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cause death

Korea the winter appear the first case A to flow to cause death a case now
2010-12-3109:27:07 sources:The nations are on-line(Peking)
The core hints:A man Korean disease manages this the 30th to say, because of being infected A type H one N is one in early time on that day dying of flu.This is the case that the first case in Korea dies after being infected A type flu in the mainland since this winter.

International on-line news:A man Korean disease manages this the 30th to say, because of being infected A type H one N is one in early time on that day dying of flu.This is the case that the first case in Korea dies after being infected A type flu in the mainland since this winter.

The Korean disease managed this to say, the 27th of this month, a 30-year-old man who lives in turn in the capital city arrives a hospital to seek medical advice because of symptoms, such as high fever and muscle ache...etc., the next day is confirmed infection A type flu and goes home to accept a treatment later on.On the dawn of the 29th, that man's condition is worsen to again hospitalize, eventually because of cure invalid death.Through survey, this man this ex- have no abroad travek record.

Recently, the strong cold air assaults Korea and even is advantageous to the dissemination of the virus of flu.Korean disease manages this to say, Korea last week the outbreak rate of A type flu is 23/1000, far far above 2.9/1000 normal standard, but the tallest value lower than last year.

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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing: Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services.Hong Kong ba marketing This includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems.

Administration and Management: Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resource modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resource.

Customer and Personal Services: Hong Kong Human Resource Management specialistKnowledge of principles and processes for providing customers and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Clerical: Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.
Personal and human Resources: Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training,Hong Kong Training specialist compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems.

Education and Training: Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.
Economics and Accounting: Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking and the analysis and reporting of financial data.

Actually, the agriculture by-product has to scoop out the special feature of oneself, by dint of natural environment and cultural background of the region carries on the claim with results to show an effect and walk the difference of region turn,Hong Kong management and marketing the person of thus outstanding product has no I have, the person has me the Jing, and person Jing is different.

We might as well recall an agricultural product to experience in the marketing of Chinese market and mostly have three stages:Found a nation initial stage to the end of 70's of basic have no marketing period, the beginning of 80's to the mass production in the mid 90's to in great quantities promote a change period, 90's end of from in great quantities promote to change a period toward the modern marketing.So, shorten this transformation time seem to be very important.

Now, lifts price and practices to the agricultural product the effective price protected to completely do according to the market economy regulation and had already canceled the price that the past nation raises an agricultural product through an administration means to promise that the manufacturer's dry Lao protects to accept,Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketing if everyone the words that still don't value to the marketing of product will raise to tread Wei Jian.
From at present and will for a while see from now on, our country agricultural product from whole up speak already appear to provide is bigger than to beg of condition, if still staying around is one-time of old idea up, just carry on production, but neglect the variety of market, will result in more serious product excess.

Recently, southern newspaper report industry media the group is underneath 《the southern village report 》reporter, Hong Kong Business Administration in marketingMs. Li Xiao Fen, whole present condition, the business enterprises such as exit, strategy and method etc. in shortage and aftertime of agricultural product brand marketing widespreadly concern nowadays of the problem exclusively covered a famous brand marketing expert and blue elder brother the Zhi ocean international marketing adviser organization CEO is at the Fei Sir.In the interview, aim at an agricultural product business enterprise and create in the brand at the Sir of Fei in face of difficulty, opportunity and how change the bad situation carried on for the advantage etc. problem original but system's elaborating have the analysis of the viewpoint with Zhuo, the related contents necessarily will make the large agricultural product business enterprise taken and inspire profoundly and mightiness of thought sympathy.

Sir at the Fei, famous brand marketing expert, the United States 《blessing cloth Si 》point recommend of marketing true war expert, blue elder brother Zhi ocean international marketing adviser organization CEO, China ten big outstanding marketing person, people newspaper agency the market report waits 8 authority medium and organization affirm of"the Chinese brand constucts an outstanding contribution prize"plate heat exchanger gainer, the regiment is central Chinese glory science and technology the foundation start a business tutor, 《the Chinese stock certificate report 》special contract brand adviser, China 《brand 》magazine chief expert, Chin Hua university, University of Peking and University of Zhejiang EMBA deluxe chief executive officer class the brand marketing hire teaching lecturer especially, China care profession ten big outstanding agent, China has an influence marketing to plan 100 people most , Chinese head house province class the brand learn heavy celebrate city brand academic association expert's member of committee, China hospital association run by private capital the hospital manage cent meeting expert's member of committee.

