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Website revamp case study

Recently we have help TG Ocean Health Food Industries to revamp their corporate website.

Before revamp, their official website is lack of information. It is official website but only do have 3 links in total. Wasn't we having a website because we hope the website can promote our products and will be more understand about our company history? I just wonder why previous developer doing such services for TG Ocean Health Food Industries.

Here how their previous website look like:

After discussion and present on our concept and idea, we bring TG Ocean Health Food Industries to another level which the website will look more professional, and of cause... more information there. After the launch of their new website, with their heavy advertise in local newspaper, their sales is growing compare with previous result.

On this new revamp website, the main page will do a brief introduction about their company and products. We develop a full screen slider bar into it for that introduction purpose. This website is custom design and custom develop on CMS systems as well. We also do hire some model for their branding image shooting and promote on this website. Wonder how the new website look like?

Here how it look like after we revamp the  

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Subconscious thought

Now, suppose you're learning to drive. Every time when you want to turn the brain thinking is: "The right foot elevation, to the left 12 cm, the brakes gently." After experiencing the learning process, the conscious idea in your mind recurring natural It will turn into brake mode without thinking, that is, your mind a positive thinking - new subconscious mode.

Therefore, the experienced driver who drove five hours home,reenex dba2a06dk you can also say to yourself: "I do not remember how to drive home." Subconscious for him to complete the task. Any conscious positive thinking, will form, after a period of repeated subconscious mode.

Well, if your mind has been thinking: "I'm not a pauper?" After a few years, what would happen? You do not have to think about, it has formed a negative thought automatic mode. In other words, you do not have to do anything specifically, can themselves into a pauper.

Very simple, generating approximately 50,000 thoughts per person per day. Most people think the main negative thoughts: "I'm fat, my memory is really bad, I was overdrawn, I do not."

Mostly negative thoughts in our mind, the results will form a kind of subconscious behavior? Of course, negative behavior. Life and health will be unaware that they have been destroyed.

Some people often wonder: "why will penniless, poor miserable life?" Since learning to drive can skillfully into a conditioned reflex, you all kinds of negative thoughts, of course can also be due to the same reason to be late king, to make their own life in poverty and misery.  

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