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acceleration expands

The acceleration expands an oversea market
The thunder private's overseas expands will with expand independent brand NVC completely for lord, think well-known brand ODM|OEM business for assist of development strategy.Currently thunder private the local business and oversea business income has a score don't in order to invite 80% and 20% press the plan to will adjust in the future each have 50% comparisons.

"The thunder private used 10 years and had already attained the profession first.Next 10 years, the thunder private wants to do world brand."Yangtze River Wu means.In May, 2010, the thunder private leaves for Hong Kong to become available in the market, Yangtze River Wu sees his ticket of making the military advance international market.LED路燈市場的未來取決

According to the introduction, the thunder private's overseas expands will with expand independent brand NVC completely for lord, think well-known brand ODM|OEM business for assist of development strategy.Currently thunder private the local business and oversea business income has a score don't in order to invite 80% and 20% press the plan to will adjust in the future each have 50% comparisons.

"These several years the growth of the oversea market is being bigger than is local, in the overseas, the growth of independent brand also wants the growth bigger than OEM."Yangtze River Wu says.six greatest techniques

To him, sticking the card production is a thunder the private internationalizes of the point of departure is also the necessary preparation of the internationalization.Because pass to stick card production can understand the law laws, technique standard of different guo jia and be subjected to many hobbies humanities customs even, for internationalize backlog experience.

In 2007, the thunder private procured the lighting sale of England business enterprise and started stationing in EU market.Yangtze River Wu means to devote major efforts to push forward NVC brand's sale in essential piping in England, and make use of experience in England, make duplicate North America or European market.Only one year, NVCUK(British company) store amount in the door then increased to°from 2010 the beginning of the years of 50 more than 200 houses.Hong disaster especially

Currently the thunder private is in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, African etc. more than 40 guo jias and region established management organization and owned oversea dealer's team of a stability.Aim at a different market, the thunder private adopts the strategy that the difference turns and is divided into 3 types of markets:One is an Euro-American and flourishing England, the United States and Australia etc. the market of guo jia;Two is and the guo jia in the Chinese market more approximate development in Middle East, Southeast Asia and India etc..Still having 1 type is lie both of market, like the guo jias, such as South Africa and South America...etc. and the region.

"The oversea market is very complicated, there is no a mode for fixing, the thunder private also adopted different mode in the different market, even if is a flourishing guo jia, the mode also has differentiation."Yangtze River Wu says.

In addition to planning in several guo jias in Asia to lately establish monopoly store and distribution store, the thunder private passes an athletics game the engineering deepen an internationalization luck further camp.This year July 18, the thunder private illuminates to sign with second Ao council to cooperate agreement, will be from now on second Ao council at Asian region develop of the game activity provide the professional light the lighting product and service project.Yangtze River Wu said that made a contract second Ao council, is a thunder the private look for one of the outlet of internationalization, he hopes to let brand at Asian have a foothold on the market, head for a global market from the Asian market.

Yangtze River Wu still mentions and will pass to procure to speed internationalization step in the future."We will look for some scales to a little bit smallly procure object, on coming to small companies to easily approve the leadership of archduke department, two cultural construction coming to small company mostly didn't model, easily change.'The snake swallows elephant'can extend business enterprise popularity, but carry out an obstacle a lot of, cultural fusion is the biggest problem, because in the west, own the corporate culture of certain scale to contain mostly deeply rooted principle, don't easily move."Yangtze River Wu says that merge the purpose of foreign business enterprise mainly is make use of their brand, outlet, team, and core technique...etc..Break up

