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The great reason state adjusts the business enterprise retiree basic old age pension
Commerce department website
The reporter guaranteed a section to learn of from my state human resource and the society recently:Be agreed by the state people government approval, my state since January 1, 2011, carry on adjustment to the business enterprise retiree basic old age pension.According to measure to calculate, this time basic old age pension adjustment totally involves retirement(abdicate)39257 personnels, the month person all increases basic old age pension about 151 dollars.Request according to the state people's government, adjusting the cashing will complete by February 1, 2011.

My state this time adjustment business enterprise retiree basic old age pension, is guarantee hall, public finance hall according to province human resource and society in Yunnan 《concerning 2011 adjust the notice of the business enterprise retiree basic old age pension 》stipulate to carry on, adjust object for before December 31, 2010 already by rule carry out the business enterprise retiree of retiring the procedure and press State Department of the rules abdicates of personnel.

Adjust standard for:

1, universal adjust.Retire(abdicate) personnel's everybody to increase basic old age pension monthly 100 dollars;Retire(abdicate) a personnel to pay fee time limit(contain to see as to pay fee time limit) to increase to deliver basic old age pension for full year a dollar each time.

2, special adjust.The retiree presses row standard to increase basic old age pension respectively again in increasing the foundation of basic old age pension according to the universal adjustment way.The personnel who has a just deluxe title, everybody who carried out a retirement(abdicate) procedure before on December 31, 1999 increases basic old age pension monthly 130 dollars, on January 1, 2000 hereafter carry out everybody of retirement(abdicate) procedure to increase basic old age pension monthly 70 dollars;The personnel who has a vice- deluxe title, deluxe technical expert occupation qualifications, everybody who carried out a retirement(abdicate) procedure before on December 31, 1999 increases basic old age pension monthly 120 dollars, on January 1, 2000 hereafter carry out everybody of retirement(abdicate) procedure to increase basic old age pension monthly 60 dollars;Full to the year of December 31, 201070 first anniversaries dissatisfied retirement(abdicate) personnel of 80 first anniversaries, increase basic old age pension monthly 20 dollars;Year full 80 first anniversaries and above retirement(abdicate) personnel, increase basic old age pension monthly 30 dollars.

3, hard side far the area adjust.BE widespreadly adjusting standard with special adjust standard augmentative foundation up, to retire(abdicate) the unit halt ground in the hard side far the retiree of area, again press row standard to increase basic old age pension.A type of region(always even county) everybody increases 10 dollars monthly, two types of region(auspicious clouds, the guest Chuan, Mi Du, Wei mountain, south brook and Yang Pi, cloud dragon and Er source, sword Chuan and crane celebrate a county) everybodies increase 15 dollars monthly;Other regions(big reason city) everybodies increase 10 dollars monthly.

4, retires a soldier to turn a staff to the business enterprise, the basic old age pension comes short of the adjust to will all save average basic old age pension level hereafter of, adjust average basic old age pension level in the whole provinceses.

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scathing punishment

Happy blessing in the house etc. the supermarket Be suspected of price cheating price supervisor's section in everyplace to give a scathing punishment

The price supervisor's section will give scathing place everywhere
Recently, much the consumer raises the report"happy blessing in the house waits parts of price label in the supermarket mark low price the close book accept costliness", the malice pit harms a consumer, to this, nation development reform Wei height value, immediately deployment everyplace the price supervisor's section, combine the Chinese New Year period market price being developing to take charge of a work, to parts of supermarket in the provincial capital city price behavior carry on point check.Indeed exist purely imaginative original price in parts of supermarkets of some cities and attract a customer with low price costliness balance of accounts, nonperformance price commitment through thorough check, mislead sex price to mark etc. cheat behavior.The national development reforms Wei responsibility already become related price supervisor's section in the place by law give serious processing, order to correct, confiscate illegal income, and the place Be illegal to gain 500% penal sums;Have never broken the law to gain of or can not compute illegal income of, tallest impose the penal sum of 500,000 dollars.

Cheat parts of prices that the check discover now the typical model case Be announced as follows:

A, purely imaginative original price

Long happy blessing in the spring City house new people store sale"seven wolf man's whole cottonseses horizontal vogue underwear set", the price label marks original price 169 dollars per set and promotes sales price 50.70 dollars per set, through thorough check original price should be 119 dollars per set;Sell "three guns warm cotton thickened circles get male underwear Shan of long sleeve trousers", the price label marks original price each is 99 dollars and promote sales price 79.20 dollars per set, through thorough check original price should be 89.90 dollars per set;Sell "three guns pure cotton Shu the comfortable V get the long sleeve female underwear", the price label marks original price 89 dollars per set and promotes sales price 71.20 dollars per set, through thorough check original price should be 79 dollars per set.Ocean store with allied happy blessing in Shanghai City house sells each bag 338 grams of"the positive wood provides muskmelon son especially", the price label marks each bag of original price 14.80 dollars and price each bag is 6.90 dollars, Be been 7.40 dollars for each bag by thorough check original price now.Happy blessing in Harbin City house greatly keeps the street store sale"the heart bears each other out smoked the dress grass 3 F thicken handkerchief paper", the price label marks original price to wrap 5.9 dollars each time, the price wrap 3.45 dollars each time now, through thorough check original price should for wrap 3.8 dollars each time.The street store sells "fragrant snow deluxe dumpling powder" that 5 kilograms pack in sun City Wall-Mart, the price label marks each bag of original price 30.9 dollars and price each bag is 21.5 dollars, Be shoulded is 23.9 dollars for each bag by thorough check original price now.South rather city Wall-Mart dynasty sun road branch sale"Qiao nest coffee", the price label marks original price 43.9 dollars per box, the price is 35.8 dollars per box now, through thorough check original price should be 37.3 dollars per box.

Two, attract a customer with low price costliness balance of accounts

The happy blessing south of Shanghai City house soars the store sale bow and arrow spheroid teapot, the price label marks 36.80 dollars per and physically settle accounts price 49.00 dollars per;Sell a vogue hanger, the price label marks to line up 9.90 dollars each time and physically settles accounts price to line up 20.50 dollars each time;Sell lilac glass teapot, the price label marks 16.80 dollars per and physically settle accounts price 31.40 dollars per;Sell lilac good luck teapot, the price label marks 36.90 dollars per set and physically settle accounts price 66 dollars per set.Kunming City house is happy blessing century the city store sale Geng hat green dish glorious big rice, the marked price is an each bag is 64.6 dollars, physically settle accounts the price as each bag 69.7 dollars;Good luck bulky cargo dried tofu, the marked price is 27.8 dollars per kilogram and physically settle accounts the price as 33.6 dollars per kilogram.The Hong mountain square store in man blessing supermarket in Wuhan City sale idea nation is multi-function to sweep a towel, the price label marked price is 16.9 dollars per piece and physically settle accounts the price as 18.8 dollars per piece.Weigh to celebrate city Wall-Mart north city street store in the sky to sell good even iron view sound, the price label marks each bag of retail price 29 dollars, physically settle accounts the price as each bag 39.8 dollars.The long sand City house happy blessing lotus square store sells mysterious full-automatic do laundry a liquid, price label's marking now price is 20 dollars per bottle and physically settle accounts the price as 26.5 dollars per bottle;Happy blessing Shao hill path store in the house sells man's gloves, the price label marks 6.9 dollarses per doubles and physically settles accounts the price as 21.9 dollarses per doubles.

