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Happiness is life out of a flower


A child, I dreamed of becoming a painter, one will be free to begin to paint. My father to see me so obsessed with painting the door, then lead me to visit an old painter. The old painter, after seeing my paintings and asked: "Child, why did you paint it to learn?"

"I want to be a painter." I said.

"But not every school painters were eventually able to become a painter." Reminded me of the old painter, said: "My child, you are painting, I feel happy?"

"Happy." I replied.

"There is enough fun!"

Older artists also told me that the world has two kinds of flowers, a flower can be the result, a flower can not be the result, not the result of the flower is more beautiful, such as roses, tulips As another example, they are never the result because they can not give up its bloom the joy and beauty. People are like a flower, there is one people can result, career success, but there is a can not result, his life has not made any contribution, but only an ordinary person. However, as long as the hearts of ordinary people are happy, his face a smile, still, like roses and tulips, as you can get people's admiration and affection. Before leaving, the old artist patted my shoulder, encouraging me, said: "My child, do a happy person bar. Because there is happiness there is happiness in life, there is a happy life, there is sunshine."

Now, I still maintain the habit of painting, but the goal is no longer in order to become a painter, but in the process of painting to appreciate and enjoy the happiness of life. As the old painter said, there is happiness enough, there is joy there is happiness in life, there is joy there is life in the sun.


Spring, I see a girl Tens, she holding a stick, stick one end of the line with a beautiful red silk, red silk thread in the window are inundated with light. I asked the little girl doing a little girl, said she was to catch butterflies. I asked, how could not hook it to catch the butterflies? The little girl said that she was not in the body to catch a butterfly, but to catch a butterfly of happiness.

The little girl, then reminds me of a friend. He love fishing, going out early in the morning every day, when evening came back. Time, he's creel empty Lin Hui, a fish did not, but he still sang happily along. Others did not understand: "You have waited a day, also did not wait to hook a fish, how has this happy?" He replied: "Fish do not bite my hook that is it, and I have to catch up for a day happiness! "

It turned out that the genuine sports fishermen, the best to which the fish is happy.

"The sky without leaving traces of the birds, but I have flown." Phrase poem I read very early on, then, I only think that this poem is beautiful, but do not know where the United States. Since the friend I found, read and understand the truth of this poetic beauty and meaning: the purpose of flying is not to leave marks, but to enjoy flying in to enjoy freedom and happiness.

Similarly, life would not have been happy to leave our mark, but as long as we are happy too, which is sufficient, because for life, the best the fish are happy!


Recently, I read a paper on the information in Iceland: Iceland in the cold North Atlantic, about 13% of the land of snow-covered, but also the world's one of the largest active volcano, called "dire straits"! Winter is a long night, 20 hours a day, night, described as "dark"! However, the mortality rate in Iceland is located at the end of the world life expectancy ranking in the world.

Live in such harsh conditions, Icelanders, why mortality rates in the world while the average life expectancy of the end of the world's first living in it?

With this doubt, the United States an organization called the Gallup poll, for the residents of 18 countries in the world did a sample survey showed that residents of Iceland is the world's happiest people. Of the 270,000 Icelanders take the test, 82% of people are satisfied with their lives.

It turned out that Icelanders longevity is the secret of happiness. Happy is the best medicine, joy of life out of a flower, it can not only slow down the aging of our physiology, but also allow us to fan through the window of heart happy that, in the face of adversity, is still to see the world the beauty and sun.   

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So by your joke

So by your joke

"In order to solve the problem of illegal immigrants, Congress has just approved the adoption of a bill, which proposed that the 2,000-mile US-Mexican border to build a 700-mile-long wall. You see, this is so that the consequences of President Bush's do the math ... ... Since the Bush's eight-nation summit meeting, said swearing in this matter was exposed after buffeting, many people think that being offended, to be honest, do you think

To be offended, it? But I think George W. Bush to eat butter pretzel-eating phase really offended people do ... ... "

This is a normal night, 11:30, the United States NBC called "Late Late Show" television program, a long chin man, again in Bush's mockery began his talk show once a day.

