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Cherish own men

I discover a problem, once a lot of women lift "understanding wife and loving mother", will thought of that kind of the household chores lives a stem and look after husband be like a kid, but oneself is tired yellow the woman of face.I feel that this kind of viewpoint is really a kind of mistake area, the woman is in the marriage, in fact as long as you attain a consideration and understanding husband, many shares worry with husband, would like to make him tell you his viewpoint, so, you are a little bit lazy, the husband still will hold you in hand in of.So say, does household chores with it every day tired must die and live, rather think a way to infuse enticing soup for husband tube, much encouragement support him, let him willingly go and charge and break enemy ranks for you just right.Carty Camp gas

The man , in the traditional thought of China several thousand years, should be "having tears not to flip";Should be the mountain of Gao Da Dun Wei's shore;Should be the shelter of the abyss of time of woman.The man sheds tears to would be weak;The man shrieks with pain and then isn't a man.Hence, the mans have to suppress their his/her own emotion, pain, bitterness, fear, can not speak, speak, then will be despised-drive other people, also drive oneself.

In fact, the man is also a person and also have seven feelings six desires and have already feared worry as well, they are also lasting the mothers in the mind treasures.As a woman, we should learn to make allowance for them.

Want to know:Our cold of time, he is probably also very cold, though the his body is probably more quite a few than us, we seem to should not stare blankly to him, either and strip off the jacket to us to throw on, otherwise blaming him can't love a person;

Want to know:We fear snake and fear the time of rat, he is probably also fearing, why we must shout loudly his name, must see he make track for a dozen they, otherwise blame him weak in character;New nuclear reactors

Want to know:Our love eats a chicken leg, in the home, the parents also always render up us to the chicken leg;But they probably also love and eat, they are at home, the parents also definitely always render up he eats, so, we why want him, render up us to the chicken leg each time, otherwise blame him selfish, can't love;

Want to know:We are humiliated and discommode, need a warm bosom embrace, demand someone comfort someone is painful;They are also persons, their small of time, also need the mother's warm bosom embrace and comfort, Be getting bigger now, maybe not can be like similar sought a mother in childhood, can we are already his most close persons, why can not forgive their weak and injustice, why can not be subjected to at him harmful of time, lend him a warm bosom to embrace, let him weep aloud?

Want to know:Everybody has different personality and a fondness for, probably our he, naturally like to do household chores, can't earn money to support family;We since chose him, and then compared he will support family to earn money, why don't see he tidies up home tightly to have and makes us able to let go to work hard, but want to blame and scold him have no skill?


In fact, as a woman, we have been very lucky, the man naturally has the dedication spirit to protect us and work hard for us, we in fact want ~only a little very small encouragement to him, can make him go forward courageously, with no regret.We keep making, woman requests not much, in fact the man request of, probably also just our support and affirmation is just;1,000 words of complaints, arrive however a look in the eyes of gentle and soft encouragement.

The womans never forget, the man is also a person and request him to attain at us what what state of time, learn to want first, it is us to change to make, can we attain that state?In this world to know successful man, compare unexpectedly is minority, the man of overwhelming majority is an all common ordinary man, he cans make the affair of what lies in one's power, enough.

Hope man Jackie Chan of the sisters, know:Can become just of, need not we force;Can not become of and forced him also useless and on the contrary made two people's feelings more and more estranged.

Remember, the ancient dragon once said"woman, can make the man live in the heaven as well as make the man go to hell."As a woman, we are probably weak, but a lot of men's destiny, all probably operate in the our hand-invite a man who cherish wes.Hamon Group

Article 《cherish his/her own men 》come from an article house, the redistribution pleases note Web address and author!If you like 《cherish your own men 》, don't forget to recommend to your friend!  

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quarterly degree

The quarterly degree the Chinese scale above industrial business enterprise carries out profits to over a trillionThe light emitted
1-3 months nation's statisticsesing a bureau is here saying on the 27th, , the Chinese scale above industrial business enterprise carries out profits 1,065,900,000,000 dollars renminbi and together compares to increase 32%.