The marketing career of 20 years successfully once served several ten famous brands, it got a title, the blue elder brother the Zhi ocean international marketing adviser organization is most "the Chinese management consults profession to have influence ten greatest brands", the profession concentrates on a brand plan, public relations dissemination, news marketing, canvasses business to act for now, market expansion, true war training etc. marketing service, the outstanding plan dint, integration dint and execution possess a great reputation outside the world, is a national commerce department to sell adviser organization out of the world toward the well-known true war type of unique recommendation.


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Oneself probably

A time knocks to acquaint with of keyboard, the gray head following you closely is like, a person alone grieved, suddenly thought of a words:The memory wants to is water that pours in the center of palm of hand, whether you spread to still keep gripping or not, is finally still a meeting from point and sew, a drop per drop, flow to drip clean.

Oneself probably should not addict the past, forgetting should forget of, so then can change come brief of easy.

And then fall in love with you probably, equaled to own lonesome, much time, my lonesome, no man can say.

I think that along with you of far go, the love ever, once remembered fondly, will deeply get to bury in my heart bottom, but the whole everythings in the reality, will be returned to mild.

Hence, so, from a distance take a distant view, from a distance have tender thoughts of, exile oneself at have no you of corner in, silently let to remember fondly the flavor of the Yan love, spread out desolate with fall Mo.

Once smile, once made, once fought, once cried, what I need was inhospitality now.
Or originally that I however the Liao drops a few liters tears so become to lose
Toward my commitment of mirror sooner or later I will change this face should to smiling face
Don't calculate what love wrong love wrong
Admit mistake earlier earlier set free

I am lonesome very by this time who all since departure comfort embrace
Make my a person go to a pain to can not stand to harm to go crazy quickly
Dead not O.K.
I am lonesome good you are true of need not come to my recollection inside to smile
I don't believe that I will be stupid to arrive unforgettable depend on not to put
The person is original lonesomely borrow come of should still drop
My head quarter quits you

Or originally that you are that I dream you and change by myself what
Again many of love also useless everybody has everybody's obstacle cause and effect
Will have what have nothing at all
See through to just see earlier of see later

I am lonesome very by this time who all since departure comfort embrace
Make my a person go to a pain to can not stand to harm to go crazy quickly
Dead not O.K.
I am lonesome good you are true of need not come to my recollection inside to smile
I don't believe that I will be stupid to arrive unforgettable depend on not to put
The person is originally lonesome of my head quarter quit you

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Market Position


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Shakespeare says

The Shakespeare says:This is a problem
The friend sends letter the time that the interest comes over and has already led 12:00.She calls me to have fun to KTV of the sun city cabaret.I incredibly also went.Entered reserved box, in addition to friend and another MM, others I am incognizant.Some male, some females, embrace to together flutter.I suddenly feel to have a little not to adapt to.There is beer, fruit on the table, seafood, there is also straw, certainly use to absorb K powder.I don't know that the K powder isexactly what things, but I make sure to touch.A female comes over to ask me to want to come to 1:00, I the head shake the elephant stir wave drum, he says, not come not divertive at 1:00.My meat didn't smile skin to smile once and used a stiff smiling face and returned extremely once.Hence the stand sits on the sofa and looking at the happiness that they rises Teng at 1.1:00.But I, a smoke enough.

Once those woman's 1 times all over the place come over to invite me to dance, I refuse by smile.Original I am always a focus that person of good at dancing can become ballroom, Be just now, music not to, person not to, the atmosphere isn't right.I the composition that likes pure dancing, doesn't like to have pronographpy.I say to the friend, Be getting older, can not keep up with ages.In fact, all of these some some male females are nearly 18 young girls, young mans.Don't know when, play the most crazily of, is the person of these middle classes.The age belongs to medium produce, the economy also ascended in produce, but the thought wants to run before than the young man.

