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haired package brand

2011 - ping camp haired package brand tough plant also affected if not burst quanta downsizing ( Research In RIM Motion ) launched by the PlayBook production line, announced layoffs of 1000 employees, as well as Inventec is mainly in the production of HP tablet computer main section, the outside is afraid very difficult understanding of Ping camp system faces dilemma of how difficult.
HP announced on August that the resolution of PC business and stop the tablet computer, mobile phone shipment news attracted global attention, its invest heavily obtained by webOS failed, HP was originally for flat panel computer war quite confident, ran in the first webOS tablet computer listed only 2 months later, as I don't immediately made to suspend the introduction of webOS mobile phone and the flat computer devices such as news, toshiba tabletalthough not a member of HP Android army, but even the PC leading to apple for the white flag of surrender, suddenly hit a ping camp confidence.

And HP to cancel the webOS tablet computer program, also let NB OEM in October suddenly announced cuts to HP tablet computer mainly related departments, the labor dispute caused great concern to society.

In addition, quanta at the end of 2010 received PlayBook alone, should the customer request specially made" salmon return home" slogan, in Linkou production line set upacer tabletbut PlayBook sales than expected, even under the revised quantity, also let quanta have to choose from 1000 employees and.

Adopt the Andorid operating system RIM and HP to failure for closed, joint effects of OEM and components supply chain, a generation of industry said that, except for the apple iPad OEM factory hung overseas, now will be flat computer as a box office poison, do desperate, only Samsung ASUS, break through 1 million, non Ping camp products for components and a foundry, as long as they do not lose it amitabha.

Playbook and webOS failed, samsung galaxy but also highlighted the Apple operating system platform to compete with rivals, now only Google Android and Microsoft Windows.  

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CAN-SPAM commitment

Since 2003 CAN-SPAM bill approved for each violation per letter of individual recipient family syndrome $11000 in fines, many American domestic commercial email marketing business using special software or service to determine reach the bill pledge.

A considerable number of existing old system does not guarantee that fit the bill for. In order to meet the business email act norms, general email marketing service: to require users to identify their return address, and includes a legal entity address ( IP address );Email Marketingit provides a subscription cancellation function; and the prohibition of import purchase to email addresses, because marketing business does not confer legal permission to deliver advertising letter.

In addition to meet the legal standard, marketing service providers to help customers to configure and manage their own e-mail marketing campaign. These services provide an e-mail version, subscribe and unsubscribe automatic processing,iPhone Application development and generate statistical data such as the number of letters were received to be opened, and whether the recipient click on any message link.  

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Friends and interests

Friends and interests of position
ShoutFlow is a campus of anonymous love letter social network LikeALittle another product. LikeALittle in July this year and received over $5000000 in investment, valued at more than $35000000. With its help students anonymous flirting and rise, now hope that through this ShoutFlow mobile phone application to build based on the adjacent position of the social ...
ShoutFlow is a campus of anonymous love letter social network LikeALittle another product. LikeALittle in July this year and received over $5000000 in investment, valued at more than $35000000. With its help students anonymous flirting and rise, now hope that through this ShoutFlow mobile phone application to build based on position adjacent the social graph.Mobile Application

ShoutFlow product function is mainly to help users to get to know more people around you. It is similar to the position in pattern based on elastic social / Stranger friends, at the same time these" stranger" identity and is a real social network, so it can relatively and effectively filtering out those who harbour evil designs. You know,Digital Marketing it is exposed to violent fans to name the elastic social pioneer ChatRoulette quickly by ordinary users to abandon.

Compared to other application concerns a stranger "encounter" or the random pairing, ShoutFlow attaches more importance to do a" friend " engine, it hopes to find friendship DNA ( Friend DNA Service ), to help users better find themselves.

Although the vision and the slogan seems very great, ShoutFlow practices are still very common, through common interests, work and study experience, indirect social relations and similar location and other information to recommend friends ( such as the user information page below).

This approach not only conventional to Facebook, Linkedin and domestic micro-blog platform products have similar functions, but also has a plurality of the same type will dating features independent products, such as the Tokyo Tonchidot developed Android application Domo, the United States of America Washington Converge and California Hyphos Losangeles. From these aspects, ShoutFlow are largely re-inventing the wheel, the future of a confused.

However, if the product user experience four principles to measure ( carefully control the quality of content; focus on community authority; according to the user's characteristics to recommend and guide users; to make things simple), ShoutFlow and its kin and is a good product, it is known as " sexy program", have an appealing design, Plate Heat Exchangereasy to use and the user is familiar with characteristics, such as upload pictures, books, the latest band movie recommendation status updates. Although the Facebook has, but Facebook in the development of 7 years, had been due to the "platform" complex so impatient users were confused, they need more efficient and more convenient and less disturbance dating tools, so they will be ShoutFlow hardcore users.  

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small method

Effective recovery of vision of small method

1, distant gaze:
Find a quiet place 10 meters outside the grass or trees: Green due to a shorter wavelength, the image on the retina before, the eyes adjust to promote relaxation, ciliary muscle relaxation, relieve eye fatigue. Don't squint, not the blink of an eye, clearing the mind, concentrate on, be absorbed in at 25 seconds, identifying the contours of grass or leaves. Then the left hand is slightly higher than the 30 cm in front of the eyes, one by one to see the palm from a to Z, approximately 5 seconds. Read palm prints after staring afar grass or leaves for 25 seconds, and then read palm prints. 10 minutes repeated 20 times, a day to do three, decreased visual acuity. To increase the number of training.