Three, the nonperformance price promise

Happy blessing white cloud store in Kunming City house sells old tree Puerh Tea, the publicity poster marked price is 60 dollars per box and physically settle accounts the price as 120 dollars per box.The house happy blessing Zhang Jiang Dian of Shanghai City sells happy fruit, the advertisement publicizees 43.98 dollars per catty and physically settles accounts price 45.88 dollars per catty;Sell a bluish green root fruit, advertise to publicizee 44.88 dollars per catty, physically settle accounts the price as 60.80 dollars per catty.Long sand City house happy blessing He gymnasium dragon store sale socks, men and women's underwear three kinds of merchandises, the advertisement publicizees "the customer allows to choose 3 ones to don't need list", physically balance of accounts in spite of buy 6 still 9 all don't need to accept a payment.Happy blessing meeting exhibition store in Harbin City house sells an underwear, the advertisement publicizees "whole field 70% discount rise", through the thorough check is between having no a species to carry on sale by 70% discount price in the sale.

Four, mislead sexual price to mark

Kunming City house is happy blessing century city store sale special feature squid silk, the sale price is an each bag is 138 dollars, the price label marked with the large form of written while marking"13", mark with the small form of written"8.0", induce a consumer to mistaken for sale price for the each bag 13.80 dollars;Sell 2000 grams of ham gifts box, sell the price as 168 dollars per box, the price label marked with the large form of written while marking"16", mark with the small form of written"8.0", induce a consumer to mistake sale price for 16.80 dollars per box.

The national development reform Wei points out that the above-mentioned behavior breached 《price method 》the 14th executive don't get "making use of is deceitful of or make the person misunderstand of price means, cajolery the consumer or other executives carry on bargain with it" and 《forbid price to cheat behavioral rules 》, 《concerning merchandise kimono the practicality go the rules of open code marked price 》of relevant stipulate, constituted price to cheat of illegal behavior, seriously violated consumer's rights.The government price supervisor's section checks place and publicly expose these price illegal case, purpose reminds and warns all executives to strengthen price self-discipline for the sake of punishment illegal executive, the honesty keeps promise management.

National development reform Wei requests that all national merchandises, such as supermarkets and general merchandise...etc. retails executive, absorb the precept of above-mentioned and illegal executive, immediately organization develop once from check, hard check sell whether the merchandise exists a price label marked price and balance of accounts price inconformity, the promotion mark of the original price isn't true, open code marked price not norm etc. problem.Discover a problem, rectify in time, collect consumer's payment more, the whole sumses give pure back.National all levels price supervisor's section wants fore expect to develop the foundation of check up, according to medium totally central office, State Department office concerning practical work well New Year's Day Chinese New Year period concerning work of the notice request develop reform Wei with nation concerning strengthen in 2011 the New Year's Day market price to take charge of Chinese New Year period of notice request, continue to strengthen Chinese New Year period market price check, seriously check a price to cheat, not by rule open code marked price etc. illegal behavior, purify market consumption environment, construct happiness peaceful festival atmosphere.To often checked to often make to wait situation of, want by law from the heavy processing;To the property severity, influence the bad, in addition to give the necessary economy punish, adhere to related law rules, order to close up shop to restructure, lift to invite department concerned to revoke business license.

The national development reform Wei reminds a large consumer, the Chinese New Year period is a shopping concentration time and arrive supermarket, market shopping to want to cautiously observe a price label marked price and promotion publicity, close book behind stay a very small ticket, heed comparison advertisement promote sales the price, price label mark price and close book price, discover prices, such as purely imaginative original price and low elevation knot...etc. illegal behavior of, stir to beat 12358 prices to raise report telephone in time, to price supervisor section reflection circumstance, provide clues.The price supervisor's section will check place in time, practical maintenance consumer's rights.

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reserve payment

After, the reserve payment of lately a savings' bank market liquidity still keeps raising an alarm.

On January 24, bank market index sign interest rate 7 day the period hypothecation type time buy interest rate to significantly decline for more previous bargain day more than 200 radicles order, but parts of product interest rates still in the ascension, expect for a month and return to buy interest rate even to significantly soar to above 9%.

"The funds is still very nervous, although the overnight funds interest rate descends the turnover only hasn't to go to 200,000,000,000 dollars and melt of little, integrate much, even four major lines are lending money, so can hardly melt, we are also returning change everywhere.Hear there is still negative time buying this afternoon, but don't know concretely is to which organizations, scale have much big."One funds the speech of trader in city trading company in deeply wear worry anxiously.

Every four years after, the central bank again starts the definite direction negative time to buy an operation on the 20th of this month and throws in a funds to the market, the scale is about 50,000,000,000 dollars.On January 24, market personage reveals that the central bank again starts a negative time to buy, and the scale is more big, or in above 300,000,000,000 dollars.Moreover, central bank also declares on the 24th and continues to pause National Central Bank note issue, for pause the second week in a row.

Then the Qi negative time buys

Although the bank markets will appear the funds nervous situation before from every year to Chinese New Year,the nervous degree is more very former this year.

January 20 is a commercial bank to pay the day of depositing the reserve, bank the interest rate of the money market therefore with 100 radicles order for the unit soar, 7 day, time buys interest rate over the end of 2010 of a little bit high, approach 7.5%.For alleviating funds noodles strain, the central bank carries on a negative time to buy an operation at the 20th and parts of banks to release a funds to the bank and involve amount of money at least 50,000,000,000 dollars.But last time the central bank be still on the open market carry on going against back to buy on February 13, 2007.

So-called negative time buys to mean a central bank to trade a company(majority is a bank) to purchase negotiable security toward a class, and agree on in the future particular date to sell to negotiable security the bargain behavior that a class trades a company.The central bank is forced to start a negative time to buy importation funds and be good enough to explain bank the strain of the liquidity.However, the thirst of these 50,000,000,000 dollars still hard solution markets, "mobility still very nervous, can hardly lend money".The above-mentioned city trading company trader says.

