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Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Understanding the difference between these two types of light and their suitability for certain applications is an important part of the buying dab5d56ck process and will ensure complete satisfaction.

What is a colour temperature?

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to artificial illumination, there are many different "types" of light. Many people recall that when Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) were first introduced to homes there were many complaints that the light seemed much "colder" than traditional halogens. This is because they had a different colour temperature.

Colour temperature is one of the main characteristics of visible light and determines how warm or cold the light is. All colour temperatures are assigned a numbercalled a Kelvin Rating. Colours with lower kelvin ratings are generally warmer while those with higher kelvin ratings are cooler.

Warm colours are very soft with a slightly yellowy tint and are a close, but not perfect, replication of traditional halogen bulbs. Cool colours are very bright with a faint blue tint and are sometimes compared to the light given off by fluorescents.

Which works well where?

While colour temperature is a largely subjective matter and many customers have personal preferences to satisfy, there are a few "rules of thumb" which can help you to decide.

Due to its softness, Warm White is generally better for creating ambient/general light schemes. It is also good at promoting a relaxing and comfortable environment,so should also be used in "habitat" or "living" spaces. These may include the living room, bedroom, hallways or dining room.

Cool White is more commonly used in public spaces, such as offices and shopping centres. It has a tendency to be too bright for general illumination, resulting in a room aesthetic that is too clinical for some. However, it is not uncommon to find this type of light used in kitchens and bathrooms as it works well with reflective and pearl surfaces. Feature and task lighting also benefit more from the brighter cool white, particularly as it helps to promote alertness. If you have a home office you might consider using it in there to help you concentrate.

Using the two colour temperatures in combination with one another can sometimes create quite spectacular results. You will find this particularly with "layered" or "dual purpose" light schemes. For instance, in an art gallery, warm white would be used to create soft background ambience while cool white LED GU10 Spotlights could be used to highlight artwork.  

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napkin five misunderstanding

On drug sanitary napkin five misunderstanding

1. The sterilization, but cause vulva flora disorder

Even in menstrual period, the health of femalereishidab5d55ck vulva flora in an interacting interaction balance, and medicinal sanitary napkin contains antibacterial ingredients in use, it will affect the normal flora vagina number, it is possible to make some flora number a large number of reducing, promote the growth of certain bacteria group, in this case, the vulva way flora imbalance and damage because of the special environment of the vagina, more likely to have mould which may.

Doctors say, although drug sanitary napkin claims of a "antibacterial, bacteriostatic, relieving itching, alleviate dysmenorrhea, relieve discomfort" role, but these contain drugs did not suggest that regular use sanitary napkin, because the human body has its own immune mechanism, some on sanitary napkin with the drug content is not clear, long time not replace it will lead to the bacteria multiply, induce disease.

2. Cover smell, but cause allergies

On the market containing some flowers, dvd copying softwaremint smell of the sanitary napkin especially popular, many women feel period there is a kind of bad smell, and this type of sanitary napkin but it can cover smell, is very convenient. To this, jiaxing armed police hospital gynecologic DuJing doctors pointed out that, for allergic constitution is concerned, more should careful choose sanitary napkin.

These contain spices, drug sanitary napkin some ingredients may cause skin irritation, menstrual women immunity was low, many women chose not suitable for their own sanitary napkin, some will feel itch intolerability, appear even vulva red, large dermatitis, cause the private parts allergy itch.

3. Increase drug dependence

Although the drug sanitary napkin to a certain extent, to the private parts on menstrual women play a cleaning effect, is in commonly abortion or diagnosed with some kind of disease of use, can effectively kill vulva harmful bacteria, plays the role of adjuvant therapy, suitable for some and suffer from gynecological diseases of women, but healthy women is not necessary.

If chronic drug use sanitary napkin, it will destroy vaginal acid-base balance, which leads to the dependence of drug sanitary napkin, but are more likely to get bacterial infringement, so the drug careful to sanitary napkin.

4. Use undeserved is prone to gynecopathy

In gynecopathy outpatient clinic patients, 3% to 5% of patients is by the sanitary napkin use undeserved cause, such as mould sex vaginitis, allergic dermatitis and other diseases. The expert thinks, because of Chinese herbal medicine is through the soak into the sanitary napkin, after drying the sanitary napkin drug ingredients are very few, even if survival down some traditional Chinese medicine composition, also it is difficult to be absorbed by skin contact.

Especially in hot season, dvd to iphone many women will be wearing a plastic type role underwear, neither loose, and airtight, more easy to cause of gynecological diseases. If often use drug sanitary napkin or pads, will break private parts of acid-base balance, which leads to the dependence of drug sanitary napkin, reduce the private parts self immune and clean effect, but are more likely to get bacterial violations. And for some skin sensitive women, drug use sanitary napkin more should pay attention to, because may cause skin irritation, there are private parts itchy.

