puts forward, is a city Jin to hope the integral whole turns and economic turn in the capital city constuct of importance accept, the river north should work well integral whole to turn a development and wrong development, lend a power development and prop up the work of development, pass the integral whole dissolves definitely fair candor of the problem of problem and development opportunity;In the meantime, add mutually in the development, promote mutually, extend the industry chain of capital city, make river north to lend power of head, promissory note piece, lend an industry chain the development oneself."As long as the river north works well to prop up service, will chase the construction of economic turn in the capital city, become the important chance of the push river north or cross over type development in the gallery shop."

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Russia soars existence

The oil price inside Russia soars existence to collaborate with to match to strive for to have something to do with international background
New China net Moscow gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Liu Kai, , Xie Rong, ) Russian president's plum virtuous Wei hero's man to mean in the Moscow on the 18th on May 18, Russia government should stop to match to strive for the behavior of raising the local market gasoline price and make the oil price dropped hard.Charity lunch

The plum virtuous Wei hero's man says on the large press conference on that day, a period of time Russian gasoline price soars recently, this with the petroleum price of article walks high international big background relevant, "say from the principle, this is the reflection of the petroleum market some and objective trend".At the same time, he emphasizes, Russia oil price soars "completely probably exist to collaborate with to match to strive for(phenomenon)" in the process.The plum virtuous Wei hero's man requests to adopt measure to stop this kind of behavior.Six diamond

Speak of Russia government recently the policy of the significant exaltation gasoline export tax of pedestal, the plum virtuous Wei hero's man thought, "this at that time effective, but impossible one a life time was effective".He says that the petroleum price of article is an extremely important index sign to Russia, the Russian hope petroleum price keeps in the high, but can not lead Gao, "the oil price is more and more high now, this is end to bring contrary effect(give Russia)".

Since 4 the end of the months, more than ten regions in Russia successively appear a gasoline supply the strain and consumer lines up to encourage of phenomenon, the gasoline price consequently and continuously increases.Russia government is high to this to value, and quickly adopt resolution, request since May 1, gasoline export the tax raise 44%;In addition, energy department etc. the department concerned participate to carry on adjusting to control to the gasoline price, and fight a speculation and corner the market behavior.However, analyze a personage to think, be subjected to various factor influence, the gasoline price inside Russia soars of the trend will continue.PV next to the Nuggets

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crazy friend

Cherish to nearby have a little a crazy friend
If you of the friend have a little crazy, please cherish well!

Having a little a crazy human nature space is very strange, the sometimes super love talks, sometimes can with a day not talk of time, will try very hard to of talk, joyless time, a words also not say;Lottery management

Have a little crazy of the person don't love to record enemy, but who to he good who to he not good, he still remembers very know of;

Having a little is crazy of the person hide he or she of reality in midnight of silent with the laughter of midnight lucidity in;

A little bit crazy of the person pay attention to most of is a sense of security, hope to be protected, but usually is a person;

It isn't easy for a little bit crazy person to fall in love with a person, but once falling in love with then very difficult from pull out;Once get hurt, always is harmed very deep.Only a few asshole buddies;

The kid whom having a little the crazy person is a to love to act in pettish very much always depends on other people very much;

A little bit crazy of the person like sea and like to admire oneself in the mirror and like oneself lick wound;

Have a little crazy of the human nature space is very peculiar but again eccentric, they will suddenly silent in the cachinnation, feel sad;

Having a little is crazy of think in public what never say, the other people can not guess either;

Have a little crazy person's mouth to up say don't care, but the in the mind have been desolate, in the mind of that puts out fire already;

Having a little a crazy candidate to choose is silent, not before being like so the Zhi is hot of pursue some kind thing;

A little bit crazy of the person always love recollection very much and recall ordering of past intravenous drop drop, all of the matter in past are to silently think;

Have a little crazy of the person is naturally sharp, with living to have of the sixth sense, have the insight to be more than usually to the person's heart, but he will present to mind these things;

Have a little to go crazy of the person can chase you of look in the eyes, heart cans see well, but can't tell you, he judges false with the attitude for watching from the sidelines;Lottery function

Have a little to go crazy of the person don't understand sweet talk, the despise flatters;

Having a little is crazy of person instinct of reject false and affected of person;

Have a little crazy of the person can't really become angry, calculate animation, also soon forget!

