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suppressing mental state

Read to understand a kid signal for suppressing mental state
The kid expresses the way of loving, anger, saddness, and happiness sometimes not quite direct, so not easy is comprehended by the parent, understood following these kidses mental suppress the signal in time, you then can betterly help a kid to dissolve heart in of suppress.
1, the brush-off have a meal

The expert reminds that the parent wants to notice the kid's food.If be disgusted with appearing a food phenomenon, may be that the kid's emotion is wrong, the parent should hard treat.If neglect to this, probably develop into the food stanza Lyu mess.As parents, never force a kid to have a meal, but should usually change the category of meal at this time, encourage a kid to cook a meal for you, prepare the meal that his love eats for you.If he is in the bad tendency of food keep on long time very occasionally the weight ease a lot, should go for a doctor in time.

2, lying and beguilement

The about 5 years old pre-schooler sometimes tells a lie, but they usually really don't know the result of their behavior.A little bit bigger of the kid will also tell a lie while canning already peg out a true or false circumstance, this is majority of because they are subjected to a lot of pressures.If you of the kid hear your boasting you to park the car don't pay, or tell a falsehood with avert from a working conference, your wanting careful you is setting up bad model.Had better speak the importance of the honesty and the result of the lying to the kid to listen to.If the lying has already become one of his habit, you should take he saw a mental doctor.

If the kid isn't good at expressing his/her own emotion, the parents need patience to guide, should also give time make it slowly speak an endocentric feeling, the parents' concern and support are very important this time.For don't easily accept kid the parents of negative emotion, need to make an improvement in the aspects of approving a kid emotion.Sometimes the kid expresses toward the parents upset, for seeking an object drains, the parents need if the heed gave the kid too many otiose allocutions, or came from the blame of sons and daughters' unexpected happening.

3, over- worried

The kid watches television after the inside hurricane calamitous report way but fears that the hurricane is the matter in the reason.Equally, the student is frightened close by of examination also normal.But if they fear all people and matter not to be getting more normal, they more feel weak don't help, frightened of the thing is more many.

4, offensive behavior

Everybody knows Yi ah learn language of the kid will also become angry, but these behavior is always peculiar.Speech limited child, easing the only way of pressure is the playmate who bite, incenses or humiliates him.Result in although the reason of this kind of behavior fastens with not irrelevant the violent scene of television,the kid's exasperation may even come from a mood and suppress, this is to say, you should be as far as possible a little bit less ground of and tells him to do what and how do, otherwise the pressure that can increase him, because the kid needs to is played carefree and is the matter that oneself wants and does.

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Today is mother's birthday, I mobilized all cooked some mentees, colleagues and friends to send her to a birthday blessing. Mother is very happy, she is the kind of even the bank sends the information to wish her a happy birthday and she can be happy the time people.So from the night I a notice, I hope my friends can in today to help me send the best wishes to my mother. Friends and generous, received notice of the general issue.At noon, mom calls, across a telephone, I see her face, but I don't want to know, the phone her, must have laughed to narrow the eye.Sometimes happiness, really can be a very simple thing. Sometimes, rack one's brains about exactly what to send to friendship, but often to make each other feel the mind, is the most important thing.Remember a year and boyfriend sitting in Wenzhou Wuma street seat, a strange boy come to us for signature. Ask after only know, the original long is his girlfriend's birthday. He hopes to be able to collect 999 couples and signature of the blessing, the girlfriend birthday surprise her, by the way. Regardless of this present value how much money, light is the mind and creativity, is priceless.Now, many people choose the conditions have asked the man must have money, house, car. The material foundation of love, no ground for blame. No authoritative statistics, is it right? Rich couples have certainly than poor couples to a little happiness. But" poverty family harmony " the view has been deeply the hearts of the people, so also the marriage material.A lot of things, there is no absolute right and wrong. But I still moved by one evening, traffic jam, idle   

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arrives university

I am a good man, always BE.The park arrives university from the kid, I rather hand in an examination paper unanswered and have never come out the mind for cheating as well, because the somebody elses all say that cheating isn't good;Go out to go shopping each time, I will prepare quite a few coin, not only crowded Mr. hands over and also wants to beg an old man to those, because the somebody elses all say it's good-hearted;Walk down the avenue, which afraid eat a candy, I will put candy skin into Dou, until run into garbage can, because the somebody elses all say good care environment;Buy a ticket to buy rice, calculate I see the other people one after another cut in line, I can't imitate, because the somebody elses all say to have character;I never flirts with any girl and say not and dare also good, saying can't let it be, because the somebody else once said toing be responsible;No matter do what matter, I will do utmost, calculate bleed, will also swallow blood into belly to continue to fight, because the somebody else once says academic association to insist ……yes, I have been feeling that I is a good man, will suffer a los on the whole, I hasn't been giving up the mind of doing a good man as well.But, some matters connect the dogs all know to is unjust at ordinary times, but the somebody else say this be reality, this is the rule.I have been believing the society"the good man much bad person is little", can what I hear is the bitterness of small Yue Yue to beg, is crying of child of school bus shout, what to see is Li Yi Fan 's nobody, is the non- mankind of Xin in the medicine house, is Guo Mei Mei's mental abnormal condition ……actually is that we don't believe this society, still did the society abandon us?poly bag manufacturer

I mean to say, I have a target, I didn't deprave, calculated to have before, also just grew up necessarily through the period.I can not promise future, I really have the capital to make the person look up at, but I can promise that I will have been being a good man and is a good man forever ……

I am a person, a person who disappears in the boundless huge no man to also understand.I like to see a gossip and understand various news unusual happening of each kind, more surprised Xian is at the beautiful life of others, I once did princess' dream and imagined to have one to love his/her own prince, in the moonlit night, rode a white horse, rushed toward my country, can only cherish the whole fine, all drive reality in of realistic blunt Kua, fall in pieces even the wreckages of dream can not linger, Be rested a little to my memory jewelry

I am very common, can not become "a strange Pa" in the other people's eyes, I am very fat, fat to make the age person marvel unimaginable, I am this, at humble in live.I have a family that loves me, the parents' doter makes me once forget reality of ruthlessness, forget own humble, Be just life not from go to I choice, I must accept this living"gift" brought, even if very wide of the mark.The life of senior high school to the majority is happiness and pain and sufferings keep both, but I am in the flounder and hang a front line but connect to help rice straws like the life the Piaos all concuss generally in the rains and winds.Probably I am a person who treats self-respect too much, breeze's talking breeze languages will influence me, I have never liked who, because I know very silly spoony as bitter and astringent as a dark chocolate, I want to be devoted to study hard, but the result be always floating to shake, between the classmate, I drive the hat ascended the form of address of "idiot", even if I have never shown off.hong kong restaurants

I am weak in character to lead, want to hit on each Human body that sneer at me with the fist of oneself that meat meat, Be exceled to with the roaring of hysteria they dirty of speech, regrettable I didn't do and just hid in the dime to enjoy own lonesome, even if very sad, very sad, I can't weep over, I doesn't want to tell them with the weak in character tears my failure, even if I am very weak in character.In the class, girl will 35 in groups of discussion which boy plays basketball very handsome, how dress up just can't make the teacher discover ……the boy will be banded together to how to let to vindicate and strike up a conversation which beautiful girl ……the kid of surplus is particularly grinding before the class is over a certain mathematics hard nut to crack, at not the anthropophagi to the utmost enjoy "study of fun" in the firework.Although I also in this"the jailbird thinks", can the heart have already put wings but fly, the sadness is in river's river big Chuan.I am very silly, silly arrive to connect oneself at vacant don't know anything, just be only enjoying 1 don't know if belong to own dream.I am an ugly duckling and only live in the middle of coulding not see the nightmare that the goose in daytime hopes, is infatuated crazy idea or the material for new fire in the dim moonlight, I suffer from banding together, the day gave me the choice, but I don't know how to dresses

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Who is more lucky?

