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Spider person

"Spider person" in France ascends a building with tallest world
Get a French man who call"spider person" orchid Company formation·Luo the shell Er asks for help of a rope to climb few hour late on the 28th and succeed to ascend a building with tallest world Harry method tower.

The Harry method tower is located on Arabia to unite a Tribal chief country the Di do obeisance, the original Di does obeisance tower and becomes on January 4, 2010, 828 meters in height, there is 160 F,Out-of-country the view view set is established to 124 F.

Night color light chaperonage next, the Luo shell Er asks for help of a rope to start climbing about 18:00 and ascends a crest after about 6 hours.He tells the associated press the reporter in times before, this building presents a taper to gradually shrink shape, The trustee700 meters highly and above climb a difficulty bigger.

Harry the method tower development company the moxa Ma Er real estate company says in a pronouncement, the Luo shell Er successfully clime to the tallest building in world the meaning is "graveness".

Luo the shell Er is 48 years old and usually wear "spider person" clothing, don't ask for help of rope etc. protects device and barehanded climbs, "spider person" nickname gets from here.But he climbs to admire this time inside the method tower used a safe rope.Solar-powered

Luo shell Er personal website introduces, this man successfully clime to more than 70 skyscrapers in times before and include a state-run petroleum company of the New York, the United States empire mansion, Chicago Wei benefit Si mansion(ex- the west Er Si mansion) and Malaysia capital city Kuala Lumpur double son tower building and Taipei, China is 101 mansions.Anti-spoiled ability  

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still have dream

Do you still have dream?
Total someone's glorifying he or she is getting older and say, I early had no dream.Then put an appearance with as thick as age face.

Can fact BE, everybody wants to dream every day.It is said that everybody's first dream appears for 90 minutes after fallening asleep, behind, each sleep stage will have a dream, one a person probably need to do 45 dreams at the mid-night.Whether remember dream world probably and sleeper my depth degree relevant.asthma five-needleThe person is got into the time that the slow wave sleep expects by the quick wave sleep and usually memory happen to put on in addition to.Thus, a night of dreams all disappeared.

My felling is really such.For example I the sleeps every day be all trampling dream into.Usually BE, after consciousness is misty, the dream world gradually rises, what I thought is some eidolons, probably is fact, probably is the affair that lies between the fact and the imagination.By this time I still have at 1:00 ego consciousness, sometimes I will think, I want asleep, just what I thought's seeming to be not is true, probably is fallen asleep quickly ex- dream.The second day after I always can not recall to fallen asleep that for an instant of misty of dream.Which fear my other dreams,such as movie, generally before in the moment put, fallen asleep of that was a little bit more some to also can not recall.This is the memory to put on in addition to.The person who says that oneself has no dream can remember, oneself has dream-which afraid have already lived 80 many year old.

I usually remember dream and certainly also usually forget dream.Also usually have a dream repeatedly.Be not within a night, but a year or is several years even after aring several years.If I would like to believe some hang to read aloud, that I would like to believe that that place probably has implied meaning to me.In fact, the memory of dream is probably alike with the memory that us live.While widing awake we usually think of the place will be existed to we of brain in, the in a dream has ever been to of place certainly also the Qian saves the place that aren't known by us at our 1 in the brain.

Have several years I usually stroll the same market, certainly this once existed in my in a dream.Can go each time, all of that stairs that merchandises in that counter are almost similar.I usually in a dream traveled at a city 12 years ago, that Mr. handed over route, I walked several times, still just of city border changed a car, the railroad train once sat as well several times.It even is all similar at the high building of wayside.The dream like this is really very good and imitates a Buddha to bring me a fact,Electronic version imitating the Buddha is my another heavy life.

Having one huge beautiful dream last night was a spring dream.A chemisette wonderful spring dream is a dream to arrive fine love and thought of own age and family and can not help to this spring dream feeling ashamed ING.My dream arrives a person to say, I wanted to take male fund on this week and bought house.I looking at him, I realize that I am unmoved to him, although we are in the association,I don't want to get married with him.Then I say, no longer etc. ……he becomes nervous ground to say, why want etc., ……see him so worried, I felling very sorry he.Subconscious inside, he is good to me,Secondary prevention just I still have moreover a person who likes.Another person's story I but don't remember.

Don't know while becoming a 80-year-old old woman I will can't have dream like this again.If have dream like this, probably I will enjoy have no the mouths of tooth to all smile shriveled.Having a man is willing to buy a house for himself, that oneself is a beautiful dream with huge woman.