Have a little a crazy person the rightness Be real to understand his person, demonstration his creation, his emotion he becomes cheerless proof his beginning re- examine to you and be he is more silent, represent him more is angry;

Having a little the crazy person may look very fierce, in fact the heart is the softest;

A little bit crazy of the person look very cheerless, but that is to protect own method;

Have a little to go crazy of the person value friendship very much, but is hurt behind absolutely no longer friendly;

Have a little crazy of person very easily drive touched, but touched win and preserve rational;

Having a little the crazy person may look very strong, is the in fact the weakest;

Have a little crazy of the person may like to cry very much, but he of cry not to represent to admit defeat;

Have a little to go crazy of the person may look very stupid, in fact the wisest man often seems stupid;

Have a little to go crazy of the person may work very hair rashness, but the heart is carefully;

Have a little crazy of person born sensitive with delicate, but will work hard to authenticate;

Have a little a crazy person cowardice, after getting hurt, knows to hide at no man of the place weep over alone;

A little bit crazy of person's false, clearly having already deplored greatly can not breathe and also want in his in front of favourite to pretend strong;Not and easily make anyone walk into himself lone world;

Have a little crazy of the person's smiling face, regardless happy or sad, he is one face smiling face, smiling face, is that they disguise their their own the best weapon;

A little bit crazy of the person's tears, never easily make the person see, his tears, always only she knows;

Just, who know again, at have a little brain remnants of person smiling face back, what to bury is a profound sorrow and smile more happily, harm of more deep;

Have a little a shrinking back of crazy person, have a little the person of brain remnants, can't easily say a love or like forever, unless really liked extremity, otherwise, they vindicate almost and impossibly, but, once vindicating, they are to spare no effort of pay, even if know to do the result for changing like this to may be profound injury …

Have a little a crazy person, can only can make the same matter forever two, vindicate also similar, the same person, can only can hear him toward you most deeply vindicate twice, twice after is absolute of calmness …even if still keep loving deeply, he also have no courageous again say the third I love you …his shrink back, can not repeat a matter for the third time;

Having a little a crazy person is stupid, don't understand of how save to love deeply the person's heart, just by himself/herself can silent wish and orison in heart.

Get hurt of a little bit crazy of person, the pain that will bear with awl heart alone in the corner.

Having a little is crazy of person of:Considerate first, the love eats first, first in the love house, filial first, touchy-feely first.COUNTRY STATUS

If you fall in love with to have a little crazy of person, please love deeply this have a little crazy of person ……

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refreshing hydration

The stocktaking is the most suitable to match the refreshing hydration milk in summer
Arrived in summer, the skin easily perspired an oil and easily resulted in dry appearance inside the oil outside the skin.The promising skin clearness is pleasant but again hydration moisten, is in addition to defend to insolate the skin nursing remarkable place.Excessive go to the oily hairdressing product makes the skin lost water again dry, the hydration milk of refreshing type is properly exactly that this season is the most suitable to protect a skin of article!Measure to review laboratory and then recommend 4 styles of refreshing types to hydrate a milk for you today, let you for refreshing summer!