Walking in the street, I look at next to peddle sound, I without looking, see the sign of a pair of shoes 15 yuan, 10 yuan a short-sleeved eye-catching. I thought so low price and profit, to see pedestrians wear, all kinds of, felt a little pain, I am not a great man, so I can not care so much, I just sigh why live under the same sky, there is so much injustice ...Back in the room, open the computer, I close my eyes dull moment, came to my mind my own past to the present, the mood is very excited, a tears to want to come back. I have a suction two tone, began to write this diary - who is more lucky? This is an associative log, I don't think I see or the write up, it deprives the reader's thinking right, I don't want to easily shed tears, not saying" boys don't cry"?Who is more lucky? Can't see at all? Some things are really so important? I should reconsider ...  

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wedding dress a

The cause of wedding dress a
Wedding though the international community from time immemorial exist of rites, but the bride wears the history of wedding dress doesn't arrive 200 years on the wedding.The embryo of wedding dress full dress should ascend Shuo till A.D. 1700~1550 B.C.s ago ancient Greece rice promise three dynasty nobility the ex- chest worn by women exposes.Xiu's arriving an elbow department, chest and loins' is fastenned below the breast by the line rope, under wear the clock form dress skirt, whole and close fitting match the clothing of body.The lower hem worn by bride drags along white yarn full dress of ground originally now the Catholic's ceremony take.Because ancient some nations in Europe are the national prestiges that the government teaches to unite as one, people's matrimony has to arrive the orison and wish that the church accepts father or pastor.Then can calculate formal legal marriage so, so, the bride puts on white ceremony to take to mean toward the absolute being it's sincere and clean and pure.Western 19th century ago, bride's full dress worn for getting married the young girls didn't unify Yanwedding dresses

Color specification, until 1820 after the year ago, white just become a wedding gradually top widely full dress used in behavior color.This because the Victoria queen of England wore the wedding dress of the whole body pure elegance on the wedding.From now on, the white wedding dress then becomes a kind of formal wedding dress, now, have of the person don't understand a wedding dress of background.Oneself is fanciful and make the bride's wedding dress into a pink or shallow and blue color to show gorgeous.Press the customs of west in fact, only re-marry women.The wedding dress just can use pink or blue etc. color in the lake to distinguish with newly married by showing.

The wedding dress is since twoCable manufacturer

The European Ireland, imperial house cool love in 16th century hunts, in a midsummer afternoon, imperial house's the nobilitieses take a hunting rifle.The small town of the north that rides a horse and in groups hunts a rabbit dog in Ireland hunts and meets by coincidence Ms. Rose(Rose.Miss) who does laundry in the river bank, the then Richard count immediately falls in love at first sight.BE deeply drawn on by Ms. Rose's pure feeling and elegant qualities, Ms. Rose also leaves a deep idea of love to the handsome and outstanding Richard count in the meantime. the hunting return to the count all night difficult sleep of palace.Combine the circumstance that the feudalistic society could not accept at that time under, summoned up courage to put forward "the door isn't appropriate, door not to" to was born at the mind that Rose of village put forward to propose to marry a girl!Imperial house one Hua however, and with determinedly defend imperial house's blood relationship but oppose.Because of the persistence of the count, for making the count given up hope, the imperial house make a request that didn't almost and impossibly carry out at that time.Hoping Ms. Rose can stitch a white saint tunic(did not wear at that time white yarn habit of marriaging) between a night, but request to is a length to match.From imperial house in Ireland particularly the office bema certificate marries the white full-length gown that the set lefts for front door in the church.

Request to put forward, Richard count's wishing an adoring wedding almost has already become to melt into nothingness.....But the then Ms. Rose disagrees.Incredibly and the whole residents of small town all night don't sleep, common cooperation, bright on sky ex- sew one is extremely fine and design lines Jian Yue don't lose 16 meters white saint tunic of Royal gorgeous breathing again.When this white saint tunic sends to imperial house in Ireland at the next day, the Royal member is subjected to it touched and is moved by the design principle of the highest emotion.The king and empresses in Ireland promise under and completed the sacred wedding of nursery tale sort.....This is the first cause of wedding dress in the whole world.Plate Heat Exchanger

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builds the suggestion

According to Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao report way, airport in Hong Kong builds the suggestion of gold storage database, may formally carry out by the end of this year.Airport administration in Hong Kong declares on the 17th that the need for willing set up a precious metal storage database in the airport to continuously rise to the gold inside the area by coping with by the end of the year.The treasury will be established to freight transportation area in the airport, the total area reaches to 300 square meters,hong kong restaurants and the estimate can store more than 50 ton golds.

The Hong Kong airport administration said that after the Legislative Council grants to exempt from gold trade to pay customs duties a fee, will launch the work of establishing the storage database.The machine took care of a bureau to will all support to own a database of storage in the early years, farsighted to say, will will store a database to turn from mainly own with the house, but didn't have concrete timetable currently.The machine tube bureau established a consultative committee, and from director general Li from finance in bureau of machine tube the Chang always serves as chairman, the purpose is service and substantial infrastructure that ensures to store a database to meet an industry request.

According to understanding, the total area of treasury overs 3,000 square 呎s, can store 50 ton golds at least, the income comes from the for-rent safe storage rental for gaining.The spokesman said that at present the airport processing comes from various valuable cargo that 150 sails in the worlds orders(include 40 hinterland cities) and pluses to close to a gold need fast- extending hinterland market, really is the ideal location that establishes a precious metal storage database.