Since this year, the scale above industrial business enterprise point of departure standard raises to°from original year of lord business duty income 5,000,000 dollars main business duty of year the income is 20,000,000 dollars.In these scale above industrial business enterprises, the private enterprise carries out profits 269,100,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 50.2% and increase soon the quickest;In addition, it is stateowned and stateowned to control a business enterprise to carry out profits of 364,800,000,000 dollars, together compare to increase 24.6%;The collective business enterprise carries out profits 16,100,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 35.1%;The share system business enterprise carries out profits 599,600,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 37%;Outside company and HongKong-Macau the Taiwanese business people invest a business enterprise to carry out profits 292,400,000,000 dollars and together compare to increase 19.9%.Germanium diodes

In 39 industrial big professions, 37 profession profitses together compare a growth, a profession together compares to descend, and a profession deficiency descends.Among them, petroleum and natural gas mine industry profits and together compare and increase 33.1%, the black metal mineral adopts and chooses an industry and increases 80.1%, chemistry raw material and chemistry product manufacturing industry increase 65.1%, the chemistry fiber manufacturing industry increases 100%, black metal Ye chain and press and postpone and process an industry and increase 15.6%, have color metal Ye chain and press and postpone and process an industry and increase 28.5%, the transportation equipments manufacturing industry increases 11.6%, the correspondence equipments, calculator and other electronics equipments manufacturing industries increase 5.5%, production and supply industry of the electric power, thermodynamic energy increase 9.2%, and the petroleum processes and coke and check fuel and process an industry and descend 17%.

The scale above industrial business enterprise carries out main business duty the income is 17,452,500,000,000 dollars and together compare to increase 30.6%.LED production

End March, scale above industrial business enterprise accounts receivable is 6,047,000,000,000 dollars and together compare to increase 24.6%.Produce finished product funds 2,367,200,000,000 dollars, together compare to increase 23.1%.  

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Italy of terrible story

From the other people that hear of Italy of terrible story
There being a family in Italy that is that there is father and mother and 2 in a quiet and normal family
Kid one male one female one day the father got drunk to returned to a home and then started a vigorous issue with wife in the eveningSENSING APPLICATIONS
Then he did one crary action, he took out a to aim at gun a wife then ascend toward his cuckoldry forehead
Opened one gun the wife pour after hitting by bullet at still do from her forehead run off and him on blood of floor
The heel crary matter he walks to the kid's room in still opened to rob bang, bang toward them two children
Pour at the children of ground hit by bullet after splash of the bloods all glue on the quilt bed sheet floor window curtain wall
Then their fathers cover up the corpses of their corpses and his mothers all at ground floor then ground floor ofBirthing process
The door gave to lock close behind he arrived at his own den to commit suicide he aims at his own mouth to the gun muzzle then
Opened fire after several years this villa sale of is empress a family with wealthy buy descend it lives of time
The first night terrible affair took place they heard the voice of crying of woman and children aring from the murderous roomSuperBulbs
And send out in kitchen of the male host and wife walked to see to doorway previous blood in the ground is killed of that
Mother and his kidses all appeared where that quilt play to pierce through of the scar still stay on that forehead
They are been frightened to death then run to inside in the room of upstairs have already died of kid and if that is a wife is still a now
Their in front at this time the wife's openings that has already died's saying these is our building lords, you have to leave orImportant implications
You will foolish accompany us here foreverThe male host's wife fears of scream
The owners of this family all didn't come out this to afterwards have a few families to move again any further on this night
But after they move to come had to appear to gradually know this house in the in front of others any further
The many people comes to investigates here after the fearfulness but no one would like to live here
The that night late condescends to come this house will change very the Yin is cold but appeared a way in this house shadow falsely if someone abilityAntenna captures
The words of seeing will discover that that is to at the beginning live here of those''family member''!!!!!  