In 2, crystal Gymnastics
The twinkling of an eye: Tuosai hands, according to eye on, down, left, right turn in the order of 10 times, then counter-clockwise, the clockwise rotation 10.

Looking for a 3 meters outside the scene ( such as: the calligraphy and painting on the wall and so on ), while his left hand from the eyes slightly high straight (about 30 cm ), see palm lines, see Qingyuan again, as fast in between the two moving your eyes, and from 20 to.

3, massage exercise
Take a seated or supine type can be, will naturally closed eyes, then massage on the acupoints around the eyes. Requirements of acupoints, manipulation of accurate gently, to local acid bilges feeling of. Knead the day should point : with both hands thumb gently Rouan day should be the point (the brows, eyes and the upper corner. )

Extrusion press point Jingming : with one hand thumb gently Rouan point Jingming ( nasal root next to two inner canthus place) to press down, and then pushed upward

Rub white point: with the index finger Rouan cheek Central Department of white point ( the inferior orbital rim median down one finger ).

According to the temple, scrape eyepits round : thumb push Temple ( the brow and the outside corner of the back of a middle transverse finger ), and then bent forefinger second section of the inner side light scraping orbital ring from inside to outside, - > - > - > outside, make the periorbital save bamboo fish waist, sizhukong, Tong Zi Liao, after the ball, bearing weep point by massage. The pseudo myopia, or prevention of myopia.  

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monitoring department

Ministry of environmental protection environmental monitoring department vice director Zhu Jianping
The PM2.5 data will allow the public to supervise real time release
Reporter: PM2.5 monitoring data will be published?
Zhu Jianping: we are planning, once the new pollution index ( PM2.5 and ozone ) began monitoring, and the formation of routine monitoring ability, will require all city to real-time release each point, each hour data, accept public supervision.
Reporter: next year in Tianjin key areas such as monitoring of PM2.5 and ozone, the implementation of difficult?
Zhu Jianping: technically, no difficulty, is part of the PM2.5 PM10, the monitoring principle and PM10 no difference. And the monitoring point is in determining the PM10 point at the same time to carry out, do not need to. We are in "925" before has been on the cloth to make the adjustment, as long as the original test PM10 point add a set of monitor PM2.5 equipment can, do not need another point, ozone monitoring of each city set up two points can be.
Reporter: what to do?
Zhu Jianping: I need to do now is to choose a PM2.5 method for the determination of. From a professional point of view, there are three ways, one is oscillating balance method, a beta ray method, there is a spectral method. These three kinds of methods can be used to measure the particle concentration, and are internationally recognized. Among them, oscillating balance method and beta ray method, our country in the monitoring of PM10 two methods are in use. At present, we are please China Environmental Monitoring Station on three kinds of methods are compared.
Reporter: at present the implementation of monitoring where the difficulties?
Zhu Jianping: the greatest problem is the financing problem. The timing is not right, because the 2012 budget has been basically finished, the need for additional budget, but each district can grasp the limited funds. Now PM2.5 a set of monitoring equipment, the most expensive 380000 Yuan, cheap 8 event cover. Preliminary estimates, 338 prefecture-level city 's total investment about 2000000000 yuan. The money is mainly used for PM2.5, ozone, carbon monoxide 3 monitoring equipment procurement.
Reporter: the public of the monitoring data and intuitive feelings have very big difference, is this why?
Zhu Jianping: this and monitoring indicators are relevant, because of the lack of some of the indexes of monitoring, so is not comprehensive evaluation. There are many kinds of pollutants in the air, the monitoring of all pollutants of course is the best, but to do so, can only choose to public bigger harm, in the air distribution more pollutant monitoring.
Reporter: Ministry of environmental protection has disclosed, individual parts of the environment quality of data instances of fraud, why can appear such circumstance?
Zhu Jianping: the local government to local environmental quality, but the improvement of environmental quality do need a process, but also needs a large number of investment. By the correct achievements view drive, individual place some leaders, not to focus on improving the quality of the environment, but on the improvement of environmental data, the individual situation is there, but only a few.  

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location of dietotherapy

Diet rectifying cleverly three white hair for location of dietotherapy
Modern social pressure, many people appeared white young. White has the different locations, suggesting that physical condition is different.

Gray -- irascibility exuberant
Each corresponding viscera reflection area is hepatobiliary, liver-gallbladder fire partial Sheng, bad-tempered or easy to sulk, often accompanied by dry mouth, mouth, tongue, the eye is acerb wait for a symptom.

Suitable crowd: the diet to light, can drink porridge, rose tea, hawthorn tea.
The forehead hair -- the spleen and stomach disorders

Bad stomach distention, abdominal pain, are often much gastric acid, mouth not thirsty, limbs without temperature, defecate is rare, may also be associated with bad breath, bulimia, or edema in the extremities, chills like warm, urine long or negative symptoms.
Yi: often drink ginger silk porridge relief.

The back of the head hair -- kidney-qi deficiency
Should eat more food: Invigorating the kidney, such as lamb, walnut, black beans, chestnuts, medlar, shouwu.

Hair many people, to maintain an optimistic, avoid excessive mental stimulation; in addition, we should overcome the partial eclipse and other bad habits, so that the nutrient balance in; usually is to massage the scalp, comb or horn comb the daily morning and evening each hair 1 times, every time 5 minutes, can promote blood circulation, improve the head nutrition supply.  