Along with the development of green house effect, more many more many MMs have been already feared to summer.Temperature ascension, the grease secretes to immediately increase and hydrate too greasy, control oil and draw tight, the choice of skin care products really becomes very difficult.The small plait also usually has annoyance like this, this expect us specially carefully selected 4 styles of refreshing type of hydration lotion, need not worry oil light again while effectively hydrating all over the face.Semi-professional lines

Review to measure editor to order to review:The beautiful lotion Ι external appearance vogue of impression is elegant, lotion-like in shape, have light delightfully fresh aroma, have more water after pushing away, the ductility is excellent, the overlay area of a little amount lotion is big.This lotion immediately repairs water degree and holds out for long time hydrate the function is all very quite good, can bring skin deep repair water, nourish lustrous.After painting absorb very quickly, feel skin water Be smooth to have flexibility, there is no greasy feeling;Can keep a skin long effect to moisten.This lotion has outstanding improvement function to the skin, hydration raised skin flexibility in the meantime.More suitable skin appeared in early days the stem skin MM in the aging phenomenon to use.

The dream makeup water Ying flower Cui Ning exposes
Review to measure editor to order to review:The dream makeup water Ying flower Cui Ning dew has a white glassiness bottle body, blue of spray a mouth according to the press type, easily control dosage, the lotion of super frivolity, water is smooth pure deeply, the skin contains fresh and cool feeling and there is a very thin alcohol smells.The ductility is very excellent, less dosage then even daubery whole faceses, dosage economical.Can hold tight the function in cent of cell internal water, keep cell of as usual with health.Long effect lock water contains better effect.Immediately repair water effect in up.The true person feels after trying out the daubery lotion very water, can flow in the skin surface, and very easily Tu Kai, can immediately become humidity combine quilt skin absorption, because imply the cause of a little amount alcohol, the skin surface feels fresh and cool, clearness.Skin after using obviously and more delicate soft slippery before using, but have definitely lustrous feeling, suit medium be partial to stem MM usage.Includes cymbals

IPSA lives a new life to activate tight to lotion

Review to measure editor to order to review:IPSA lives a new life to activate tight to lotion Chien about of packing, streamlined bottle of body design, fine and elegant.Supple and soft slip delicate texture, mobility strong, slightly present sticky and ikky.The quality is plentiful smooth, absorb a little bit slowly, slightly present to get fed up with gluing feeling;Review to measure in hydration degree in, this lotion immediately repairs water power outstanding, raised skin humidity to be worth 30%, the humidity value of skin still kept in the higher level after an hour;The anti- oxidizes sex weaker, can not satisfy an anti- old demand;The skin quality improvement effect is very obvious.The best choice of dry sex MM.

The Fu beautiful Fang silk solid white great smooth lotion

Review to measure editor to order to review:The Fu beautiful Fang silk solid white great smooth lotion cleverly made bottle of body takes convenience, bottle more difficult control dosage.There is obvious alcohol smell, ductility good, the lotion is very deeply thin in the middle of dragging along Ye trace.BE worse in the fair test, can repress 30% melanins born.But worth a great is this lotion to hold out for long time hydration degree excellent, use after an hour skin hydration degree don't decline anti- rise.This lotion ductility is quite good, water is smooth refreshing, the absorption is very quick, can't have the sticky and ikky feeling of general lotion, but the lotion contains an alcohol flavor and wants a careful choice to the MM of alcohol sensitive.Synthesize to say, suitable medium be partial to the stem skin usage.iridescent luster  

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have no nourishment

This 6 foods mislaying a place will have no nourishment
Under the light of cold cabinet in the supermarket, milk's"the best protect a fresh period" only around 4 hours;Greenery vegetables and apple put together, the leaf will soon become yellow, become lousy;Juice Kaifeng puts back refrigerator behind, even if bottle cover already the Ning is tight, a with in the week will also lose the half vitamin C ……a lot of foods once mislaying a place, even if external appearance, smell still normal, nourishment but at continuously"evaporate".Only learn exactitude conservancy, then can be the food nourishment previous "double insurance".

1, "milk" must hide light

Hide ray to store.The ray can not only disinfect, but also will "kill" the nourishment vegetable in milk.The research discovers that milk's directly exposing in the sun will be sour to turn, change in character for 4 minutes.

