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At time of death

At time of death the patient regrets most of 5 matters
1.My hope at the beginning I am courageous to lead I true just going to of life, not the other people hope I lead of life.comfortable ballet shoes

This is in all businesses of penitence most often heard.

There is a theories on the psychology, compare it those we once did of matter, what people regretted is usually those matters that didn't do.So when people goes toward back to see in the life end, usually discover that a lot of dreams shoulded come true, but don't carry out.You of the companion of the feelings, yous of the work, yous of life style, yous, in fact we how much person what to live is the life that the other people hope that you lead, not oneself true just going to of life-again may, always you the other people hope you lead of the life regard as is that you want of life.

When your disease ties up a body, just discover oneself in fact should and can let go of a lot of worries, pursue the life that you want, seem to be already a little bit late.

2.I hope at the beginning I didn't spend so many energies on the work.

Ware says that these is the words that each male patient whom she once looked after wills say.Because work, they missed to pay attention to the fun that the kid grows up and missed a lover warmth of keep company with, this is their deepest penitence with sorry and ashamed.In fact come to say to the occupation female in nowadays, this will also become a problem.

If you of the life become in brief some, you probably will discover that you is doing a lot of businesses that you think that your needing do in fact doesn't need you do.Teng the space that those matters have, probably you will lead a little bit more happily.worked properly

3.I hope at the beginning my ability is courageous to express my feeling.

Too many people suppress their his/her own feeling and viewpoint, just don't produce an antinomy with other people for the sake of"world peace".Gradually they became the generation of the doctrine of the mean, can not become they whom they can become.Have a lot of diseases and suppress exasperation to have relation with negative emotion over a long period of time in fact.

Probably be you speak without fear, you will give offense to some persons.But possibility from now on because you of to the point, you don't beat don't acquaint with;Again or turn over a face, at the right moment make you get away from this kind of need you suppress you's feeling then can maintain of tiring relation.No matter which result, you are a winner, be not?-Not excessive, speak without fear to still have bottom line.

4.I hope at the beginning I can keep in touch with friend.

Old friend of good, we always wanted their wes to occupy of time would thought of.

How much person neglected a friend to neglect ever shining friendship because of the he or she busy life.Many people at time of death the front finally let go of money and let go of power, but can not let go the emotion in the heart and concern about.The friend is also good, lover let it be, in fact life the day finally inside, they are that we remember most deeply.

5.I hope at the beginning I can make I live a little bit happy.

Probably have a little out of the blue, but this also fore 5 in.Many people until the life finally just discovers, "the happiness is a choice".Human body

They at they decided habit and Be getting longer too much in the life style, become accustomed to dissimulation, become accustomed to camouflage, become accustomed to pile up smiling face before person.Be like the song in May sky, "you aren't real happiness, you of smile just you give of protective coloration".They think to is a life to make them not happy, in fact is that they let by themselves their they the happiness was not.

BE only at time of death of time would discover, other people how see you and have what relate to?Silly also good, strange can sincerely smile let it be, compare what all worth.

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clothing profession 5th

The rich and honored bird row spins and weaves the clothing profession 5th
Yesterday, is fully paid attention to by the public of, was most been responsible for by brand laboratory(World Brand Lab) in the world 2011(the eighth)"China 500 had value brand ranking" releasing to come out.In the middle of spinning and weaving the clothing profession brand placard, the stone lion rich and honored bird group limited company the row 5th(total 138), the brand is worth of up to 9,082,000,000 dollars.The fashionable bride

According to understanding, in this placard list, carry on the department in cent by district, Fukien selects brand the 5th in the row whole country by 38, front four one by one in order is Peking and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shanghai respectively.In the current"China 500 have value brand ranking most ", totally have come from food beverage and spin and weave clothing, media, information technique, home appliances, car, and energy...etc. at inside of 25 brands of related professions select.Among them food beverage industry still is select the most profession in brand and totally have 8216.40%s that the brands select and have to always select a brand number.Recent five in the last yearses, the food beverage industry has been residing to select a brand profession first, this also reflects and consumer to relate to the most close food beverage profession to keep on circulate on a higher level.The Guns N' RosesThe profession that ranks the second and the third this year respectively is spin and weave clothing industry and media industry and have 51 and 46 brandses to select respectively and divide to take up 10.20% of the total amount, 9.20% is spinning and weaving clothing industry this a cake of, there are totally 8 business enterprises in Fukien select, strength the Ba brand be worth of tallest, reach to 17,565,000,000 dollars, the rich and honored bird resides secondly, seven wolfs, seven cards and put together a card to tailgate afterward.Tudor caps