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important than you think

Baby hair, more important than you think
Many post-80s parents in nursing the baby, always by their own parents influence. Old people always according to the experience of many years ago and approaches to care of grandchildren, some way not only science, and very funny. Many of them will grow hair shaved, children do not often take a shower head, is the need to abandon the nursing way! Especially baby head nurse, in hair care, shampoo can not light up, it should be more important than you can imagine!johnson baby shampoo

In hot weather conditions, the baby's growth and development speed, so the new supersedes the old. Very strong, therefore, in the 6 months before, the best day to baby wash a hair. After 6 months, can be converted into 2-3 day wash a hair. It is cold winter, at least weekly also want to wash a hair. Keep hair clean, can make the scalp can be benign stimulation, so as to promote the growth of hair and hair. If you do not give the baby to wash hair, scalp grease, sweat and pollutants will stimulate the scalp, scalp itching, blisters caused by infection, even. Thus, it makes the hair easier to take off.JOHNSON Shampoo

Worthy of attention is the mother, baby shampoo should select pure, gentle, non-irritating, baby shampoo, the best foaming easily. And, when washing hair gently with finger belly massage baby's scalp, must not be forced to rub the hair, to prevent hair matted together to comb, easy to make the hair off. Maternal editing in this to use third party certification red drops" formula" sign of baby shampoo, for example, many mothers are aware of the Johnson baby shampoo and other big brands, have the logo.

Wash comb
Mother often takes a baby's special comb, as long as the convenience, can take them out and give the baby a few times through, because often combing hair can stimulate the scalp, promote local blood circulation, help hair growth. However, do not use too hard rubber comb comb, the best choice, because it is not only elastic but also very soft, not easy to damage your baby 's tender skin.
To note is that mother baby, combing hair, be sure to follow the baby's natural hair growth direction of carding, action and forced to stay the same, not in accordance with their wishes, and keep the baby 's hair to the opposite direction.

Balanced diet
A comprehensive and balanced nutrition, for the baby's hair growth and development is extremely important, therefore, must be a monthly age baby, timely correction of partial food bad eating habits, diet of meat, fish, eggs, guarantee the fruit and vegetable intake and with iodine rich kelp, laver, often also should give baby food. In this way, rich and sufficient nutrients, can circulate through the blood supply of the root hair, make hair grow stronger, more beautiful.L-Carnitine  

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Please love me

Everything comes too fast, no time to think. Perhaps I lonely too long, for you have no protection against is decreed by fate, a fate, you obey in every way. Everything is so natural. The days that I spent with you, me, me, me hysterical ... ... Too easy to become loose, such as a dry faggot on a blazing fire, interweave together, I know, you, I will be doomed eternally ... ...

What is the word to describe you? The fuse? Medicine? Bole? I never knew that potential were you excited, I feel that I not like myself, into another themselves, then act recklessly and care for nobody, so crazy ... ... As for a sudden burst of emotion silt accumulation. Which one is the real me? I am confused, I fear. Is that you, you make me another person, another deja vu but very strange himself Web Content Management System... ...

I said I want to stay with you, you ask me how long, I say a lifetime, you say, is a lifetime, don't lie. In fact, we all know, a lifetime of definition, will last for a long time, we can persist for so long? Perhaps, in life the one day you fall in love with someone else, just as you love me general madness and hot, perhaps, in the life some day I will be tired ... ... Love, can not be met and, I know, you know.

I tell my heart, my heart is not too care about, can not afford to do, you know. If one day you leave me, I will burn myself, then I did not, because the heart will die, leaving the body what,
Suddenly feel a song is very suitable for singing; afraid of loneliness, I miss you, if you love me, please say to me, that let me lonely, that will not leave me, do not regret it, only you can break up my lonelinessWebsite Development... ...

Could you please love me, cherish me ... ...  

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Reducing harm

" Reducing harm " is the direction of error Xie Jianping refused to respond to the dispute
Even if some studies made breakthrough progress, is also very difficult in the country, the international award-winning, because the awarding body will first think, smoking is harmful to health. However, Xie Jianping put forward the "harm reduction descending coke", to a certain extent by the judges favor.
In December 8th, the tobacco expert Xie Jianping celebrate the day.
On the morning of the same day, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced in 2011 was elected academician of Xie Jianping", for reducing tar and other harmful components" research results, was elected to the environment and Textile Engineering Department of.
However, the list was published, based on the" smoking is harmful to health " is a common cognitive, CDC experts on the " tobacco experts" elected academician of question continuously.
On December 13th, Chinese Tobacco Corporation Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute building hung a red banner" -- Congratulations I Institute Vice President Xie Jianping was elected academician of Chinese Academy of engineering".
Reporter to contact interviews, the hospital office staff said:" thanks to vice president to travel, do not receive mobile phone, unable to contact him."
9 in the morning, the reporter found Xie Jianping's office, the door ajar. Sitting in the office, he saw a reporter, and questioned the staff reporter:" how come in?"
Xie Jianping refused to answer any questions," my work, I reported to the Chinese Academy of engineering, we are doing administrative work, is in the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau leadership, the state tobacco monopoly law within the scope of work. As for the media, other people what they do, I am busy with my work."
December 13th afternoon, the reporter Xie Jianping call alma mater Nanjing Normal University, the school of chemistry and materials science, a staff member said, Xie academicians have said hello, if the media alumni, without his consent.
Tobacco research no name but not bad money
Even if some studies made breakthrough progress, is also very difficult to win, because the awarding body will first think, smoking is harmful to health
Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute official website show, Xie Jianping in charge of research and development office, tobacco agriculture research laboratory, chemical laboratory. Chemical Laboratory of tobacco to cigarette harm reduction technology major projects as the main line, with 30 master's degree staff.
In December 13th, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of scientific research and development department director Yu Chuan Fong said," Xie vice president has administrative work, but always working in the front line, for each test are personally."
Tobacco industry veteran researcher Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym ), long-term since, tobacco research in a low-key manner. This is a" no name of professional services in a controversial industry".
He discloses, Ministry of science and technology and other departments rarely allocated research funding, but" tobacco research never short of money", the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the tobacco industry will give scientific support. Each year the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau allocated to the Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute research funding of more than 10000000, and the tobacco enterprises to give scientific support funds for more.
Awkward is, tobacco area of research for many years, controversial, many research activities are within the industry quietly.
Even if some studies made breakthrough progress, is also very difficult in the country, the international award-winning, because the awarding body will first think, smoking is harmful to health. However, Xie Jianping put forward the "harm reduction descending coke", to a certain extent by the judges favor.
A person familiar with the Xie Jianping tobacco experts say, Xie Jianping Light Industry Department Tobacco Science Research Institute ( formerly the Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute ) Master's degree after graduation in hospital work. Combination of undergraduate chemistry, he will study in setting the direction for tobacco chemistry. Initially, Xie Jianping's research focused on flavors and fragrances, such studies contribute to the taste of cigarettes, aroma, in favor of cigarette sales increase.
At the same time, Xie Jianping's Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, is the only State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau directly under the comprehensive scientific research institutions, has been regarded as the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau scientific research" army units". Study of tobacco chemistry Xie Jianping, bear the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau "harm reduction descending coke" topic. " Coal tar reducing and" is Xie Jianping's most important research results.  