This is almost always full every night, a few "Bush jokes," the show host, called Jay Leno. Of course, he is not the only one talking, "Bush jokes," the TV host, a few other best-known talk show host, for example, DaivdLetterman, Connon O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, every day is also non-stop ridicule Bush. In the United States, "talk show" boundary mixed, disregard Bush jokes, just to run for Miss World but refused to wear a swimsuit, as impossible to win hearts and minds.

If I were the President of the United States, it may not dare to turn on the TV. So many large and small programs, all day long kidding themselves. Casually open a station, cursing his own. For a station, but also criticize their own. Find another station, or criticize their own.

Not only can not watch television, magazines, newspapers did not dare at random. Today's press conference made a grammatical error, three years after the newspaper cartoons was still saying this. Tomorrow's opinion polls had fallen by two percentage points, and the day after tomorrow to gloat over the entire media in Xiaqi Hong.

Just do not watch television newspapers, people may laugh at you went to your house. In April of this year's White House press conference, the talk-show host Stephen Colbert as one of the representatives to speak, just pointed the nose makes a mockery of Bush's nearly half an hour. He said, "is said to minimize the least government is the control of government, according to this argument, we are the United States has helped Iraq

Lack establish the best government. "He added," Mr. President, now that your newspaper's support rate was 32%, do not reason with those old people who said that half-empty bottle, in fact, where the bottle is half empty, one-third The two are empty. "

How can Bush do? Can not send him to grasp them, can not say that others "too simple, sometimes naive," and only sat in the audience to follow other people giggle, was broken tooth had to feelings inside.

With regard to Bush's jokes, can be divided into several categories, one category is laughed at his intelligence and cultural standards. For example, DavidLetterman joke, "the White House today, good news came that President Bush has passed the annual physical examination. No

Been present, the brain, inspection, no news. "One is criticizing his foreign policy, especially Iraq policy. For example, or a David Letterman joke," earlier this week, Bush quietly sneaked into Iraq to visit, but I say , or else we are quietly hidden how out of Iraq like? "There are a category is accused his domestic policies, such as calling him the face of Katrina

Hurricane, the reaction is too slow. Conan O'Brien's joke, "Today is the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, but also President George W. Bush found that the half-anniversary of the hurricane." Even a class of jokes, ridicule his private life completely, "Laura ? George W. Bush this weekend together, held a meeting with Clinton. Bush said that he was no opinion, then we wait and see, etc.

Her anti-wear skirts, flustered to come back to see if Bush will not feel that way. "

Faced with this overwhelming Kaishuan, if we say what could be encouraging that President Bush is that he is not the only ridicule politicians. Clinton, Gore, Cheney, Kerry ... ... also from time to time by various media Eurya out of boiling oil deep-fried. George W. Bush is gas, however, they can look at others, especially how a dig at his rival, but also be out of a Wu Qi.

Should be according to our Chinese people's way of thinking, a great and proud country heads all day long by a gang of actors brought Kaishuan when Sister Furong, even the wife and kids were let go, Whatever next? This world is not hell broke loose. In fact, those who said this he turned to see the United States, actors have all day to take politicians Kaishuan, days did not fall down, do not fall into the trap to go, George W. Bush from 2000 to 2004 was laugh

If the four years to a time when the presidential election, or still up to the election. Released into monsters and freaks, in fact, is not so terrible thing. Marketplace of ideas, there is a wide variety of extreme voices, but as long as no state machinery of repression, or incitement, the views of ordinary people will always be some swing through and return to moderation. On the contrary, the monsters and freaks the box tightly shut to prevent

Breathable, like a constant temperature of public opinion but did not like the outlet of the pressure cooker, slowly gather more dangerous pressure.

On the other hand, the "actors are" on the politicians had done against ridicule of sensationalism is not necessarily tell the truth, there are commercial grandstanding needs. Who is not a joke jokes politicians, the people would love to read this. You have more power than others, big, earn more than others, wherever there are people Qianhuhouyong, there are countless small intern with you gallant, without compromising who you are hurt.