Small young, at most go to POP and do dancing, go to Jia happy the Di sing, again excessive, also just take out to pay smoke, again have no economic ability to indulge.But these people, have already ordered money, have already ordered carefree, hence have already ordered Yin desire, have already ordered crazy rashness.No serious mistakes committed, like and then go, happy go.Be like a person the Hong sways to say after of" the woman at least sleeps more than five men from cradle to the grave"..Probably the greed is the mankind's true temperament, probably need not make a fuss over minor things.But man, 10, 20, 30, beat generally and ascend the crest is not.

Lead a happy-go-lucky life, voice color dog horse.Who didn't need to be pretended self-contained, who didn't need to be despised as well who, so of night color Wen Zhou, show the most original essence.A words, happy good, like good.

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Remember an afternoon

Remember an afternoon of years and years ago, I and Hang the company start to chat to break up of topic, I squint Jing to stare at the sharp point of the tallest the lightning rod of clock building in the school to say:We break up later don't definitely contact again, be have never known, never at each other of once appeared in world, all of the memory is all keys of En DELETE, then pure empty recall station, then order an assurance, OVER.He simultaneously pull me to walk toward proper way, part elaborating of absence of mind I, all listen to you.That good, come, toward lightning rod hair Shi first, why want to toward it to swear.Stupid, who want not to keep promise to split Bai for thunderclap in the sky.

Graduate, two sides' loving isn't each to the lovers all test lived by must of, he is going to develop his business in Shanghai, I stay at Zheng Zhou does a dry Lao to protect to accept of work, my persuasion not he comes back his invitation motionless I past.Two people so foreign land wear quarrel to neglect unfamiliar, a few telephones of hours from the first in a day later several a weeks of message, quarrel from the first later exhausted, the love seems to be really to walk to end.Two people forever all in the favour.The all having no time of the favour has regard for each other of demand and feeling, favour of various past fine recall all drive years pound at in a great mess.Those once walked together of order intravenous drop drop seem to really be like a sand filter along with time is less and less.

The words of breaking up say of also not is once two, malicious words definitely cut off of the words was also a simple meal while fighting before, just this time we all ambiguously know, before all just practice, was a true true war this time, mercilessly give a bite is regarded as the dry bread of lunch by me, I hair message give he, break up this time, probably a person have to be more more a little bit happy than two people.He returns:I once promised you of any time your hair message say that break up I want and at that time to jump out opposed.I started tears, if you have to obey you once vowed, that changed you to say that sentence, our asseveration inside never he broke up this to say on his own initiative, so also had no I wanted jumped out to oppose this to say, so don't disobey asseveration on the whole.He is silent for a long time for a long time, finally say, can so, I not want to break up to all want a so twists about 70% discount to finally turn a turn and return to order at first each time, I malicious bottom heart, so, we are all getting more tired too much.He finally says that that is all right, we breaks up, I finally tears such as rain rain and shiver to begin to point En a bottom:I agree.Then send out, from now on, this man became my past tense, from now on my loving, anger, saddness, and happiness, my birthday, my belly is painful, my a person works overtime the road of walking the night in the evening of frightened, I can not sleep to feel to suffer from insomnia at the midnight, even I ascended bus but discover to have no small change of embarrassed ……the all theses all had nothing to do with him.I finally cannot help but losing a voice to cry bitterly.

In the evening, I start cleaning up concerning his thing in the home, all.I despise those a brokenhearted will kill a not live person, I am just different from them, I want to invigorate, I loudly of tell myself, in this world man 10,0<0,000, this doesn't go us again change.I keep in mind 1, I finally broke up, I broke up the mood of good excitement to start to be pure for the first time empty, he sent of all of the thing throw garbage can, his telephone his Q his MSN his mailbox all delete, thought to be such an I four in the last yearses wanted to read to lead long to hang every day of the man says that break up and then break up, right away will the arch hand send to the another woman, I more think it's more suffered, more want to more discommode.The Hua Hua that the photograph tores rings.The garbage filled up quite a few bag.