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Japan capital city

Turn in Japan capital city is approached an extreme limit restriction of electricity to plan with the electricity the implementation is in advance
Keep on heat for etc. ground in Tokyo, Japan continuous few days, all appear to use electricity high peak in turn city in capital city and the east Japan regions in Japan.Japanese dynasty day television station 26 said, this made the electricity of the whole east Japan quantity burden approached extreme limit, the Japanese zheng fu feels very nervous, but is responsible for east, and Japan mainly decides with the Tokyo power company that the electricity supplies to restrict electricity a plan to carry out till July 1 in advance in summer.LED lighting adjusts

The report way said that the 埼 jade county bear valley City in northern side in Tokyo the air temperature is up to 39.8 Celsius degrees on the 24th and sets that city to have a history in June the tallest air temperature record, but at same days, electric power in Tokyo rules over inside the scope of be up to 43,890,000 kilowatts with the amount of electricity, approach the biggest power supply to measure 47,900,000 kilowatts.Electric power in Tokyo said that a great deal of usage of air condition causes to appear with the electricity high peak.Electric power in Tokyo decides to restrict electricity a plan to advance to carry out to July 1 in summer.In addition to railroad, it is all to using to give or get an electric shock big door and business enterprises all have to the stanza give or get an electric shock 15%.

Restrict electricity in advance at east Japan in the meantime, west zheng fu in Osaka City of Japan also makes decision:Close the west Japan main power supply company the stock income of west electric power is used for a stanza electricity.Common agency in Japan said on the 26th that laid claim to even loose nation man of Japanese Osaka City mayor of the close pit electricity station to mean on the 25th, the city zheng fu will guard a pass all of the stock dividends of west electric power to used for can the development business of renewable energy.Zheng fu in Osaka City currently holds to close west electric power is 9% shares, close the biggest shareholder of electric power of west.Zheng fu consideration in Osaka City makes the street illuminated a lamp bulb to carry out LED to turn and develop the energy that can circulate exploitation, and plan to make the solar energy generated electricity an equipmentsOLED illuminates.

The heavy earthquake takes place before this of region in Japanese the northeast, main electricity supply company the northeast electric power also adopt with turn same method in capital city:In advance get into summer restriction of electricity period.In Nagoya in the Japanese central part, three heavy county etc. region, the central electric power of the biggest electricity supply company also at call for summer of people stanza electricity.Be subjected to pit electricity in the blessing island station trouble influence on the other hand, the pit of other places in the whole Japan electricity station operation big part drive call stop, but adopt thermodynamic power, wind force and hydraulic power, this makes universal electricity supply in the whole Japan nervous, in summer again is give or get an electric shock a high peak period for using of a the middle of the year, therefore whole country in Japan top and bottom the ratio got into "restrict electricity in summer" in advance in early years, for responding to a call to start using an electric fan in succession, people there is analysis thinking, the electric fan will be hot to sell in summer.
Japanese every year summer all limited electricity measure, adopt to arrive to°from the factory residents' residence to unify a stanza electricity.This year because power company in Tokyo takes place pit leakiness in the earth epicenter and makes the electricity stopped using and changes to thermal power, this also lets east Japan use and give or get an electric shock in summer at this particularly nervous.

However, another according to common agency report way, economic Japanese industry province is heavy the Qi stop nine state power company Xuan sea of heap pit electricity to stand because of periodical check and created to explain a program in television station in having the initiative of the Zuo He City on the 26th and carry on a net top live, through produce province officials to again and again emphasize the hope is public to give comprehension towards being heavy Qis checking giving or getting an electric shock standing.But before program broadcasts, objection heavy Qi pit electricity station of local about 150 people of group of citizen Gao Ju Xie have before cable television station"the hot Mao devil of hell roll to return to!"The horizontal of certain context, and held a protest activity.