On January 27, bank the market expect to return to buy to settle dish interest rate with period for 7 days to report 4.8400% and 4.8000% respectively for a day, more previous bargain day declines respectively 73.00 order with 250.00 radicles.Expect Shibor also decline respectively for a day and 7 days 68.34 and 189.66 radicles order and reports 5.0408% and 5.4242%, but expects above Shibor still walks for a month Gao, an among those month expects Shibor soar 46.42 radicles to order to 7.9417%.

The above-mentioned share went a trader to say and expected for a month and return to buy interest rate also to significantly rise."Overnight currently and 7 day the period time buys although the interest rate slightly has been already descended,expects to return to buy interest rate to attain above 9% for a month, the bank is Chinese New Year but fights now."That trader says.

Under this background, the market personage calls January 24 the central bank again starts to go against back to buy."Today is central bank to ask each bank, don't do a negative time to buy, greatly parts of banks all say, we also did a negative time to buy and measured pretty and greatly.Connect work to go to all lend money everywhere now, the liquidity of stateowned bank also almost is getting more withered."The above-mentioned share goes a trader to mean.

Last week central bank open market cancel Financing Bills issue and was returning to buy, the open market was clean to throw in a funds of 249,000,000,000 dollars.The data suggests that being a week is clean to throw in a funds to is the biggest single week that comes on February 8, 2010 to throw in quantity.Experience clean threw in last week, central bank open market already clean continuously for 10 weeks throw in total amount 625,000,000,000 dollars funds, but have never canned alleviate a bank the strain of the market funds noodles.

"The this week expires a funds to 170,000,000,000, the central bank continues to pause Financing Bills issue again and pluses the negative time funds that buys to release, probably will contain some function to the conciliation market emotion."A bank personage who doesn't wish to reveal name means.

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Brazil Hong

The Brazil Hong disaster death toll rises to 806 people

New China net Rio de Janeiro gives or gets an electric shock the state government of Brazil Rio de Janeiro to declare on the 23th on January 23 and has already had 806 people to die in an accident in the flood and the mudslide disaster currently, the rescue worker still keeps searching a possible survivor in the ruins.

According to inside invite the state government announce on its official site of statistics, have currently more than 2 myriad peoples force to become distitute and homeless because the house is been blunt by the flood to ruin.

In the distance invite city 97 kilometers fill to pull a Na region, the strong rainfall causes the mountain body slippery ascent.Live in hillside up of the person is much a destitute, they of the house is been blunt to ruin by the mudslide, many residents are buried.Inside invite state government says, there are still at least among the missing 300 people, their hope for returning alive is elusive, therefore the death toll probably will also rise.

The inside invites officials, Alexander, of state health section ·the benefit of Pa Di Be second to remind residents after inspecting fortress City in the most serious new Fu in disaster that watching out for disaster area to take place is epidemic, and warns residents to keep off the headwaters that is polluted.

From the 11th of this month, state mountain area in Rio de Janeiro causes Hong disaster and mudslide and makes around ten thousand persons homeless because of the strong rainfall, residents' life and property lose miserably heavy.This is that there is history in Brazil the most serious natural disaster.On the 21th, city hall in Rio de Janeiro started whole city head rain disaster early-warning system.

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British poison

British poison buys to resell a magazine up show a luxurious residence to ask for a police to pay attention to is caught
January 21 of eastern net news:England 《everyday post 》January is 20, the England poisonous dealer protects Luo ·the Yi Er Si benefit show the concern that he/she leads to come to police after being worth of 6,000,000 pound luxurious residences on the magazine.The police discovers his meager wounded and disabled old age pension canning not support his luxurious life style at all, after survey, his illegal drug selling criminal acts is exposed later on.

44-year-old protect Luo and he 45-year-old wife card Luo Er invites the real estate and life magazine of the region in August, 2009 《the orchid opens the magazine in summer 》 watch they live of own seven luxurious residences of bedrooms.The magazine carried on a detailed description to their luxurious residences and called that it is "the dream residence of star".The magazine calls:"The ground floor in the luxurious residence may give people 1 kind to dream of a living felling."The magazine still introduced to be located on the swimming pool, buffet and steam of the ground floor building in detail and blunt cool building, fitness center and movie theater.The road tiger that still stops a guest benefit Continental and a newness on the driveway of luxurious residence car.

Protected Luo to say to the magazine, he at the beginning was a car the salesman earn 1,000,000 pound wealths and pass to sell a house property hair house to the English super football athlete later on, but this parlance of his caused the police's doubt."Seriously have the organization crime the bureau" in England discovers in the subsequent survey, protecting Luo's only legal income is monthly the city of several hundred pounds to maim old age pension.He starts receiving wounded and disabled old age pension because of the healthy problem at the age of 28, but he in 16 years own millions house properties of pound of values.The police follows to protect Luo to the retail price park of of Bo Er, discover that he met poison a dealer the Fu thunder gram in Delhi ·Huo Yi Er with give Ni ·Di gram Sen with take charge of 120 delivering goods of kilogram marijuana activity.These marijuana gets into England from smuggle in the North Africa.

When protect Luo in December 18, 2009 under arrest after, his wife and daughter pack luggage to take an airplane to go to a luxury skiing holy land.Protect Luo to admit he or she's guilty in October, last year, call that oneself is responsible for a delivering goods of drug and saving activity.Protecting Luo has already admitted being worth of the marijuana of the 330,000 pounding to the others supply.Manchester court will on the 20th to him, 60-year-old Fu thunder gram in Delhi ·Huo Yi Er, 38-year-old give Ni ·Di gram the Sen make verdict.

The "seriously have the organization crime the bureau" northwest region survey in England acts a representative director Si Di man ·Bao virtuous Wen Cheng :"Protect Luo ·the Yi Er Si benefit luxurious life style within real life and his meager formal income are disproportionate.Unfortunate of BE, he has no the temptation that can resist to show luxurious residence and luxurious car.Seriously have already organized to investigate the property that the bureau will investigate him.If we can prove that these properties are crimes income, we will adopt measure to confiscate these properties."

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dynasty strongly canvasses

Han Mei calls that the dynasty strongly canvasses business to set up five-star cabaret and golf course
January 21 of eastern net news:Korea 《newspaper in East Asia 》January is 21, plan in Korea pushes forward five-star cabaret and golf course to constuct etc. item in the Luo first special city and actively develops this region.

The report way cites one in home country investment in enterprise plans a medium contents to point out, plan in Korea has the five-star cabaret and regular golf course, large-scale trade market that recreational facilities and building area reach to 2000 square scales in the Luo first special city construction, and just and actively canvasses business to lead a property currently.