Hong Kong machine takes care of chairman Ping2 Guo in the bureau through say, Hong Kong international airport is the global person flows, the funds flow, the goods flow and the information flow of contacts vital point.Storing the database has already helped to promote these discharges, and make Hong Kong served as world-wide locations gold manufacturer and hinterland market of medium lie.This new facilities will as well stimulate funds discharge,hong kong storesand for the gold of the creation newness the hook invest product and service to provide terrace.He said that Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone Government plans immunities to pay customs duties a fee,hong kong clubs is the key main factor of the precious metal trade center of Hong Kong establishment head

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fold a soldier

The usage violates the rules the plastics bag compensated a madam and fold a soldier
The food that the strand state media net-Lu north evening newspaper Xun purchases makes the customer take with the unqualified plastics bag, plastic bag manufacturerremaining of economy cost, but forgot "only for Su" of nation:Forbid a production, sale and usage in the national scope the thickness is less than 0.025 millimeters of plastics shopping bags.The result is to compensate a madam and fold a soldier-not only need to compensate a customer loss, also need to connect to take the rap.

On November 22, consumer, Mr. Wang, purchased the pastry of 15 dollars money from a pastry monopoly store, the executive was handed over to consumer, Mr. Wang, after using the plastics bag for it pack.Mr. Wang lifts pastry to prepare while leaving, prosperous the plastics bag blowout of pastry make the pastry shed off on the ground.Embarrassed remaining, Mr. Wang with the executive provide of plastics bag the quality don't reach good-looking make the pastry purchasing fallen off can not eat for from, hong kong attractionsrequest executive to give indemnification, but the executive insists thinking the merchandise has already consigned Wang Mou, is Wang Mou to carelessly cause bag broken by himself/herself, brush-off indemnification.Both parties now argue not next, Mr. Wang stirs to beat 12315 hurl to tell hot-line later on.

Eliminate to help a staff member to arrive to the spot in time, discover that the plastics bag that the pastry's monopoly store provides to the consumer fastens a nation to prohibit an usage.The staff member on the other hand explains in detail the law laws of the rights protection of consumer to the executive and explain that the executive should give the consumer the reason of the indemnification;The plastics bag that reflected the pastry store's usage nation to prohibit an usage toward the industry and business section in the meantime behavior.Finally, executive not only press the loss that the merchandise price backed to compensate consumer,toilet facial paper maunfacturer Mr. Wang, , industry and business still by law as to it's use the plastics bag behavior that the nation forbids an usage to make the punishment that fines money 500 dollars.

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English adds the extension

The beautiful English adds the extension sanctions Iran scope tall officer in Iran
The United States, England and Canada declares on the 21th, owing to Iran's doing not stop the step of seeking the development nuclear weapon machine, the Three Kingdoms decision extends to impose sanction against scope to Iran.French president's Sa section together on the 21th suggest to believing many western Beijing leaderships that adopting to freeze its central bank property and stopping purchasing its petroleum etc. to Iran is new-made to cut measure.

American first time warns the external world and not to trade with Iran

American president Ao Ba Ma sign a president to make on the 21th, issue order to important petroleum chemicals profession implementation sanctions in Iran and extend the sanctions to annoy the profession to Iran oil in the meantime.

Ao Ba Ma announced to declare, Iran oneself chose that this sinks into isolated road among nations, "as long as Iran continues to choose this dangerous road, the United States will continue to pass and our colleague's cooperation or take action alone, printing companystand alone to Iran political power execution and exert larger pressure".

American Secretary of State's Hillary ·Clinton and Mo Xi of minister of finance Di ·cover especially Na declares the sanctions against Iran new measure together and includes to forbid to provide real object, service and technique support to Iran petroleum chemicals profession, 11s of participation Iran pit item are also personal to be been included in sanctions list with entity.

The American government sends out a warning to say in the meantime and is engaged in government or financing institution of bargain with Iran banking to all face threat.The American government sends out a warning like this to still belong to a first time.The American in the same day still lists as Iran "wash money to mainly pay attention to one of the countries".

England uses financial sanctions to other country for the very first time

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George ·Ao Si originally declare on the 21th, from from 3:00 p.m. on the 21th(local time), all British financing institutions have to stop and the bargain or business contacts of the of any bank in Iran and its branch and subsidiary, including Iran National Central Bank.This is the first time England uses financial means to carry on sanctions to other country.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a pronouncement to say, the bank of Iran just at for participate in a pit to play item of personal provide financial service with group.London is an important international banking center, cutting off the financial contacts of of England and Iran will increase Iran bank to use international financial system to play the difficulty of item service for its pit.

The latest data suggests that this year the trade volume of of 1-8 months, England and Iran compared to descend 46% last year same period.British government very not encouragement and Iran carry on trade, the nonsupport is any and the trade behavior of the of Iran.

There is condition in Canada forbid to trade with Yi finance

Canadian foreign minister John ·the shell Er Be virtuous to declare on the 21th, Canada decides to extend to already carry out to Iran further of sanctions.New of the sanctions measure include to conditionally forbid to carry on financial bargain with Iran;The extension is subjected to the scope of forbiding the merchandise, including all merchandises used for chemical engineering, petroleum and natural gas realm;The emendation may be used for checking plannedly is forbidden merchandise scope;The Iran and the list of organization that the further extension is imposed sanction against.

France to believing multinational suggestion enlargement sanctions

French president's mansion releases an official gazette to say late on the 21th, Sa section together on that day Iran nuclear problem difference to believe the Germany, Canada and the United States, Japan and England and EU leaders.France to EU and it member's country and the United States, Japan and Canada and other voluntarily join to impose sanction against the congelation Iran National Central Bank of the planned national suggestion of property, and pause import to produce from the petroleum in Iran.

Russia doesn't accept the west sanctions Iran

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says on the 22th that"do not accept" the United States, England and Canada impose sanction against Iran further, this action of no help to negotiates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces a pronouncement:"Russia square thinks that this measure can not accept, breach international law and cause to have a conversation with constructiving of Iran to complicate hard and seriously."Declare, enlarged the sanctions pressure"the of no help to strengthens Iran of negotiation will", "have been already outrun" circumambience Iran calculated to row various decision made.

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products are unqualified

On Saturday the blessing gold great blessing gold six blessing several jewelry products are unqualified

The degree jewelry decoration monitor shows the third quarter:The near 30% jewelry super 40% jade exists a quality problem

Take out check to show as a result

The precious metal merchandise unqualified item is mainly decoration quality, label and other marking things, print to record, the precious metal pure degree,pearl jewelry harmful chemical element

The jade merchandise unqualified item is mainly decoration quality, label and other marking things, the precious metal pure degree and jewelry jade name

Report Xun lately and quickly reporter, Ping2 Yan Dan, trainee Luo celebrate a Rong Xu Yuan He good Xian leaf China lately the report way love purchase the attention of consumer of jewelry decoration, jade merchandise!The third quarter of the city industry and business announcement in the bureau degree circulates the realm precious metal merchandise, jade merchandise quality monitor circumstance to suggest, the jewelry decoration near 30% is unqualified, but jade merchandise exceed 40% is unqualified.On Saturday blessing, Xie Rui Lin, wide sky of hide an article, gold six blessing jewelry etc. several brand products together sink a quality door.