On the second day, ice-packing the along while very swollen eyes strong dozen the spirit go to work, going to work high peak the person is especially many, I drive crowded of the east pour west slanting, suddenly think of a Hang company, before together each time handed over by Mr., he will flow me and the crowded person to partition with the arm.Just know now that that bosom embraces have much considerate, my eyes start to be very puckery and cross the street and lower the head to attend to walk a quilt police to block:The young lady leads again while pleasing green light, my nose starts delivering sour, past every time alone he will shout a sentence before going out, the green light goes red light to stop, because I cross the street to never see traffic lights.Arrive companies to open a computer, the table's top is what he chooses for me and enter mailbox, the password is what he establishes for me and take cup to drink water, the cup is what he sends and up still have two of uses' big head sticks and really treats not to descend to go, touching sufferedly cry out right away, ask for leave, go shopping, have a words how say of come, the shopping is a best placebo for woman, ha ha, there is a market celebrating in the store, in at the right moment have I most liked to see some times all have no willing to give up sell of clothes.Say this time what must also buy, go in a to see, indeed as expected, 50% discount special discount, also give presents an article, two words don't say and take clothes payment to accept a walking of the gift beautiful Zi Zi person, can doorway, be I take out clothes to want to in the sun see a color.Store inside sometimes the reason color of light will have variety, but I suddenly cried, what I bought is the all-wool Shan in a gray.Man of, 185 numbers, the sleeves slightly grows V to get.But these belongs to a men, Hang company, because he likes to be gray, because he likes wool to wear in the Yu on the body, because his arm is slightly long, because he the sweater that like the V get.My once thinking to break up is a person to say that break up, another person said it's all right, then break up, originally not yes.Four in the last yearses of we each other already at each other of engrave in ignoramus in the life under too many traces, those are used to those dependence being not 1 to break up and then can change.I use high-heeled shoes to mercilessly kick the garbage can of flank, how do, I am still thinking him, can I have already broken up with him.

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physical life

My husband and I had been ruminating for quite some time about wanting to live a less cluttered, more experience driven life, when we stumbled about minimalism. We love to travel and envision some day taking our children on months long travel adventures by using home exchange. Where we have been stuck is how to do this when we live in a very high cost of living area, Vancouver, Canada, and have lots of bills.

In September of 2010, inspired by several bloggers such as, we decided to simplify our home. While we only live in 1100 square feet, a small space for most North Americans, we had developed closets full of clutter. Day one started with me sending 75% of my wardrobe for donation or consignment. It felt great and I haven’t looked back.

We have documented our journey at my blog and were surprised at the response from friends and family. While there have been naysayers there have also been many people inspired to clean out there closets and homes. One of our challenges is that we have a young son and have been told children need a lot of things. We are finding that this just isn’t true. Children need engaged parents with time for them – not toys.

One of our big goals is to work less and have more time for each other. With this in mind we have consciously been reducing, rather than expanding, our lifestyle. No cable, no newspaper and lots of trips to the library. Our biggest focus is paying off debt and we are almost there. With hard work and a bit of luck we have paid off $16,000 in student loans and over $30,000 in other debt in less than a year. It feels amazing.

My advice to other families is that it is possible to live with less and you will enjoy your life more. Ignore your neighbours and those that tell you your children need television and the latest gadgets and toys. They don’t. They just need you.

We should become friends with those persons of contents who can finish kind wes' moral qualities and raise oneself accomplishment, enrich you.Become friends with those happies, can enjoy life, live contentedly as a poor scholar of friend.

The real happiness is the happiness that the heart works properly in the life, it sometimes not necessarily so has close contact with outside physical life.The strength of real happiness, the abundance from mind, comes from 1 kind to bring up and come from to ideal of imagine, also come from and learning by exchanging views of good friend's good friend and exchanges.

Each adult has him the honour and secret pain that livings to in the clout, the real good friend doesn't want to easily touch his secret pain.

The person all was using addition while being young living, but arrive certain layer, learn to use subtraction to live.You of mind if is been full by the income heap, finally will be more tired than.

Choose a friend, be choose to choose a kind of life style.Oneself's moral culture's cultivating mental poise is the premise that hands over a good friend and equaled to open the most friendly world for oneself.Can make own life had brilliance.