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Medium petrochemical

Medium petrochemical survey"inside ghost", what is conation?
"Exorbitant price wine" affairs on April 13 after being exposed by the medium, in the petrochemical Guangdong branch once opened three meetings, 1 are to lead actors of one troupe of meeting, 1 are all rooms staff meeting, it is an outside section to also have 1 meeting.Meeting main two subjectses, the first, request each section to investigate to divulge a secret a person, exactly is who leak airtightly, doubt affirmation is inside ghost, once checking to want strict Cheng.The second, declares that the company of section measures how to should determinedly request anyone to haven't yet to agree a circumstance to the medium interview with outside under can not accept a medium interviewPerson reluctantly

In"exorbitant price wine list" affairs, face various communities to query, medium petrochemical should the attitude having be is from certificate innocent or from check from correct or match with a department concerned survey, then actively introspect under the circumstance that fact know, self-criticism.However, the affairs still far didn't reveal the truth and also had the exorbitant price wine of equal quantity the direction riddle, medium petrochemical but not by the convention card, the survey has so-called"inside ghost".

Don't say perfectly right is medium petrochemical and internal personnel, be regarded as the external world, all perhaps believe to divulge a secret "exorbitant price wine list" and win petrochemical general manager Lu from branch in Guangdong some related circumstance, is medium petrochemical internal personnel, after all among them some secrets are particularly some key proof, not general external world literally can understand or control.But actually is who announce "exorbitant price wine list" at a life time, obviously and not the key of problem, the key still keep being whether"exorbitant price wine list" affairs belongs to actually, among them whether against a method to disobey Ji phenomenon existence, is go to how handle a related responsibility person.The Ready-Made Clothing

From there had been currently a circumstance to see, "exorbitant price wine list" already drive medium petrochemical confirmation, the survey of surplus is continuing.According to this, medium petrochemical the existence for since affirming "exorbitant price wine list", inactive continue to investigate, but return overdo to investigate who is "inside ghost", intend for why?The clothing lining

Medium petrochemical is a state-owners enterprise, its property is all civil, theoretically, any citizen, include medium petrochemical and internal employee, to whether stateowned funds flies to not- normal realms to all have to oppositely know what happened power, query power and inspect power.Set out from the actual circumstance, the internal staff member even has necessity starting to carry a direct job.

Just because of such, win petrochemical"inside ghost" to calculate not is be in the light of social justice to make public inside story, its behavior action is also good enough to let he become raising report person, its behavior fact has already implemented the direct working talent that is responsible for the public benefits on the equal degree, and it raises report behavior to get affirmation and protection.At present, medium petrochemical not only don't appreciate "inside ghost" aggressive direct, check place to badly even disobey Ji's behavior among them in time, on the contrary want to investigate to even threaten strict Cheng"inside ghost", this is substantially openly resisting direct.If say that purchase the words of job fault that the exorbitant price wine is an individual leadership, the survey"inside ghost" then win petrochemical from check the system of mechanism mistake.This again reminds us, raises the protection mechanism Ji of reporting the power to treat to the citizen further perfect, with medium petrochemical presume to openly enounce strict Cheng of"inside ghost", urgency already it is thus clear that one spot

Who is "inside ghost" of the medium petrochemical exorbitant price wine affairs?

"Exorbitant price wine door" occurrence after, originally had a main thoroughfare of crisis public relations, that was to close door feel remorse, opened the door examine, regular attitude, undertook a responsibility, got a public understanding by period, face to face dissolved a crisis.Sorry BE, the company high tube chose contrary road:Outward be to shrink a tortoise to defend a reporter, allow it to call the plank to all don't meet challenge to battle;To inside close the door to grasp "inside ghost", pure gentleman side.Unfortunately, the fact again proves this to is a stupid way.Clothing against discoloration

Have no ghost in the heart, win petrochemical He Ju"inside ghost"?

Raise a report the corruption is the citizen's right and obligation and win a petrochemical Guangdong branch to investigate to divulge a secret a person is openly with national law call plank.The national department concerned can in no way allow medium petrochemical"clean up gate", should determinedly express an attitude at this time, and corrupt behavior a check throughout.

Medium the petrochemical"exorbitant price wine" the one who raise report deserve a protection

Medium petrochemical large state-owners enterprise like this, the identity is more special, once there being collaborated with corruption probably causing because the benefits transports and all is stained with is satisfaction of everybody concerned, very not easy"see light".See like this, raising to report should even is anti- corruption organization and society point protective object, they are too not easy  

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dream but fascinating

The life has dream but fascinating, the world of mortals has you not solitary

The thoughts and feelings floats, is so unpredictable forever.