According to understanding,freshwater pearl city industry and business bureau in 2011 three quarter degree the quality monitor that carried on a precious metal merchandise, jade merchandise to main market, profession and places, such as wholesale market, monopoly store and supermarket...etc. of 12 administrative areas in Guangzhou City, among them, the precious metal merchandise totally sampled 240 sets with 134 brands of 127 sale business enterprises and involved a production business enterprise 153.Through examine unqualified total 67 setseses of inside qualities, qualified lead 72.1%;The jade merchandise totally sampled 108 sets of jade merchandises with 89 brands of 91 sale business enterprises and involved production business enterprise 94, through examination inside quality unqualified total 46 setses, qualified lead 57.4%.

The industry and business section means that is judged for the quality unqualified merchandise towards monitoring winning, check organization strength, order the off-the-shelf unqualified merchandise of dealer, revoke business license towards promoting the executive of unqualified product for many times, pressing related law laws handling, details aring serious, .The citizen purchase a merchandise the front can register an industry and business red shield net in Guangzhou City first, check to take out unqualified product list in check and avoid purchasing an unqualified product.

A few "blessing" characters jewelry

Week great blessing:The week great blessing jewelry gold goes limited company to support subsidiary company for the week all of the great blessing groups, that company conducts the jewelry jade gold jewelry business, is gather a raw material purchase, production design, retail price service of comprehensive sex management business enterprise,golden south sea pearl own more than 80 calendar histories, are that Chinese hinterland and Hong Kong are most the famous and most have the jewelry jewelry of scale brand.

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cat eye makeup

The star deduces perfect"cat eye makeup" of four styles of day off parties
Every year is always excited this time, because has numerous day off parties is waiting us.On this year's day off party, what fresh viewpoint do you permit to have to the makeup?Show us 2012 spring fashionable dresses week up the concerning the party perfect makeup permit of a new viewpoint:Cat eye makeup.See quickly which is you of favourite?

If the mimicry smoking makeup eye shadow you are "the cat eye controls", so this cat eye makeup was to tailor for you.George · the suggestion of Ma Ni BE, the mimicry smokes the second floor of makeup eye shadow to draw cat informer, the style of drawing wants to stay some crevices.

Classic cat eye makeup Matthew ·William Mu Sen of this classic cat eye makeup, the color is bright.

Cool strength hundred percent eye makeup this style of"section Er cat" makeup and she is tall the hair Ji signing match each other and isn't cool strength hundred percent?

A little bit bright lies in the gold foil on the eyebrow this style of"cat eye makeup" of a little bit bright lie in eyebrow up of gold foil.Not necessarily needing to be like a mold is especially similar, however the bright metal color is that one is good to try.Moxa Ma ·fertile especially Sen at 《Harry Porter 》the last radical's reflecting to permit after the makeup of party is a good demonstration.

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Gold association

Gold association in the world:The three quarters' degree gold investment need increases 33%
Gold association(WGC) in the world releases on the 17th of 《gold need trend report 》suggest, the third quarter of 2011 degree, the gold demand attains 1053.9 metric tons and compared to increase 6% last year same period and was worth of a total amount amounting to USD 57,700,000,000 and set to have a history of the tallest record.The same period is kept on by inflation level to rise, American sovereignty reputation rating drive next adjust etc. factor influence, Be avoid insurance tool of gold three quarter, degree all price together compare soar 39%, attain USD 1702.12.

Introduce according to far east board director, general manager, Zheng Liang Hao, , from gold association in world, three quarter, degree gold need significantly increase mainly is invested a demanding push.The same period invests a need to together compare to increase 33% and attains 468.1 metric tons, is worth of a total amount attaining USD 25,600,000,000 and creates a history new high that has ever had.

With investment the need is different BE, the gold jewelry need appears to descend.The third quarter of 2011's degree global gold jewelry demand is 465.6 metric tons and compare 10% of declining with 518.9 metric tons in last year same period.Press the value calculation, the this quarter's degree gold jewelry need attains the degree of creating the quarter USD 25,500,000,000 for recording and compares with USD 20,500,000,000 in 2010 same period to increase 24%.

Same period, the gold need of global science and technology realm appears a rebound, the demand attains 120.2 metric tons and presents to together compare to hold an even situation.Press the value calculation, the gold need of electronics profession attains USD 4,800,000,000 of making the record.

Another according to 《report 》statistics, the global central bank continues to enlarge a gold within total storage property allocation comparison, it is clean to buy a total amount to attain 148.4 metric tons.Plus two quarters ago a degree 129 metric tons and 69.4 metric tons, the global central bank total amount is clean to buy gold this year of 346.8 metric tons.Zheng Liang Hao thinks that till 2012, authorities' increasing the situation of holding the gold reserve still will continue.

China becomes the biggest market in gold jewelry need

To China, investment and gold jewelry need of China all have a not vulgar performance at the three quarters degree.《Report 》suggest, three quarter, the degree Chinese gold jewelry need together compares to increase 13% and attains 131.0 metric tons and be worth of renminbi 46,000,000,000 dollars.China at three quarter degree single biggest market that become a gold jewelry need, have to compare up to 28% in the global gold jewelry need.

Zheng Liang Hao says that this growth big part comes from a small city, because the catena dealer extended its sale network with satisfy the income increment bring of need growth.Increase day by day along with the China's investment to the gold need, gold bar and gold coin need and compare to increase 24% at the beginning of the year, attain 60.2 metric tons.

The WGC data suggests that the gold need in Chinese last year is 579.5 metric tons and become the second gold in the world of only next to India to consume a country.Anticipate according to Zheng Liang Hao, investment and gold jewelry need of China have already hoped more than 750 metric tons and share 20%-25% of world gross demand this year, while medium need for printing the gold of two countries will attain 55%-60% in the world.

Sturdy in the need under, the gold price also appeared laster year same period more significant soar.

The statistics suggests that degree gold the third quarter all the price together compare to soar 39% and attain USD 1702.12.Especially on September 5 and the 6th, the gold price sets the new record of USD 1895.00(noon dish in London settles dish price).

WGC invests board director, general manager, Guo Bo, , thinks to mean, the gold invests a need is pull to move for three quarters, degree demanding key factor, keeping on of inflation level ascension and American sovereignty reputation rating drive next adjust, worsen debt crisis in Europe and many property trends are weak, is all factor that makes the trend investor increased to hold gold to avoid insurance day by day.

Zheng Liang Hao also means that be subjected to global inflation level the ascension and beautiful debt rating lowers etc. factor influence, the performance of other properties is more common, gold because it avoids an insurance attribute to be subjected to more investor favor

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Bitter joy time

There is a song singing a way like this, "life is one regiment hemp, that is also the hemp cordage Ning of flower;The life is a road, how can have no pit pit Wa Wa;The life is one cup wine, satisfied contain life all the sweet and bitter experiences;The life is an one Xia, the but again often spreads that bise bitter rain;The life is a song and sing life sad pleased hand over to add of bitter joy time."I think that I and marital life of wife 30 years ever isn't a being full of is all the sweet and bitter experiences, the bise bitter rain, sad pleased hand over to add of bitter joy time.