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LED industry chain article

Capital "hunter" to buy the jinshajiang river LED industry chain article

"Venture capital investment enterprise, is not so simple a, we talked about at least 3 years of time." Shun on lighting (China) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "shun") director of sales bang is a speed of 300 kilometers high speed along on the iron, but he was speaking slowly. This year, on June 8, won the risk investment company from the $10 million financing, and right now the company is still not products on the market sales. As the tide appears in the domestic like the LED lighting production enterprise in, can gain risk investment focus and investment can be counted on, shun are one of. In the industry, is on is compelling, but, more let a person feel surprise behind the investors-GSR ventures (hereinafter referred to as "jinsha river"). The capital "hunter" unexpectedly altogether, eight home investment LED a high and new technology enterprise, get through the industry's upstream and downstream, creating a snare the industry's net.

6 years 8 enterprises investment Face a Yi county

LED lighting industry in China, and not only in the world vigorous development. In 2010, the Japanese market to the needs of 40 million LED light bulb is only this year, that number is estimated to 200 million only one year, growth 5 times.

As director of sales, bang not long ago was jinsha river venture sent to shun assist the high-tech enterprise in operation. "In 2008, we will focus on the company, the investigation for three years, last year it was decided to invest in." Jinsha river is important to the company's technology advantage.

Introduction: on SunJianNing CEO, "our advantage is LED drive and in system integration with independent intellectual property rights of the technology, there are four international patent. For high efficiency, and competitors, our products meet the same brightness cost is lower."

Bang analysis, the whole LED lighting industry chain roughly divided into the upper, middle and lower reaches three stages, mainly is the core technology production. Chip At present, the world in the fierce competition, particularly China. "The world LED chips production line about 1000, South Korea article 300 article, China will be introduced article 500." Middle reaches the encapsulation of the chip is, competition also pretty intense, and in lighting applications downstream, relatively smaller competition. geology disasters

Above two reasons is decided to jinshajiang will eventually vote to fund the important factor and shun the jinshajiang river but in funding will be 8 home LED is not by chance, but to enterprise control over the new industry of the whole industry chain, shows that a capital of ambition and desire players.

"We are the first to start from crystal photoelectric, sign the agreement of time is April 2006." The founder of one stretch over the jinshajiang river jun said, begin to pay close attention to the LED industry time earlier, in 2004, in 2005 began to study the domestic LED industry. This project can chip value photoelectric, because it has the domestic independent intellectual property rights of the chip production technology, it is not only the most LED lighting industry chain upstream, also is domestic only has LED chip production technology, the production technology of LED lighting chip mostly in the United States, Japan and other master guo jia's hand, crystal can break the monopoly of the photoelectric have meaning.

"For the perfect technology, the whole chip photoelectric production line can cast $200 million." It is for investment crystal can, let wu jun photoelectric stretched saw at present is the integration of the whole industry chain opportunity and LED and an industrial chain is the idea of the investment occupies an his brain.   

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LED appropriation

Introduce yellow LED of a style of nitrogen oxide that has independent patent fluorescence powder

This product is a new yellow fluorescence powder(have already applied for international patent) of the nitrogen oxide led lighting residentialLED appropriation that the some company independence develops and have the structure more totally different than YAG, TAG and used for white light LED the sealing of product pack and be free from foreign white light patent restriction.
Product characteristic
Product facial look:The yellow crystallizes powder.
Chemistry composition:Sparse soil nitrogen oxide.led home lighting
Chemistry stability:Meet water stability, can bear to be subjected to-50 ℃ arrive 300 ℃ .
Safe function:Match the standard of EU RoHS, don't contain any radio material, not poisonous, can't produce bane to the human body, don't pollute environment.

Product function index sign12 volt led lighting

Match with a blue light chip to pack white light of Gao Liang Du LED, color is or so in the 8000 Ks.
And the red LED fluorescence powder mix an usage to create a low color Wen Bai Guang LED.
And other LED fluorescence powders mix to use creation Gao Xian a color white light LED.
Operation method
Call to take the fluorescence powder and Huo gum of certain comparison, pack into LED to carry on a test after sealing the processing that both are even to mix, have been taken off a bubble.
Adjust the powder gum comparison juniors goes to seal to pack a test until attain satisfied effect.(May also with otherled lighting design fluorescence powders press the mixture use)
Packing and conservancy
The bottle packs:100 gs|bottle.
Keep a regulation:Please Be placed to a dry cool place to seal completely conservancy, don't be exposed to air over a long period of time in.  