The time ran off gradually how much waste of time.The decorations synthesis

Ever of you I was two people who became friends with by life, didn't mutually allow by heart, but at with sincerely opposite;There is no vows of eternal love, but each other at common in believe long long-last long origin.Only because is my dream, you then gave me a not old legend.Hence we warmth time, a sweet years.

The writing that likes to integrate you into me inside, lightly very soft deduce into the leading role in my story for your hat previous and magnificent color, exaggerate only to you that impression into fantasy of mysterious, to the utmost look at my emotion world together and experience successively joys and sorrows together with me, the infatuation is confusing.Exhibition one a life time of charmingly feminine, the world of mortals in the flirtatious heart.A regiment sorrow thinks, elegance's continuing long into a hundred years doesn't come to of world of mortals dream, the in a dream has me and has you.Tiny shut the last eye, the working properly of a short moment moves the feeling Wu has already arrived you of voice, you of breathing-you are my nearby the trueest existence!Memory inside you of care, you of concern about again time of lingering around the at heart, hence, I firmness of believe you at my can't spread nearby!Can't leave!The accessories

The person is getting more lazy, don't think the anything does;Thinking is lazy, don't think the anything think.So the Yong Yong very lazy"write freely time, waste time".

Don't want to much do what, because of at already settle the destiny in front of space we have already canned not change what.Have fantastic idea with what it burned daylight, not as easy as Tan, not ask to return road come of easy.You once said:The front-line beauty is the blessing that thousand years fix, the husband and wife gather a head is in the clout a predestined matter.She is that you in the clout predestined of look back again, I am you of world of mortals net matter!Thousand years of blessing cent destined I am mutually that you are silent with, the beauty bosom friend of mind ties.Look back again, you already no longer hesitate;Look back again, you have already searched to return to happiness and re- return to the bay of house.Have but when, from now on can't fear again to experience any rains and winds, either!The wristwatch

Don't know if really there is the legend of previous incarnation this present life, don't know to have that the constant legend is for thousand years.This present life who is who should wait of person, who will wait for consigning in the future life to the whose again?In the boundless world of mortals in a hurry traveler, everybody walks alone, only because in order to meet by chance knot good luck, continuous but became life fortuitous.Together walk one distance, is us each other of blessing cent;Together feeling together Wu, also make us be acquainted with each other.If the extreme achievement of life is a mountain climbing highest point to see scenery, so we-Two parallel lineses are mutually "holding into steps", each other of the Chan hand and build comity of firm, regardless a peak is still a halfway up a hill, we will "have a way and be within the reach of"!The masculine wristlet

Allow one a life time of charmingly feminine, the other shore that deluded a dream;Float born harm, get empty Shang is the true love how many?Not old legend, move you in the Dian Pei I.You of existence, make my dream world also had a moonlight sort of clean!

Feeling Wu whole life, realize suddenly how many.The life has dream but colorful, the world of mortals has you not solitary!  

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man protects

The man protects the skin man's love of beauty to protect a skin in summer ordained in nature
Lead language:Who say the woman only just loves of beauty, the man equally has a heart of love of beauty!The man protected the heart that the skin Tu had love of beauty to the hairdressing before and lacked because of afraid is called"sissy" as to it's respect but far it.Protect skin topic in power now, "protect a skin" aren't a chemisette patent any further and use need not protected a skin article problem to solve, the underneath would pay attention to how to choose protecting of accommodation skin article!

Turn on a television and turn over to open a magazine, the your son full purpose man protects a skin article to put at at present, the man washes noodles milk, great skin water, lotion, whets a sand cream, eye benefits, emergency mask and still has the essence the plain etc..No matter is a brand or a classification will never be less than a female to protect a skin article.In fact the man is similar to the woman, the different skin quality should choose a dissimilarity of protect a skin article, prescribe medicine for specific ailment.

Male stem skin

Face problem:The skin looks like more delicate, the pore has no greasy feeling not too and obviously, but the sebum secretes less and is in need of healthy sheen.Easily be subjected to influences such as outside physics, chemistry factor, ultraviolet ray and dust etc., produce an allergy.