According to the analysis of this business enterprise, five-star cabaret and golf course constuct to need USD 50,000,000 and USD 10,000,000 respectively.Luo has five-star emperor Hao cabaret in Macau to establish casino inside the first special city currently and three star class Luo Jin cabaret.The above-mentioned cabaret also invites a Chinese visitor now, but to the Korea but speech that concentrates on a large-scale development, its number of hotel rooms far far shortage.

The report way points out that Korea still plans an establishment to act for Luo first the modern type market of market(Be finished in 1997).Have 6000 square areas and have more than 4000 markets of counters to extend currently for cover area 40,000 squares, have the super large market of 30,000 counters, the budget needed is about USD 10,000,000.

In addition, Korea canvasses business to lead to still include Luo in the property plan Jin harbor the 4th-6 construction, be worth of two sets 100,000 kilowatt generators of USD 75,000,000 of constitutions and steady city county copper mine and celebrate source coal mine development etc..

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highway should

Net in the highway should come out charge program to turn

Recently, hand over a luck department vice minister Weng Meng Yong's releasing righteousness meant while being led the travel expenses problem of Gao Guo whom the travel expenses causes by the river south Yu state exorbitant price, policy in the charge highway promoted Chinese transportation development, and mean to be studying charge system in the highway of building up the low standard.

Currently, Chinese unit GDP is more already 1.4 kilometers of than superhighway mileage|USD 10000 is 3 times that of EU and the United States 200%.However, now regarding high charge in the highway as principle of the local high logistics cost is becoming the blocking of economic development road tiger.The logistics cost that regards toll charges in the highway as principle currently, have already had GDP 20% of the specific weight, vehicle toll charges in the highway has a person all GDP specific weight already super 2%, resides global previous row and is as above as 2 timeses that of Japan etc. for the United States.At the same time, the relevant data shows future the 10-year highway set up to keep a funds for year all indentation to reach to 238,000,000,000 dollars.

For this, hand over a luck department in November, last year, representative director reveals, is revising of 《management regulation in the charge highway 》will allow a charge to expire a highway to continue to charge and alleviate to set up to keep a funds shortage according to the "low fee rate, regularly limit" and"keep road by road" etc. principle.It is thus clear that, current put forward the low standard charges of parlance, it is optional to neglect a charge term problem in extension highway probably.

We think that a huge sum of appeared by China highway sets up to keep a funds indentation problem at present, since come from the highway net running before to set up, and then derive from a government public welfare the free highway net set up of lack.With extension highway charge the term establish low standard charge system, can not solve a highway to set up to keep funds a huge sum of indentation, on the contrary will aggravate domestic trade cost, increment economy circulate burden.

Charge system in the highway that China sets up at present is the special outcome of special history period, then sets up an early superhighway network 1980's the government public finance is short of, can not make the government provide a free highway net for residents, but central government financial power is strong now and had to provide the public service ability of the free superhighway for residents.Therefore, at present China ask for help of extension with it to accept to take a lot of time to practice low standard charges and prepare and plan a highway to set up to keep a funds and return rather be as soon as possible practicing a government to accept to set up of the superhighway free usage of in the meantime, speed market in the highway turns reform and lead into social capital participation management superhighway network the construction pull by asking for help of Mu together the rule is excellent to turn a highway to hand over luck network of structure, for not and meantime of hobby go provide a rightness should of line choice.

This theoretically and practice medium is all viable.It a, a certain superhighway is a public welfare or a business at present, the key is the government's beginning to this to start a fixed position.Perfectly right, the highway in earlier period's waiting all is appeared with the form of government public article, but is as perfect as the development of system etc. along with the backlog, economic technique of private section economic power, the horizontal Gen can effectively overcome at waiting highway the last economic exterior, and the private section completely has ability to accept to set up and carries a camp to hand over a luck net.It two, experience of American etc. provides the case of success for us.The United States waits widespreadly currently according to pull Mu together rule, go for provide free hand over with charge carry a net satisfy it line need.The government provides free high speed to hand over a luck net to embody its public service attribute;The private section then carries a revenue fee superhighway net.And one side in each charge highway go together with in order to prevent the fee highway put forward to go a choice.Such as because the free superhighway user whom the government provides is many, and provide basic serve, easily block up car etc., but charge the privately owned superhighway generally provides higher of additional increase in value service, therefore endows with to be worth higher community to time if don't wish to delay for a line time, charging a choice the superhighway is since low it time cost.The superhighway net like this lowered the whole social logistics cost and avoided hugging and helped the economy to develop, and provide more revenue from taxes for the government

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woman be "bad"

How should the woman be "bad"
Cartoon 《desire 》medium, when the male reporter covers some film star ask:"Do you want to play most what kind of role currently?"The film star answers:"The An wants to play a bad woman most ."Rare but happens to have a counterpart, recently, international hot movie star Anne Ji Li Nuo ·Zhu Li and Zhang Man Yu, also all disclose in front of medium, want to play a bad woman.Anne Ji Li the Nuo says that she has already talked over with the director of 007 series movies:"At 007 in play a bad woman(nation girl), is my many dreams of in the last yearses to think."But Zhang Man Yu most favor is at Ping2 Xiao"played an antihero, a bad woman" in the movie just.

See, at"good" of the tight hoop curse under, in fact bind a mirthless woman's heart.The "bad" woman has been the man's favourite, only, this is "bad", everybody has his/her own reading.No matter how it is comprehend, at least is following what time of"bad", is a modern woman should have in the love realm of"software".

1.Must not know how to go to and love "good"

The cousin has been showing a person by the image of good daughter, good student, good friend, while reading science and engineering section graduate student, someone lays it on with a trowel she is "big breast", she almost annoys dizzy, she is a very"regular" fair lady, how can have coarse nickname like this?Result, she always no one make track for.

Afterwards the cousin no longer learns"lovely", the pet name of not intentional and convenient"red nail" chat on the network, is as a result pleased person's prospects that a parties recruits Feng to lead Die.She is finally understand, oneself ever too"good", like none of mans dared"Gao Pan".The man needs to be a kind of very the sense organs is some"bad" things, for example red nail.The man sees the woman whom he or she likes at nail and there is a kind of wonderful association of thought, that is sexy and be full of the sentimental appeal of fox fairy.Man in fact from the essence, love a bad woman more, completely naked man, need to nakedly seduce, lure, seduce, even slightly maltreat, choke him with the red nail for example ……"red nail" give° the man's animality to adjust to move, like the alcohol, make the man comfortable and happy like fairy.

There is the "bad" fulfillment of virtual world, the cousin finally walked in to despise in the past of bar, did one"the impress in the bar", and soon captured "true life Emperor".Ever, she always gentle and softly waited for, even very silly pure feeling, but, a have no income.But the man who makes her move, incredibly and only because for give public recognition her"you eat the appearance that the ice arouses a Ling sexy", easily married the cousin to a hand.