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Russia Mei reports

Russia Mei reports a Sino-Russian for the oil price formula and reaches unanimously
According to Russia 24 hour news channel report way, Russia energy department news personage reveals, both parties in Russia already east Siberia-Pacific Ocean(9.60,0.06,0.63%) crude oil the piping lose oily oil price formula to reach unanimously, both parties agree not to change existing price formula, and the Mainland will shine on this payment.The Mainland has already paid 75% of owning money the duty in last nursing

The report of Russia Mei said that from 2011, Russian petroleum company and Russia petroleum transport companies to pass east Siberia-Pacific Ocean crude oil the piping start providing oil to China, the year supply is about 15,000,000 tons, while the Mainland says two business enterprises to provide USD 15,000,000,000 and USD 10,000,000,000 loan upward respectively according to the engagement.After providing an oil beginning, in the petroleum(10.83,0.02,0.19%) company thinks Russia square settles an oil price Gao 2-3%, lowered to provide an oil price space unilaterally, and request Russia square to retry list price formula, putting forward its calculation should not with section rice promise harbor(east Siberia-Pacific Ocean crude oil piping terminal point) for point of departure, but should to the east Siberia-Pacific Ocean the crude oil piping order to start computing to the start of Chinese conveyance.The calculation method of the Mainland undoubtedly neglected conveyance cost.Diamond ring origins

Because the Mainland the brush-off pay calculation price difference to Russia business enterprise and have already owed square about USD 250,000,000 oil style obligation of Russia up to the present.Russia petroleum transports the company deputy governor's Ba Er Ke's man to mean, though medium the petroleum owed Russia square obligation,Russia has never lowered to provide amount of oil.The behavior of the Mainland results in Russia petroleum conveyance companies' owing the obligation of equal quantity to the Russian petroleum company, doing not expel Russia square may make an appeal to arbitrament court in London.wears a method

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Shan designs

The shape of knit fabric hair Shan designs

The shape of knit fabric hair Shan, be ask for help from human body foundation outside of space, use raw material characteristic and creation craft means, mold a stereoscopic clothing image that constitute together by the human body and the raw material.

A, clothing Kuo typeChina is unveiled
Any hair Shan shapes all have a face or the side see of external appearance outline, this outside outline is usually "Kuo type" that we predict and study clothing to spread trend to speak of.Clothing Kuo type with simple and direct, keep a view, explicit image characteristic, reflect the physique characteristics of clothing shape.Appreciating beauty psychology to tell us is a more simple sketch and more have refreshing Bi sense of vision effect.Therefore, with Kuo type the special feature that reflect a clothing shape, also the most reasonable, the most simple.
Clothing Kuo the type is basic with the letter of alphabet type and the thing Tai type mean method most for much sees, they have in brief clear, easily know to easily record of advantage.Moreover still have several form, and physique type...etc. mean a method, but opposite dosage less.
Letter of alphabet Kuo type
Letter of alphabet type means a method, be mean the characteristics of clothing shape by letter of alphabet appearance characteristic.Basic regard English letter of alphabet as principle:Like A type, H type, X type, T type, and Y type...etc..
A type characteristic:With don't accept waist breadth lower hem, or accept waist breadth the lower hem is a basic characteristic.General shoulder department to compare with Xia or nudity double shoulder, , half skirt with the tight waist Kuo put for characteristics
H type characteristic:With don't accept the waist narrow lower hem is basic characteristic, the dress body presents to keep tube-like in shape.
X type characteristic:With the breadth shoulder and Kuo put, girdle is basic characteristic.Or the blouse put breadth, or long skirt to put Kuo, all can constitute this kind of shape.
T type characteristic:With the lax short sleeve, deduce togetherkeep the dress of tube to be a basic characteristic.
Y type characteristic:Many clothings front and back side lines seen clothing for the side to arrive feelings relate to.Or the ex- chest puts after swelling up, the skirt, or dress shoulder the Peng loosen, next pack the ex- Tu as basic characteristic.


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Exhibition will

Lighting exhibition in Guangzhou together compares to expand to permit 50% to jump to reside in the world biggest
The LED industry that is actively encouraged by"25" industries adjustment catalogue policy welcomes highest point time.LED exhibitionYesterday(June 2), the reporter learns of, will soon June 9 hold this year of the 16th international lighting exposition in Guangzhou have already set a history record.Exhibition will the total area not only extend to 200,000 square meters from 135,000 square meters in last year, the scale together compares to increase to be close to 50%, has already rushed through super German Frankfurt's exhibition and jumps to reside the first in the whole world.

