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LED display screen

Brief introduction of LED display screen
LED display ( LEDdisplay, LED Screen ): also called electronic display screen or floating word. By LED dot matrix and led PC panel, by the red,LED Lighting module blue, green LED lamp light out to display text, pictures, animations, video, content can be replaced at any time, all components are modular structure of display device.

The legend of photoelectric LED display usually consists of display module, control system and power supply system. The display module by the LED lamp consists of a lattice structure, responsible for light emitting display; control system through the control of the corresponding region of the light, to make the screen to display text, pictures, video and other content, Zhongshan city light extension photoelectric monochrome, two-color screen is mainly used to play text, a full color is mainly responsible for playback of animation; power system the input voltage and current to voltage and current screen.

LED has received extensive attention and rapid development, and it is itself has advantages not divided. These advantages are wraparound rising is: high brightness, low working voltage, small power consumption, large scale, long life, impact resistance and stable performance.

LED extremely broad prospects for development,Bluetooth keyboard device is toward higher brightness, high weatherability, high luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, direction of development.  

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screen has a long history

The screen has a long history and rich form, company formationthe craft technique is also colorful, it as a traditional technology the field of rare and beautiful flowers to spread, deep popular. Screen used in the early Western Zhou began, called" di".

Is the first to the windshield and covered with, later development, variety diversification, not only has a large screen, also has a smaller screen, also has a small bed, pillow screen, a dedicated, but also pure decorative furnishings.

During the Han and Tang Dynasties, almost wealthy families to use screen. Its form is also a former generation has increased, from the original single fan screen development for fan screen split Qu Ping, folding, folding screen, before the Han Dynasty for the board to be painted, painting, since the invention of papermaking since, for the paper.

Screen types to screen, screen, screen bed hair,operable partition light screen; and if the specific more texture, such as jade screen, carved screens, glass screens, screen, screen, which pigment mica painting screens and so on, this is not the only one.

After the Ming Dynasty had created, has been beyond the screen of practicality, become pure ornament. With the social change, the modern people's way of life has been very difficult to put it as home furnishings, so that its scope is gradually reduced, only in a particular cultural sites are found, such as theatre, teahouse, a field.

In recent years, people at home and abroad began to Chinese classical furniture of interest, including screen,operable wall classical furniture culture and aesthetic feeling gradually by people to recognize, we hope to people from the traditional process of screen to dig a new aesthetic, is a new enlightenment.  

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Who murdered my romance

A section of feelings, in the beginning when we love each other, to the end of each other as an enemy, you are my wrong, I want you to know, we always be well-matched in strength.
" 33 days" -- the lovelorn
Fairy tale
Remember though young and ignorant, but with you an epistolary days are very happy, at least you and I are true, I have two weeks to send you a letter, you also went back to a, and occasionally a tear, it makes me very satisfied. We all have a dream of a to the end of love, nothing more, in our hearts only each other, I poured all my love for you,Cao An Qi Emotional life when you seem to have only me! I remember someone chasing you will openly tell me, for many people this is how miles away! Then I go insane, want this life you must be my bride! This year, we went to the same high school, school together, eat together, shopping together, go home together ... ... The ultrafast time! Although life will often make the shield, but more than half will be good, happiness is really good, you also begin to better to me, buy me a meal of what, I am very happy, later you because of my selfishness, you promise not to do so, I was shocked! That 's OK. Never mind. I'll buy you, you just go home homework is, we still very happy. Moment again after three years.