Refrigerates the light of cabinet in the supermarket under, it"the best protect a fresh period" also only around 4 hours!

The expert reveals that the vitamin B2 rightness within milk rays very sensitive, will be rapid to run off under the light.The ray also makes the fat in milk oxidized and causes the vitamin A, D, B6, and B12...etc. other nourishment vegetables slowly damaged.Among them and particularly glass bottle or plastics bottle milk for packing is most easily influenced.Clear boundaries

The expert pays to recruit:

Had better pick to hide to finally line up in the shelf while strolling supermarkets to buy milk;Milk after pouring in the cup had better finish drinking within 4 minutes;Had better choose a paper box packing while buying milk, had better put in 2 ℃ right away after going home-6 ℃ refrigerators refrigerate room in.

2, the cent of"green tea" of"black tea" open

The green tea saves refrigerator, the black tea normal temperature puts.

The green tea is much many to healthy advantage and have already confirmed to help a prevention heart attack, cancer, Er sea Mo disease etc., mainly because among them the son tea plain contained to.But publish in the United States 《food science 》a research on the magazine discover, the green tea is in the normal temperature bottom place after 6 months, the son tea plain content then reduced 32%.

The expert pays to recruit:

The green tea that often drinks can put in the refrigerator to refrigerate room 5 ℃ Be or so to keep;Don't tea-leaf in Kaifeng, if want to keep for more than a year, then should put into refrigeration room.Ewelry price

In bar of tea-leaf becomes "deodorant" of refrigerator, had better seal completely with the pewter pot before putting into refrigerator.Oolong tea, black tea and jasmine tea need not existence refrigerator in, as long as put at dry, seal completely, avoid light and avoid the container of strange smell in, can keep a little bit for a long time.

3, the fruit Shu together put inconstancy quality to"infect"

2 kinds together put and change in character to easily "infect".The not only person will get infectious disease, the changing in character of vegetable and fruit will also "infect".

The research of the state university of the United States Pennsylvania reminds that apple, almond and red Jiao, peach, cantaloupe, and tomato...etc., will release ethylene air when together other vegetable and fruits puts together, make the latter quickly mature and change in character.Moreover, above vegetable and fruit and Cruciferae vegetable and green leaf's vegetables put together, will make the leaf of the latter soon become Huang Bian Lan.

The expert pays to recruit:

The "frail" greenery vegetable had better keep in the refrigerator, and finish eating as soon as possible.The turnip, carrot, cabbage, potato, onions, apple, and pear...etc. all belong to bear to keep food and suit to put veranda.

The potato equal roots caulis vegetable, the head is more small, the content of Wei C is more high.Can store with the paper bag, keep excesssive light and oxygen from hurting Wei Cs in it.

4, "edible oil" can not get a stove the cooking stove is beside

It added Wei E in the bottle.For taking to take convenience, many housewifes often put edible oil the cooking stove is at the stove side.Hardly realizing, the yonder heat will let oxidizing of grease the reaction speed, more easily sour hurt to change in character.

The vitamin A, D and E in the oil also encounters to oxidizing of different extent and makes its nourishment value low and even produces to the human body harmful Quan and Tong material.Even if don't put at lead hot of place.

The research discovers that bottle the antioxidant that packs olive oil will also will reduce 40% in 6 months, but in common use soybean oil, peanut oil and sunflower the unsaturated fatty acid sour content in oil is more, so more unsteady, deposit easily damaged in the nourishment.

The expert pays to recruit:

The edible oil best storage temperature is 10 ℃ -25 ℃ , should keep off a hot source while storing, such as coal gas cooking stove, rice cooker and microwave oven side;Bucket's packing oil after buying go home can load separately it avoids with the small bottle of bottle because of continuously switch bottle cover, the oil gets in touch with air but oxidize a creation admire La flavor.