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Diaoyu Islands

Japanese officials to the Diaoyu Islands" nationalization" says China's" increasingly belligerent"
The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan officer feldspar raw stretched around 12, the United States, declared that the" Senkaku Islands" ( i.e., China's Diaoyu Islands ) as a Japanese national, through such as port construction measures, to further strengthen the actual control.Plate Heat Exchanger

According to the" Asahi Shimbun" reported on 13, Ishihara in Washington think tank the Hudson Institute published a speech made the above statement. He talked in the last days of Diaoyu Island conflict said:" Senkaku islands should immediately from the individual all nationalized, can take the national purchasing civil manner, build fishing port of refuge, and consider the permanent militia." He also said, the innervation of East China Sea and South China Sea is china. East Asian countries strongly hope that the United States ( in Asia) has a strong sense of presence. Japan and America together for the region into a safe and open areas to contribute.

" Asahi Shimbun" comment on said, suggesting that Ishihara has let the Japanese government acquisition of Diaoyu Island and complete facilities. TV Asahi had previously introduced the topic report says," Senkaku Islands owner emphasizes, in any case will not let the Senkaku Islands fell into the hands of foreigners". " Japanese economy news" said, Ishihara also emphasizes, China advocates the right actions became increasingly belligerent. Japan Shikoku" news" to think, China is" belligerent nations Ishihara criticism".plate heat exchanger manufacturer

Japan's" Daily News" said, Ishihara said, despite the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and the opposition Liberal Democratic Party support in Japan and the United States to deepen the allies, but in the Democratic leadership, the union is likely to break. He will try to get Democrats ousted in March next year.  

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spring reads answer

The bosom thou of spring reads answer
Is by all means ever such in spring

2From the green the astringent hilltop , on canning not holding uped any further snow, burst 1 of Chi, smile cold face into flower noodles, a Si Si however of the song then sing foothill from the high in the clouds and sing very low Huang village from the foothill and sing into a hedge to fall and sing into the yellow web of a duckling and sing go into soft dissolve of spring mire-soft like the spring mire of one bed lately- turned over cotton quilt.poly bags
3That Jiao, so sensitive, but again so the mentally dense is limitless.A thunder can for no reason ask for to cry a full sky of cloud, a burst of cuckoo Ti, can with Dou nasty the azalea of one city.A burst of breeze rises, each sings then 1 are an expanse of white, falsely Piao Piao, say that also can not remember clearly, listen to also listen to not and purely fly Xu, each silk's flying all of Xus is one stub's semicolon.Anyway, spring be so not reasonable, not logic, but still can make the person calm.
4Is by all means ever such in spring plastic bags supplier
5The withered Geng of full pond leaf An flower remnants refuses a bitterness to guard a to cut an old root, northly inside thousand house ten thousand tie beams endure the breeze deceit snow Rao and still and gentle and softly embrace the Yan nest of one regiment very small emptiness.Then, suddenly and one day, the peach blossom offended all mountain village water Kuos to sink, the willow controls river's heads of resisting of imperial house ditch and folks all-in spring like Jing ensign fresh clear Wang Shi, because long-term devout of look forward to pray but beauty.

1.Generalize 2 main contentses with own words.
2.2 BE"sing"ed a word with 5, if isn't changing to these five words to"flow" very good?Why?

1.Described early spring accumulated snow to melt, sang into the scene of spring mire.
2.Not good.Because use to"sing" a word, applied the rhetoric skill of personification, lived a new life to move the author's fancy to spring of the expressing of image, but"flow" a word could not reach this effecttoner

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when is study sky

The Meng Yun got sick, the Jing sand put for him 《when is study sky 》, the Meng Yun finished seeing very quietly.The Jing sand read for Meng Yun she loves most of 《Andersen's nursery tale 》.Much good of a rightness of men and women, really should be happy.