(A), poor and humble husband and wife

I don't remember to when get married.Because, have never held a presentable wedding while never knowing that what lucky day Ji is, didn't even set off to symbolize pleased celebrate the firecrackers of good luck, two people went to a long spring, be regarded as formally Be married.The bride chamber is changed by the single dormitory to set up but becomes, one signs a cabinet, a desk, four square Deng sons are all of our houses be.Because get married, we still owed a huge sum of obligation of 500 dollars.To know the cuckoldry wages was 42 dollars at that time, my wages was 54 dollars, 2 people added to return not enough 100 dollars of!

For repaying loan, I and the wife stanza dress shrink a food.There is no fruit, there is no pork, the potato, cabbage in everyday, also talk what nourishment health;In winter, don't keep warm facilities, water put in wash basin, all knotted very thick ice;More serious BE, that time, we return two sides separation, she is on the farm sons school, I am in the city diesel engine factory.For the sake of the transfer, the wife takes a pregnancy of quite a few month and goes back and forth between the farm and the city and seeks a relation and gives way of approach and talk what easy.

The life said till then, a word can generalize, "poor".Because poor, the daughter always wears through old clothes.Underclothing, is change with the old vest;The pants is also a work to by hand stitch.Kid top the day care take rice, is a rice potato forever silk.Occasionally have two pieces of take fish, also feared card the kid's throat.

Have once, the home comes to a friend and put to order meat while stir-frying potato silk, oil also the ratio is much some at ordinary times, may be eat well 1:00, the vegetables soon ate up, hence the friend starts to carry a plate and says"I liked to drink soup most !"We beside of that is nasty!Heart says, "friend!You the hand is a little bit low, does our kid still need to take rice!"

I remember up to now that evening of 1984 the middle of the years autumn, I rides bicycle with wife and walks at to the road of plant manager's house up.The wayside street light together puts, the all familieses are observing a festival, can the road of the life of our families and then where?The affair is such.One year ago, the wife adjusts into diesel engine factory and allows a cash member in the finance section.Can have no excessive long, drive arrange the factory belongs to of the Lao take a company and allow business member in the craft art agency.There is no Sunday and stanza day off from now on, usually work overtime in the evening, for kid still small of we, life very of difficulties.We seek who didn't use.We request to adjust, don't put a person again in factory.There is really no way, we just is this inadvisable plan.

Possible someone asks me, "why choose a teacher, this occupation?"My answer is, " really has no way, this is forced by life!"May the many people not believe?If I tell you, that time, I return the body suffer from a heavy disease, if isn't a life have no, how may choose to leave?

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small most desperately

The shape tells you easily must what disease of head small most desperately
Probably you have never realized that the your own height, leg grows, finger length etc. will produce a certain contact with disease.But the in great quantities foreign research discovers, human body from head to foot, the shape comparison of different part, usually indicate different paroxysm occurrence.
If you are very tall強生洗頭水

Mammary glands cancer.The lady higher than 175 Li rices suffers from a mammary glands cancer very easily and consequently die.Reason is the hormone that influences women's height will cause the increasing of milk liquid pipe organization in the breast.But this organization is a big place of parts of mammary glands tumor occurrence, therefore the pipe is more many and more and easily contract a mammary glands cancer.

Prostate gland cancer.1 in Boston, the United States followed a research to 22,000 mans for 12 years to discover, more than 182 Li rices males compared several rates that the male shorter than 170 Li rices suffers from a prostate gland cancer to increase 59%.Should study to suggest, male the tall is 10 Li rices each time, will increase to 6%ly suffer from a cancer several rates.The analysis thinks that the high male body contains to have more insulin growth factors-1(IGF-1), this will promote several rates of suffering from the prostate gland cancer.

Pancreas cancer.The more than 185 Li rices males and more than 168 Li rices femaleses suffer from several rates of pancreas cancer to increase 81%.The researcher of whole country cancer graduate school in the United States said that the high is 2.5 Li rices each time, suffer from several rates of pancreas cancer and then will increase 6%-10%.A research paper of University of Washington then suggests that this may because of letting person the hormone of long Gao along with the increment cancer change several rates of cell growth.

If you are very short

Heart attack.A research in Harvard University thinks that the male shorter than 170 Li rices than the male taller than 185 Li rices alter suffer from a heart attack.The research discovers that 170 Li rice as follows of male's comparing is taller than 170 Li rices of the male have heart trouble several rates 60% in height.Height the high is 2.5 Li rices each time, the risk reduces 2%-3%.Reason's being the short little male's blood vessel to correspond is narrow and more easily block and cause a heart attack thus.

Stomach cancer.Cloth inside the Si gave the researcher of university to say, the stomach cancer had something to do with spiral rod bacteria infection in the You door, and this kind of virus is also the direct reason that causes stomach ulcer.The research thinks that if child's period was infected spiral rod bacteria in the You door, will cause a growth deceleration.Therefore, shape short little person the stomach cancer incidence rate is opposite and higher.

If you of the head is small

The Er Ci sea Mo surname disease.A research that aims at old-age women expresses that the head rounds is 57-58 Li rices of women's suffering from the comparison of that disease is 20%, while the head round is 51-52 Li rices of the women fall ill the comparison as 70%.In the meantime, a German research discovers, is lower than average brain circumference(male is 58 Li rices, female is 55 Li rices), will consumedly increase to suffer from several rates of the Er Ci sea Mo surname disease.The reason is if the head is larger, so the brain imply of the nerve dollar will be more, can betterly resist decrepitude thus.電器直銷中心

If you of neck and waist are thick

Heart attack.Double the chin, neck is short thick may be the signal of heart ill-health.Recently, American Fu thunder clear man the heart research learn the expert investigated 3300 average ages as 51-year-old volunteer and suggested as a result, the male neck rounds to increase 3 Li rices each time, the high definition fat in the body egg white lowers a 0.12 mmols on the average|L, the female lowers a 0.15 mmols|L.Therefore, the scientist thinks, the neck rounds is measure a person top half fat of"natural method", but top half fat and heart attack are closely related.

In addition, the waistline size and health of the heart is also germane.In recent years, the related research of all countries all discovers, the waistline is thick of male suffer from a heart attack all to lead to want compare other male high 42%, the female suffers from a heart attack all the rate compare other female high 44%.French scientist to in 1967-1984 years 7000 polices with French middle age who dies in a heart attack carried on a research and emphasized to analyze waistline and weight coefficient BMI(in general use standard in the world, used for judging whether a person's excess and obese) to influence to the paroxysm.Discover that the potbellied male more easily dies abruptly as a result, suddenly the risk of death is along with the increment but aggrandizement of waistline.