Had better use a deep color but isn't that the transparent glass bottle keep oil;Can according to 40 ∶s one comparisons go toward to join hot salt in the edible oil, can have the function to absorb humidity, and keep a grease color pure, flavor joss-stick;Can also join 1-2 grains of the anti-s that vitamin E can strengthen a grease to oxidize ability in the edible oil.
Green tourmaline

5, "seasoning" had better be wrapped with the tin paper

The spring onion garlic had better be wrapped with the tin paper.

Not a few researches confirm being like spices, such as hot pepper, fennel and cinnamon...etc., being anti-cancer, resisting and catching a cold etc. the effect.But these healthy effects can't have been maintaining, for example, the capsaicin expiry date in the hot pepper powder probably can maintain for 9 around months!

The expert pays to recruit:

The garlic becomes the empty and big spring onion become dry, grow green hair and have been the hard nut to crack in the kitchen.The best counterplan is:Before keeping, shear tin paper the size of small accommodation in Chengkong University, tightly the package live the spring onion that don't clean garlic, so the ability protect its quality period to prolong to for more than a month at least.

The spring onion uses to protect after canning slice a segment first and slice chopped onion fresh box of pack to put into a refrigerator refrigeration very directly of room;The garlic vegetable contained has already disinfected function in the garlic, don't easily rot, so suggest whole deposit.

6, the grain miscellaneous food also want to avoid light

The Brown rice doesn't buy a bulky cargo.The research discovers that there is a great deal of vitamin B2 in the corn, ray to their nourishments break very greatly;The acrospire rice is subjected to sunlight, ultraviolet ray influence and easily causes vitamin E's oxidizing;The vitamin B2 in the macaroni as long as expose a following day at the ray, will lose 50%, even being just weak rayses may make it reduce near 80% in 3 months;The folic acid in the face powder also to the ray and the oxygen extremely sensitive.

The expert pays to recruit:

Science and technology university food scientist Susan of Virginia, the United States ·be willing to suggest, the big rice doesn't want to buy at a time to be too many and has 15-30 days of dosage then;The Brown rice can not definitely buy a bulky cargo, it although the nourishment is abundant,protect a quality period very short, usually only have half year.Especially vitamin As in it and vitamin C, up in the air place for 3 around months and then will be completely oxidized, care effect to lose.Mexican central

The noodles food, big rice and corn had better put container or rice bag at the opacity while keeping in.Brown rice, sesame and nut because imply a grease, in the indoor temperature environment inconstancy quality, have admire La flavor, so need to be refrigerated, even freeze to keep.  

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Lion June carries power

Lion June carries power in June, 2011 forecast
Whole luck:Constellation
The friend is very important to you, but oneself is also very important and let because of too many friend's parties very easily recently you some pressures, seem to be all to become the garbage can that the friend pours out, oneself on the contrary can not decompression.

Love peach blossom:
The love carries good, not only and friend of get along with harmonious, there is also the new friend whom the opportunity knows to many different realms, person's annoying index number is also a straight line ascension.Single and others' confabulation want to much notice, blathering the price of words will weigh very miserably!So don't be too careless to otherwise give offense to a lately cognitive friend very easily.old love affairs

Healthy body:
The pressure is much many, can do some sport decompressions.A lot of affairs don't want to think to be too many, keep mood stability, maintaining good daily schedule and sleep is the best.

Work studies:constellations
Your luck power in relationship is very good and include the opportunity be able to much take part in usually can't go of party, become friends with some new friends, let oneself expand to differ from former living space.

Special reiteration:
Don't just again do a same affair every day, at times should become a pattern, for example the egress have a meal, feel once in love with atmosphere.

Super good luck day:On the 8th, the 14th, the 26th
Be very subjected to an attention in the friend, but still want to much care friend more, not ability too by one's own.
hasty daughters

The dark cloud spreads densely a day:On the 16th, the 27th
Love, you of the luck certainly have to be much diligent, many places will be asked for trouble by the lover and don't already let your ailment.  