Later, I gradually figured out a reason, an open society and not an open society, one of the biggest differences is that politicians, as well as the general public figures, is not enough "thick-skinned." From the perspective of ordinary people, I certainly hope that is very thick-skinned politicians. There is not a joke to listen to the benefits of say, the key is, in a pointed nose and scolded the president will not be in prison society, ordinary people will have a greater sense of security, but security is a basic human need one. I read these two days of "big Ming Dynasty Chronicle", which have the details, saying that Ms. Xu Dadi Zhang with the emperor's wife, Ma Shunzui said one sentence: "are all over the poor, and my family can now not as good as your home" . These words were the emperor heard, agitated, sent to Chang to kill. This is something I think the emperor that person is clearly not enough thick-skinned. Has been so little to sour look, put people to cut down. He wanted a little thick-skinned, would mean a head - in fact, and so on will be a lot less head - floor. So, as an ordinary person, if I choose to live in the Ming Dynasty and today, I rushed into the latter a sudden big stride forward, and stubbornly refused to let go always has frames.   

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Life may be a curve

Life may be a curve persimmon
Let me talk about the first person.

His name is Zhang Chaonan, rural teachers, simple and honest and a typical mountain guy. He has a lot of stories you can let the party who will always remember him, in order to be able to successfully twenty-some students go to school, he sold all the possessions, living in the school, struggling to sustain only a few villages school. As a very poor and remote mountainous areas of the private teacher, his salary is not only pathetic, but has been for many years in arrears, and he even into the house no. Flash floods each year up the season, he must personally pick the village students in a dangerous location, he was carrying the students wading through a river. released Slumdog His deeds have been to newspapers, can be apart from getting a little fame outside for him, for his school, did not bring about the slightest change.

Until the outbreak was the largest mud-rock flow field. On that occasion, Zhang Chaonan at the edge of life and death away numerous times, rescued 21 students, but in the end there is one child was mudslide engulfed their lives. Zi Yuan,It is stipulated he self-blame can not be the face of the blossoming life in front of its imminent demise. After that disaster, he gave up a teaching career and became a member of countless ordinary Montagnards.

Turning to the second person.

This person is called sharp. Renruqiming, he is definitely in that circle of everyone talking crazy person. He was a bodyguard, who spent most of his high-priced hired at ease. His skill, 10 professionally trained Tahan not an opponent, he was ruthless, without leniency. hawthorn

Although he has had too many moments of life and death hanging in the balance, but he treated these as an incentive. Among the years how much money he earned in the end, no one calculated so clear. However, there are a further stimulus ended, he finally due to Yurenbushu, in the desperate to protect a major drug trafficker, the police captured alive. At the end of the myth is a whinny life in prison.

There is one person.

This is an entrepreneur, called the closure level, half a century began business, he will be in a few years developed into a large group of small facade, so that many industry people and journalists scared to Heaven. Surprising that he turned out to be single, I do not know the loss of their loved ones, or a lifelong bachelor. Only in his desk, stood a little girl photos. cucumber

However, the sealing flat overnight, sold all his shares in the group, even those astronomical amount of property, he donated all out, but suddenly disappeared into people's attention, even those who dug News reporter pervasive He also traces of Xunbu Dao, just as he had never appeared before, brilliant too.

Zhang Chaonan, sharp, Feng-ping, three individuals, three kinds of life, as if from three different times, they shocked many people.

Now, then finish the story of these three individuals.

Zhang Chaonan inappropriate teacher later, but still misses the mountains and children, for their educational problems. Finally, he decided to go to town to work in the mountains like Duozhengxieqian to change the educational status quo. But the town soon after he found difficult to make money, while the simple lure of money, he slowly due to deviate from the track of life and started making money quickly, and desperately in order. As a result, fierce bodyguards appeared. Into a sharp, he was more and more of the income-generating livelihoods, and each time want to recover the hand, they all think do it again, and finally behind bars. 10 years after serving his sentence, he was released from prison, due to too many big bosses worked as bodyguards, experienced the incident, and nobody can be, and he began his career in the shopping malls. A few years later, entrepreneurs turned out to seal level. His current body back in time, all these years, he donated his profits from being built the number of the desired primary schools, only he knows. Today, he is a distant mountain, in the hope of a new elementary school, doing slow bell person. In his residence on the table are still arrayed pictures of the little girl, that girl, that is, in that mud-rock flow in the passing away of students.

Not forget the original intention, timely repentance, they never late. Perhaps, more often, life out of is a curve, end point back to the starting point of life is the most successful bar.
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