The Meng Yun clearly knows that he is loving Jing to is sandy, but he also knows price.The Meng Yun is intelligent, he can't push the Jing sand to the wave point because of the love up, when the company is procured, he resolutely dismissed a Jing sand.He thinks this is love a Jing sand of had better way, the Jing sand as well comprehends this love.Isn't the love so?Don't need too many languages, the look in the eyes, behavior expressed everything.Afterwards, fragmentary of the life occupied everything.The company of Meng Yun came back from the brink of death, the Jing sand opened to have an end matter to fold paper a store.The life started new era.

The high tide should come from a Jing sand to go to without the tin that, was a rainy season at that time.The Jing sand lives in the 13th floors near the courtyard, the visual field is very good, there are huge French window.Jing sand because the telephone of Meng Yun when this comfort sleeps to go to, are you still sleeping?Give you pretty much clock, I to knock on door.The Meng Yun hard blew hair for Jing sand and tied the time of horsetail and spoke myself in the Jing sand come, the Meng Yun thus and anxiously loosenned a hand, much more afraid expose so a little.They go and outside had a meal together and drank, don't calculate little.The next afternoon, the Meng Yun just wanted to walk when the Jing sand waked up.The Jing sand puts on a coat for Meng Yun and turns to the front and buttons ups for Niu of buttonning up of a per of Meng Yun very cautiously.



"A year, a year later, same days you still just here wait me and become?"


"Still wear yesterday, that skirt, that shoes."


"Some matters can solve for a year and have ever been to an ability not, forever not ability."


"I want to fight for you."

The Meng Yun kissed the forehead of kissing the Jing sand, there was also tipped of nose, then walked.

I feel to sometimes mutually make appointment don't necessarily piece of limit what good matter, like Meng Yun and Jing sand.So beautiful engagement, an end still a yin and yang was separated.

Here behind, the Jing sand has peace of mind of wait for, she 1 have a meal, a person go shopping, a person spread to grow long of tread.In the still of night imagines if his Meng Yun is also similar to be concerning about her.

The Meng Yun divorces, in the this year in he is unique to request he to want a finished matter.He isn't ungrateful, he go to start to eventually to quick Tangs all just a kind of natural affection, there is no love.Remember she once speaks to the Jing sand and concretely could not remembered clearly, probably the meaning is that he has been feeling that feelings is a troublesome matter, he has no feelings to his wife, he every day of the work still keeps working, besides which, until meet you.The divorce of Meng Yun is hardships very much, he surrounds by enemy on all sides.

I feel sometimes and is more arduous matter everyone more is would like to do regardless of personal safety for it, Meng Yun as well BE.His sincerity's telling Tang quick his love Jing sand, talked a phrase more to refuse to take a Jing sand dignity to change a peculiarly condition.He is it may be said clean body door.The Meng Yun like this didn't give up a Jing sand, penniless still insist for a year it invites.

The Jing sand loves Meng Yun, not is say of matter.Her realizing the person whom she loves is very supercilious and break to take nothing Jie its food.

In the this year in, accurately say still no longer than a year in, the Jing sand once saw Meng Yun two.They fortune upon on the art exhibition, but can wipe a shoulder but lead, that very low wench listens to the Jing sand in the mind mind ripple.Still once, considerate Xiao Su hands over to a Jing sand the Meng Yun inebriating unconsciously, the Jing sand took she loved deeply of the man crosses half Peking city.I believe that the Meng Yun of that a moment knows, he loves deeply of the woman carry him and appreciated the small night of Peking.

This is a novel that doesn't grow, according to my usual practice should soon finish seeing, but I saw a week and still kept jumping other person with no duty ats.I see not to descend to go, my heart will have been having muscular spasms, particularly is that I see Jing sand confession of that, she imagines Meng Yun at that 《Andersen's nursery tale 》up write down"wench, miss you', she imagines a time per time of Meng Yun to see 《when is study sky 》 will living not I treat of emotional stirrings, he imagines a time per time of Meng Yun to press that string of acquaint with again however number of intensely hot ……the Jing sand know, the Meng Yun is deeply used the youth of the lateness and the commitment of the empress half a lifetime to love her, and she would like to wait for.


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declares recently

The west house solar energy(WestinghouseSolar, NASDAQ:WEST) declares recently that small RobertF.Kennedy and MarkKalow get into a board of directors, thus board of directors the member extend to 8 people.Kennedy is HudsonRiverkeeper the chief public prosecution of the company lawyer lawyer, WaterkeeperAlliance the chief executive officer of the company, wear the Si university law environment method litigation of clinical professor and instruction the lawyer and VantagePointCapitalPartners partner and high class consult teacher.Kennedy graduates from Harvard University and once studied in economic college in London and acquired the law academic degree of the Fu Ji Ni second university.Moreover he was still wearing Si university to acquire environment law module cell

Kennedy means:"We all know solar energy more the environmental protection is more safe, and in a lot of states, in the long term sees to the price is also cheaper than traditional electric power, these traditional electric powers misuses not can renewable resource and still pollute air, water and soil.Along with the global slump of solar panel price, the our opportunity to return easily raises an energy safety and creates employment opportunities in the domestic in the meantime.I very pride together the west house solar energy cooperation, the its top-grade technique can be safe in a system to easily install all solar energies of module."solar panels

Kalow is a SoquelGroup management director general, is also the board of directors member of RopePartner, LSFNetwork, PropellCorporation, DogfishSoftware and PureDepth.He once got into a Photoworks board of directors in the past, and once served as a LivePicture chief executive officer.He once acquired the tube bachelor of science's academic degree in M.I.T..MBA that he acquires in the University of Chicago mainly aims at a finance management.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