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international nurse's stanza

May 12:international nurse's stanza
May 12 in every year is international nurse's stanza.The in honor of British nursing learns the occupation of pioneer, nurse to initiate a person the Fu Luo Lun Si ·south D space the Er make the outstanding contribution of to the nursing work, international nurse council in 1912 south D space Er of birthday day settle for the country border nurse's stanza.This is the south D space the portrait of the Er.The Xinhua news agency deliverspsychol

New China net Peking gives or gets an electric shock on May 11 historical today May 12

May 12 in every year is international nurse's stanza.The in honor of British nursing learns the occupation of pioneer, nurse to initiate a person the Fu Luo Lun Si ·south D space the Er make the outstanding contribution of to the nursing work, international nurse council in 1912 south D space Er of birthday day settle for the country border nurse's stanza.communication

On May 12, 1884, the Czech race happy parties lays foundation stones person, opera and the symphonic poem beautiful tower of composer Si that passes away and enjoy a year 60 years old.Its famous work has:Opera 《BE betrayed of bride 》, symphonic poem set song 《my motherland 》, string quartet 《my whole life 》etc..

On May 12, 1949, battle in Shanghai formally starts.According to the deployment of the Central Military Commission, Chinese People's Liberation Army third the field battle soldier ninth, the 12th large unit serve as to offend a task to lord in Shanghai.What to defend Shanghai is Kuomintang soup boon Bo2 Bu's 8 soldiers 24 teachers are more than 20 myriad peoples and distinguish in outer circle and downtown of Shanghai to establish base and battlefield.Go to the 22th, the Liberation Arm is basic the outer circle exterminating a Kuomintang guard a soldier and start to always offend on the 23th and completely capture Shanghai on the night of the 27th.Soup boon Bo2 Lu destroys a department 5 myriad peoples ascend a warship to escape, rest more than 150,000 personses are all drive Jian.body language

On May 12, 1990, head"Chinese literature of the masses prize" makes awards a general assembly to hold in Peking.Hao however of novel 《mankind 》get to wait a prize especially.Get the having of prize Rui in the Yan court in the meantime of 《imperial concubine in the Chuang 》, the star shows of 《money shop winds and clouds 》, Ping2 Yu Nan of 《Jin door big Xia Huo dollar A 》, Liu Shao Tang of 《respect Liu Ting to say a book 》, the sun of Mou Xiao, Zhang Hui of 《Long Yun Chu's mountain 》etc.5 novels;Meng Wei Zai of 《travel person Jiao 》, yellow Taipei First Boys School of 《No.534 marriage proposal person 》, Zhang Zhong of 《the copper pot of Long Zui Da Dun 》, Wang Zong Han of 《together the luck in love of widow 》wait 4s novelette.

On May 12, 1992, China and republic in Slovenia have diplomatic relation.Slovenia is located on European the south, bordering on Italy, Austria, Hungary and gram Luo's ground is second, ruble Er in the capital city friendship that.Variable humor

On May 12, 2005, medium totally central total secretary Hu Jintao with should invite the mainland visits of People First Party chairman James Soong hold formal talks in Peking.Hu Jintao current improvement and development cross-strait relation again put forward 4:00 viewpoint, the of two parties reaches a 6 point of consensus for the cross-strait relation.The talks obtains the aggressive result of graveness.This is Communist Party of China and People First Party two party the key figures hold for the first time formal talks.

200814:28 on May 12, surname in the Wen Chuan occurrence in Sichuan 8 classes especially heavy earthquake, the biggest earthquake intensity reaches to 11 degrees.This is new China to establish the destructiveness is the strongest and spread to scope the most wide, the relief difficulty biggestly and with a run shake and result in 69227 compatriots dying in an accident, 17923 compatriot disappearances, direct economic loss over 845,100,000,000 dollars.Central in the party and under State Department and the Central Military Commission strong leadership, whole party whole army each national clansmen people's unity of will is a formidable force, beat perils of the time, obtained the great victory of the anti- earthquake relief conflict.easy promotion  