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efficiency standards

The Congress of the United States House of Representatives voted against the repeal of the bulb energy efficiency standardsStock lighting
The White House bill 2417 ( light bulbs use optimization bill, hereinafter referred to as Bill 2417 ) although obtained a majority vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, but did not reach the repeal of the act of 2007 required 2/3 votes. 2007 signed by bill ( energy independence and security law ) regulation, 2012-2014, light output in the range of 310-2600lm general lighting will be the new energy standards limit. At present, 100W, 75W, 60W and 40W incandescent lamp in light output under the condition of constant energy consumption will be limited to not more than 72W, respectively 53W, 43W and 29W. Rise from 2012 namely, must use LED lights, such as more efficient 100W bulb.
Tuesday, the United States House of Representatives on the Republican 2417 vote, Republicans say that Zheng Fu should not be citizens should buy what type of bulb for legislation. This proposal did not get 2/3 votes, not enough to the abolition of 2007 through the use of efficient light bulbs from 2012 the legislative provisions, the LED solid state lighting supporters is a good news.
House of Representatives by 233 votes to 193 votes in support for the bill. The vote results basically follow the ratio of the number of house parties, although 10 Republicans voted against, and 5 Democrats voted for.
The new proposals and the growing green movement counter. In the United States, lighting energy consumption in total energy consumption of more than 20%. Most people will reduce lighting energy consumption as the most simple one of the ways to save energy. But due to the solid state lighting product prices higher, must reach a longer service life was enough to make up for the expensive replacement cost.Corner strobes
Energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) promulgated by the Republican Party
Ironically, just like is, energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) is a Republican -- President W Bush signed in 2007 by the bill, the bill requires the use of more efficient light bulb. Bill, 100W or luminous flux reaches up to 1700 lumens luminaire efficiency should be improved more than 30%.
In the next few years, luminous efficiency requirements will be gradually expanded to 75W, 60W and 40W lamp. A set of use efficiency requirements are more demanding standards in the next ten years to carry out. Energy independence and Security Act does not prohibit the use of incandescent lamp, but the energy efficiency standards only solid-state lighting products and compact fluorescent lamp can reach.
By including Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, the conservative celebrity pressure, although in fact efficient lighting products can save large amount of energy just like, but the Republican Party is still trying to let citizens freedom of choice of lighting products right. One on the web editor working joined the opposition, and called for the adoption of new ( can use incandescent bulb bill ).
In fact, a lot of opposition in the lighting energy * * and Security Act ( EISA ) people, and not fully understood the legal details. Although in the majority of cases, it also did not mention the use of bulb type, recently" New York Times" an article on people began hoarding incandescent lamps were reported. In fact, energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) allows including three road lamp and decorative lamp inside a variety of lamps use.
Energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) supporters
Energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) also have a strong supporters, they make the vote Tuesday defeat conducted a large lobby. Lighting Science Group President Jim Hawort said," lighting is a simple and easy method for reducing energy consumption. Lighting energy consumption accounted for 19% of energy consumption in the world, the United States, this ratio reached 22%; 60% public and commercial building energy consumption for lighting, 80% of Gao Da's office in the use of outdated and inefficient lighting; lighting electricity accounts for 15% of household electricity. Only 4400000000 of traditional lighting for efficient lighting, will be able to quickly save billions of dollars in the cost of energy.
Of course, the majority of supporters have certain interest. Lighting Science Group ( LSG ) will hope to become a major player in the market LED replacement lamp. In addition, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association has been lobbying to support the energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ).Photo source emits
California and Texas reaction
Whether this is the official energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) theory, is unclear, but the United States federal states have begun to legislation -- from respective direction. California state legislation has been passed, the energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) to the beginning of the year transition. Conversely, Texas has made it clear that allows for the continued production and sales of incandescent lamp. In July, the United States Federal passed a motion, make Texas production lighting principle in the energy independence and Security Act ( EISA ) of immunity.  