Although there is also dream, although the everyones all have dream, but and the thing of dream likeness, dream of this play a skill isn't everyones to all have of.I think that say oneself doesn't have the person of dream and mostly say that oneself didn't dream of.But also incompletely such.My grandfather celebrates the New Year at my house these days of, bought the lottery ticket of 22 dollars, then wanted to walk that day ofly in the end in 25 dollars.Mother-in-law says very happily, have never compensated top good!If you won 5,000,000 we don't walk!Grandfather where is don't compensate up.While doing not come to my house he doesn't know buy excessive little money of.His dream is what I don't know, but I know he already 70 many year old.

What is my dream ?Seem is also have no.However, should the dream is an examination like this and fantasize occurrence most what affair now?If the words thought of, that it is into eyes ex- dream for wanting and carrying out.

I like to dream very much.Dream of abundant and can not the sense sometimes makes me expect towards sleeping having some.I once thought, the dream wasn't another heavy life.Two heavy of life is reality and dream world.True of the life is little to change, is a long long of when the dream Be come to to die, after is forever melt into nothingness.But the dream world is endless, variety, melt into nothingness at any time approach but it always renews again.No matter which dream who all impossibly hold an in hand inside forever.

Living must be good, have beautiful dream, this is the big beautiful dream of life;Living must be good, have evil-foreboding dream, this also has no to relate to and influence too greatly at the life;Living get not very good, should be checked rhinitisevery day beautiful dream, this life is a true evil-foreboding dream.From here one argument, see, the life is a life, a dream world is still a dream world.

The dream lets it the dream is still.We can expect a beautiful dream, for example this is in spring.Then in this spring, lead own very of life.  

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military force contrasts

Both parties' military force contrasts

France will mainly use to be located on the day of Ao Lang and Yi Si the air base of Er especially, own "gust wind" fighter jet and"unreal image" fighter jet, return organic carry early warning and control system of reconnaissance plane, return will deploy"Charles de Gaulle" sail the mother rush through to leave for Libya.

England is located on to fill river bank road Si gram Luo air base in the Di will become the base of "stage manners" fighter jet and"hurricane" fighter jet and deploy in Malta organic carry early warning and control system of reconnaissance plane.In addition, British navy"hole Bo2 Lan" number escorts warship and"the Wei Si quick Si is especially" number escort the warship have already deployed in Libya with area in the North Sea.

"Ba Li" missile cruiser in the United States and"the strange Er sand cures" the number amphibious attack warship, "huge fill number" amphibious dockyard transports warship and"the general Wei ascends Si" number pit the submarine have already been located on Greece with south china sea area, the "plum Sen" number missile cruiser has already arrived an Israeli neighborhood waters, "business enterprise number" checks a motive sail the mother is in the Red Sea currently.Will also start out "prey for food" and"Azrael" unmanned machine.

Libyan air force's strength is 1.18 myriad peoples, 7 bombers, 336 fighter jets, 91 conveyance machines, 176 training machines, 136 helicopters, 216 antiair cannon set, much equip for the weapon in the former Soviet Union ages.

The sons infighting is endlessly

Card firm thin sons and daughters have a different temperament habit.Big son's Mohammed is one personal thing that the freshest firm card thin household behavior knows.Low-key and astringent of he is "Zhang disciple" of the Libyan telecommunication industry Libyan post and tele head office chairman.The reputation of two son match righteousness mans then compares elder brother's Mohammed to want big get many, is a card firm thin love deeply most of kid.He can say one mouthful fluently English, German and French, owns with the close by mode of thinking of western person and the life habit, as a result is called "European".The match righteousness man often speaks without any inhibition in father's in front, the card ties thin adjustment relationship with west nation, give up with patience pit technique of conducting several years development etc., is closely related with persuading of match righteousness man.The card is firm thin of three son Sas the Di is out and out of"football Chi", successively the effect wear Lu Gu to wait to pay first grade ball team more in Italy.

According to the report way, card firm thin sons still in order to struggle for power and money an infighting endlessly, eldest son, three sons and four sons in order to battle out the charter of some brand management power, once launched a blood Dou

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Blessing island

The latest dynamic state of Japanese pit crisis:Blessing island a pit electricity station of a few successive emergence lately urgent condition, the peripheral pit radiates a density to surge once again.To this, the United States points out to should affirm it ranks 6 classes"the important event is past"s of the second for serious degree.Medium new agency cites that the Chinese youth reports March, 17 said, although on the 15th have "expert" to affirm pit in the blessing island leakiness crisis have already spent the most rigorous period.Can early in the morning on the second day, blessing island a few reaction heaps of a pit electricity station appear new urgent condition one after another again.Check an electricity station the periphery check radiation the density surge once again.The international pit expert thinks, pit in the blessing island leaks although the trouble unlikely appears to slice the Er promise shell benefit serious result like that,the its dangerous degree has already exceeded the United States of three inside the island check trouble.On the morning of the 16th, blessing island the first pit electricity stand the No.3 machine set come out strong white smoke above.Later on officer the building superior's is wild male enounce on the news conference luckily, "probably similar to the No.2 machine set, is reaction heap the safe hull appear part of breakages.The radio material of reaction heap inner part also probably just at along with steam outwardly the department spread".

