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Natural mosquito

Modern people are advocating environmental protection and health, the mosquito-repellent incense is the main component of insecticide, is usually a pyrethroid, their lesser toxicity. But there are also some incense selected organochlorine pesticide, organophosphate, carbamate pesticide, the mosquito-repellent incense while increasing mosquito repelling effect, but its toxicity is relatively much less toxicity, electric mosquito-repellent incense, but because the infants of the new supersedes the old. Exuberant, skin absorption capacity is also strong, the use of mosquito coils for children physical health is, best not used, if must use, as far as possible on the well ventilated place, avoid long time use. The baby room is the absolute prohibition of insecticide spraying. Baby as excessive inhalation of insecticide, can produce acute hemolytic reaction, organ hypoxia, severe heart failure, leading to organ damage or converted to aplastic anemia. Therefore, spraying aerosol when, want special attention. People in the use of aerosol process should be to mosquito spraying can hide, amount, Landscape product dab2d12ck not a room full of spray. So there is no natural mosquito repellent method? The most suitable mosquito temperature is around 30 ℃, too high they can't stand. Experts suggest the summer mosquito do not need to use. Natural mosquito repellent method has the following:

1, in the room put a few box cover essential balm, cool oil, or painted on the wall point of mint. The loss of potency of mosquito-repellent incense tablet, gently drop a few drops of essential balm, plug in the power, can achieve good mosquito repellent effect, but also save pills. Meeting the power also can be used one or two tablet, a light, after a few minutes, will be able to play the effect of repelling mosquitoes. This method is safe and simple for children, any drugs on the human body have a certain danger, babyclothwear not to mention the child Nennen skin.

2, wear light colored clothing. Aegypti ( also called piebald midge ), the most loving stop in black clothes on.

3, in or on the body of the pillow perfume.

4, often take a shower to reduce secretions smell, can prevent mosquito bites. Expert proposal after exercise had better take a bath, sweat a little, mosquito bites and less. Take a shower in summer best use less soap. In general, the mosquito eating flowers honeydew, therefore, the use of perfume, cosmetics, creams with floral items, mosquito bites are the probability will rise. However, not all the fragrance will invite mosquitoes, such as men's cologne water used by the band smell of sandalwood, can play a role in mosquito repellent.

In 5, the camphor ball ground, scattered on the inside corner of.

6, try to wear socks. Many girls like to wear shoes without socks, not wearing socks, mosquito perception in human skin humidity decreases, skin volatiles decreased, will reduce the bite.

In 7, burning the dried residue tea or orange skin can get rid of mosquitoes

In 8, indoor pot planted in one or two strains of tomatoes, tomato leaf odor can drive away the mosquitoes. On the body with some tomato leaf juice can also play the effect of mosquito. You should eat more vegetables. Vegetables containing several mosquitoes don't like odor, tin box for candies such as containing carotene vegetables and garlic, spicy vegetables, people eat, mosquitoes will stay away from you.  

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LED to speed up

With the country to vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction and ecological environmental protection, China's LED industry ushered in a hitherto unknown development space. NVC lighting as a domestic leading enterprises, continue to thoroughly implement the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck has introduced the industry leading energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID, LED and so on many kinds of innovative and efficient lighting products, has become a domestic lighting products is the most complete, the most abundant species of the lighting company. Among them, LED lighting is lighting semiconductor technology and the organic combination of technology, and the traditional lighting industry chain has huge difference. At present, NVC LED business from R & D, manufacture and sales channels, has formed a complete industrial chain.

NVC photoelectric has always been committed to creating innovative R & D capability, for customers to provide professional LED lighting integrated optimization solutions, to promote the national energy-saving emission reduction, development of green lighting and environmental protection industry for the mission, to promote LED lighting industry sustained, healthy, orderly development.

In product design, NVC to market demand and application oriented, according to the different scene lighting application characteristics, combined with LED to its own advantages, developed a variety of LED lighting applications products, products follow the " low carbon and energy saving and environmental protection " of the design concept, has been in the relevant areas of alternative and gradually replaced the traditional mainstream lighting lamps product. The company R & D products have been a number of appearance of patents, utility model patents and invention patents, and access to CQC, CE, UL, TUV, RoHS and other national and international certification.

In the LED product R & D, NVC in early Shanghai light electrical R & D center established the LED special project team, with a number of top source of R & D team, and constantly develop more environmentally friendly energy-saving products, for customers to bring more advantage of the green lighting solutions, as the terminal consumers with highly attractive health light environment. At present, NVC respectively in Chongqing and Shanghai set up two national product research and development center, as well as in the national operations center set up the light environment experience museum. Among them, Chongqing R & D center focus on LED lighting should be solution development, in CNAS recognized lighting detection center supporting support, Viribright LED Bulb Brand based on extensive lighting solutions application technology, expansion of LED lighting lighting applications development. Shanghai R & D center focuses on innovative electronic technology development, in the KEMA certification photoelectric detection center and rich source, electrical technology, is committed to LED lighting electronics, technology innovation. The NVC is located across the light environment experience center, focus on LED lighting applications and services, for the display of the most advanced LED lighting technology, as well as the customer experience center, customer experience and feeling of LED products.

In product testing, NVC Testing Center ( Shanghai) last year has received the international certification body DEKRA recognized, this is China's domestic lighting enterprises first KEMA accredited laboratory, is the NVC in testing laboratories, product development technology research and development : towards a new milepost, means the NVC products can automatically to the European legal requirements, won the international permit. In 2011 December, NVC ( 2222.HK ) group test center and the international leading inspection, verification, Bluetooth keyboard testing and certification body — — SGS contract, NVC Testing Center won the SGS award recognition, become China's lighting industry is the first SGS enterprise recognized laboratory. This means that NVC Testing Center for the Chinese lighting enterprises issued by the SGS product test reports, this report by SGS fully recognized, products can be through the international market.  

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