If you of neck and waist are long

Neck and waist Zhui disease.The research thinks that the neck is long, the waist grows of person's movable range is greatly opposite and carry also opposite strong.Japan aims at more than 3000 necks or waist the longer person carried on to study over a long period of time, these people of so waist or neck will be longer than other people, not is because the joint amount increases, but because their waist Zhuis or the cervical vertebra each stanzas the president of association is some.The research thinks that person the ratio of the length and the torso length of the leg department is more small, bounce more weak, to the protection degree of the waist more small.Therefore the person whom the waist grows, specially and easily feel loins tired, and appear the loins muscle Lao Sun and waist Zhui increases to living and some occurrences that have no germ to blaze a disease.Together manage, the neck elder also faces a same problem.

If you of the finger is long

Standing alone disease, suppress Yu disease and myocardial Geng to die.A lot of diseases have something to do with finger length, particularly is that the length of of index finger and ring finger is bad.Ring finger longer representative the male testicle hormone the level is higher, the index finger is longer to is a higher female sex hormone symbol.The person whom the ring finger grows than the index finger easily suffers from a standing alone disease, the index finger longer person easily suffers from a hypochondria.

In addition, the researcher of Liverpudlian university discovers, young suffer from myocardial Geng dead of all rate and male ring finger of the length has a certain contact, ring finger compare shorter of male alter to take place myocardial Geng dead, because the testicle hormone that they can prevent myocardial Geng from dying inside the body the level is lower.

If you of the leg is shortLearn Chinese

Diabetes.The leg short person compares leg elder to fall ill several rates 20% in height.Si in the cloth gives university a to 4200 people's research enunciation, the leg is long to increase 4.3 Li rices each time and get several rates of diabetes to reduce 19%.The reason is various, the infant period malnutrition will directly influence growth of leg, and this reason also relates to the occurrence of the diabetes.

High blood pressure.The University of London is a to 3000 people from the birth rise start of track research enunciation, the leg is more short, the high blood pressure danger is more high.Especially those at be born the height in the first year increase a limited person, more easy old in the year after suffer afferent problem harassment.

The liver hurts.Si in the British cloth gives university compare hero?Fu thunder the Ze and its colleague carried on a research to 360060-79-year-old volunteers.The researcher measured the length of volunteer leg department, and did with torso length than, still checked various index signs of volunteer liver function in the meantime.Discover as a result that among these people, the leg is more short to more probably appear the evidence of liver harm, after expeling smoking, alcohol and other behavior factors, this connection still keeps existing.

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Brief rest after

Brief rest after, everyone a first a left the small store of wayside behind.Walked again half probably several hour, freshwater pearlsee as far as as far as an one small village.Go before continuing, curving, walk while asking.Guess to still have at us how far see the time of meeting Long Qiao, is plain for a shape thou, drive tree shade rattan the Luo surround of the small bridge cannot compare with the carriage for defending to burst upon by Cu at at present, this is to meet Long Qiao.

This, really be we all the way walk to keep coming to read Dao don't stop meeting of fancy Long Qiao?

It not Gao Da Dun, also not Wei E,tahitian pearlsimilar to the numerous slab of stones small bridge in numerous countries, there is no surprising place.Or, just because it is in the sun Shuo, at pretty such as painting of meet Long He, so just is given a kind of particular meaning.Meeting of map Long Qiao is just a sign, but only we walk all the way to close to it of time, it just becomes the eldest brother Ye of neighbor's house, simple, kindly, use the plait of each a piece of slab of stone wrinkly, tell the vicissitudes of life of years.

Time has already approached 4:00 p.m..Our careful company measures once and decides that the change originally possessed a plan, from meet Long He to multiply by a bamboo raft driftage but bottom, go to sun Shuo the divine spot seek the place of accommodation.Again and again haggling of the hour , finally, clinches a deal by 150 dollars after near half.Rode in former times the bike came over of big fat GG those people also together sit last moreover a few bamboo rafts with the stream Piao bottom, however they just to the old county,golden south sea pearl the price was 200 dollars.

In the oar voice that has rhythm in two ship works, the bamboo raft slowly left to meet Long Qiao.Early autumn of fresh and cool, chaperonage setting sun west bottom, gradually the elephant meet Long He He's water similar, surround at us around.If say, Li river after several years of development after, lady have already become tiresome and doll up, meet Long He and then should be that the beautiful quality is natural and hasn't yet to attire so of village Gu.The chair that lies on the bamboo raft looks up at boundless blue sky, I am just thinking, if the time can stay around this a moment forever to much like.Or,wireless keyboards isn't because the time is to keep running about and just let after experiencing successively the hullabaloo of vulgar life time, us still would like to read that ten thousand books walk ten thousand in the road, run about to be into continuing of life?


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people to shout

Shell Lu Si Ke Ni formally resigns:"shell" shadow leave people to shout
In the Italian Milan, a pedestrian once walked a side draw to have a shell the wall of the Ni cartoon of Lu Si Ke.In the cartoon,到會服務 shell Lu Si Ke Ni is drawn into Nepoleon's appearance and drive a wagon that carries to have a few rice Nis.The Xinhua news agency delivers

In December, 2009, shell Lu Si Ke Ni encounters a set of when the Milan attends to hold a meeting and cause the nose bone slight bone fracture, two tooths fallen off.The Xinhua news agency delivers

Italian premier the west Er Wei Ao ·shell Lu Si Ke Ni deliver to a resignation on the 12th and formally resign.Join the government for 17 years, what shell Lu Si Ke Ni faces is that the thousand odd shouts the people whom he resigns.He didn't convene a news conference on that day and said 1 just to the assistant:"I am very sad."

The premier of idea is "sad" to resign

According to Lu Si Ke Ni of shell on the 8th and the people's"engagement", he settles in the parliament pass the economic reform project of the EU request behind resign.

Italian Lower House on the 12th with 380 approve, 26 objection, 2 abstentions of the results approve to tighten bill to stabilize local public finance condition.美食到會Shell Lu Si Ke Ni some time "according to appointment" leave for president's mansion to deliver to a resignation that very day night, more than 1000 people flow out to Na Lai in the Kui temple etc. the government construct surroundings.

When shell Lu Si Ke Ni's sedan drives into president's mansion, "clown, clown" of people, Gao Han, .Anne a kind of insect correspondent report way, shell Lu Si Ke Ni arrived the Kui inside Na Lai to say 1 to the assistant before the temple:"This makes me sad too much."

President mansion outfield the noodles once approached confusion, after shell Lu Si Ke Ni delivered to a resignation, can leave from a side door secret and return to abode, have never faced medium to announce any talk.

President's mansion releases a pronouncement later on, shell Lu Si Ke Ni on that day to president Na wave benefit tower the promise deliver to a resignation and formally resign.

75-year-old shell Lu Si Ke Ni was born at the Italian Milan, the university law fastenned graduation, and he is Italian famous entrepreneur and the best rich man.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni depends on constructing business residence house,Learning Chinese the 70's in 20th century changes direction a medium profession development and establishes many medium tycoons that television stations with private house become Italy to have influence most gradually.He procured Italian famous football club AC in 1986 Milan.