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small gains

Lose main goal because of small gains
There is an experienced electric welding teacher saying to the boss:"There are too many combustible articles in the lately- covered house, should buy some fire fight devices to put in the house and be guarded against to not yet, in case of need."Laden finally

The boss finishes listenning to say very in anger:"Make you dry to live you how so many useless talks, handed over work the day after tomorrow, also make me spend this to wrong money?Is really sick ……"

The electric welding teacher is scolded by the boss the face green cake of, the white is a piece of, but for getting hold of wages he can dare the Nu doesn't dare the speech continue dry live.Although he is very carefully very angry,rise to see him don't make the Mars collapsed to those combustible timbers for the sake of the safety up, but by so doing work of progress slow a lot of.sadness in ages

The boss sees he work so slowly, very dissatisfied, think that he is because of receiving scolding to intentionally put slow speed to delay a work.Hence he scolds the ground arrive to the electric welding teacher Rang Rang"roll!Right away take you of wages to I walk person."
The electric welding teacher has to take wages, 1 didn't utter ground to bosom

On that day, the boss invited a young electric welding work again.This young electric welding worker stem lives to work harder very much, working the progress is quick.The boss observed his a short while and was satisfied with that the location noded to walk.
Young electric welding work a see the boss walk and hurriedly spark a smoke, part the stem live part hum song in mouth.A carelessly, the spark splashed timber up, the fire moment wrote to get up.Because lately build a house haven't connected tap water, there is more no fire extinguisher.Once the young electric welding work looking at fire and frightenned run.After fire engine is come, the lately- covered house has been already burned to fall.Disorderly and

The boss came back a to see silly eye, immediately two eyes a turn over to faint.  

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British election system

British election system why does the reform encounter failure
Analytical the personage think, although the plebiscite result announces election system to reform diligent failure and also reflects the antinomy of of the internal conservative party of a coalition government and free democracy party,two parties be still unlikely to therefore break off, coalition government still will continue to maintain next go to.LED semiconductor

The Liberal Democratic Party dint lord reforms

England reforms effort of current election system to derive from the election in last year and more accurately say to is a conservative party for constituting coalition government with free democracy party(Liberal Democratic Party) but making the compromise of to the Liberal Democratic Party.

Holds in May, last year of in the election, acquires an absolute majority seat in the parliament because of none political party, England appeared to come to head for several decades"have no majority of parliaments".Therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party that only acquires 57 argument seats becomes two greatest political parties: conservative party and Labour Party to all be hard fight for setting up governmental"fragrant Bo Bo" with its consociation set.

But the Liberal Democratic Party of "victimizing bandit is shallow" have been making great effort to carry on reform to the current election system in the current election system in order to win more argument seat.Therefore, the election system reform becomes conservative party and Liberal Democratic Party to reach consociation one of the important contents of governing the agreements.End in the election for a year, moment, England two parties reach by May, last year of the agreement carried on a plebiscite.Variable dimmer

Though reached agreement with Liberal Democratic Party, the conservative party has never approved election the necessity of reform and also never means to approve to the reform.Not only such, before this time civil plebiscite holds, with prime minister card plum Lun for head of conservative party still everywhere activity, devote major efforts objection reform current election system.

Majority of voteses don't buy ZhangOperational parameters

According to currently the parliament election of England system, each district constituency get ticket the most councilman candidate even if get ticket don't more than one half may also win an election.But"selectivity vote" election system then requests votes to carry on lining up a preface to the candidate and get a ticket to lead more than 50% candidates to win an election the district constituency's councilman according to own hobby, if have no candidate to obtain half above ballots, it is the minimal to get a ticket of of the ballot will be reallocated, until have a candidate the ticket is more than one half super.