From by all accounts, the big dish is this time to still keep keeping a steady performance and showing while experiencing the impact background that Japan checks a crisis big dish middle soars structure and form to continue and maintains and anticipate today Hu and point undulate zone still will at 2930:00-the zone is front-line at 2990:00, the big dish short time undulates still a Zu middle not to sprung trend.

The Japanese earthquake makes it economic to suffer huge loss and also brings global economy development variable.The earthquake will deny to change a Japanese economy recovery track, will deny influence global economy recovery progress, these problems all caused international social concern.Analytical personage point out and see from the global angle of view, the influence of the Japanese earthquake should be short-term.In the meantime Japan is after-calamity to rebuild even may constitute to definitely promote and boost a function to the global trade.

The fuel limit provides

On March 15, in Japanese the temple city county fairy, set City, people line up to purchase gasoline.The earthquake that waters in the northeast of Japan takes place on the 11th also cause tidal wave, make the fuel supplied strict restriction.

This report synthesizes news March 11, shake most doughtily on the Japanese occurrence history, in addition to a great deal of of the personnel die or injure, earthquake and tidal wave to bitter bitterness flounder, try Japan of getting away from"lose of decade" economic decline period to say, influence may more is profound.Although now still very rare mostly data, ignore is a death toll or an economic loss, will be the huge number that is hard to keep noodles.

What does the recovery progress of this the third economy in the world in Japan will be subjected to to influence?Global economy whether the meeting is spread to?The nations greatly believe in merchandise price trend again whether will converse?These problems all caused international social concern.

The earthquake results in much big economic loss

Owing to earthquake and tidal wave grade livings the loss that the disaster results in still is keeping on occurrence, tall prosperous board director chairman Ji Mu in bureau ·Ao Ni the Er say:"The still very difficult judgment injures scope and loss amount of money so far."However, the earthquake results in this time of the economic loss will mainly come from 2.

The Hu deep A the dish narrow oscillate early on March 17.Though the Nikkei Index is got stripe by pit crisis to pound at significant slump, the dish Hu deep AN is early whole to express opposite steady;Dish noodles early suggests, majority ofs express forer the stability, the earthquake causes of the related topic species is getting to obviously promote, the national pause checks an industrial examination and approval to give act for the energy bring to higherly stir-fry to make enthusiasm, another salt industry species is defended by the benefit iodine to radiate concept to suffer certain hot stir-fry.

Other powers weighing the performance of species has already risen to fall to divide a performance, the bank, and petroleum...etc. essential power weighs a protecting of dish intention more explicit, the Hu deep index number is whole to up show to undulate a situation for minority.The dish performance sees, up to 10:25, the Hu is pointed essential power heavy arouse under negative certainly turn over red, Chinese petroleum and China is petrochemical and industry and business bank, construction the bottoming of the bank etc. big dish rally performance brings market bigger front side contribute, gradually get stripe and express in the Japanese pit crisis under, domestic hot stir-fry of the related species continues relentless performance, the news discloses to have and defend radiate function recently of"iodine concept" suffer bad the related listed company of salt stir-fry, producing and adding iodine encounter bad stir-fry, salt in Yunnan turns opening quotations namely pound at rise and stop, but the national pause check the news of industrial examination and approval and give or get an electric shock for fire and give or get an electric shock with water and the solar energy waits a new energy listed company and brings bigger front side stimulate.

Tradition and Transition A Great Friend The Joy of Labor A key to happiness Companionship of books


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2011 rabbit year good lucks carry power

Whole luck power
The friend who was born in the year of the Cock this year with too the year old is mutually blunt, and then have a disaster to very happen, the various matter all needs careful, the unsteady factor is specially many, regardless is to personal, the family is still an unit, the problems are all bigger.No matter is a luck in making money, business etc., solution of the way want to beg a development in the middle of moving, the all things is careful is lord, for example move house, transfer unit, usually of going out and traveling etc., all of this are a little bit well to dissolve of way;Still have is a life is livinged by the heart, with ground navy Gua to guide himself/herself, ground navy, the model shows worry, the meaning of the disaster, have to have a kind of disaster consciousness, Be livinged to disaster, die in happy, in the turbulence, develop ego in the disaster, this is the way of good luck luck distance that belongs to the person of chicken this year.The life is settled by the form in the meantime, the person, who was born in the year of the Cock, must wear to wear this year particular of with the chicken Chinese Zodiac Sign related passing years mascot to take into to convert.

Luck in making money
The friend who was born in the year of the Cock this year with too the year old is mutually blunt, should not make to excessively expand business and sincerely defend to exhaust a great deal of funds but sink into is cheated a crisis, spend money a lot, beard within our means, cautiously finance mangaing, then can avoid the condition of income cannot cover outlay.The beard then can get a wealth much and hard this year, being partial to the wealth should not participate in.