5. Reaction prevention effect

Drug sanitary napkin contains most drugs is Chinese traditional medicine composition, a few businessmen exaggerating, claim to have "the prevention of various gynecological disease, adjust the balance of Yin and Yang, removing uterus, kidney tonifying qi, relieve nerves, and for 70% of gynecological disease treatment effect......" , to this, the expert said, Chinese herbal medicine sanitary napkin and can't treatment of gynecological diseases, even the prevention of disease are unlikely.

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Solar water heater sales

Solar water heater sales into a " dead space
Solar water heater sales in the market increasingly stagnant circumstance falls, recently was discovered inside the industry, suggests that many solar water heaters are the potential quality and safety. Yesterday afternoon,dab5d63ck a reporter from the city industrial and commercial bureau, since this year the Shaoxing Municipal Trade and Industry Department has received 9 consumer complaints about solar water heaters, solar water heaters are all complaints of improper installation and water leakage, water quality. Selection and installation of solar water heater needs which aspect to pay attention to? Professional sales personnel told reporters, there are three main points: frame, vacuum tubes and the firmness of the installation.
9 consumer complaints are all quality issues
Yesterday afternoon, according to the city administration of industry and commerce consumer protection department records, last year Shaoxing city a total of 10 cases of solar water heater with consumer complaints, this year has 9 cases. Among the 4 patients with complaints of solar water heaters in the installation process problems, lead to water leakage phenomenon; there were 1 cases of complaints vacuum tube fracture; 1 cases complaints to buy 4 months only and cannot be used; there were 3 cases of complaints in solar energy water heater without water, not hot water etc.. Reporters in the micro-blog on consumer survey, according to friends " whiteboard eraser " reflect, his home solar water heaters are rusty, bracket, the original local has loose problem.
" These complaints problem, basically is the solar water heater installation problems. " East of Shaoxing building materials city some brand solar water heater stores the responsible person said, his sales of solar water heater installation also has seven or eight years, seen the most problems, is a solar water heater water leakage problems, some time ago he went near Di Dang for a customer to install solar water heaters, found next to a house on the roof installation solar water heater for vacuum tube rupture in water leakage, and the tenants are unaware.
The responsible person said, the solar water heater water leakage occurs for many reasons, but mostly because of the vacuum tube quality is not good, some is vacuum tube rupture occurs, the other is in the water tank seal damage caused by. As for the tank without water, may also be associated with the vacuum tube for. For solar water heater bracket loosening, mostly caused by the improper installation. " Now sell a solar water heater distributor mostly praise the goods one sells, the best consumer goods than the three,PC Web Camera can not see the advertising will easily believe. " The responsible person said, at present Shaoxing solar water heaters sales market, the lack of supervision, some poor quality of the solar water heater can be placed with selling, installing workers quality is uneven, which to some extent, also causes the solar water heater installation problems.  

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office cabinet

An office cabinet will help in keeping papers and information where they belong, in one organized area hopefully organized within.

There are two cabinets which are common when in a professional environment, office furniture001 vertical and lateral. Which ever style is used should contribute to easy access as well as information placed in alphabetical order. Time is money and you don't want to waste potential income looking for that very important information for that very important customer.

The vertical cabinets are the most popular. They are space saving and there are many cabinets to choose from as well as many designs. You can even dress them up. Plain steel cabinets have been known to be accessorized with numerous magnets to hang up important notes. Decorative magnets with numerous sayings also grace many steel cabinets. Steel cabinets have a tendency to bring out a person's personality.

Vertical office cabinets are deeper and can store more things. Obviously that can be money saving, especially if you are just starting out in a new business trade and are very budget conscious when purchasing office equipment. Files stored are usually hung from front to back.

There are vertical office cabinets that are built to look like dressers. Wholesale office furniture cabinet Depending on your office decor will determine whether wood or steel is used.

Lateral office cabinets usually are seen in office cubicles and double as work tables or desk tops, even enlarging already existing work areas. Essential files are stored in them which minimize surface clutter seen by the public in general.

Files and documents stored in lateral office cabinets are usually done side by side. This enables sitting in a chair and searching for that needed information. Especially is this helpful if multi-tasking is part of your job description; you can talk on the phone, and simultaneously search through your office cabinet for documents pertaining to the conversation.

Your budget will determine if steel or wood will be used in your office environment. Whether you use vertical or lateral office cabinets depends on the space needed and how many employees will be involved. counselinghkCustomer ratio is also a determining factor as the more customers you have, the more office cabinets will be needed.  

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