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Though some people complain

There are some things too awful to discuss even with good friends, for me it was my husband's utterly disgusting and smelly sports bag, really not a great conversation piece over lunch. But here's the thing, one good blast from the steamer and it smells of nothing, absolutely nothing at all and it stays that way until the next time kit or trainers get left in it for a while.

It's the same with drapes in food or dining areas. Can't quite rid the room of that very garlicky Bolognese sauce? The chances are the odours are held in any soft fabrics or the drapes. Well you could get them down and washed or professionally cleaned each time, or you could fill a hand steamer, wait two minutes, three if the water is freezing and you're good to go shoot those odours right out of the room.

These have a good many advantages over the full sized room steamers - which are great to do a whole kitchen floor or wet room. But they take some setting up and time to heat enough to get the steam hot enough and these big ones are heavy to cart around.

Handheld steamers offer steaming in about three minutes from deciding you're going to do it and provided the water from the faucet isn't too cold, less time than that. Though they only hold about 7 fluid ounces of water, you get about 10 minutes steam from each refill - plenty to do a medium bathroom.

The steam gets very hot making it to all intents quite dry when in use, a real advantage if you sanitize mattresses and pillows. Though some people complain that the tank is too small for them, any bigger and they would become too heavy for easy use.

They all come with attachments, though some offer more than others and with some brands spares are offered as well. Good advice is to opt for one with an extended hose. The longer hose attachment is perfect for stretching into the back of the oven so you don't have to practically climb in as well, and it works great to get up to ceilings and the top of drapes.

The first time you use any kind of steamer you can be disappointed at how much muck seems to get left behind. Well, the steam will have loosened far more grime than has been shifted at the first time of use so with really messy things like grout or ovens, give them another clean later on and be prepared to be amazed when you find out what color the grout actually is.  

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