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Serious shortage

Serious shortage of polysilicon, solar energy market 06 years will not shine brilliantly

Investment Banks Piper Jaffray Inc. Jesse Pichel warned analysts, in the recent growth of made gratifying in 2006 after the solar energy market will probably lose luster, and solar panels, equipment and material supplier will "go to the wall."solar panel dab4c51ck Jesse Pichel says, this is mainly attributed to the serious shortage of polysilicon supply, this is the production of solar cell is one of key materials.

Solar panels demand has been strong, supplier "to sell all products made by now." Piper Jaffray according to the report of the company by Germany, Japan and the United States to promote strong market demand, in 2005 is expected to global solar module market sales reached $5.3 billion, more than 2004 dollars in 4 billion. The market for 2010 is expected to reach us $12 billion by.

From the global solar cells generating capacity to see, expect 2005 solar module market has reached 1638 megawatts (mw), a 30% increase over 2004 ~ 35%. But in 2006, the rate of growth of market is expected to decline, and the general generating capacity of 1680 megawatts (mw) about, only a 5% increase over 2005.

Later, with the gradual improvement of the polysilicon production capacity, is expected to the solar energy industry will accelerate growth, wholesale baby shoes ogkewe25dwe the earliest possible were restored in 2007 fast growth. Expect 2007 solar module market growth rate to 15% from 20% to.

Pichel think overall, promote the growth of the solar energy industry will be the commercial market, its large application will include "wal-mart, enterprise and school-and not sporadic residential market."

Pichel said: "we still think this industry will go to the wall in 2006." The solar energy industry is still rely on government subsidies, and its price is the traditional twice the power grid. Solar cells per watt about 3.25 to us $3.50 price, the prices are expected to fall gradually. Pichel said: "with the development of technology and cost reduction, we believe that by 2010, for most applications, and no government subsidies than traditional power grid,personal computer remote the solar energy will reflect price competitive advantage."   

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Lighting lamps accessories

Illuminated by a light source, lamp and accessories. Lighting can be divided into two types of decorative lamps and lights.

Lighting lamps
Decorative lamp decoration by the components and lighting assembly,T8 LED lamp in addition to appropriate to consider the lighting efficiency and prevent glare and other requirements, mainly to the beautiful shape to meet the needs of architectural art.

Functional lighting effect is : redistribution of light source luminous flux, to improve the efficiency of light utilization and avoid the glare of light, creating suitable environment. In the wet, corrosive, explosive, flammable environment in the use of special lighting, the lampshade is isolating protective effect.

Types of lighting by the use of a place divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting two class.
The indoor lighting. Usually in the total flux in the space of the upper hemisphere and a lower hemisphere distribution ratio classification. International Commission on illumination suggests accordingly: the lighting is divided into direct, a direct, evenly spread, indirect, indirect five. The table below is a different type of lamp light distribution and lighting:

Lighting lamps
The outdoor lighting. Mainly floodlights. Health Supplement dcb4a51kk The floodlight is also called light projector, is the use of the mirror, mirror and the light transmission grid is bound in a small solid angle and become a strong light source. Commonly used in large-scale building nightscape lighting.  

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One year old baby is unknown

In April 29th 8, received a report of the District Public Security Bureau leadership, City Public Security Bureau relevant departments have rushed to the scene of the crime. In case of bad character, city,Yun Zhi district two leadership requires fast detection fast break, timely elimination of social influence. Branch Bureau, political commissar Chen Yi Shi Lei of deputy director general bureau and departments responsible person at the scene command reconnaissance work. The huge project group is divided into several groups, a clear division of labor, each doing his own job, in addition to quickly break through case, will go to all lengths to find the child.

Criminal investigation group of more than 10technicians in case surrounds the site for careful exploration, extraction of valuable evidence ... ...

The investigation group police around the victim and suspect social relations for diagnostic investigation,wholesale baby clothes suppliers access to various road monitoring information ... ...

Live search group police with three trained police dogs in the vicinity to carry out search and track, trying to find the child ... ...

The trial group police to suspect psychological policy, trying to open the suspect's psychological line of defense, to find a breakthrough ... ...

Village cadres, the families of the victims, the villagers have been launched, all joined the search for the child 's whereabouts.

With villagers, the first 10days, around villager home dog have been poisoning poisoning, including the victim's house dog, some villagers were suspected in the village to the event; and suspected criminals masked, gloves, that is likely to be taken by surprise, in order to prevent the victim identified. Therefore, substation leader asked to adjust the interrogation tactics, Liu is such-and-such and transferred to the unfamiliar environment to start trial, in any case to open his mouth, but also to increase the strength of other aspects of the investigation.

Sly Liu is such-and-such a conceited, the police question evade the crucial point, deliberately and police circles, in each key problem before choosing to avoid and silence, the passage of time so that the child's fate is more worrying, every hour, every minute, the police are in a race against time, one minute late, child the fate of an accident.

In 18, the police in the investigation to understand an important message: Liu wife Sue divorce him, in April 22nd the court notice Liu is such-and-such to get divorce, Liu is such-and-such didn't go, that day in the evening to use mobile phone messages wrote a letter to his wife. Thereafter, Liu is such-and-such had revealed to his ex-wife perish together ideas, relatives and friends urged him to waer sake, to enlighten him to abandon this idea.

The night before, Liu is such-and-such in a home in the village to drink, the heart is still able to calm hatred, once said to do something to make him remember regret things.

The police found through various relations, Liu is such-and-such ex-wife and daughter, asked her to teach Liu is such-and-such. In the face of his ex-wife, Liu is such-and-such openings that every word is" you have come too late!" Since then despite the police how to enlighten, Liu is such-and-such will no longer open.

City Bureau, bureau leader turns on Liu is such-and-such for interrogation, dinner to Liu is such-and-such arranged twice-cooked pork, beer and other food, constantly to lessen his burden, after more than 10 hours of battle, baby shoes wholesaleLiu is such-and-such finally confessed, case he is doing, as the child's whereabouts he always adhere to wait until the very next day morning. Police interrogation and how to enlighten, Liu is such-and-such nothing, start to sleep.  

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