The Kodak global oriole of deputy governor, leaf, is numerous boys adoration idol, she has a famous saying to warmly spread in the university student:"My skirt is very short, my high-heeled shoes is very high!"Really, a female who has temptation dint is self-confident, is healthy, is honourable, is also an our female model this ages.If"good" is from shut, don't dare to display female magic power, is love inability, so such of what meaning does "good""young girl" have again?

2.The woman should be spoiled in the love"bad"

The spirit is peculiar but also the rice of ice snow cleverness, have a meal with boyfriend each time, almost and motionless hand, reason BE:"I spent a morning ten nails, you contribute efforts to me!"Feed in fact she has a meal, is the most agile kind in all in love with molestations in male friend's eyes.

The love of failure is a woman to become silly, the man grows worse.The rice thinks, if to the boyfriend"too good", the easy intelligence quotient descends.The rice thinks emotional quotient and wit and humour high in love, had better be a man to make track for a woman to run and do a text chapter with the "distance" and make oneself become a "target" that cans see to can not understand forever, don't use ear in love with, that easy heart is too soft;Don't using body, either is in love with, the combat of that easy end man.So, she packs she not lovely, very naughty, savage of the image , under the gold-lettered signboard of "girl friend", do a to the utmost small crafty small bad matter under the aureole of love and on the other hand test male friend sincerely and increase wit and humour and personal magic power on the other hand.End she succeeded.The rice is a woman that enjoys a type, her pet phrase BE:Love me, spoil me bad!

More and more girls discover to be a traditional"good woman" to usually suffer a los and then put forward such a slogan:Don't be "good woman"."Wise good woman" will try to please a man, but don't know how to love oneself.But more hateful BE, the man may scold "bad woman", but the in the mind likes "bad woman".Certainly, so-called"bad", anything but point to commit crime, but the woman who is big part cans not find his/her own the power that emotion position don't dare to love for oneself at the time that benefit talked, those females who would liked to talk for oneself's rights very much would seem to be very specially and had a little"bad".

The "bad" chemisette condition is:Pursue a self-actualization, wide awake, brave to practice a dream, independent independence, love oneself ……do business in the some company the supervisor's Ms. Zheng think and often make the man have the woman of sense of frustration, is a "bad" woman.The "bad" woman can speed up a bad man to become a good man.

Ms. Zheng really appreciates big star of Hollywood Ba Ba La ·history Cui Shan.Always smart lead the person's history Cui Shan, don't lower intelligence quotient because of be in love, she once drafted 1 and the premarital agreement of male friend cloth Luo wood's, with guarantee property rights not is infringed upon.Ms. Zheng was again in love recently, this time she no longer "be devoteds to a bitterness and love", she says, two people'ses are all equal, reasonableness, she says and is the woman of a cleverness first, then just entitles to and adjudicates, which man good, which a men bad.Also only so, just can't suffer a los, just have real dignity with real love.

3.The good woman is in the bedroom of"bad"

Not a few occupation females all have the illusion to split up over the personality and on the other hand want to play good wife, mother's role and on the other hand still have work pressure, so, under two circumstances for burning, meeting the mind and body is tired, natural this influences to personal sensual desire and interact with the Sir's sex also negative.This is the realistic problem.Moreover one square's husband, usually neglected wife's this kind of role embarrassed, is one-way and unilateral to request a wife that wanting intense emotion is high, and had better be a little bit wilder, is also vulgar to call"bad"ly.Would rather be a happy"bad" woman than be a mirthless good woman.

Can not what to deny BE, still not a few good and wise females not know the development"sex resources", also not know "woman's flavor" of wonderful, certainly also talked to not and up enjoy "sex" blessing, thought an independent occupation female, of is "knowing sex", "reasonableness", but don't know to still have "sensitive faculty", even study "sexy" homework etc..How from an insect, become a beautiful butterfly, is each problem that women should consider.Looking like clean and pure and self-contained husband and wife's pass to fasten is icy cold and lack a kind of breathing and atmosphere of sexual desire.Originally, female can also"bad" must let man"sex" take to take orally;Originally, woman's flavor can study, the sex appeal can train ……

Some"good" womans didn't like a report and married to disqualified or mediocre Sir, but some"bad" womans who see to make threatening gestures can marry a good Sir, is really quality two heavy sky.Certainly this"good" may be weak in character, protect to guard, boring, don't dare to pursue a true love, but the "bad" woman may be spiteful, smart and bright and presume to pursue a true love ……can explain this problem most of, is 《shoot the vulture hero spreads 》two women of inside, that is tricky and unpredictable and say the yellow Rong done to get finally won a good man the Jing elder brother's perfect love, but the gentle and soft and understanding Mu reads aloud Ci but to live the Qi bitter lonesome whole life in Yang Kang's shadow!It's not enough to is a Mu to read aloud Ci good?No, the Mu reads aloud Ci very the filial piety is agreeable, kind!Is a predestination, still gold Yong have the old Sir already seen through everything by the intelligence of the superman but design this bureau?

In the contemporary show business turn, "pretty girl" seems to be also no longer popular, "desire female" and"bad female" on the contrary can stir up trouble, all the way fresh flowers and song of victory.In fact, problem still at oneself.So-called"good" woman, usually be good at more or say is make it a rule to wait for, but can't or not dare to attack on one's own initiative, helplessly Be optimistic about a man is chosen by the "bad" woman to walk.Pursue love not to line up, this ages that is a competition, if you are very kind, so sorry, the bird rising early just has an insect to eat!

The psychologist discovers that the person can divide a lot of types, but have already grown a person and have special"happy personality", they look like the near water balcony and always get a month first, but live an inside of not a few look like a "bad" woman to usually grow a bean the melon ground own "happy personality" like this, active, enthusiasm, strong, dare to love to dare to hate, reaction nimble, open-minded, certainly still love oneself, even a bit selfish.A woman who has "happy intelligence quotient" will soon launch his/her own sense of smell with enter to offend a touch, the man is to go fetch something to use;But"the woman in the showroom", probably good and wise probably tears Lian Lian, but, if oneself doesn't run and fly not to get up forever

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Naked art

2010 age ends, one uses alias a Su very purple person the big female student's Cuan in a night is red.In the 19-year-old diary, she writes down in the title page"I want to present a kind of life, it calls Su purple".Diary outside, covered her reporter to become her creations chemical element, "for the sake of embodiment the naked art can be faced by everyone as well", her whole body bareness accepts the photograph that the male reporter covers to go crazy to spread on the net once again.

