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Lost youth

Nanfu eventually fit A month.

In the first ten months after breaking up, he is still sneaking off to the neighborhood of A Month A month. Dawn to dusk every weekend, he will always keep A month house opposite the cafe. The music loop cafe coming and going, continued his black coffee and cool, the spread of his thoughts, his eyes in the capture.

A month, Nanfu MUJI canvas bag with a summer-earned money to buy her a prime jersey the prime skirt, carrying her 17-year-old birthday. From seventeen to twenty-year-old A month has been using this package, spend from the ignorant first love to know each other, they have been together, they have each other the best youth.

Breaking up is A month raised at that time the Nanfu are they rented a small room Daguai a long time, they will not because the game quarrel,he thought A month accepted, but do not know that when A Month disappointment has to do not want to argue with him a. After graduating from college, Nanfu still like a child, sell Meng Shuashuai the demanded A month care. Throughout, he is like a very spoiled child.

Angrily broke up, the mood calm Nanfu dawned on A month selection. The Nanfu convinced they are no feelings of betrayal, ten months alone let Nanfu A month a little bit left, is ten months the Nanfu aware of the past six years, that he is simply a parasite will only obtain love.

Nanfu not to disturb the month, he did not tell A month no longer Daguai own people in their efforts to live. He told himself, and so he to take care of a very good time, he'll be back to find A month. At that time, he will not be before only sell Meng Sony Ericsson Lai child, but the man responsible for their future life.
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He also knows that, A Month in waiting for him.  

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31 year old Zach Wouter 4 days aboard the world's tallest building one of Chicago Willis building, thereby becoming the first use of bionic legs to climb the tower.ashleycl

This year, about 3000 people attended the Willis mansion climbing stairs charity game.brittanyyu

Voight was involved in a traffic accident lost his right leg, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago as he installed prosthesis. It is reported, the bionic legs through mind control, jessicammit adopts the target muscle nerve grafting ( TMR ) to realize this operation.amandamm

Researchers will be used to control the Voight lost a right calf nerve graft to his leg tendon, which can be transmitted to the control signal of electric stimulating area moves the prosthetic.sarahmei  

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Improved performance

With the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, the popularity of LED lighting prices, coupled with the policy support, LED lighting in the domestic commercial market penetration speed. LED lighting price is gradually approaching the traditional lighting, home market also welcomed the opportunity. However, the macro-economic downturn, excess capacity, price drop too fast and also make LED profit erosion. Three from the Quarterly Bulletin, although the performance improvement, but the LED industry still is in trough period of adjustment.

LED listing Corporation performance differentiation

According to the engineering LED Industry Research Institute ( GLII ) statistics, 25 LED key listing Corporation in the three quarter, year-on-year revenue growth of 15, accounting for a total of 60%, lower than the first half of 10.83%; net profit year-on-year growth of 10, accounting for 40% of the total, and the first half of the year level.

According to GLII LED in the three quarter, the focus of the listing Corporation sales conditions improved, partly because the second half of the year is LED sales season, and benefit from national and local government energy-saving LED lighting project promotion; on the other hand, the LED technology and the diversification of the product as well as the terminal application of product price fall, make the market of LED products share rises somewhat. But the three quarter majority LED focus on listing Corporation performance data and does not have a substantial improvement, want to realize this one change or to be downstream market demand further release.

Different segments of the LED company's performance division, LED backlight enterprises good; LED lighting enterprises keep balance basically; LED display enterprise business difficult to do; LED chip plant in addition to an optoelectronic performance of growth, other all decline.

Photoelectric thanks to LED backlight LCD television, including large size backlight LED sales have bigger growth. This year 1~9 month, photoelectric business income 340000000 yuan, grow 54.48% compared to the same period; a net profit of 36210000 yuan, grow 30.47% compared to the same period. And the first quarter of this year,Derma 21 hard sell dab3d12ck photoelectric net profit year-on-year declined by more than 50%.

LED lighting industry ground photoelectric 1~9 months of this year, sales revenue 590000000 yuan, an increase of 8.96%; a net profit of 92220000 yuan, grow 20.84% compared to the same period. Do LED lighting white package Hongli photoelectric, although the first three quarters of this year performance fell in the same period last year, operating income 396000000 yuan, up by 1.7%; a net profit of 48140000 yuan, drops 7.67% compared to the same period, but the third quarter to achieve positive growth, operating income, net profit year-on-year growth of 6.68% and 2.65% respectively.

Mainly to do LED display Chau Ming technology, the first three quarters of this year sales revenue reached 410000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.72%; but net profits fell by 47.85%, to 18330000 yuan.

Upstream of the LED chip this year prices fell sharply, which makes Huacan photoelectric before this year three quarter revenue fell 25.74% to $259000000; net profit fell 49.1% to 42090000 yuan. But LED chip bibcock enterprise an optoelectronic eye-catching performance, the first three quarters of this year business income 2350000000 yuan, grow 101.26% compared to the same period; a net profit of 667000000 yuan, grow 13.9% compared to the same period. However, an optoelectronic during the first half of this year has received from the government nearly 300000000 Yuan subsidy, the performance of the " gold content " to make a discount.  

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