A personal life ambition goes to a pass importance, decide his life development direction.

See today, a hair exhibition usually not lie in ultimate end ideal have Gao much far, but lie in in the moment having a what kind of point of departure.We usually have no lack of great diagram Wei ambition, but the want for lead to that wishes step by step the backlog gets up of practical road.

The successful occupation isn't necessarily the ideal in your heart.

A person to knew a way while working what is a rite honesty and honor is also want to have stipulation to himself or herself, the heart had an uncompromisingly being of the firmness person standard, want in the meantime to society useful, work for society.

The ideal way is to store the resources of mind happiness for us at 1:00.

Wanting to learn to melt limited knowledge will master and integrate into own life.Want Be learning and thinking, simultaneously apply.

The growth is a heart and pursues in the experience and training gradually strong, the returning of so-called life becomes the endocentric strength to the outside thing.

The price value system that only builds up oneself's heart then can become pressure vital tension.

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A lot of friends will ask, average line and stock price's undulating together is fact, did that see the future direction that the average line don't know stock price?Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketingThat please ask, does everyone know where advantage and irregularity of average line are?

The advantage of average line BE-big wave band up, average line can the movement direction of objective reaction stock price.

The irregularity of average line BE-1, Zhi after sex;2, the short line grow antinomy between line average lines;3,Hong Kong ba marketing dish the average line signal again and again come amiss in the middle of the whole stage!

(1),Sex after the Zhi:

Don't think that the average line is all-powerful, Hong Kong MPhilall of any average lines are just fluctuant after the stock price exercises.So after all average lines certain Zhi the motion of stock price is not likely to appear stock price to soar, the circumstance of average line slump, so the average line is in the big dish sees a crest or sees bottom a period of time after would hint, this is the reason that the right side bargain appears, these investors see sport of average line, Hong Kong Business Administration in marketingnature will Zhi after do judgment at the market crest, bottom.

(2),The short line grows antinomy between line average lines;

Average line reflection of is a market in an investor in stage average cost.But be the short-term average line dead fork, over a long period of time the average line possible gold fork.For example this week five, on the 60th average line gold fork year line, but the average line dies on the 20th fork on the 60th average line and year line.Are you a short line to sell?Or centerline buying?This time average line can't tell you how should do,Hong Kong undergraduate degree programme decided how to do still yourself.This is the proper inside antinomy of the technique index sign method, the technique index sign analytical method has ten to greatly flow a parties, but these ten greatly flow a parties every day at take place self-contradictory of conclusion, do you listen to whose?The antinomy of this kind of internal system is to cause decade, more and more the old people start reducing to use that system of mainly original jigenix eigelkomge llogejksjgei

There are many methods to bypass DRM control on audio and video content.

One simple method to bypass DRM on audio files is to burn the content to an audio CD and then rip it into DRM-free files. This is only possible when the software that plays these DRM-restricted audio files allows CD-burning. Some software products simplify and automate this burn-rip process by allowing the user to burn music toPolytechnic management and marketing a CD-RW disc or to a Virtual CD-R drive, then automatically ripping and encoding the music, and automatically repeating this process until all selected music has been converted, rather than forcing the user to do this one CD (7280 minutes worth of music) at a time.

Many software programs have been developed that intercept the data stream as it is decrypted out of the DRM-restricted file, and then use this data to construct a DRM-free file. These programs require a decryption key. Programs that do this for DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs include universal decryption keys in the software itself. Programs that do this for TiVo ToGo recordings, iTunes audio, and PlaysForSure songs, however,Hong Kong management and marketing rely on the user’s own key that is, they can only process content that the user has legally acquired under his or her own account.

Another method is to use software to record the signals being sent through the audio or video cards, or to plug analog recording devices into the analog outputs of the media player. These techniques utilize the so-called “analog hole”

At very early of time, Lee climbed and then once saided the average line relationship with stock price call inseparable.The stock price is an essence, the average line is a shadow!The stock price moves, the average line just moves.Hong Kong PhDThrough often heard someone say:Because the average line system didn't walk well, so the stock price absolutely isn't likely to soar!This sentence 100% is wrong, knowing on listenning to that these people connect an average line is how compute all don't know!