Chief executive officer BarryCinnamon of the west house solar energy means:"Mr. Kalow's advantage in particularly including technique to bring has strong interest, particularly in the fast- increasing market.He has abundant experience in the aspects of making use of a patent technique to acquire new business opportunities and contributes to bringing advantage for the west house solar energy."solar modules

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downcast while

90 years of spring, than my small 2-year-old youth young man, the appearance is very downcast while walking to come in.Bought a box of cigarette, absentminded of he will leave, I shouted him.I know the marriage that he settled for two years, ex- two talent hands.The parents and close relatives blame and scold, and the pain of his in the mind difficult speech, make to have no culture of he thoughted of suicide.When I poke aside the shadow in his heart, he suddenly turns over a body to lie prone on the Kang and wails aloud to weep aloud ……for a long time and for a long time he stopped to cry a voice, he started to embrace me:"Uncle, I definitely invigorate, can't play the ass."Listen to his emollient footstep, I delightedly looking at him to with assurance walked.

When see the forest of the Yu Yu spring onion spring onion, want to read to understand it, should look for the small river that the wood wins first, or Lin Pang's brook, the water sound of Chan Chan is the heart song of forest.When you meet a miss for liking, want to read to understand her, should move own last heart song first, use you of excellent and sincerity, capture her heart palpitates, her attention is the biggest affirmation ……

Go to a plum town each time, the first matter enters goods, the second matter is to see her, and this is also the small secret of my in the mind.Because she at wholesale a department in, see her reason very full.That entered goods to have no money, she could trust of make me pull back goods, make the mind that I feel her as beautiful as she.The expression that afterwards sees her reading a book again is very beautiful, let my heart also the wave move.Although my body is weird,the dream is still beautiful.

Write a letter for her for the first time, not only many drum foots courage, the feeling of in the mind is embarrassed and marvellous.That is the afternoon of 89 the beginning of the years autumn, I am still that the end watch for the elder brother at her of the retail sales enter goods there, I brought her a book, in clip me to her first letter.The that time is popular'Qiong precious jade hot', what I bring is Qiong precious jade of 《bluish cloud sky 》.The handwriting that she writes too grass, be recognized with difficulty to recognize very much.Once she fell a style in criticizing invoice may what to write is "week house", how I see is also "week plum" and all say the word is like its person, the personality that can say a word such as her, but isn't her beauty.The first believes I use'week plum'form of address, she has been recognizing tacitly.When I pass the book to inside in the her hand that day, cleverness of she will see my unnatural air.Although I could not see own face,feel easily excited heat of, the heart also keeps jumping.Until return to a heart to still keep excitedly jumping, I once in a very long while can not fallen asleep in the evening ……

After my third believed, she answered the letter.Let my excitement for a long time, that believed me to also read a quite a few time.Not only don't want to put it away, the handwriting is also really difficult to recognize pure.Our worry from the clipping in the friendly intercourse letter, her name is very good to listen:The week is gentle and quiet, the pet name calls:Xiao spring.90 years she sends to give me one to offer congratulations postcard, the appearance of top also profoundly moved me.That is on the mountain precipice, inclined grow a weird curved loose, curve of parking and loosenning the luxuriantly proud head stand erect.The underneath is two small word"strange loose" of printing from lead type and behind write full her wish ……I am an in her heart weird green loose?

The letter of friendly intercourse not only minute down our order intravenous drop drop, also make me raise a literalness expression.I am starting keeping diary for 84 years, those years depict of just I am monotonous of life.And Xiao spring'acquaint with'after, my diary is also no longer lifeless and lonesome.……Till 94 years, I and she, also with my diary forever distinguish.

In our hearts although surge in the love for sprouting, the reality always returns is reality, differ with dream of too far.90 years of deep autumn, she silently tells me:She is soon married!That world noon I enter good goods, the father has the goods equiped and fastens a prison with the rope.I am hard to tackle ground of to climb ox cart, the Xiao spring walked to come forward to hand me and passed a letter to me.I happily once connected letter, but she silently tells me:"I am soon married ……" my felling suddenly one earthquake, brain blank, surprised foolish on the car.Her apology ground looking at me and seem in eyes is saying:Sorry ……

I looking at that letter and silently shed tears in the evening, but the in the mind silently blesses her happiness.The love is great, also selfish.I don't know as well is who once said like this:"You love a girl, will give her life happiness, will make her life fine ……" I can not do it, my body the person who can give me the love, bring living pressure, bring life of heavy.I love her, can not implicate her.Bless she has a life that peaceful and fine marriage there is happiness.

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losses is analytical

The gains or losses is analytical
(1)universal:Too sun shines everywhere earth, there is no the restriction of region regardless land or ocean, regardless high mountain or group of islands, all all have in everywhere, can directly develop and make use of, and need not to mine and cell

(2)harmless:The development makes use of solar energy to pollute environment, it is to sweep one of the energies most , at pollution of the environment more and more serious today, this is very and precious.

(3)huge:Annually arrive the Earth superficial sun radiation can invite 130 equal to ton coals, its total amount is present can develop in the world of the biggest energy.

(4)long-last:The nuclear energy velocity producing currently according to the sun estimates, hydrogen of store the quantity enough maintenance last 10,000,000,000 years, and permafrost life span also invite is several 1,000,000,000 years, speak from this meaning, can say that the solar energy is to use it not Jie.