"Last year the our country illuminates product export the sum attained USD 18,500,000,000, each kind of lighting product produced a business enterprise already more than ten thousand house."Light second Frankfurt of Guangzhou exhibits the limited company(as follows the brief name"light second Frankfurt") text wave of board director, Pan, to mean, the scale of international lighting exposition in Guangzhou is accompanying with this industry of development but strengthen day by day.However, though Guangdong owns LED and illuminates a business enterprise currently more than 2600 house, main concentration's medium downstream in the industry chain produces, the technique innovate ability shortage, the group leader business enterprise hasn't formed.The Pan text wave thinks that recommend expanding of terrace to permit along with the downstream, from descend but last of the market motivation will accelerate LED in Guangdong to illuminate a hatching from eggs of tycoon.

The LED lighting illuminates the third-time revolution of light source after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, it has special advantage in the aspects of economizing energy.Illuminate to have in the world to always use 19% that the electricity measures with the electricity currently, making use of existing LED to efficiently illuminate a solution at least and canning economize 40%ly can consume, can be little annually to exhaust 555,000,000 ton carbon dioxides.The reporter understands to learn of, the current exhibition will be a little bit bright of a be LED this strategic newly arisen industry is importance to exhibit a contents.According to understanding, light second Frankfurt exclusively establishes of the Asian LED exhibition area set up 10 exhibition buildings, the total area reaches to 100,000 square meters, will be that global biggest LED is one-stop to exhibit.

"Is an acting for of traditional lamp product, LED the production value is increased with every year 30% speed for the last few years."Guangdong province illuminates the electric appliances association president of association whole Jianses to reveal, Guangdong province is the biggest in China to illuminate production base, the year production value takes up 40% of the whole country around.According to 《the province LED industry development in Guangdong program 》, till 2015 the Guangdong LED industry scale will break 300,000,000,000 dollars.Last year three Anne the optoelectronics plan investment LED the industry funds attain 20,000,000,000 dollars;Virtuous Hao smooth reach then declare 4,100,000,000 dollars hurl toward LED;Make a forcedThe Hui state section Rui, illuminate than the second Di etc. a criticize super heavy weight item of 1,000,000,000 dollars also one after another ascend horse, large numbers of capitals flow out into LED industry.

However, "we also see be depended on by profits a large amount of subsidy, productivity extend excesssive and technique the under the yoke of shadow of human figure ring, the profits space of local LED business enterprise didn't see a significant growth currently."The Pan text wave means.

The reporter understands to learn of, recently hair change the Wei wreath supports to take charge of vice- department chief reveals very much, deliver to change Wei just to draw up semi-conductor lighting industry in the organization of"25" programming, just bring LED into"green illuminate engineering" along with the department concerned research consideration.The analytical personage thinks that if the LED product can enter the final contest green lighting engineering, public finance subsidy will from turn into a subsidy to consume terminal to the manufacturer's direct subsidy."Currently LED illuminates the price of article is higher, take zheng fu purchase as a lord, but subsidy consume terminal after, consumer can the much lower price purchases, this will help the family that opens space amplitude to self-use a market".

"We also hope Guangzhou is international to illuminate an exhibition to bring everyone of not only is only a merchandise exhibition, but should be a market that the brand expansion, technique and profession information communicate.Thus we want to help a domestic and international lighting business enterprise to display ourselves on the international lighting satge, build a terrace with commonly shared information for them and help a business enterprise to carry on the exchanges of international more."The Pan text wave means.

Pan text wave tells a reporter, light second Frankfurt in 2005 from German Frankfurt exhibit limited company and Guangzhou light the second exhibition trade the limited company common support an USD 12,500,000 set to set up, medium property and foreign capital have 50% ownership of a shares respectively."The Frankfurt exhibition company is the biggest exhibition in the world will sponsor one of the organizations, LED TV carrythe business overalies more than 150 guo jias and region, the international exhibition that holds annually will more than 130.International lighting exposition in Guangzhou can in several years high-speed growth, leap the first in the world, this is the outside square to also have no development that the idea expects."  