In 2009, Su is purple to test into people of the university college of art of Xu Bei Hong, design a professional sophomore for flat surface now.2010 beginning of every years, she claims to be money force, follow a human body mold the profession is especially.2010 the end of every years, she held with own human body photograph to create for the body of topic exhibit.

Naked accept a reporter of interview and take

Put two stools before the big fish tank, , be separated the Yao of one step.Each find out a Su very purple reporter, while putting forward an interview, is also been purple to request to participate in her taking of a new work by Su.She is naked but sit, the reporter by turn sits to her opposite, lift to ask to her.In the meantime, the photographer presses shutter from the on the side.

"The topic of this work calls 《reporter 》, because you represent public, represent a kind of public opinion strength and see you having courage to face.(my naked)"

This"new experiment work" that is that Su is purple to get a brainwave, the reporter is among them of a creations chemical element.In her eyes, the meaning of this work expression is "my battle cry this is my to appeal, , I hope the naked art can be faced".

There is a male reporter Tan Te taking the seat, at that time Na, she comes straight to the point:"I can big-heartedly follow you closely, your ability?" After few minutes, this work announces completion, she the naked body get into a fish tank to continue to take.

There are numerous reporters on the scene, clap a guest and see the guest round a view, she not pure field.The flower market has no warm air, the water temperature away below body temperature, she a time per time repeated Qiang water action, let the photographer catch "cold, get close to the flounder moment of dying the edge".

Several pretty much clock past, this 19-year-old girl starts a tooth fighting, the voice tremble, whole body dither.After being advised a fish tank, she tells a reporter, she is always hungry belly, in the meantime she"the stomach is early getting worse, there is also cold temple, may be an occupational disease".

The medium upsurge, in fact not for the sake of her art.Su is purple wide on the network for spread of say in a video frequency, 2010 beginning of every years, for hand over lately eastern English winter vacation course the school fees of the class, as her compelled by circumstances of person big sophomore, did a naked mold, "want 2980 dollars, how to also gather together not and together last 500 dollars".

She rectifies a reporter to say, she the naked mold that does over two months no longer do now especially.She is naked, is a kind of art creations now.Su is purple to even want to remind that the reporter notices, the her relationship with photographer is her in the "conductor" lens."I am no longer the naked mold of pure meaning, but a creator."

Do naked mold Zheng school fees to carry on art creations

Su is purple autonym not, she original Xing Wang.From it with the original the on-line numbered account for registering, can see another Su purple.

In November, 2009, she said, "more and more like to do an even mold, and two molds especially company label invite".Reply a friend message, she means not to want to be a family training again, "just with mold especially the company made a contract, very busy currently, rush through a field to rush through fiercely".

Su purple still a "man on flying trapeze", she continuously broadcasts live the dynamic state that she flies to everyplace on the net:The old house of returning the proper Chang calls on relatives and goes to Shanghai to live president's suite(it is said that is a photographer to pay) and go to three second seasides spends a holiday and gets to Hangzhou to Lin Xin if do substitute naked carry on the back.

Here, Su is purple to also reveal, she opened a bar in the international trade with male friend.Currently, the Su purple and male friend rents the Jing of party in government sun area ten inside fortress a 50 square meters and packs one living quarters.She said that she likes economy independence, and the male friend round pay here monthly 2500 dollars of rent.

Acquired the biggest concern through"the financial situation is needy to be forced to do a naked mold", but Su is purple to call yesterday, "the medium took narrow circumstances stir-fried made made her suffered", she intended to open a news conference to give clearness.

She said that she the school fees is 12,000 dollars annually.This money depends on oneself part-time job and parents to undertake while entering school, big 2 all from oneself Zheng get, "I not only do a naked mold, also do a flat surface mold especially, be like to clap a wedding picture, 800-1000 at a time".She said that aftertime's school fees doesn't intend to want to the home again as well.

Purple to Su, the elders expressed to morely protect and tolerate.Su is purple to do in November, last year 《Who am I 》 exhibition in, she originally 24 own piece human body of plan exhibition photographs a work, but among them of 8 dimensionses too big, proceed from the reason of"protect her", is examined take down.

The person greatly slowly sad Hong college of art often works a vice- director slowly and only Xin, a Chinese family name think, the human body photographs with human body painting, carve similar, is elegant art.The time that disputes as early as Xu Bei Hong and warlord to talk about a war has been already solved.But the human body mold work especially, is a kind of to make a living a way, should even be respected.

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dioxin poisonous animal

"The dioxin poisonous animal feed" in Germany
New China net Berlin gives or gets an electric shock(reporter burnt Yu) German dioxin pollution animal feed scandal to again get stripe on January 7.Analyze and investigate to suggest as a result, part of poisonous animal feed fat dioxin content within samples are super to mark 7800%, but as early as March, last year, the poisonous animal feed has already flowed into a market.

The German police postponed strange companies to carry on to search towards admiring Lei Si and on the 6th.The stone lotus state Department of Agriculture says on the 7th that has been postponed the 10 animal feed fat sample of strange company to analyze towards coming from admiring Lei Si and, detection 9 among those dioxin content within sample severity super mark.This front of survey suggest, that company violates the rules to used for industry the animal feed production with the fat, 25 animal feed produced a company to once purchase animal feed fat from that company production animal animal feed.

The survey also expresses that as early as March, last year, a laboratory discovers to admire Lei Si and postpones the dioxin content in the fat that the strange company uses to outrun the tallest capacity 100%, but that company didn't make collective report to the authorities in time.

According to know, being subjected to animal feed of the dioxin pollution may attain 150,000 tons.The in bar of pollution spreads further, Germany has already closed more than 4700 farms currently.The heavy disaster area in this time affairs descends Sa gram the Sen state have already destroyed about 100,000 eggs, the diagram a slaughter house of Lin Gen Zhou temporarily seals to save 6.60,000 ton meat.German food, agriculture and the protection department of consumer this front also means that about 13.60,000 eggs that sell to Holland may also be subjected to a pollution.

Currently, descend a Sa gram Sen state Department of Agriculture is in the source that investigates dioxin with all strength now.Admire Lei Si and postpone the strange companies produce factory to buy from a living creature diesel fat of, what the latter processes is recall from the restaurant of discard oil, this may be the real source head of dioxin.Descend a Sa gram Sen state Department of Agriculture mean, concretely analyzing a result will be in next week revealed.

The dioxin is a kind of poison to contain chlorine compound, can cause serious skin disease, also cancer-causing function.In 12 the end of the months, 2010, Germany north Wei state the hennery discover animal feed first drive dioxin pollution, and have a few states and discover to be subjected to pollution animal feed one after another later on, cause"the dioxin poisonous animal feed" affairs in Germany's gradually getting stripe.