Face counterplan:Promise the skin acquires ample humidity.As far as possible don't choose an alkalescence to strongly sweep an article while choosing a cleansing article, the in order to prevent represses secreting of sebum and sweat liquid, can not make skin water oil got balance.

After sweeping face, use hydration water or lotion to drink the humidity that skin needs.Every week can do smoked noodles and nourishment emergency mask to promote blood circulation, the acceleration cell metabolizes and increases secreting of sebum and sweat liquid.The detail obtains

Sleep ex- Wen Shui to sweep a skin, massage for 3-5 minutes, improve face blood circulation, appropriate usage night frost.

Apply a product:Contain the Jie noodles of moistenning the composition product, the clearance filth inside the pore, in the meantime not- strong dint go to dirty can moisten and protect a skin.Going to wrinkly essence is plain and effectively promote cell metabolism, clean crease.The nourishment moistens an emergency mask, can reorganize skin structure and provides active nutrient, including the skin essential fatty acids.

Male and neutral skin

Face problem:The skin inside most perfect skin quality is a neutral skin, if you are this kind of skin quality to want to congratulate you!Because the person but rare and precious things of neutral skin, but in the bad environment, the inattention skin maintains to still "change in character".

Face counterplan:According to the season, place the environment is comprehensive to choose to protect a skin of article.If live in the region of northern weather aridity, the washing of the choice suitable oil skin noodles milk or cleansing emergency mask, because of sandstorm in the region of weather aridity more strong, cause skin more dirty, have to notice to sweep link, otherwise become bulky oil of pore very easily skin.Chinese dress's collar

The man who lives in the weather moist region can reduce some articles that protect a skin, weather dripping wet, the skin isn't easily well ventilated, the dust equally and easily adheres to on the face, so the washing noodles milk and cleansing emergency mask as usual of clearness don't can be little.

Male|hybrid sex skin

Face problem:On the face usually the oil is bright, bulky pore, the skin quality is rough, the skin quality is easily thick and living a dark Chuang pimple.Hybrid sex skin face central part, forehead, bridge of nose, descend Han to have oil light, easily grow a pimple, the rest part then is dry skin.

Face counterplan:The key lies in a balanced grease to secrete and sweeps and tightens pore.Sweep a choice felling the washing of delightfully fresh great Jie noodles product everyday, do to sweep an emergency mask at a time every week.The peacetime usage contains noodles frost improvement face oil condition to control oil effect.At control oil of in the meantime, should also use to repair water cream drinks humidity in time and especially mixs sex skin and control the oil future reunion becomes aridity to draw tight, so repair water cream particularly is importance.In addition, the astringents is also necessary and hydrate and refrain from rash action pore.

Apply a product:Tartaric acid, contain vitamin C, lemon vegetable of deep sweep a product, the effect softens horniness, clearance pore filth.Water has no oil lotion and repairs water not to repair oil.The emergency mask of equilibrium grease effect, deep sweep a skin of pore of in the meantime, can also suck away a surplus grease to secrete.

Protect a skin point

Beard:The demand usually shaves the man of beard and noticed, shaving the beard will make the face skin organized continuously peeling off and renewal, speed callous of metabolism, cause skin occurrence flabby.Consequently before shaving beard, must sweep clean, press the hair bag to grow negative direction, from bottom to top shave.After shaving beard need water after Tu Xu|milk, adjust reason town quiet skin.

Lips department:The weather outside because of or drink inside the amount of water because of, the male lips are very easy aridity.Needs to paint a lip block few, can make the lips become to moisten, reduce to shed skin a circumstance.Nearby elegant package

Eye department:No matter men and women, eye department the skin is the youngest and delicate and early use an eye benefits, can effectively reduce crease and defer decrepitude.  

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attaining jewelry

Be used as pearl jewelry, the quality of the pearl is attaining jewelry is the most another, win election the best of from the pearl.But the pearl decoration is a common pearl.