"Simple majority" in England elects system already follow use several years.Although this kind of election the system have to in brief and easily go, pay attention to a stability and continue sex etc. advantage, it candor suffer to query.Under this kind of system, the political party acquisition argument number and income vote don't match, can not directly embody real strenght that votes support rate that party groupings gets in the national scope can not be objective to reflect each deviationist, the disadvantage is at the Liberal Democratic Party small party like this.

Take the election result in last year as an example, the conservative party of the card plum Lun leadership acquires 650307 in argument seat in the hospital in parliament and becomes the biggest party of parliament.The Labour Party acquires 258 seats.The Liberal Democratic Party only acquires 57 seats and far and far gets behind with other two greatest partieses.But see from the ballot circumstance of acquisition, conservative party get ticket 36.1% that has a total vote, but Labour Party and Liberal Democratic Party cent get 29% and 23% ballots.If according to get ticket comparison to compute, conservative party and Labour Party acquisition get of the argument seat should distinguish to 234 and 188, while the Liberal Democratic Party income argument seat then can be up to 149.

But, the Liberal Democratic Party tries effort of reforming the current election system to suffer coldness.Counting of ballot statistics suggests that the vote of this plebiscite leads to 42% as a result, the votes vetoed a parliament election to 31% support ticket with 69% negative votes system reform.

The British people widespreadly think that current"simple majority" system has already followed to use several years and exists its rationality.And the "selectivity vote" system then is more complicated and practice cost also high.And at present people more education that the attention puts in one of their living, kid is to oil price problem up, the new election systems of this complications obviously aren't their current concern to order place.Power consumption

In addition, positive such as political system expert's west of political economic college in London receives ·rare gram Si says, some people throw negative vote in the civil decision by the majority, not nonsupport reform, but the reform that thinks "selectivity vote" system contains not enough strength, people hope to carry on more exhaustive reform towards electing system, for example adopting "comparison representative system" with selecting can real representative the councilman of their will.But the nonentity carries on deeper time foundation for reforming currently.

The coalition government can maintain

Carrying on electing system reform is Liberal Democratic Party to agree to unite one of the ruling sills with conservative party, therefore the result of this time plebiscite is undoubtedly a great test to coalition government.

The analytical personage thinks that the this time plebiscite falls to hurt and the Liberal Democratic Party of"the heart keeps in mind different ambition" the person may make an obstacle in the administration of the coalition government in future and emphasize them more and the rift of conservative party, become "opposition party" of government inner part.

In addition, the this time election system reforms failure to leader to the Liberal Democratic Party, vice- prime minister gram Lai space to say being also one big stroke.The list joins the government a party property to see, the conservative party belongs to "medium right" political party, while the Liberal Democratic Party belongs to "medium left" political party.As early as form a cabinet of beginning, some supporters of Liberal Democratic Party think, forming alliance with conservative party will cause a perishing of Liberal Democratic Party.But gram the Lai space did in the coalition government excessive compromise and concession, have already encountered to more and more people in the Liberal Democratic Party of objection.The reform of electing the system is vetoed the political party explanation that will force a gram of Lai space toward him:Form a cabinet with conservative party to exactly have benefit to Liberal Democratic Party?Its leadership ability will invite inside the party naturally as well of query, cause personal support rate's descending.

At the same time, analyze the personage also widespreadly thinks, although the election reform that this time Liberal Democratic Party starts encounter failure,still can't cause the disintegration of coalition government.Because two parties reached last year of consociation ruling agreement explicit rules, unless bottom there is the councilman of above 55% in hospital agree to dismiss a parliament to re- elect, otherwise don't hold an election in 5 years.

And, conservative party and Liberal Democratic Party reforms in public finance policy and public service etc. many problems up hold same standpoint, existence long term cooperation of foundation.Therefore, is giving Ni such as political economic college professor in London ·pull Fu Si especially say, to Liberal Democratic Party, currently the best way is to stay in the coalition government and continue to hesitate and seek in the election in next time to have a better performance.Practical general

Card plum Lun and gram Lai space also mean before plebiscite, regardless as a result how, the coalition governments will continue under go to.  

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