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Whet the shell of sand

When a burst of breeze once blows and blew to fall emotion.Become accustomed to from the vulgar life, so from vulgar then be like a shadow, more want to escape more with get tightly ……fear eying of other people, whenever fear and then start stiring up by this time, be like together put on don't drop of scar.

Immerses in the sea water don't lead of there is a shell in place, the shell accepts house tightly not to stay some blind side, all allly packed into darkly in, like to darkly also become accustomed to blackness, because darkly in only have oneself, can also know own existence, need not go to afraid of, originally dark in have future.

A lot of years of forget to make the shell had the impulse to open atrium, but very have the misfortune to be she opens body to prepare to accept sunlight of time, a grain of sand blew into a skin, from now on having can not escape of distress, originally this is the world of outside, have no fine, don't love, Be just improbity and greed ……

From now on and then accept heart more tightly, an ugly shell's destining is deserted, didn't beg without the desire.Not, not is lay up and is ice to seal.Didn't is painful not to rest have no, and was different from sea water to once blow sandy beach, allly print to record all disappearances, but more long more deep, more deep more painful.

The probably soon later sand will whet a brilliant pearl, but how long?Is like an undecided type, forever must up and down beg after leading just can get number.

Only wish is forgotten, much in the unmanned corner a personal awake, a personal happiness, a personal sorrow, one personal life of calmness, afraid is disturbed by a little very small ripple, so much time doesn't dare to touch, someone tells me;I, in fact very good, but I can't see, is the view that the night was too black to impede me, is still only too strong, fainted my eye?Still fear to see in mirror, fear to see oneself, because of that sand.With other people walk together, always feel that having no other people is beautiful, there are more no other people excellent, I can be a very ugly duck to hope other people.

But I always believe firmly one day there will, the sand son will whet a pearl of beauty, radiant and extremely keen ……

My hoping is recent of this time, because I hope that the sweat can give me repay this time, I don't need future, want ~only now!

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very silly etc

Don't over there very silly etc.

Some loves can have a process

Because the predestination of previous incarnation

Have already destined this present life

Don't over there very silly etc.

Some loves need to be calmed down

The image of markets and buildings in mirage is just beautiful scenery

Possible moment will vanish like bubbles

Don't over there very silly etc.

Don't forget good luck to settle three to living

You of the love can insist so long

That needs to be horary of research

Don't over there very silly etc.

It is a mum final outcome to know

Why return Chi the fan don't come to

Don't , really don't make oneself painful

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mao zhe dong

"The surprised big wave claps an isolated island, the bluish green wave reflects Xiao in a sky;The tiger's den hides a loyalty soul, the first light of day welcomes early."This is the hair Ze, the east writes down at the beginning of January, 1950 of great"airtight make the first" of five talk an unique sentence, is also a hair Ze an only one head poem that speaks favorably concealment front hero of the east.

"Airtight make the first" of the hair Ze east style of writing is Wu Shi's general, is the high intelligence report officer whom my party beats into Kuomintang inner part, the public identity is a "Ministry of National Defense" lieutenant general staff officer in Taiwan vice-minister, lieutenant general soldier title.On June 10, 1950, it is issued order by Jiang Jie Shi to be killed to Ma Chang Ting in Taipei.

Wu Shi's general

Wu Shi, the word worry smoke, is livinged to Fujian province Hou county in Fukien in 1895.The bitter Hai revolution breaks out in 1911, Wu Shi resolutely joins the army and takes part in the Northern Expedition student's soldier.Henceforth, he is recommended to protect to settle a military officer school, and the piece cure in, white Chong Xi is alumni.In 1929, Wu Shi with the identity that protects to settle "form dollar" in the military school, the east Du Japan studies abroad.Study in Japan after returning, he teach in the army university term for several years, is the soldier boundary generally accepted"Japanese".

Relieve war for period, Wu Shi starts inclining to revolution because of dissatisfied Jiang Jie Shi's dictatorial governance.At that time, he served as a military administration lieutenant general director of Minister's Office of Kuomintang.Medium the total representative director, Pan, man from crypto-Communist in Shanghai year indicates an underground party member Wu Zhong Xi(new China establishes a successor national government to help the fifth member of committee, province judicial hall head of department of Guangdong and saves a government to help vice- chairman etc. job), try to pass to relate to with Wu Shi's person of hometown, seek a job in the Ministry of National Defense.Be helped by Wu Shi, Wu Zhong Xi is appointed to inspect a censor from lieutenant general chief in bureau for Ministry of National Defense.

Huai naval battle in 1948 service eve, Wu Zhong Xi wants Xu Zhou to front go a "inspection".Wu Shi says to him:"Xu Zhou's suppressing bandits commander in chief, Liu Zhi,'s chief of staff plum tree is exactly my student, you can seek him."Several divas, Wu Zhong Xi arrives at Xu Zhou, the plum tree is in person receiving Wu Zhong Xi and also took him to the Department of Special Affairs to see battle map.Marked clearly an enemy in detail on the viewpoint diagram of Wu Zhong Xi the ground, number and soldier of halting of both parties' troops grow and right away memorize with the brain, and say:"Now wait it's getting late free still want and see, in order to return to Ministry of National Defense to make collective report so much."The plum tree just and readily promises.On the second day, the plum tree virtuous staff officer takes Wu Zhong Xi and goes to Department of Special Affairs again, Wu Zhong Xi took advantage of an opportunity to use the notes to the main deployment down.

To the back of the Nanking, Wu Zhong Xi didn't return to Ministry of National Defense, but went straight to Shanghai and made to make collective report to the year of Pan man the intelligence report.

In May, 1949, Wu Shi adjusts to allow Fuzhou to pacify official bureau lieutenant general a vice- director.Before taking a post, he makes a special trip the total crypto-Communist in Hong Kong contact a work.Wu Zhong Xi represents organization to tell him and has already introduced a Xie Xiao Er comrade to contact with him, have what important materials can hand over to him.Wu Shi returns after Fuzhou and meets with Xie Xiao Er's secret.Turns a salute that reached week boon's come to Wu Shi.Thank then and continuously henceforth from Wu Shi there get various important intelligence report.Once, the hair chairman called to inquire and asked Wu Shi to checked the number and location of actually a Kuomintang troops again.Wu Shi knows that the intelligence report that he sends causes the value of the hair chairman, is very happy.

In July, 1949, Wu Shi is tossed about Hong Kong, the last time and Wu Zhong Xi to meet by Guangzhou and tell the other party, he will soon adjust to allow Taiwanese authorities"Ministry of National Defense" staff officer vice-minister.

"The worry smokes an elder brother, this is getting more dangerous too much!Don't you go not to is all right?"The misgiving ground of Wu Zhong Xi says.

