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six bad habits

Smoking after a meal

Some people think that, " after a smoke, it's nuts. " In fact, this practice is a great harm to the human body. After a meal because of human gastrointestinal motility are frequent, also to accelerate blood circulation, digestive system began a comprehensive campaign. If at this time smoking, the lungs and body tissue absorption smoke strength greatly enhanced, resulting in harmful ingredients in cigarettes by a large number of absorption, reishi on the respiratory, digestive tract have a strong stimulating effect, will undoubtedly bring to the organization and function of the human body than usual much greater harm smoking.

After dinner drink

Immediately after a meal drinking water will dilute the gastric juice, so that the stomach has not had time to digest the food into the small intestine, digestive juice weakened the ability, easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases. If the after dinner drink soft drinks is that the body is even more inappropriate, soda produced carbon dioxide, prone to increased intragastric pressure, leading to acute gastric dilatation.

Eating fruit after meal

Many people like to eat fruit after a meal, that this will help clear the mouth. In fact, this is a wrong way of life, immediately after a meal to eat fruit will affect the digestive function. Because, when the food into the stomach, digestion takes 1 ~ 2 hours to rule out slowly, immediately after a meal to eat fruit, before eating fruit will be blocked into the food, but not in normal digestion. After dinner drink tea

Tea contains large amounts of tannins, after dinner drink tea, can make just eat is not digestible protein with tannic acid together form a precipitate, affect the absorption of protein; tea material would interfere with iron absorption, have long after dinner drink tea habit, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia; in addition, immediately after a meal tea, plenty of water into the stomach, about dab6d23ck will dilute the gastric secretion of digestive juice, thus affecting the stomach to digest food work.

After singing Cara OK

A full stomach stomach capacity is increased, blood flow increased, this time singing can make the diaphragm moves down, abdominal pressure increases, it may cause indigestion, heavy trigger gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. Therefore, preferably after a meal 1 hours, the normal digestion of food and then to sing the Cara OK, online ups power manufacturer or simply to sing and then go eat.

After driving

Due to the need to digest meal, blood, most of the stomach, the brain is temporary ischemia of the state, then driving to operate easily lead to errors, traffic accident. Therefore, 1 hours after meals to drive more safely.  

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napkin five misunderstanding

On drug sanitary napkin five misunderstanding

1. The sterilization, but cause vulva flora disorder

Even in menstrual period, the health of femalereishidab5d55ck vulva flora in an interacting interaction balance, and medicinal sanitary napkin contains antibacterial ingredients in use, it will affect the normal flora vagina number, it is possible to make some flora number a large number of reducing, promote the growth of certain bacteria group, in this case, the vulva way flora imbalance and damage because of the special environment of the vagina, more likely to have mould which may.

Doctors say, although drug sanitary napkin claims of a "antibacterial, bacteriostatic, relieving itching, alleviate dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort" role, but these contain drugs did not suggest that regular use sanitary napkin, because the human body has its own immune mechanism, some on sanitary napkin with the drug content is not clear, long time not replace it will lead to the bacteria multiply, induce disease.

2. Cover smell, but cause allergies

On the market containing some flowers, dvd copying softwaremint smell of the sanitary napkin especially popular, many women feel period there is a kind of bad smell, and this type of sanitary napkin but it can cover smell, is very convenient. To this, jiaxing armed police hospital gynecologic DuJing doctors pointed out that, for allergic constitution is concerned, more should careful choose sanitary napkin.

These contain spices, drug sanitary napkin some ingredients may cause skin irritation, menstrual women immunity was low, many women chose not suitable for their own sanitary napkin, some will feel itch intolerability, appear even vulva red, large dermatitis, cause the private parts allergy itch.

3. Increase drug dependence

Although the drug sanitary napkin to a certain extent, to the private parts on menstrual women play a cleaning effect, is in commonly abortion or diagnosed with some kind of disease of use, can effectively kill vulva harmful bacteria, plays the role of adjuvant therapy, suitable for some and suffer from gynecological diseases of women, but healthy women is not necessary.

If chronic drug use sanitary napkin, it will destroy vaginal acid-base balance, which leads to the dependence of drug sanitary napkin, but are more likely to get bacterial infringement, so the drug careful to sanitary napkin.

4. Use undeserved is prone to gynecopathy

In gynecopathy outpatient clinic patients, 3% to 5% of patients is by the sanitary napkin use undeserved cause, such as mould sex vaginitis, allergic dermatitis and other diseases. The expert thinks, because of Chinese herbal medicine is through the soak into the sanitary napkin, after drying the sanitary napkin drug ingredients are very few, even if survival down some traditional Chinese medicine composition, also it is difficult to be absorbed by skin contact.

Especially in hot season, dvd to iphone many women will be wearing a plastic type role underwear, neither loose, and airtight, more easy to cause of gynecological diseases. If often use drug sanitary napkin or pads, will break private parts of acid-base balance, which leads to the dependence of drug sanitary napkin, reduce the private parts self immune and clean effect, but are more likely to get bacterial violations. And for some skin sensitive women, drug use sanitary napkin more should pay attention to, because may cause skin irritation, there are private parts itchy.

5. Reaction prevention effect

Drug sanitary napkin contains most drugs is Chinese traditional medicine composition, a few businessmen exaggerating, claim to have "the prevention of various gynecological disease, adjust the balance of Yin and Yang, removing uterus, kidney tonifying qi, relieve nerves, and for 70% of gynecological disease treatment effect......" , to this, the expert said, Chinese herbal medicine sanitary napkin and can't treatment of gynecological diseases, even the prevention of disease are unlikely.

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