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eat anything

"Tea contains tannic acid and theophylline, two substances will affect the human body to digest food." In an interview with "Life Times" reporter, pharmaceutical researcher, said human gastric and intestinal fluid is essential for digestion of food , may when the tannic acid into the gastrointestinal tract, it will inhibit their secretion, leading to indigestion. In addition, the tannic acid will be with the meat, eggs, soy, dairy products and other foods have solidified the role of the protein to form tannin easily digested protein coagulum.

Need to remind that, if the food we eat which contain metals such as iron, magnesium, tannic acid may also react with them, over many years may form stones.

In addition, acidic acid, and alkaline tea, tea immediately after a meal, theophylline not only inhibit gastric acid secretion, but also dilute the acid, affecting the secretion of gastric acid in the protease, thus affecting the digestion. For experiments also showed that 15 grams of tea after dinner drink of tea brewing, make the amount of food iron absorption by 50%. The higher the concentration of tea, the greater the harm to the body.

Go to a restaurant in the food on the table, people also forget to have a cup of tea. Li Zhu warned that at best a small cup of tea before meals. If you drink, chrysanthemum tea, weak tea should be, but remember not to drink tea during a meal, which is more prone to indigestion.

Do not eat fruit after a meal

Meal to eat fruit, like many people love, but this is a wrong lifestyle. Because a single carbohydrate-rich fruits, they are usually absorbed in the small intestine. The fruit after a meal is the food blockade in the stomach, one, affecting the digestion of food, the second is to stay too long, then it will ferment sugars caused bloating, diarrhea or excess stomach acid, constipation and other symptoms.

Also, eat fish, shrimp should not eat immediately after the grapes and other acidic fruits, because fish, shrimp and other substances containing high protein and calcium, and soon the fruit contains tannin with fresh, easy to form a non-digestible substances, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

Best to eat fruit after a meal 2 to 3 hours or 1 hour before meals. If you eat Sausages cooked food, eat some oranges, lemons are good for, because some of cooked food products containing sodium nitrite as a preservative, and orange and so rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the synthesis of sodium nitrite, beneficial to health.

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Accounting Service

Rikvin also discussed the following accounting services that has been perfected by extensive experience, thorough knowledge,company formation meticulous process and a proactive client focused approach.
• Bookkeeping
• GST Registration and Filing
• Payroll Service
• Personal Income Tax Service
• Account Payable Services such as issuance of sales invoice and payment vouchers
• Statutory Compliance Services
• ECI Submission
• Statutory Compliance Service
• Accounts Audit Service
• Corporate Tax Return Service
• Tax Planning
• Software Services
• Accounting software implementation and training

Rikvin said in conclusion thatsingapore company formationthey work towards being a competent business partner for their clients by offering them customized services that efficiently address their specific requirements.

About the Publisher:

Rikvin has successfully provided foreign and local entrepreneurs assistance to register a Singapore company. The firm provides a complete corporate solution under one roof for which includes assistance to Start a Singapore Company, with the opening of corporate accounts, business registration including Singapore Accounting Service, tax, immigration related to work passes visa and compliance services in Singapore. The firm has also helped encourage foreigners to register a Singapore company.

New research, conducted by YouGov, suggests that although many people want to go it alone, confidence in the economic recovery remains low, with 49% of those polled saying that now is a worse time to set up a newoffshore company formation business than 12 months ago.

The survey, commissioned by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks financial management software, found that half of Brits (49%) think the UK is an entrepreneurial country.

More than a third (34%) of Brits want to, or have already started their own business, up from 32% last year. However, the economic recovery is denting their entrepreneurial confidence. When those who want to set up their own virtual officebusiness were asked whether they plan to set one up in the next year, only 12% agreed, this is down from 18% in 2009.

Why do people start up new ventures?

The research asked those that have either set up their own business, or intend to, what the reasons were for doing so. The results were very closely aligned with the top being they ‘want to be their own boss’ (58%). This was closely followed by ‘reap all rewards of my own hard work’ (54%) and ‘I want to make more money’ (43%). More men want to set up their own business than woman with only 22% of women saying they want to set up their own business compared to 31% of men.

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