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ASEAN becomes engine

The ASEAN is becoming an engine of the regional economic development, as well as of world economic development, an expert from the East Asian Institute of National University of Singapore said in Singapore on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Dr. Zhao Hong said ASEAN member countries not only export goods to other countries, but also become a big market that will also import more goods from other countries.

"In this sense, the ASEAN is very important, and is also a driving force in regional economic integration. So we can say the ASEAN plays a very important role today," Zhao said.

Ministers from ASEAN member countries convened in Vietnam this week. "They have reached a consensus on regional economic cooperation and stressed that all the ASEAN countries will make greater efforts on economic integration in the ASEAN and also in East Asia," He said.

"Apart from this, they also made consensus to improve regional economic integration, and are becoming cooperative with other countries, such as China, Japan and South Korea, so as to make economic recovery more quickly and better in this region," said Zhao.

He said the ministers believe the ASEAN is open, and is willing to accept other countries such as the United States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, so to make this region more dynamic and more open.

"You can see ten plus one, ten plus three, and some years later, it might be ten plus six, or ten plus eight," Zhao said, noting that this is because the ASEAN is now a kind of driving force, and more and more countries would like to cooperate with it.

The ASEAN is an organization accepted by many countries, and more and more countries are now paying attention to this organization. At ASEAN ministers' conference, ministers agreed the ASEAN summit will include Russia and the United States.

"In this sense, we can see that the ASEAN is becoming more and more important in regional and international affairs," he said.

"Of course, the ASEAN still has some problems, especially some disputes between countries in the region, but the member countries are making efforts to solve these issues. So I believe this organization has a very good future," said Zhao.

He suggested that ASEAN member countries make greater efforts to improve their infrastructure, and expand the exchanges and cooperation not only among the member countries but also with other countries in Asia such as China, Japan and South Korea.

The ASEAN, since its establishment in 1967, has striven to accelerate economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, to protect peace and stability in the region, and to provide opportunities for member countries to discuss differences.
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