"I behave the people is of the matter Be getting less too much, now since still have an opportunity, personal risk calculate what?On"Wu Shi says that" organization to my contact code BE'airtight make the first'.The suspicion of Jiang Jie Shi in order not to, in addition to big son Shao become, eldest daughter's orchid become stay outside the mainland, madam, Wang Bi Kui, and two childrens of nonages all together go to Taiwan with me."

A day of 194912 beginning of the months, Wu Shi dressed ups of lieutenant general uniform, receive a middle age woman who is dressed in a beautiful chirpaur in the den of the dwelling of Taipei.The other party takes out a letter to hand over to Wu Shi from the body.Wu Shi says after seeing:", Ms. Zhu Feng!"When he saw again fall signing signature of style"Liu Dong Ping", immediately understood in the heart, she was up the transportation member that the organization sends.

"Ah, Ms. Zhu, are you to when come to pedestal and live a where now?"

"Several days."Zhu Feng says that" lately, my daughter's son-in-law wrote a letter to want me to have fun, live in my son-in-law, Wang Chang, a house now truly."

Zhu Feng, original Zhu Yi Yin, change name Zhu Zhan behind it.

Come Taiwanese front, she accepts secret mission in Shanghai, what to set out a task is together comfortable, Liu Dong Ping.Comfortable is together already decided"Wei secretary in Taiwan", Liu Dong Ping is the underground party member of a well experienced and have connection with Wu Shi.

Comfortable together say:"Central grasp to the work that relieves Taiwan now only pass ours very tightly'airtight make the first'Wu Shi, then can acquire accurate intelligence report.This will someone leave for a set to take in person, we think that only having a Zhu Feng comrade is quite the cheese."

"Concerning and'airtight make the first'contact of problem, Wu Shi leaves for before the set, we once meeteach other in Hong Kong.I write a letter for him, you bring him."Liu Dong Ping passes a piece the small note is to Zhu Feng Yi.

"You also want to make contact with Taiwanese underground work committee to the back of Taiwan.The representative director of "comfortable together say, " Taiwanese work Wei is a stem of Cai Xiao, code'old'.You with'old'with'airtight make the first'can distinguish to meet alone."

Listen to the purpose that Zhu Feng in brief introduced her this trip, Wu Shi took out a circle iron box in the safe-deposit box since the childhood and put the inside of Zhu Feng Shou:"Pack tinily to shrink all of the films in box are extremely airtight military intelligence report, hope you with the quickest speed, send back a mainland."Have inside these microfilms:《The Taiwanese war area strategy defendoofs diagram 》;The boat mountain that the latest plait draws islands, big, small Kinmen 《coastal defense front the battlefield troops, firearms provide with diagram 》;The ocean current data of the Taiwan Strait, Taiwanese sea area;The island in Taiwan strategic debarkation orders of geography data analysis;The naval base fleet deploys, distributes a circumstance;The air force airport combines machines category, the airplane number.Also have moreover 《organize whole country to visit the contingency arrangements that the shot bears arms after losing to the enemy concerning the mainland 》wait.

Zhu Feng's circumspect hides good intelligence report, three divas, the wharf in Keelung harbor, she the first the important intelligence report hands over China east intelligence office special transportation member in bureau-periodically go back and forth Hong Kong, Keelung of opening widely of the "Anne's blessing" sea round assistant in.These intelligence report soon send to°from Hong Kong China east bureau, again from comfortable together send to Peking in person, directly hand over hair Ze east hand.

Zhu Feng saw "old" around again later on Cai Xiao dry.At henceforth of in more than 40 days, she distinguish and Wu Shi, Cai Xiao the stem meet for many times, and then acquire a few intelligence report and all hand over to open widely a pair a safety to take.

The winds and clouds mutates!Unfortunate of the affair took place:The set work Wei member of committee Chen Ze Min is caught to revolt and provided Cai Xiao the stem.On January 29, 1950, Cai Xiao's doing is also caught to revolt.

Wu Shi sends social intercourse section chief the Nie Xi see Zhu Feng urgently and around and say:"'Old'BE caught to revolt, the circumstance is thousand times urgent, you have to immediately transfer!"He takes a risk to countersigned "special pass" for Zhu Feng, Zhu Feng then takes visiting the sick as and takes an air transportation to fly to boat mountain on the evening of February 4.

Discovered "Wu Shi"'s name on the notebook that the enemy does from Cai Xiao, immediately make a pounce upon Wu Shi's dwelling, soon search from Wu Zhai2 , he countersigned to go to "special pass" of boat mountain for Zhu Feng.Jiang Jie Shi right away issues order:Immediately arrest Wu Shi, Zhu Feng!

Wu Shi, Zhu Feng and Wang Bi Kui are one after another caught, is embroiled of still have Wu Shi's Kuomintang ranking officers, such as old war ally and"allied frequently headquarters" lieutenant general director general, Chen Bao Cang, ...etc..

On June 10, 1950, Wu Shi, Chen Bao Cang, Nie Xi and Zhu Feng is penalized death penalty by Taiwanese authorities"special military tribunal", summary execution.

Wu Shi calmly dies a martyr.He at at time of execution ex- write down a lasting writing poem:"the heaven's will was boundless don't be able to peep, the long current affairs is more difficult to know.Lifetime Dan dint only loyalty is kind, the such ending is as well too sad.Are one in a dream for 57 years, the reputation ambition industry always becomes to get empty.With one Ju heart of pure loyalty at, spring bottom the Jie may be to my Weng."

At time of execution front he still hopes mainland direction to say:"All of Taiwanese mainlands are families.This is the blood popular support.Several 10-year empresses, I will return to native district."
Madam, Wang Bi Kui, of Wu Shi's general is together caught, behind is sentenced for 9 years, close in jail in Taipei.Wu Shi's general is at time of death ex- and expressed to the madam in the dying testament of infinite remember fondly:"Remaining and bluish green Kui gets married, the prime of life annoys prosperous, in home matter slightly not appropriate idea, then Ci color accompany fierce, however remaining nature gentle and kind, need bluish green Kui the gram as well exert a man way, bluish green Kui since the exasperation that can bear with remaining has no hatred color and need remaining as well very warm, thirty year, husband and wife, see in peace and harmony very much, this time fetters that involve in bluish green Kui to as well sink Ji, remaining truly have negative dike Yi.……Think it cans not helps the Yi in tears Cen!"

The history will not forget those behavior peoples to do to lead contributive of person of.In 1973, State Department publicly confirms Wu Shi as"revolution martyr".On December 20, 1975, the week boon came to premier to once say while being critically ill:My party can't forget in the old friend of Taiwan.Among them mention two, 1 are still still living Chang Hsueh-liang's general at that time, having been already sacrificed is another of Wu Shi's general.

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