In January, 1994, shell Lu Si Ke Ni establishes "Italian strength party" and formally follows political arena, and hold at the same year of win in the election, serve as a premier for the very first time.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni totally serves as a premier three times, he is two post-war Italies work total time grows most of premier.

President people's mansion outside sings a song

Resign news to spread, not a few people outside president's mansion sing a song, dance, some people open a champagne celebration, some people raise the slogan"again see the west Er Wei Ao, again see", and Na Lai in the Kui an orchestra in the temple neighborhood starts to play religious melody"Harry's road is second"."We come here is to celebrate for the sake of the joys, " a Rome citizen says.

"We are visitors and arrive at here just.This is a historic change of our nation, "the blessing thunder of the visitor from Italian south fill to say.

The crowd hugs in president's mansion, premier office peace negotiations will etc. each government construct outside.A great deal of police deployment constructs surroundings in the government and block people is protecting a column outside."We wait be over and wait the shell be over of Ni ages of Lu Si Ke, we hope this are the be over, " citizen's orchid in Rome firm say.

Some shell Lu Si Ke Ni's supporter comes together outside his residence, almost and completely is shouted crowd to drown.

The shell Ni resignation of Lu Si Ke is thus seemed of"quick".About a week ago, he at 20 the country group Feng session tells Europe leaders, he was in economic plight the only person who can rescue Italy.Later on several day, the Italian financial situation is quickly worsen, the people deliver to worry work, old age pension and save more."You rent away my old age pension, " a celebration in Rome Wan wear body side the colleague's shoulder shout a way.

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Pa Pa quarter

Pa Pa quarter Mo Si or become a new Greece premier perhaps difficult make Greece economic to come back from the brink of death
The Italian premier faces to resign a crisis, new premier candidate in the Greece hasn't announced, political arena changes, and debt crisis in Europe rises great waves again.Can't the mess meeting that shell Lu Si Ke Ni leaves make Italy become next sovereignty obligation crisis disaster area?Pa Pan can the successor of Europe,旅遊團在南非遭搶劫Delhi make the Greece economic to come back from the brink of death?Can't the obligation crisis meeting of Europe cause trapping of more levelses bureau?

Medium wide net Peking November 9 news according to economy of voice 《the Yang wide finance and economics comment on 》report way, debt crisis predicament in Europe is layer after layer, political arena changes again add variable.Italian Lower House is approved with 308 on the 8th, an abstention, the result of 0 objection passed in the Year 2010's the government public finance report.But, the point of problem doesn't lies in this public finance report, but lie in an Italian premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni exactly and when resign.In the meantime, Greece premier Pa Pan the successor of Europe, Delhi is also one of the focus that people pay attention to.

Italian Lower House totally establishes 630 seats and need 316 advantage positions that then can promise that the ruling alliance of the shell Ni leadership of Lu Si Ke owns a firmness and acquired yesterday of approved ticket and this vote to differ 8.The democracy party of the biggest opposition party in Italy total secretary shell Er Sa Ni means after voting be over, this time ballot outcome proof government no longer owns an advantage position in Lower House, he appeals that Lu Si Ke Ni of shell delivers to a resignation as soon as possible.

After ballot outcome announces,蘿蔔湯 Italian stock market slump over 200:00, the national debt of Italy and the benefit of the German same period national debt bad approach 500 basises to order, again create an euro to establish new high that has ever had, the decade expects the interest of national debt to increase to 6.77%.In the meantime, stock market in New York turns to fall in order to rise, the euro ups to the dollar rate.There are Italian medium citing the market trader's words, shell Lu Si Ke Ni's resignation probably brings a turning points for market.

Before, shell Lu Si Ke Ni once meant, he will declare a resignation after the Italian parliament approves a bill that stabilizes local public finance condition.Have the medium report the way, Italian president 1 of the mansion announcement declared,綠茶配蜂蜜消炎又潤喉 shell Lu Si Ke Ni already understand yesterday the meaning of Lower House ballot outcome, think to have in the meantime the necessity pay attention to to European all countries of stable the bill do to respond to in time.After the stable bill acquires a parliament to pass, shell Lu Si Ke Ni will deliver to a resignation to the president.

Be not making to as well enjoy in Italy of time, raise Greece day of treading the Wei Jian also still sad.Greece president's office says that Greece premier Pa Pan Europe, Delhi leadered to hold a meeting with opposition faction last Sunday, Pa Pan Europe, Delhi have already agreed to resign, and the approval set set up new coalition government.According to the plan, the new premier candidate should come out yesterday, but because the negotiation chooses into stagnation, Greece officials mean to announce a new premier candidate today, so far, didn't°yet official source concerning premier candidate.

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My house

My house is in the northwest

On the side of the yellow river
There is full mountain time there wild wild pepper and wheat
On that loess high ascent
Two ex- old Huai trees in the door
Tidy whole rectangle hospital
A few small tile buildingsDoes LED arrive
Ah …
My mother occupies to have no a matter
Always want to knit some cloth
Be regarded as no one to help must also knit 22
Thousand silk ten thousand wisps of lines
The shuttle son quickly wears
Very old loom
Ga Zhi at ring

My father the voice wased bright since the childhood
He roars Qin Qiang to go to schools every day
Keep singing eldest brother Ye
Let go of his big tobacco pouch
Keep singing young man
Remember fondly his miss more
Keep singing eldest brother Niang
Let go of thread to listen to 1
Keep singing big miss
The eye is full of tears
Forgot to wash clothesself-confidence beautiful

My home town is in the northwest
Loess Gao Po Shang
In winter have no matter son
The men and women are old little squat down in the corner of wall to take a sunbathe
The man takes out dry tobacco pouch
Woman at pull domestic life
My home town is in the northwest
Loess Gao Po Shang
There have actually and truly of boy
There is simple miss therebone fracture

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9 kinds of diseases

Eyes tell you 9 kinds of diseases
Eyes are a special window of health, American ophthalmology association expert and director Anne virtuous Lu in glaucoma center in San Francisco ·the Yi tile say: pass observation eyes, doing not need surgical operation can immediately understand healthy conditions such as blood vessel, artery and sense of vision nerve etc.."Care and love a net" in the United States lately carries a text to tally up "eyes tell you of 9 kinds of diseases".

1.The eyebrow sheds off: A Kang or A reduce.Eyebrow will along with decrepitude but gradual sparse.But the side outside the eyebrow sheds off 1|3 then the symptom of thyroid gland disease(A Kang or A reduce).疼痛不要忍Discovering the symptom should cure in time.

2.It is swollen to eliminate the wheat grain that don't drop: sebum gland cancer.If go out now and don't disappear for red packet(the wheat grain is swollen)3 months inside the eyelids or again and again appear in the same place, and appear an eyelash to shed off, should the heart sebum gland cancer.The suggestion early does diagnosis, the surgical operation takes off in addition to.