Finally from the marriage were closer, my fantasy. Finally, we used a different university, and you and I have thousands of miles away, but I've never had a doubt our love the quality, because I know that the expiration period is: forever. Nothing much, just want to study hard, to give you want happiness, regular telephone exchanges don't feel anything strange! Until one day, I found you more and more busy, no time and have a chat to answer the phone, possibly was too tired, just go there some not meet it, I still didn't think, fast forward to eleven, your home, my classmates and I play very refreshing, not much also worried about you at home, after all, there's nothing to worry about, in October 7, I call you, forget the reason, quarrel, I get excited skips school to Lanzhou, on the train almost 36 hours sleep, can imagine the excitement! Everything is normal! Do or do not suspect traces!
One day, knowing that you are new, like a bolt from the blue feeling you never think! I even to the brink of collapse, and scattered through numerous hills and streams the thoughts into the endless panic attacks, even the wind also act recklessly and care for nobody blows my heart for a long time did not seem to be frozen, the Millennium dream, I try to picture freeze before 2010, they found, in the inverse time corner, only desolation the increasing inability to seize back left. Not to mention.
... ... .
But, I want to say that you don't do the actors are wasted! Since you 4 months ago with new, and I also what is ambiguous! Review the feeling?
The lovelorn
Today, at least I know I'm right for yourself, to afford the feelings of 7 years, and you doubt your personality?
After the breakup of the year, I have no clue, folding wings, day picture to die ghost-like, a person, and are memories, like everywhere in pieces in general, have been struggling to piece together the broken down one once. I like a dog wag the tail and flatter, in an attempt to get the master's pardon. But it is full of grievance, no place to tell the sad, you said my youth be opinionated, you can't stand. ( I admit I had asshole to greatly in your hand, but that I made up of many, now you have chosen to leave, please don't talk to me"! ) Don't think you, so long, I just talk to themselves! Not to take yourself seriously. People will become, but to you this is to! Now think that once I feel nausea, it is what I do not deceive oneself and others, self-esteem, Yourcenar said, I always feel extremely harsh but very precise words: the world's dirty, than self-esteem. But today I realized, even if dirty, remaining life, I need my self-esteem goes. Is not a lost love? What's the big deal! The whole of his worn like a" garlic seedling " like.
Have a look now social more beautiful --" as Jack, not enemy chest four two". This is the reality!
The so-called materialistic also is such. Understanding of MM, chat less than a month, as long as you have money, you can go out! ( what MM did not ah! At least I think ), with male and female friends in the guise of just what ah! The trading highfalutin, when you take your I am busy I am busy I, feelings do regular contact some ambiguous feelings of good; do a fuck friends call; the sentiment is not good friends also do not become enemies. In the scene, all say repeatedly repeatedly says I love you, deeply love your one's whole life never abandon, said a lot but I do? Be how much? They all said that if love please love deeply if you didn't love please go away! He said I give all to you, you are my personal treasure, she said, I will stay with you forever and you together, ha ha ... ...
Since no heart there would be no love to talk about happiness, everyone why so hard it not tired?
Don't stop fall in love, the woman kept for man, man is constantly change woman, appears every day in love of honeypot, every time have not tasted true love is what taste, maybe die heterosexual is through a lot, but sadly love is nothing. Clearly, never really got a heterosexual heart, that took the opposite hand with his / her mouth to mouth is the love, really very funny.
Life is not repeated here ... ...
Love is the tour we own, love and didn't love, not a mouth, a two body, the three meal, can be determined, if you don't love that don't cheat don't hurt, if you love, then love seriously.
The game.
In love with fast-food era, we also talk about love? The time is hasty! To scribble on life. You want to take what to do. Love is like a balance, a carrying the spirit, end bearing material, tour code on your hands, you must choose to lean to one side, because the reality does not allow you to stop in the middle of. Some things, some things, I know you understand. The reality is that we have reason to treat. Perhaps many of the meeting and parting, so learn to overgeneralization. Maybe I think simple insipid, believe in love don't lie, you will put your trust in me. Gradually discovered that love is not so simple.
I would not hesitate to choose the former, but finally failed miserably, so I am confused, I began to doubt, confusion my way, see my world I incapable of action. Is not that I'm aloof, but true love is not such, not with the material into any relationship, even a very simple life, poor has happiness the rich are rich luxury, as long as happy good ah! To lead a voluptuous life, scene of debauchery is happiness! Is it necessary? See other Mercedes Benz BMW you lost, then what? Are you a Ma Lo? Love in a BMW than smile on the bike fast?
Many people who are in love is defeated again because they look like before I always think oneself is an exception, maypoik aprereciciar apreopiearwill be the five million lucky. Many people not to see the fact, but is not willing to believe that the inevitable outcome of the development of. Like a red eyes gambler, always think of her own will to win, even underpants are lost.
All in all it was a master of the game! Do you think your hand is high enough?
Not so simple.
You can find - talk to with.
Especially in - seen so much betrayal.
Always restless - only tough.
Who murdered my romance.  

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