The friend who was born in the year of the Cock meets this year blunt, meet to hurtle to then move.The this year work changes a little bit greatly, the right and wrong is more, the pressure is abrupt to increase, and a lot of problems may influence emotion and make the work efficiency consumedly descended.Meet don't feel happy of matter, proper control very by one's own the emotion is more than close relatives' friend to communicate or go out relax by taking stroll and ease pressure and negative emotion.

This year of friend that feelings was born in the year of the Cock although the peach blossom is prosperous, many is fog water peach blossom.To married but speech the emotion undulate a little bit greatly and argue an antinomy to easily appear and understand mutually this year, the in order to prevent influences marital life.To the single, to look before you jump while choosing companion, much listenning to of the hard choice elder opinion, the square can get satisfaction answer.

Healthy aspect
The friend who was born in the year of the Cock healthily carries this year not very ideal, hand and foot easily hurt, should not do dangerous action, going out to drive should more notice traffic safety and obey traffic regulations and guard against because of car of collision but is harmed by metal the body, safety driver.

Chinese learning CPPCC member Live in the community 3D trilogy Pillow fight


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miscarriage age

The female tumor outbreak tends Gao to have a miscarriage age to lower

●The expert reminds that as a female, in addition to wants to notice to promise healthy life style at ordinary times, toughens in good time, adjust mindset, also need to notice the Shai of doing the familiar malignant tumor to check

●The female wants to notice to protect good he or she, don't literally be a person to flow and use urgent birth control pill for a year not over 3 times

The women care, the disease prevention is the importance of women's rights to constitute part.New thousand years the first 10-year, the gynecology disease table of Guangzhou region took place obvious variety.The reporter covered women child representative director from gynecology in medical treatment center in Guangzhou City recently, from 10 years of that center out-patient service, hospitalized sufferer amount variety and disease outbreak rate, data statistics, probably delineate Guangzhou gynecology paroxysm variety and alignment for 10 years.

For the past 10 years, the gynecology malignant tumor sought medical advice lead obvious ascension, from 2006-2010 years, sought medical advice lead increase 100%, and the outbreak gradually low age of malignant tumor turns, currently minimum temple neck cancer sufferer year only 15 years old;In the meantime along with the popularization of pre-marital sex, abortion surgical operation presents a low age to turn and repeated, the person flows the 20~25-year-old and young female in the sufferer to have 70%, someone unexpectedly had a miscarriage 6 times in a row in a year.

"Fatty Yi" was an in the small area"happy fruit" of, can recently but act out of character, all preoccupied look every day.The Gui is airtight cross-examine to just know again and again, she always feels the Yin position ache is out of the abdomen department not already and slightly matter rest will the painful feeling ease, can want ~only a significant activity again painful get desperately, consequently all restless every day.

Be admonished by family, she arrived hospital to carry on a gynecology check, can show that the temple neck blazes to wait a gynecology problem one as a result all nonexistent, turn to the urology and just discover later on-is "the antler form kidney stone calculus" is doing mischief, and have already influenced the kidney function of one part, also merger appear urine road infection.Doctor suggests that she has operation surgical operation, end, the expert carrieds on "Be taken a stone by skin kidney mirror" surgical operation for her, the stone calculus taking out fully packed lesser half plastics cup."Fatty Yi" has already recovered from illness hospital discharge recently.

Be taken bad outbreak in Guangdong to lead a high the north be close to 10%

According to the yellow Jian introduction, "old wide" not unfamiliar to kidney stone calculus, "can't, who call Guangdong often is the year air temperature higher, if not and in great quantities drink water, drink human body humidity in time, as time passes possible formation stone calculus."

According to understanding, the outbreak of kidney stone calculus in Guangdong leads more 5% in height than Chinese north city~10%, in the meantime, the male ratio female suffers from the risk of kidney stone calculus to want Gao 400%, especially 40 years old later male, being taken bad several rates will suddenly walk Gao.

The yellow Jian introduces, the concrete cause of disease of kidney stone calculus formation is clearly still not quite currently, the medical science field thinks and the geography, weather and bad food are used to etc. factor relevant.In the our country, Be seen to the south of Yangtze River more, Guangdong region is generally accepted Gao Fa's district that wets stone calculus.

In addition, the high egg white, high sodium food that exist widespreadly currently, will make the grass sour salt, and uric acid...etc. that once formed a high density inside the body metabolized an outcome, promoted the formation of kidney stone calculus thus.