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ecosystem province exceed

I save a construction first stage target in ecosystem province exceed
World environment on June 5 day eve, the reporter learns of ° from environmental protection hall in the province:I save construction first stage(2006-2010) in the ecosystem province 11 item mark the task has already excess number completed and all save the total trend of ecoenvironment depravation has already been suppressed, the target of "return three river clear water" is basic to carry out and all save air quality obvious improvement.Identify LED

In 2006, the Wei in the province and provincial government makes the great strategy decision of construction ecosystem province-divide 3 to walk for 15 years, Be finished till basic 2020 ecosystem province, carry out the flourishing ecosystem economy, good ecoenvironment, prosperous ecosystem culture, harmonious ecosystem society.The first stage target completion circumstance sees from 2010, town life sewage concentration the processing lead up to 73% and exceed the ecosystem province constucts 2015 target(55%);The town living garbage is harmless the province turning a processing to lead up to 83%, approaching ecosystem constucts 2015 target(85%);The forest overlay leads up to 34.8% and approach the ecosystem province constucts in 2015 a target(35%).Unit GDP can consume, the main pollutant emissions lower the stage target of rate etc. other 8 index signs the task also all complete.

I save economy to continuously quickly develop, but the main pollutant chemistry is aerobic to measure at the end of in 2010 and the sulphur dioxide esmissions compare to lower 5.4% and 12.6% respectively in 2005.According to"environment database the curve of Nie Ci", the economic development has never reached medium wait the flourishing national level front, pollution of the environment and economy development to usually present synchronous up-trend.I save "15" people all although GDP comes short of medium wait flourishing national level, pollution of the environment but realization descend and arrive "environment database the curve of Nie Ci" to turn a point in advance."Keep this kind of situation, I province'25'already hope into economy to keep on a development, pollution synchronously descendent of new stage, become all already first step present this kind of trend."Save environmental protection hall the related representative director mean.

In 2010, all save five greatest rivers 121 provinces control a monitor cross section in, the cross section fluid matter reaches a mark to lead 82.6%, gold sand river, the river of the Min and the river of the Tuo, the river of Jia Ling and Yangtze River the stem flow all total keep Ⅲ fluid matter.In 2010, all save 24 provinces to control a monitor city in, 21 air environment qualities in city attain a, second class standard, reach a mark to lead 87.5%, compare to increase 9 to reach mark city in 2005;The county(city, area) ecoenvironment that all saves 21 states and above 90% synthesizes evaluation index number to attain good.

In 2010, I save a forest overlay the rate attain 34.8%, decontamination air and self-restraint headwaters contain stronger ability, and the crowd owns a good natural ecoenvironment."At person all farmland under the little circumstance, Sichuan takes out 13,360,000 acres of farmlands to back Geng to return a wood for more than ten years, for suppress I save the ecoenvironment total depravation trend and constuct upper stream ecosystem natural cover in Yangtze River to beat under solid foundation.
Dress consultantsThis is save Wei and provincial government construction ecosystem province of farseeing and energy."Save environmental protection hall head of department Xiao the station say.

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WHO European

WHO calls that the European E. coli is a stronger and more fatal toxicity new mutation
3, World Health Organization says on the 2nd, the gene row preface of first step suggests, currently the E. coli germ for wreaking havoc in Europe before the stub don't see, from two different germ stub mutation but become of new germ stub.Energy-saving

WHO food safe expert gram Lu Se say, the fatal of the new germ stub is as higher as toxicity, this probably is why the epidemic situation scale this time in Europe is so huge and dangerous of cause.

The E. coli can cause to dissolve a guts urine poisoning disease(hemolytic uremic syndrome, HUS) and cause impatient kidney function's crocking up thus, the epilepsy go into action, suffer a stroke and collapsed and fainted, even death.

So far, Europe has at least 9 national emergence E. coli the epidemic situation is been infected of number already more than 2000 people, the death toll then attains 18 people.Sufferer in the middle 470 people appear to dissolve a comprehensive disease of guts urine poisoning and result in kidney's hurting.

According to understanding, the big part of these sufferers live in Germany, or once arrived there in the near future.The researcher not yet checks a source of germ up to now.

The British hygiene protection office says that 7 sufferers of infection E. coli in England in the middle, there ifailure definition

Disease expert Mo root means, the hygiene protects the development that observes an epidemic situation of the office positive"very careful"s ground, and appeal that those people who want to go to Germany avoid livinging to eat tomato, cucumber and fresh vegetable.

On the other hand, Spanish prime minister Sa Pa especially Luo said, Spain may request an European everyone to spread a Spanish cucumber for the mistake to is the E. coli epidemic situation source head one matter does indemnification.