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health food nourishing

11 kinds of health food nourishing yin and Yang Qi
Female to menopause, body function all can drop accordingly, estrogen levels also declined, so often there will be some discomfort symptoms. In addition to the usual exercise outside, through the diet can help you maintain a so what is suitable for female climacteric edible recuperation body?
The fruit of Chinese wolfberry
Ping Wei Gan, is most commonly used for nourishing liver and kidney in TCM traditional Chinese medicine, folk also used to soak medlar tea, to the tune of tonifying liver and kidney. Where the menopausal women ages of edible, liver-kidney Yin deficiency, Yin Huo-wang, be dizzy, backache leg soft person, food has the benefit. Mulberry. When 5 ~ 6 month assumes purple black mulberry, menopausal women should eat some fresh mulberry fruit. As with the breath" diet" said spectrum, it has" Ziyin Bushen, congestive liquid, interest virtual wind, clear the role of fire". Female climacteric liver-kidney Yin deficiency, dizziness, backache, cardiac heat, restlessness, insomnia, palpitations when menstrual disorders, often eat mulberry, can receive nourishing liver, kidney, nourishing Yin, nutrient solution. Virtual liquid retreat and Yin fluid is born, liver and heart without fire, soul and God from the clearest.shaping the very important
Oyster meat
Ping, taste sweet and salty, nourishing yin to, to Yin heat, burning heat, insomnia, uneasy climacteric person, eat the most appropriate. " Materia Medica":" a load of cooking, the main deficiency of blood, woman, transfer." Summary:" cloud" circle" Qingfei bushing, nourishing yin". Cui Yuxi in the" eating" also said, oyster meat" cure sleepless nights, annals meaning is not fixed". Therefore, female climacteric syndrome or neurosis performer, Changshi useful.
Also as a tonic, tonic food, there Runfei, soothing effect. If women after menopause, heart arrhythmia with dysphoria, trance, insomnia, restlessness, the most appropriate use. " Materia Medica" Hua Zi said it has relieved, Ann bile, raising the five efficacy.
Flat salty taste in women, menopause, should always eat, the menstrual disorders, or before or after, more or less, the warm, dry mouth, sweating, upset insomnia, cardiac heat, climacteric syndrome, can rise to nourishing Yin, nourishing blood, tonifying deficiency and heat effect.
Climacteric women with deficiency of yin and blood, Chong and Ren emptiness, appear a series of syndrome. Gelatin can Ziyin Yangxue, replenishing the Chong and Ren, it should always eat before and after menopause. Ancient cloud:" Yin deficiency, supplemented by taste, Ejiao Gan, to Yin blood". " Materia Medica" also said:" Sutra of donkey-hide gelatin, the main women's blood, waist pain, aching limbs, tuberculosis with emaciation, yin deficiency, foot acid is not long at all in, because of the deficiency of blood, liver and kidney deficiency, when tonifying liver qi. Take the into the lung, kidney, nourishing yin nourishing water into blood, clearing away heat and power also." If Ejiao after melting by heat, stir fry black sesame, walnut meat grinding, a cold cut chew, more suitable.
Edible fungus with black fungus and white fungus cent, white fungus is rich in glial, vitamins, amino acids and rich trace elements. Chinese believe that white fungus with Runfei cough, and Yin nourishing, Qi and blood, strong heart and brain kidney's role, the female menopause lung yin deficiency, dry mouth, dry hot empty thirsty, eat the most appropriate. Black fungus with vital role, more cooling blood to stop bleeding, the menopause menstrual disorders especially menorrhagia, sweating more than, is particularly suitable for.
Clam meat
Cold taste sweet and salty, has the function of nourishing yin and clearing heat, menopausal women for Yin heat of health, appear a series of upset insomnia, dizziness, palpitations and irritability, spontaneous heating dry mouth, such as menstrual disorders Huo-wang of the elephant, take the meat, the most suitable. Such as" rain" said new Materia Medica, clam" liver heat, renal failure". " With interest in dietary spectrum" cloud:" clearing away heat and nourishing yin and nourishing blood clam." Therefore, yin deficiency of liver and kidney, with partial Wang menopausal syndrome, commonly used clam soup to drink, have a certain therapeutic effect.
Lotus seedGTD notebook
Flat sweet astringent, beneficial kidney, heart gas, s temper function. " Compendium of Materia Medica" said" lotus heart kidney, thick stomach, solid strength, strong bones and muscles, reinforce deficiency, and ears". Suitable for female climacteric uneasy irritability insomnia, dreaminess, or night body empty belt edible.
A reinforcing liver and kidney, beneficial essencehematic action. The word" Materia Medica" said:" mussels, tonic nourishing medicine". Qing Wang Mengying cloud," kidney, beneficial blood replenishing essence". Therefore, dizziness, palpitation tinnitus with Yin deficiency of liver and kidney of spontaneous menstrual disorder, backache, leg is soft in the menopausal woman, should always eat.
Cool and sweet taste, is a kind of nourishing yin tonic food. " Don't record" called it" tonic heat removal". " Peg in dietary spectrum" said duck can" Couture organs Yin, clear the hot work". For female climacteric Huo-wang food the most appropriate.
Ping Wei Gan, have nourishing yin action. Qing Wang Mengying says it could" nourishing liver and kidney yin, clear the hot work". The yin deficiency of liver and kidney, or internal heat due to yin deficiency, appears cardiac heat, or burning heat, disturbed, or dizziness backache, menstrual disorders than, or Hongrehanchu, denuded tongue person, the most appropriate food.  

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province boycotts big aviation

The Japanese foreign affairs province boycotts big aviation

Japanese foreign affairs saves to say on the 14th, will seek job a member temporarily don't embark big airline's flight in Korea to protest against this aviation passenger transportation company in the bamboo island and namely Korea calls only sky in the island tries to fly.

The Korean aspect summons a Japanese diplomat, the warning will respond to a day with the "scathing" measure square.LED illuminate market

Forbiding to multiply by to make to take effect on the 18th of this month is a period for a month.Moreover, the foreign affairs province won't invite big aviation's supervisor's personnel to take part in foreign affairs province to sponsor or co-sponsor of various activities.The foreign affairs big minister is loose origin clear just said on the news conference, day square to try to fly "extremely sorry"s.