Singapore introduces treating Parkinson's disease Go Out To Travel Try It Where is your heart


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chooses advisability

Chinese descent's officialdom hot argument prosperous great Ao Ba Ma chooses advisability

Once the federal Hui in Luo house in commerce secretary of term Washington's eparch, will meet with president's Ao Ba Ma's nomination to serve as the United States' ambassador to China, as well make the excitement of Chinese descent high-ranking officials difficult to express.

According to the United States 《newspaper in the star island 》report way, San Francisco mayor, Li Meng Xian, and California the senator remaining Yin is good, state congressman Ma Shi Yun and San Francisco City three matters will chairman Chiu believe blessing etc. big great president's decision quite the cheese, and be excitement for Hui felling in the Luo house proud of.

Li Meng Xian who is born in Seattle, brothers and Luo house Hui are classmates, therefore he knew since the childhood with Hui in the Luo house and grew up together in Seattle.Li Meng Xian's believing deeply Hui in the Luo house will definitely successfully represent the United States and strengthen the contact of of the United States and China.

Ma Shi Yun then praises, each one steps of Hui in the Luo house is breaking a glass ceiling.Hui in the Luo house and madam's home towns all in China, Hui in the Luo house knows it to traditional culture in China very deep.Ao Ba Ma decides to nominate Hui in the Luo house to serve as to halt China ambassador and display a president for strengthen the United States, in the everyone noodles relation of of two countries is earnest value.

Remaining Yin is good to say:"Always, why the United States' ambassador to China is not gone abroad as ambassador by Chinese descent, is a riddle to me."The riddle bottom untied now.When Luo was commerce secretary, what to take care of was whole the United States and the company of the world-wide locations Mao contact, but when halt China ambassador, Hui in the Luo house can concentrate energy in China and expand, deepen company Mao of two countries in the United States to contact, this is advantageous to his developing bureau chief more.Ma Shi Yun also holds same standpoint.

Chiu believes blessing to then reveal he or she has been the big powder silk of Hui in the Luo house and believes deeply him as to halt China ambassador, will definitely make beautiful, win the relation of two countries to even have improvement deepening contact.The person chosen by president is extremely eligible, commerce secretary from Hui term in Luo house the breeze reviews also very good, therefore he wants to acquire the federal congresses to really recognize to have no great problem and even hope that the congresses do wise decision.

Ao Ba Ma draws up the nomination Luo Hui in the house to serve as next halt China ambassador, south congressman square text loyalty in gulf California thinks that this undertaking will consumedly promote a China-U.S. relations.Square text loyalty thinks that China is the biggest legal right country in the United States, the president appoints a Chinese descent to serve as to halt China ambassador and puts the carriage of an amicability and is advantageous to a consultation to alleviate a solution antinomy, especially Hui in the Luo house is a big government member, is the resume of leading role in political arena, will consumedly promote a China-U.S. relations.As a result expect President horse to come to say to the Ao, this is the wise action

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Qiao of what

Libya, China greatly withdraws Qiao of what time consider
Recently, the Libyan and safe situation takes a sudden turn and develops rapidly.In defense of alien residents safety in China, uses flood and field to get empty strength to start founding a nation the alien residents of unprecedented in history greatly withdraw.Up to 23:10 on March 2 Peking time, up to the present control have intention to wish to return to country of the Libyan Chinese citizen have already all withdrawn and add up to 35860 people.China withdrew a Qiao activity efficiency to get "praise"ing of medium in the whole world, hence"superpower", "Chinese threat theory" beginning sees the various report carrying.However when the shocked and local people of international society all feel "the motherland is strong", we should also go to with the rational thinking objective treat this having no of peaceful age of the war of nitric smoke, see whether it is true to feel deeply about such as the international society of so:China is like a superpower more than the United States.

Libya greatly withdrew Qiao to on the other hand embody the awakening of national race consciousness and had never let the Indonesian anti-Chinese affairs again repeat.Because the national real strenght strengthens, and nowadays the international situation of "internal revolt and foreign invasion", the race centrifugal force of the Chinese nation's needing a government is actually true to be acting to make stronger.Obviously, this time activity that withdraw Qiao wants to add a cent for nation in the citizen's heart.This probably is after anti- earthquake another race coagulate the unprecedented to build up of dint behind the relief, it not only is in brief withdrew overseas overseas Chinese in the turmoil region so in brief, more important its clearly show also the national beginning value the benefits of oversea overseas Chinese, it declares to the world, is a regardless local citizen or an oversea compatriot, is all member of the big Chinese nation family, safety and benefitses of each oversea compatriot affect all the heart of the China children.

However, at fig up public of, the Chinese of reasonableness should see "superpower" that our nations still aren't promoted by western and dangerous nation, strengthens in the national real strenght of behind we still have "the race are hard to harm" to can not neglect.