Weaknesssolar water
(1)scatter sex:Arrive the sun of the Earth surface radiates of though the total amount is very big, but can flow density very low.On the average say come, neighborhood in Tropic of Cancer, in summer under the weather clearer circumstance, noon the Fu of the sun radiation shine on one degree biggest, at the perpendicularity is at the sun only direction one square meter area up the solar energy receiving has an or so 1000 Ws on the average;If day and night then only having a 200 Ws by the whole yearses is on the average or so.But in in winter mostly only half, cloudy day generally only 1|5 or so, so of can flow density is very low.Therefore, while making use of solar energy, want to get certain conversion power, usually need a very big set of the area collections and conversion equipments and cost higher.

(2)unsteady:In order to being subjected to day and night, season, geography natural conditional restrictions, such as degree of latitude and elevation height...etc. and fine, the influence of the Yin, cloud, rain etc. random factor, so, arrive the some sun Fu of one ground shines on a degree since interrupted, and then is the most unsteady, this gives solar of the large-scale application increased a difficulty.For making the solar energy become in a row, stable energy, Be thus and finally come canning mutually compete with normal regulations energy of act for energy, have to nicely solve a Xu ability problem, then can as far as possible store to use by providing nighttime or overcast and rainy the angel the sun radiation in clear daytime, but the Xu can is also one of weaker links in the solar energy exploitation currently.

(3)the efficiency Be low to be as high as cost:The solar energy makes use of currently of development level, having some the aspect is theoretically viable, also mature in the technique.But some solar energies make use of device, because the efficiency is low, the cost is higher, total of to say, the economy still don't can mutually compete with normal regulations energy.During very a period of aftertime inside, the solar energy makes use of of the further development be mainly subjected to check and supervision of the ingot

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approval system

Carry out a new medicine examination and approval system or stricter
The trip that lately cures to change for three years draws to an end, but at the beginning and lately cures to change"solution sees a doctor difficult, see a doctor expensive" target still didn't get a realization, supervisor's section was enlarging strength to look for the way of alleviating"the medicine price is falsely high".At that time every 6 years, the hair changes a formal of Wei set 《the drugs bad comparative price rule 》.

Circulated for 6 years of 《the drugs bad comparative price rule 》finally canceled "tried a line" last week, the national hair changed the Wei formally promulgated this rule recently, a kind of drugs"covered with several Ma Jia" evaded price to take charge of, become mutually markup of behavior, will get a control.According to 《rule 》request, of same race drugs different the price of the type and specification should with representative article for foundation, according to stipulating of differ a comparative price relation to assess and decide.According to the agenda of announcement, since December 1 the hair change Wei as to it's develop the drugs in the list price scope to a factory price survey.

Change a packing and change a the type can re- acquire new medicine qualifications, will also acquire a commodity price section alone list price, after a kind of drugs changed type the price turn over several phenomenons of decuples nothing new.Once had the medium report the way, Luo's erythromycin contained more than 40 names, head Bao three Maos had 30 names, the name of anti-virus medicine oxygen fluorine sand star reached to many 52 ……

This makes the our country made copy a medicine to become disaster and there is also no aggressive in pharmaceutical factory to throw in the new medicine development of real meaning, but sufferer while using same medicine but have to Tao costliness money.In order to work out this problem, the national hair changes 2005 of Wei pedestal 《the drugs bad comparative price rule(try a line) 》, according to the drugs in general use name, choose that the type specification with a representative draws up the tallest retail price, other type specification with represent an article for foundation, according to reasonable of the price difference comparative price relation assess and decide price.

The reporter covers several industry experts to learn of, after rule tries to go, national food drugs direct administration's examination and approval to the new medicine is also stricter and in brief change a type already hard is granted."That rule circulated for 6 years, now pass to change a type etc. to acquire new medicine batch a text have been very difficult."A medicine Qi representative director tells a reporter like this.Moreover, the industry widespreadly reflects, "try a line" pedestal after, reduced drugs list price at will sex, increased clarity, at drugs price the management and norm took good effect, but as a new policy, also really have a continuously perfect demand.


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books accidentaly across

Let the soul and books accidentaly across
The ancients reading " three flavor" of reading:" taste such as rice guide beam, histories flavor such as dishes, read all classes of authors such as acyl minced and hashed meat flavor". We for having heard it many times to Lu Xun's three taste bookshops is so named. Study the ancient abnormal diligence, cherish the time," spare time of winter person year, day of the person of more than night, wet riser also", little time is not wasted, hard hard, final success. The "face of warm, fragrant pickles taste, a long." Reading is a taste, even when a commoner people, a book in hand, eat the homely fare, comparable to table delicacies from land and sea. That is to say, reading is not only necessary for life, and is the spirit of the delicacies, a lead a person to endless aftertastes.
Chengmenlixue, Zao, hard hard study the ancient allusions to be handed down from age to age, willpower and perseverance worth modern reference. From the ancient book three taste association apart, now read also should have " three flavor".

For fun. Montesquieu once said:" reading, can bring joy into a boring moment moment." Only the reading into a " reading", is full of interest to read between the lines, all our energy into, let the soul and text with dancing, so only in the book to read for pleasure. Like their favorite food, in front will be unable to hide one's greed, looks more glut oneself with delicacies, carefully taste, fragrance.
The second means. Reading as the life opens a window, panorama, panoramic view, the sky cloud shadow, wind Xu Lai, a ray of fragrance Qinru heart. By reading the edify sentiment, broaden our horizons, enrich culture, growth ability. Meaningful reading, we will know how to reflect on, learn to take its essence, it.