3.Eyelids department chief yellow spot:the cholesterol lead Gao.Eyelids department chief yellow spot because the cholesterol leads Gao but the fat forming in the eyelids part pile up a thing.The suggestion sees ophthalmology or dermatologist.

4.Eyes bright pain or sight are misty while seeing a computer: computer sense of vision comprehensive advertise for.The person arrives middle age tears less, use a computer time lead long will appear sight faintness etc. the eye department is unwell.Flat panel LCD shows to hold to show than the old style that holding is better.To avoid screen reflection eyes look on straight level a screen, in fixed time the rest take a distant look and keep air condition electric fan from towarding eyes to blow.

5.Eyes secretion increases: the eyelids is burning.Eyes secretion's increasing is an eyelids burning to, but that disease usually with turn around scraps and Cuo Chuang to relate to closely.Accompany with symptom to include:是否氣血充足eye bright pain, shed tears or dry puckery.The suggestion uses Wen Shi after washing hands the towel heat spread an eye department for 5 minutes, severity should go for a doctor.

6.The visual field appears blind spot, flashlight or wave line: migraine.The brain blood variety is its cause of disease.Appear this symptom while driving, should immediately rest stop.Symptom longer than an hour, should go for a doctor, if the companion has a fever and muscle have no dint or speech misty, then should consider suffering a stroke danger, have to hustle along and then cure.

7.Eyes flush Sao Yang: eye allergy.Eyes flush, and the chaperonage sneeze, cough, stuffed-up nose or run at the nose etc. the symptom then is an eye allergy.The allergen includes: pollen, dust or animal skin scraps etc..The suggestion keeps off allergen and use an anti- set under the doctor's instruction An medicine, eye drops or eye cream etc..

8.Break out heavy shadow, in the moment deliver dark or can't see thing:suffer a stroke.The sense of vision changes, besides which, suffer a stroke symptom to still include:arms and legs or face(especially one side) suddenly numbness or have no dint, on foot difficulty, faint, lose balance or moderate ability, talk not pure or have a headache difficult endure, suggest to immediately stir to call 120 to plea for help.

9.Eyes become dry to fear light: dry comprehensive advertise for冠心病.Dry comprehensive advertise for is a kind of chronic, systematic oneself immunity to outside secrete a gland pathological changes, is more familiar than female rheumatism over 40 years of age arthritis or lupus sufferer.The eye stem fears light and the thirsty general simultaneous with.Suggest to drink water more, cure in time.

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weapon machine

Spread a beautiful English plan military stroke IranGynecology disease
The nitric smoke of Libyan battlefield hasn't spread to go, is seemed by the beautiful English war machine that the victory encourages the hair move to prepare Nian toward Iran again.England 《the Wei report 》disclose on the 2nd, the British army is stepping up establishment attack the military plan of Iran start by matching with an American solider an attack.England 《everyday post 》said on the 3rd, various evidences suggest, under the sistuation that Iran may own enough concentrated uranium to make 4 nuclear weapon machines, American president Ao expects horse and British prime minister card plum the Lun is just preparing to start to the Yi war.

Just arrived France to take part in 20 country group Feng will of Ao Ba Ma mean on the 3rd, calculating of Iran rows to continuously constitute threat, he together hopes the international society bring pressure to Iran and force Iran to clarify its intention with French president's Sa section.《Wei report 》call, in order to worrying day by day to the uranium inspissation of Iran item, British consideration support, the United States starts to the Yi military stroke activity, and step up establishment stroke"contingency plan" of Iran.The British Ministry of National Defense thinks that the United States may carry on the guided missile raid that has already aimed at sex to the key facilities in Iran, be formally acting before starting, Washington will look for the military help of England.The British army thinks that the United States may request England to allow an usage English to belong to the Indian Ocean territory Di Ge to add the west second base to start an attack.meal cleverness

Report way the official gazette of international atomic organization that also say, will soon announce will provide the new proof concerning Iran nuclear weapon machine item and involve Iran to study and develop the unprecedented detail of nuclear weapon machine, this official gazette"possible change rules of the game".British[one] senior officer of government says, the sanctions has already ignored to use to Iran, two square weaken trying of Iran uranium inspissation item also not that successful.The staff officer personnel of British army draws up of mainly Be focused to air to fight to the Yi battle project, the battle will start from the air and in addition still have parts of warship participation.But the British army prohibits fully and takes part in on a large scale noodles battle, battle period the British army don't have a predominance function as well, the key still keeps being started an attack by American solider.Have thus of is needed

The United States 《New York Times 》the words of adduction the White House officials say, because of American will complete to°from Iraq pullout of troops at the end of the year, American solider just the relocation troops in Middle East, new of the army battle the troops will adjust to Kuwait with should to Iran, the American navy is considering sending more warships to go to Persian gulf in the meantime.American tower inside defense secretary Pa declares that the American solider has 40,000 troopses in the gulf region currently, 2.3 among those myriad peoples have already gathered in the Kuwait.Israel 《national territory report 》also disclose on the 3rd, Israel just and in all aspects urges Washington to launch military stroke to Iran activity.Though the action of Israeli test-launch a ballistic guided missile is thought on the 2nd is exerts pressure to Iran, the western intelligence report organization thinks that the Israel army can not make Iran checked item and sink into deadlock.Iran will get to warn on the 2nd, Iran will carry on fieriness to backstroke to any attack.NATO Secretary-general pulls Si Mu Sen mean then on the 3rd, NATO not intentional military interferes with Iran, support is worked out Iran nuclear problem with the diplomacy means.  

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extradited Sweden

Should be extradited Sweden to accept a survey

The British superior court justifies "the Wei radicle Jie Mi" on the 2nd the website initiate a person the mulberry is strange should be extradited Sweden to accept a survey.Love

Mulberry the strange lawyer once made an extraditing of to justify to put forward resort to the British superior court for district court in London in March, this year.The superior court maintains the verdict of district court on the 2nd.The superior court judge said that to the mulberry is strange to emanatively arrest to make and all litigation procedures are all legal and appropriate later on.

Mulberry strange representative lawyer say, they still compromise this to justify to appeal to higher court to the British supreme court.usually at that time

The mulberry is strange to linger in Sweden in August, last year period, is accused to be suspected of committing rape and sexual harassment offense.Sweden checks a Cha organization 9 beginning of the months start registering for the record to investigate.The mulberry is strange I have been denying relevant accusation, also refuse Sweden's accepting a survey.In November, last year, Sweden police passes international criminal police organization to the mulberry Be strange to issue international general public notice.He is taken into custody in England later on and afterwards get bail.memory that buys

The mulberry is strange to establish "the Wei radicle Jie Mi" in December, 2006 of website.In 2010, this website announced to in great quantities participate in the secret document of Afghanistan war and Iraqi war and cause sensation concerning the United States.


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