The escort warship of"Xu Zhou Hao" that escorts to organize into teams through the Aden gulf, we can take care of the real strenght circumstances of peeping the Chinese overseas.Because of the reason of geography reason and history, the ancient old Chinese nation regarding agriculture as principle didn't value ocean.With as for China suffers to bully in modern history, the Wu country exterminates entire race a very short distance Yao.New China establishes after because the Soviets lines up soldiers 1,000,000 over a long period of time at the northern frontier, with as for the defence capabilities of China have been regarding six radicle defense as principle and add in the country revolution war and anti- the United States aids dynasty war and a few self-defense backstrokes the war all win by army of reason, the Chinese army has absolute advantage and authority in the armed forces.But have the navy of special history heavy responsibility always is defended thought stipulation in "yellow ocean" by the shore inside, the defence capabilities are weak, the sea power thoughts weak thin.From here, we have to feel deeply about this world is fair, the world gave us the wide national territory, abundant resources.But are exactly also these resulted in just our Chinese nation inborn of geography is nearsighted and lack adventurous spirit.When the west opens the front door of China by iron warship huge cannon Kou of, we still sink to immerse in foolishing dream of"sky with an upward exposure country".Though the Chinese nation is used the victory that fearless spirit and huge race sacrifice exchanged an end, but part several years of tears of blood history's becoming Chinese nation can not recover up to now of wound Ba.Soviets disintegration, Chinese land the pressure is abrupt however let up, the Chinese beginning pays attention to an oceanic development gradually, but because of start night, the china sea power thought of the theories study not enough, with as for occupied a first timing for numerous rascal nations.

Now, China outstrips a Japanese distance to become second economic giant, China urgently needs an oversea energy resources to maintain the normal operation of economy in the nation.If say wide Pacific Ocean have to be our sea powers strategic of safety consideration, the busy Indian Ocean then then has to be our sea power strategy of economy consideration.Periphery in the Indian Ocean waters not only have petroleum resources in the world enriches most of Persian gulf and region in the North Africa, and various minerals reside ex- row in the world.The Ma Liu Jia straits of Southeast Asia is the ground of the throat of "carry straits with make various Hou" is seen by numerous nations as"sea Life Line".So China is in the Indian Ocean most the benefits of core is a guarantee energy the safety is as unimpeded as channel.But the present condition in now is early and early the United States prison ground in the prison controled this gold water, the garrison forces of Iraq, Bahrain of the Di Ge of fifth the fleet headquarters, Indian Ocean add the west second island naval base ready for battle, every moment support the United States' benefits in this region.Connect the Zui Er small country Japans all the dog don't change, the name beating for the American anti-terrorism stations in Indian Ocean, for the main son start admire waist, charge and break enemy ranks.At the same time, the United States halts Singapore proper Zhang naval base to also control strategic waterway"Ma Liu Jia's straits" to close by expecting in the wartime and cuts off the energy supply of other country to attain the strategic purpose of the soldier that doesn't fight but bend a person.However Chinese navy but have never stationed in this economic benefits in Chinese overseases to contain great significance waters, however at public see come of have Somalia pirate of serious threat to pour to invisibly help us, the Chinese beginning sends warship with the batch rotate of way garrison Indian Ocean for the national interest protect to drive to escort.Along with continuously increase in this benefits, we should enlarge China's military existence in this place area further, only with several escort the warship and supply ship far and far can not support a national interest.We can with anti-terrorism, stroke pirate, stroke sea crime, protection China is in Africa, economic benefits with second west for from strengthen military existence, strengthen and the cooperation of amities such as Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka etc. nation, investment construction fleet replenishment base etc..On top of that, we want to solve a southwest to go out to sea an oscular problem as soon as possible and as early as possible break through a southwest to the strategic passage of Indian Ocean.The wartime Ma Liu Jia's straits once closing, our nation will face to have no the disaster that can estimate.For this, we need with southwest of Burma make a good relation, and build up a political, economic and safe mechanism, keep stable of medium the Mian relate to.