The pearl is divided into two major types: natural pearl and farming pearl.Natural pearl is in the molluscs or clam etc. animal body,packs pearl powdernot through the secretion of artificial factor nature.The natural pearl is again divided into natural sea water pearl and natural fresh water pearl.The farming pearl is the formation thing of pearl quality inside molluscs or clam etc. animal body, the nacre presents an united at heart layer-like in shape or united at heart layer to project form structure.The chemistry of farming pearl constitutes composition with natural pearl homology.The farming pearl is divided into a sea water farming pearl and fresh water farming the pearl is 2 types, is at most what market sees.Moreover still have 1 kind as false pearl.
Discriminate the true or false method of pearl:
Can pass to see, touch, smell, bite 4 carry on in brief discriminating.

See, mainly is pass eyes observation and can project a various strange light to simply carrying on an observation the pearl.If a string of sheen of pearl unifies very much, and the color is monotonous, boring, then may for imitate bead;Yu box packsThe color of natural bead is more abundant, the sheen is soft.
Touch, mainly is pass a hand to feel, the natural bead is more pleasantly cool, feel greater hand, if our hand feels this bead son has a little Wen Gan, and again more greasy of words, then want caution counterfeit.
Smell, is will purchase of merchandise light degree heating, if appear bad smell, strange smell, be then likely to be false, the true pearl is tasteless.
Biting or rubbing is that felling or two pearls that passes a tooth are mutual to rub, the true pearl tooth bites to have puckery of felling or ability Mo pearl powder, leave of the pearl tooth bite to have a slippery felling
If the pearl price that you choose is higher, oneself can not discriminate its again true false, can arrive the quality technical director pearl in the bureau to examine a station to carry on an examination.
A, the formation of pearl:passing the rightness
The formation of pearl is divided into the formation of natural pearl,the formation of fresh water farming pearl(non-nuclear) and the formation of sea water farming pearl(have a pit) according to the category of pearl.The step of their formation distinguishes as follows:
Natural pearl:
The small foreign body invades-model-the artificial adopt to catch
Fresh water farming pearl:(non-nuclear)
Mantle-plant a pit-model-the artificial adopt to catch
Sea water farming pearl:(have a pit)
The small ball that the female hull whets-plant a pit-model-the artificial adopt to catch
Note:The mantle that taking shape the stage is a female shell is secreted by incitement pearl quality the foreign body 1 F, 1 F the package get up formation pearlpearl powder
Adopting to catch a stage to open a female shell to take out pearl in the artificial is remarkable, the female shell usually gets hurt or dies in this process.
Is the farming pearl "natural"?
-The customer pays attention to pearl of natural, nothing but proceed from the consideration of quality
-The process forming to°from the above pearl can see, natural pearl and farming pearl in addition to being at the beginning planting pit stage to have a dissimilarity, other formation processes, and grow environment is completely same
-In other words, the artificial farming pearl is just usage technique the means sped the formation process of pearl and had no to much and greatly influence to the quality of the pearl
-Moreover, because the natural pearl is too rarely seen and adopt to catch a difficulty and make to be worth of very expensive, and because of grow the environment is unsteady, the external quality usually has no farming pearl to like.
-Pearl(South Sea Pearl) in Southern Asia-"the Ba in the bead"
Be produced to the south Pacific Ocean water(namely northwest ocean in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia) a take of bead in Southern Asia, is at a kind of be called a white Die shell of conceive growth in wild clam shell.Because the white Die shell is a kind of very precious and weak of living creature, have to in stable, good and have never been subjected to gulf of the artificial pollution the growth in environment, and it is also the biggest bead clam in the world, the its Pei Zhi comes out of the shape of bead in Southern Asia also produce than other places of the pearl is big.Therefore, the value in Southern Asia is also more expensive.
The value of bead in Southern Asia is to evaluate with the its size, color, shape and sheen and clean degree.In the middle with again greatly again circle the pink bead that enough rob an eye again most is precious, such as big go to 18-20 millimeters of, very rare then.But shape, the shape of bead in Southern Asia is a lot of and have circular, oval, wreath form, knob form, as well have irregular shape, shape the circle is rare more more.
Ground pearl(Tahitian Pearl) in Ta-hsi-"pearl empress"
The ground pearl in Ta-hsi differs from the Japanese pearl and bead in Southern Asia, it may be said unusually precious.Because the pearl is come out by a kind of precious black disc clam(a kind of limit is grown to rare clam of natural and free from pollution Bo benefit Ni west second water) farming, in the gray of different degree, it takes the Huan colourful color of having the dissimilarity, as a result make pearl more with don't be different.Plusing its farming environment, and adopting the request of bead process is very careful, every 100 get Zhi bead of black disc clam, only 50 can successful Pei Zhi pearl, in the middle more only 5 are flawless, consequently each pearl is all precious and matchless.
Want to make the pearl jewelry kept brilliance to be moving, can make reference to a following item:
1.In order to make sheen and color of pearl uninfluenced, should avoid letting pearl to get in touch with acidity material and chemicals, such as perfume, soap and already set water.
2.Don't wear to wear pearl to cook a food, can invade inside the pearl body through the tiny pore of pearl surface because of the fume and the soot, make it become Huang.
3.Wear to wear a pearl empress(particularly in summer), the beard puts on the pearl clean to just put back jewel box.Had better put on with the sheepskin, absolutely not to use noodles paper, attach to rub because of some noodles papers, will wear away bead skin.
4.Absolutely not to clean a bead chain by water.Because water can get into the eyelet of bead, may make pearl in ferment, Recognize the truethe on-line may also turn into green.If wear much sweat, can use a soft wet towel, carefully wipe clean, just put back jewel box after blowing stem.
5.Because the pearl contains certain water, should put the pearl in the shadow, as far as possible avoid in the sun and directly projecting light upon, or Be placed to a too dry place, the in order to prevent pearl dehydrates.
6.The in order to prevent other jewelry scoring pearl skin layer to deposit pearl jewelry alone.
7.Don't hang up a bead chain over a long period of time, time is long the silk thread will transform.  