The foreign affairs vice- big minister high bridge a thousand years says that the day square has already put forward a protest to the Korean government and big aviation, will continue from now on diplomacy effort, the peace solves territory dispute.quickly promote

Japan 《Asahi Shimbun 》comment on, the foreign affairs save but talk and"boycott" a particular air freight company extremely rare.A foreign affairs province officials who don't wish to open an identity tells the method the new agency reporter:"We receive designation, can not embark big aviation's flight in a month.In times before never this kind of measure."

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Brown's house like this

The small report scoops out privacy in Brown's house like this
England 《everyday post 》report way said, November 29, 2006, 《Sun Daily News 》report way in the website allow Brown's second son that the British wealth grows to fall ill one matter.Brown said that the news that the son falls ill only a few medical personnels knows, so 《Sun Daily News 》may receive news through an illegal path very much.Woman

2 parties informants approach Brown's lawyer set information

《On Sunday Times 》send an informant hypocrisy wants to buy to buy property and is responsible for British Anne who has Brown the business' managing an international law firm(Allen& Overy) to make contact with and cheated to take the building information of buying of Brown later on.In January, 2000, 《on Sunday Times 》disclosed that Brown purchases apartment with 130,000 pounds(about 1,330,000 dollars renminbi) in 1992 one matter.

3 seek actor to pretend to be Brown to obtain bank account data

In January, 2000, someone pretends to be Brown to wire a British moxa to compare citizen's bank and successfully acquires Brown's private account data.The this person identity wasn't confirmed, however, England 《the Wei reports 》reporter Ni gram ·Davis writes at him of speak of in the book, had at that time was John ·leading of Ford spirit actor is 《Sunday Times 》steal bank and telephone company of important information.

4 hire to please to dig with the private detective that police have connection to anticipate

England 《Wei report 》11 said, 2003, German county a young police is pointed to acquire an information from the police national computer network and hand over to some private detectives.On November 16, 2000, among them a be named the private detective of reporter's service to request this police to search police's record concerning Brown.

5 eavesdrop speech mailbox to peep mail

Brown confirms that his speech mailbox once burglarized to listen to on the night of the 11th, the police contacts he said, they already at a be involved to find out their private informations in the private detective's notebook.Had the Labour Party the personage to say, have news organization or once made use of illegal means to acquire Brown's assistant of mail.The ring wears

6 thieves and burglars Brown revenue from tax document

There is a report way saying for 1998 the end of every years, Brown's revenue from tax document once was a very likely to be computer system that someone invaded Brown's accountancy be stolen, however, document suggests, Brown didn't steal the illegal behavior that the tax evades tax, don't know whether this time affairs and"eavesdrop a door" has connection

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Foreign Affairs

Tall officer interview class in my Ministry of Foreign Affairs adds west
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is second don't take charge of department chief of Chen Xiao Dong visited on July 6 Libyan class of adds west, and met vice- chairman of Libyan opposition faction"whole country transition committee" performance bureau respectively Yi Sa Wei, carry out an outsider matter representative director Sa in the office pull He.Biologically speaking

Chen Xiao Dong means in the middle of meeting, keep on 4 many months of Libyan crisis makes the Libyan people suffer to fight a disorderly bitterness and turns worse situation turbulence in the region, the Mainland to this feel keenly worried, think that the condition don't can keep on again currently under go, find out political solution as soon as possible.

Chen Xiao Dong emphasizes that the Mainland values the function of "whole country transition committee" in Libya and treats it as "important dialogue square" and wishes to continue to keep both parties' contact and pushes a Libyan crisis to get political solution soon.

The "whole country transition committee" representative director of Libya applauds the Mainland as effort that pushes a that peace solution Libyan crisis makes and thinks the end exit that the political negotiation is to solve a Libyan problem, not the brush-off non- alliance project concerning solving Libyan crisis, mean to wish to strengthen to associate with the Mainland, reiterate to protect in its control area inside the square personnel's life is as safe as property.

●Libyan war situation

NATO will hold talks with opposition factionCultured pearls

NATO Secretary-general pulls Si Mu Sen say on the 6th, NATO will hold talks in the Brussels at the 13th of this month and Libyan opposition faction, the Libyan situation exchanges an opinion.

Pull Si Mu Sen say on the news conference on that day, Lei in Libyan opposition faction"whole country transition committee" Gu cloth of representative director will lead a delegation to arrive Brussels next week, north Atlantic Ocean[14.79-0.14%]the council settle to hold an informal meeting with delegation on the 13th.

Currently, Libyan government soldier and NATO support the next opposition faction armed vehemence's handing over fire to still continue, the warfare hasn't appeared obvious progress.The public opinion thinks that the Libyan opposition faction chooses to visit NATO and EU at this time, the idea is looking for more support to break stalemated situation.

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