When the navy withdraws to escort for the alien residents, air force's four Yi Ers-76 large conveyance machines ten thousand in withdraw the heroic act of Qiao to also make us praise highly, however"large conveyance machine" this have the strategic meaning shows Zhao of word but stick up the label of "Yi Er-76" in Russia, don't know this whether also even added a silk to satirize a meaning.China transports machine recall with Russia type what alien residents wins is a popular support prestige, but it also the police shows us until now we by ourselves didn't°yet of large conveyance machine.But the "Yi Er-76" luck machine in Russia withdrew to pour to come to one in the Qiao activity at this good fame, invisibly raised the reputation of that model.In fact, we be not have never led to make big airplane of dream and activity, just we excessively entertained wild hope the technique almsgiving of getting the other people before, but forgot at involve a nation rising and the strategic industry foreign country of race renew wasn't real are technical at present to you!The ocean work to exercise "sand cannon" that the Chinese and Foreign country provides to our teach return not enough greatly aggrieved!?The United States to China big airplane item of dark give a glad eye it not diligently not it may be said dangerous, the means isn't not it may be said"smart".The precept of "carry 10" is greatly aggrieved, we should suddenly understand, every pass the strategic industry of race, we all should be hard to struggle and renew through own efforts.We connected "two play one star" of war idea in the change world and international position in change China to all make out, national people does the sail industry system a little bit high big airplane item still make not to come out?Wear Xu colonel to can say that again:"Own kid is again ugly, also compare beautiful of imagination worth consign, being not also an ugly duckling can not become daytime goose."New China develops experience precept enunciation up to now, every we can not buy from the abroad of atomic bomb, satellite and inter-continental guided missile we all made out, and made very goodly, every we can outward cooperate of car industry, aircraft industry we all make not to the utmost person's idea.Make now then person slightly the feeling Be delighted to is a Chinese company to fly to establish, the big airplane item starts re- signing an item.We have reason to believe after absorbing the greatly aggrieved precept of "carry 10", the Chinese company flies will hard such as huge rock ground walks independent development of road, it is after all other people, even if the other people's"kid" is again beautiful of, he isn't also "China", even if own kid is again ugly, he but the surname"Chinese nation".One day there will he will start to support the back of Chinese nation, make the Chinese nation again again stood erect by the carriage of the giant of Wei E on the east of world.

Though the road that our race go forward isn't flat, some rascals national and beautiful emperor can't makes us walk, either in the world Kang Chuang.But want ~only our heart bosom dream, move forward forward by practical activity, our race big industry will definitely carry out.Now national strategic industry aerospace the industry is steady the rocket going forward, greatly pushing dint is being placed in an argument stage;"Paradise the first" space station will soon shoot and ascend a month to plan also in the blue print;The aircraft carrier that marks the big country rising political sign is in the orderly construction now;Big airplane C919 items have already been placed in the empress of developing the stage to expect;The new generation concealed body fighter jet"J-20" carries out a head to fly.This performances that is a series of all clearly show this big country grow of weather.We national political military culture of strong, will strengthen the proud of feeling and the race self-confident heart of our race further, our body will be able to raise head to stick out chest in the China children of world-wide locations, the heroic atmosphere ground say:I am Chinese!The prospect is fine, but we each Chinese should understand their the responsibility and the obligation on their own shoulder, the decorum is worth of a mindset and abandons the Mei vulgar idea, concern national defense and international situation, firm conviction confidence, prosperous greatness of national need our China of the joint endeavor of children!

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price upsurge

The finished product oil fee hike window way in advance lends breeze to stir-fry to make may be an oil price upsurge main cause
Under the Libyan situation incitement, already the depth finance turns of the international oil price has already broken 100(closing price).Yesterday dawn, the market"direction of wind mark" crude oil in New York expected USD 102.23 for price report|bucket, soared USD 2.60, the rise was 2.61%.This is that index sign since September, 2008 for the very first time break USD 100|the bucket is above.

At the same time, the basis oil price cloth Lun in the North Sea, England of Europe especially the crude oil price soar USD 0.93, USD 116.35 for report|bucket;OPEC(OPEC) one Lan sub- crude oil reference price Be tiny to fall USD 0.23 and quote USD 108.27|bucket.

It is a main cause to lend breeze to stir-fry to make

"The ground factor with political good luck still and just and continuously influences an already impressionable international crude oil market, investor several atmosphere are obviously more than short seller atmosphere."Yesterday, Pu surname energy information Chinese energy market deluxe director general China big Wei to 《 international finance report 》 reporter said, " current oil price far super supply and demand basic situation originally the price of that reflection.Is also say, the market stir-fries to make strength to temporarily exceed basic situation, and rate of exchange...etc. other factors and becomes the biggest factor of push price."

Currently, the market stir-fries to make most importance to lend be worry a crude oil supply strain."Actually, Europe supplies to slightly be subjected to influence(the Libyan crude oil great majority transfers to Europe), besides which, , the market talks to not and up lack oil."Yesterday, University of Xiamen Chinese energy economy director, Lin Bo2 Qiang, in the research center told 《international finance report 》reporter, so, "lacked oil" just stir-fried to make of"lent".

"The still international market mobility excess of the root factor that this international petroleum price soars.The unsteady factor of "the intergalactic stock certificate chief economist left small Lei keeps speech more, " ground good luck politics in Middle East is a capital to stir-fries to make best of'story'."

Just like expert's words, include an OPEC and international energy office at inside of organization and organization all have already outward made to boost production commitment, global biggest energy need country United States even expresses the market of "really don't go, also have storage to maintain a need" to see empty signal."As a result, unless the situation expands the whole inside east region, and long-last can not solve, this just may appear outside words of'the fourth-time petroleum crisis'."Lin Bo2 Qiang says.