He pointed out while accepting the interview of broadcasting station in Spain nation yesterday, the analysis of the Spanish food safe section suggested, it is that domestic product to have no source head that evidence expressed this serious epidemic situation.

He says:"We face a rigorous task now, be want to recover our good reputation as soon as possible, and relevant Spanish product of various trade.I hope that the European Commission can do to definitely declare to this."

The German hamburger, city hall breaks out initial stage in the epidemic situation and point to a pike head Spanish cucumber.However, the hamburger bureau public health has been already admitted recently, the Spanish cucumber should be the source head that makes the E. coli epidemic situation broken out in Germany.light development

Wei in Europe will cancel "food and the animal feed quickly early-warning system" warning that exerts to the Spanish cucumber on the 1st of in this month.

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Chinese brand

Wear ocean Ma Jia's Chinese brand
No matter is be dressed in ocean Ma Jia and still be covered with the medium mountain packs, the content of brand is the key that decides to exist space.Recently, some Chinese brands that beat an ocean drive medium again and again report way, cause a net friend hot argument.The many people thinks that this kind of false ocean brand is a kind of way of doing that the benefit with near nasty achievement is opportunistic, at the Chinese brand farsighted development, disadvantage's disadvantage in set up race dress brand and mold brand culture, someone thinks the false ocean brand not only is numerous demands that the Chinese clothing business enterprises exist a development, but also are a kind of convenient ways that Chinese brand and nations are in line with.To this, we don't do an excessive evaluation.Each back of voice all has an its teachings reason.White light

In fact, the false ocean brand isn't the new thing that just appears recently, it is already a public secret to turn the clothing brand"ocean" in the local clothing industry.The native clothing business enterprise of much China assigned name to to°from the brand publicity expansion and all liked to pack oneself into the brand of abroad to operate management, this almost had already become a kind of universal phenomenon: clothing industry.I once wrote in the blog in 2006 《the Chinese clothing industry still needed "false foreign devil" very much 》, once did specialized analysis to the phenomenon of false ocean brand.Certainly, now and that time of the circumstance have already been very greatly different, the phenomenon of the Chinese clothing false ocean brand has already led its high-speed development period currently, but can not what to deny BE, in the future the false ocean brand is very long a period of time inside still will continue to exist.

From philosophic of angle to say, exist namely reasonable.Combine history and present condition of China clothing industry to see, the clothing brand"false foreign devil" deluge of the phenomenon is in fact a Chinese clothing brand to arrive to°from the mimicry innovation and necessarily match from 1 making a creation Chinese through stage present stage market characteristics.We might as well from the brand, consumer and market a few levels to try to analyze.

From brand oneself but speech, false ocean brand can for the business enterprise economy expand cost.According to measure to calculate, fixed position the ocean brand , in 23 line markets, mostly can economize 10-15% expansion cost.For a lot of new product cards but speech, the first problem that wants to consider is existence.In the funds real strenght under the limited circumstance, the fixed position cans beat to order to wipe side ball for ocean brands and economizes some expansion cost and canvass business opposite also more easy.And, canvass business because is close by popular do to according to, but the condition for canvassing business is opposite and low, and product development, store image again mimicry fine some, can strengthen its brand attraction.

In view of the angle of consumer, the creation of false ocean brand and local consumer widespreadly exists Chong ocean the mental state Be not irrelevant to fasten.Generally speaking, the common and local consumer sees an ocean brand, the first felling will affirm it for the country border brand, mental price Gao a file time.The many people thinks ocean brand, the quality checks well, use to have a face, therefore"the non- ocean doesn't buy".This consumes mental state to urge a lot of local business enterprises to release false ocean brand, the purpose is the felling that wants to construct a kind of international brand.A professional survey suggests having 53.3% clothings brands that local consumer's a trait ofs purchase to relatively have "ocean flavor", affirming only 16.7%s of local brand.Is a particularly young consumer to wrap in the clothing, shoe etc. vogue consume on "Chong ocean" of category incline to more obviously.Local consumer's acceptance of persons to the international brand and approbation and competition are vigorous day by day of the for the domestic sale market become false ocean brand existence of basic move because of.LED strip light

Objective to say, the false ocean brand is still advantageous to helping the clothing business enterprise participation market competition, is particularly a competition with some real ocean brands.The ocean brand is in the Chinese price all generally Gao Gao at up, but in fact a lot of international brands all process production in the domestic of, the same side anticipates the thing local business enterprise of style to also produce, but the price discrepancy hangs extremely, Chinese manufacturing's standing in the thinnest and diluted bitter end of profits has already become the pain in our heart.And after domestic brand surname"ocean", because of pricing up space advantage, divided not a few markets that originally belong to ocean brand, this in fact pouring is really fatty water not flow an outsider farmland, in view of this level, the clothing brand "cheat" also not whole is a bad matter.