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Will the pearl

Will the pearl of pink be more precious than white pearl
From time immemorial the pearl is seen as the hairdressing strange Jean.Has to tranquilize the nerves to settle surprised and pure hot benefit Yin and clear eyes to counteract poison on the medical science, Tahitian pearlthe close living a muscle etc. effect.Particularly in the menstruation, the menopause fidgety irascibility, lady's wearing a pearl necklace can a little bit well regulate, mollify a function.Can also prevent and cure chronic relax throat and thyroid gland etc., make skin particularly clean and delicate in the meantime.The effective composition ability of pearl is absorbed by the skin, so wears to wear to have over a long period of time protecting a skin, keeping Yan, dispeling a spot and eliminating is wrinkly,Freshwater pearl care of effect.

The pearl maintains:
1, in order to avoid breaking the essence composition of pearl, the pearl jewelry should should not be direct with sour alkaline material(for example perfume, hair spray, salt, South Sea pearland bathing dew...etc.) contact, so wash face, should not wear to wear while taking a shower;2, at ordinary times when the pearl jewelry is stained with sweat and filth apply neuter gender rinse the liquid immerse to wash and use clear water blunt clean.Wipe stem water with the soft cotton.Put back inside the pearl box while doing not wear.

The pearl categorizes:
1, the pearl category is divided into sea water pearl and fresh water pearl 2 kinds and classify from the shape:The sea water pearl is a circular of, fresh water pearl in addition to the circular is still oval, Golden South Sea pearl-like in shape, the tower form contain varied etc..Ad valorem value ascend distinction:Sea water pearl farming time is long, the yield is little.Compare slightly high under the ratio fresh water pearl price;2, the pearl color mainly has red white slightly takes a rose, white, golden color, the black takes purple etc., the black pearl yield opposite less, so have to be precious than other colors.The common saying says"beautiful" so shape up want to choose a degree good, surface without blemish, the grain select chooses big is first grade.

Distinguish the genuine from imitation:
1.Imitate pearl to contain slippery feeling towards wiping, two pearls, the true pearl contains puckery feeling and imitates pearl to have no scar while rubbing on the glass the pearl, the true pearl has the pearl powder the scar, the true pearl is lightly used knife to pare off pearl powder, after wipe out with cotton or hand after feel to don't damage;2.Dying the pearl general sheen is worse.Don't naturally look, present gray and black, if be stained with 1.5% sparse nitric acid to wipe to wash with the cloth, there will be black vestige on the cloth, Jewellery Manufacturersand use knife lightly paring off surface"reveal his true colors" right away.  

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