For the future trend, China big Wei means, the international oil price is very difficult long-last keep in USD 100 above, "experience proof, brief after exploding to stir-fry, the international oil price is end meeting regression basic situation.And analyze from the stock data, the current stock compares all high in 2008, namely market demands didn't°yet such as imagination in so high, don't more impossibly form very strong price to prop up."

But standard bank in South Africa insists thinking, the direction not clear"make the further north bound of oil price made possible" in Middle East, the North Africa political foreground in the region.

The big religion merchandise Pu rises

In fact, the international oil price soars to bring of not only was a market to get empty battling out of atmosphere more, but also brought soaring of other resources priceses.The love set up a stock certificate to release a report to point out recently, "because of the motion and the crude oil price of international coal(owned petroleum part act for function) price was very strong existence allied moved sex, the soaring of crude oil price will arouse soaring of international coal price."

"Not only is an international coal price, Be big religion merchandise in of most foundation price, the soaring of crude oil price will arouse recently other greatly believe in a merchandise of soaring of price.In the short run, the "Lin Bo2 Qiang points out that"'s gold price, price of silver, copper price and aluminum price is going to iron mine stone and food prices will continue to soar."

The reporter discovers that the international copper price, gold price and price of silver will take turns to create a new high that has ever had in the near future, the iron mine stone of the Chinese market price keeps on more maintenance at the history high, but avoids insurance the capital again and again get into the circumstance of big religion merchandise realm recently as well very obvious.

Yesterday, was called the Ji Mu of "investment master" ·Luo's hero Si also publicly predicted, "the coming year, the world greatly believed in commodity market to keep a bull market."He is optimistic about an agricultural product most [17.770.28%s]of investment value, "the price of global agricultural product still keep being underrated, the price of refined sugar even is underrated a near half".

The fee hike window way arrives in advance

Remarkable BE, greatly believing in soaring of merchandise price will make the world not a few national, is a Chinese etc. new nation to particularly pay a more prices.

The analytical personage points out that first, China will pay a more import cost-have an expert to measure to calculate, currently oil price if soar 20%, China will pay 200,000,000,000 more USD for import;Secondly, Chinese consumer will also for this pay not thin price-provides according to the interest prosperous energy of information, though Be under 22 workdays, the international oil price changes range 4% super fee hike"red line" is already.

More important, China will continue to bear a cost push type the inflation for bringing.The data suggests that the price index number(PPI) of manufacturer from October, 2010 connects to rise for 4 months, and PPI in February is also thought "not low"s by the expert.This means that PPI to the CPI conduction pressure is still very big.

"It is can hardly for foreign inflation to have good method to cope with."Lin Bo2 Qiang says that" in the short run, even the problem that can send to hope to pass diplomacy means to solve Middle East region soon.In the long run, this is exactly the opportunity of Chinese energy realm.China should continue to push forward speed economy development the transformation of way, since low to the dependence of the resourceses, practical etc. for attaining economy energy to reduce a row.In the meantime, opportunity to take advantage of this in China actively sweeps energy to launch a research towards acting for energy and, and work well the depth development toward the rights resources product."

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Chinese uniting

The Chinese uniting set fulfills the mission to withdraw Libya
National beauty in Vietnam is greatly allied to stop halfway Libyan human rights council member the qualifications Somalia pirate threaten to use Denmark the hostage"the Zheng big money" English Mei:Cheap jeans dream in China will face end

Constitute to°from Chinese several sections in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commerce department, and public security official department...etc.s of unite work set Yen 1 full completion to connect to send a Chinese personnel in the Libyan boundary of work, withdraw Libya into Tunisia inshore.

17:00 on the 1st(local time) and 20:00, uniting set a go 6 people and divide 2 and withdraw into Tunisia inshore, staff member enthusiasm of one side in Tunisia welcomed to fought the war ally of 4 days and 4 nights together.

According to uniting set senior clerk the fee star introduce, work set February 25 calendars exert difficult turns and twists to after arriving the Libyan boundary overcome various difficulties and immediately carry on a patience vivid communication with Libyan maritime customs and border defense section harmoniously company, persuasion the other party for be detained to provide a departure to make a convenience of at the Chinese citizen of Libyan boundary.On the afternoon of the 26th, because of bid for residence permit passport not at nearby but be detained Libyan boundary 3 days and 3 nights of more than 600ses the Chinese citizen finally get into Tunisia inshore.

Later on, strength for enlarging for set for work, the very quick and Libyan department concerned establishment rises a cooperative relation.The Libyan aspect gets into Tunisia to provide convenience for Chinese citizen and develops appropriation passage and arranges the collective customs clearance of Chinese citizen and ensure the Chinese personnel gets into a pass to go through the formalities in time and be in transit smoothly

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