Probably there are also more reason, but just from this several aspects, we already not difficult understanding, false ocean brand of so also exist over a long period of time in the Chinese emergence, actually is a market to consume a demanding result, is also various results that the factor synthesize reaction, have it the rationality with inevitability.But we should classify the boundary of opening the false ocean brand and false inferior product as well as classify to open false ocean brand and imitate the boundary of assuming name the card, some local business enterprises produce of counterfeit a false inferior product to really make the consumer of China disappointed, also the brand of failed native product, be like this product regardless is stick soil label or pin up ocean label and all finally will be thoroughly eliminated by the market.But false ocean brand the great majority don't work carelessly, the quality is inferior and just register abroad and operate in the domestic and look like foreign brand just, and imitate to assume name a card, false inferior product to have essential differentiation.

Subdivide ages in the consumption, the clothing consumes to compete with brand to gradually present diversified characteristic, the different consumer creates a different market, the different consumer's concern toward the price and the value is also different, with this rightness of should of is needed by that the different type brand is each to take, ignore is be dressed in ocean Ma Jia and still be covered with to pack in the mountain, the content of brand is the key to decision existence space.Should the consumer change oneself's proper viewpoint to the domestic brand while sending punitive expedition "ocean brand" of Chinese manufacturing to be suspected of cheating?And fall overboard for the clothing of taking the ocean to produce whether the stores should also convert a principle, real raise brand core competencies from product quality, service means etc., earn the consumer's approbation thus?

Make reference to bottom, the name is finally just a sign, an ocean name probably cans achieve at that time, but isn't likely to achieve one a life time.There is no propping up of inside quality, list depend an ocean Ma Jia extremely is not likely to occupy enough many market quotas, also is not likely to support the brand long-term development.We want to know, this is an ages with simple product and complicated business, consumer's demand of is and the cultural principle delivered by product quality, design chemical element and brand with have to enrich a slicing of brand association of thought body feeling.If only depend copy, imitate to emit and"alongside ocean famous brand", pure with make money for the direction, tends for the sake of the short-term benefits it if Wu, if persistently pursue to the mimicry of brand idea, neglect the excavation toward the brand content, don't pay attention to brand cultural construction and mold, so, the tide draws off, naked Yong of finally will the world of Zhao.The brand casts into, is a long term but the Jian huge task, to those so-called false ocean brands that pay attention to quality as long as few decades construction that insist brand, we probably should stand on more aggressive angle to treat, much some environments that tolerate, construct a good industry for the Chinese clothing brand.And clothing business enterprise and brand should also four generous sides go forward together from the cultural feeling, race feeling, history feeling and vogue feeling, while creating brand value, continuously raise localization luck camp level, real own cultural self-confidence in establishment China, then can drive the favor and trust of the global consumer including Chinese consumer, then can also obtain more business enterprise value and business value.LED failure

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cool summer breathing

Love most the inclined shoulder beautiful dress in summer sexy and fresh and cool summer breathing
The designer adopts an inclined shoulder design boldly, the shoulder department dissymmetry pleasant impression nature construction,Western wedding dress have never needed to worry that the fully exposing of the waist stomach fat is embarrassed.The soft beautiful snow Fang is at will agile to have no inflexible stiff feeling, create vogue tide of person, the sexy index number soars!The fresh and cool breathing that there is summer very much hey.

The snow Fang in pure white connects dress skirt, pure romance, have the breathing of fairy.

The elegantly simple color was full of romantic fair lady manner, simple layer, have lovely breathing very much

The sex appeal that expose the design of shoulder very, most importantthe light and soft snow Fang noodles anticipates and was full of romantic fair lady manner

The fresh gorgeous color wraps a tailoring of body style and cross of collar of dress very of sex appeal

The next year of the ground flower pattern of fresh gorgeous color together, fine thin side, the lovely layer, the sweet color, wedding processasks for an eye very much

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