Three flavor. In the silence of the night, in the orange light is reading; also can be in a noisy car, hovers between the lines. But in no matter how reading environment, can intentnesses, slowly aftertaste, long distant, endless charm. No word is unknown, not a word does not awake, without a book does not sleep, mood if water Ruogu, carefree and free and easy, open your heart, heart Chang Shenshuang charm, which afford much food for thought. Reading three taste, an endless enjoyment. Find a quiet side, with a safe, let the soul and books accidentaly across, beautiful encounter.  

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plastic limit

Plastic limit order will be three anniversary restaurant hospital or" plastic limit"
In June 1st of this year, the "plastic limit order" for three years. Recently held in the" plastic limit order to publish three anniversary" theme seminar, national hair changes appoint annulus endowment department vice director Li Jing disclosed, plastic limit of three years, supermarket plastic bag reduction reached 2 / 3 above, but farmers market ultra-thin plastic bags using a warming trend.plastic bags

It is reported, at present our country the "plastic limit order" is mainly for shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers market. The Ministry of commerce business services division standards Commissioner Li Jiajian said, will expand the restriction of the use of plastic bags, including restaurants, hospitals and other places. The Ministry of Commerce " is to research, to solicit public opinion", for soon, but does not mention a specific timetable.

Install dish steamed stuffed bun three or four cents a bag white!
Now, although the" plastic limit order" will be three years, but in the country a lot of city, some markets, roadside vendors, a large number of non-standard large-scale ultra-thin plastic bags and head, and is widely used for food or fruit and vegetable. Reporter recently on the market in Nanjing plastic bag use circumstance undertook visits --

Farmers market
The ultra-thin bags be riotous with colour to several to several
Only occasionally send a" green bag"

South Lake in Nanjing food market, the reporter saw the farms in almost every booth has hung big plastic bag, red yellow blue green ... ... What color are.

A woman is going to buy some eggplant, boss skillfully pulled two green plastic bag to her. " It is so thin, not hold?" " Give you a line."

Reporter discovery, free is without any sign of ultra-thin bags, unless the customer offered to the environmental protection bag, your boss will take part with" environmental protection shopping bag" formal product, but this kind of bag is generally small, and only one time free of charge to one -- this is still good, in the more market where there is No.costume jewelry

Generally use" ultra-thin bags"
Similarly, in the East a vegetable market in the reporter saw, almost all vendors are provided free plastic bag.

Market manager director Wang told reporters, they have repeatedly through the conference, signs, electronic screen were widely publicized, and tried in the new agreement book add" without the use of ultra-thin plastic bags " clause, but by the vendors unanimously opposed, finally also but to turn a blind eye.  

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read aloud friend Anne

The sky is still cold and read aloud friend Anne
Turn round, don't turn head, just cant not bear to see, you are loath to part of face.The time wears shuttle and has never treated me.The matter nearby come and gone, the person of departure, all in the time calming down Yi quietly but go.The feeling hidden to be loath to part in the heart, the unforgettable friendship, is unexpectedly frozen by heartless winter snow, the ice is sealed to inside.We even if have thousand sorts not wish, ten thousand sorts don't give up, how can arrive again die one is various!

Spread grieved singing in cellular phone, single song circulation, always constant.The light sadness lingers around at heart and flick it doesn't spread.Fill the air in the so big room, resound, resound ………

All empty building, chilly wall, the in addition copies a form Gu of I.The side is lain to a bed, the vision is stagnant and stare at the ceiling of top of head pallor, as if deep in thought, think and have no from rise.Music is still continuing, hasn't been changing, the water cup on the table emits the hot air of Teng Teng, floats to spread in the cold room and finally disappears.Thin count the day of those boredoms, always addict to music, close doors and windows, put on ear wheat, adjust to the voice biggest, inebriate the world at music in, don't be annoyed, don't as well worry.The day like this has been continuing, until love the preceding context word, everything then terminated.In the writing, I looked for than music trueer love and found more friends, from that time on, I need not whole day the deeply drunk is at music, carefree come it, can discuss heart and say some domestic lifes with text friend, certainly still have an affectionate writing, and the text friends communicate to write technique, is also an essential to have, suggest some suggestion, say some viewpoint, the strength quantity is many some can to the eye work, this is the best!

If say, meet for the good luck and mutually know to is and gather together is that the sky destine, so, if the on the way living to change, departure after, and then how should say.At this time, will can't again someone says "this is the predestination that the Buddhism says".Hum, "predestination", what"predestination", settle have already changed as well, become difficult then see, if difficult see, talk what good luck!

Know recently, too many text friends, don't know is what reason, stop a pen not to write, terrace leave a writing always, leave always care and love of friend.Someone is dark to sigh, someone feels sorry for, very someone shed tears, these 1:00 also not for lead.Because time is getting longer and precipitated the friendship nature of heart bottom to clarify more.Doing not know that their leaving is reason is probably a living pressure, is a tedious work, or various other, these all can not know.We also only wish while guessing they are in aftertime's day, happy happiness.No matter write or don't write an article, the happiness is the always the most important.If someone becomes depressed because of writing, that I only receive to advise he stopped calculation with pen, because I feel that having already disobeyed what we wrote like this is original meaning.I am personal to think, the writing is just only 1 kind to love, now that is a fondness for, that why but love?Because it will bring us a happiness.Suppress oneself the viewpoint in the heart, heart of the emotion expression come out and together share with text friend, so heart in will be matchless and thrilling.Our purposes only have 1, easy, that be happiness!

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