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finance and economics

The young husband and wife manage finance and economics
I am 29 years old this year, the wife is also 29 years old, and the daughter is 1 year old.2 husband and wife order small business, month income 10000 dollars is or so, the income stabilizes and there is a set of merchandise building, and the city is worth 800,000 dollars.Main expense that day often the family expend with car.iPhone all-powerfulThe small car is a , the year expense is about 16,000 dollars.The home life monthly expenses is about 2500 dollars.Having already deposited 70,000 dollars currently is periodical, the fund certainly throws monthly 500 dollars the etc. don't for a year throw.2 husband and wife all have been already cured to protect, didn't purchase other insurances and had no investment and had no foreign loan.

Manage finance a target:

1.The funds protects a value and perfect funds investment;

2.The plan raises a kid to will grow up in the future, education funds and annex perfect guarantee insurance programming;

3.Other such as investment programming, retire to enjoy life a programming, perfect insurance etc. finance mangaing target how carry out?

Manage finance analysis: USB the wireless

The family's property mainly has house current value the 800,000 dollars, automobile and appliance current value are 130,000 dollars and deposit 90,000 dollars, fund current value 6,600(certainly throw monthly 500 dollars the etc. don't for a year throw, if investment rate of return is 10%), the property adds up 1,026,000 dollars and has no liabilities, clean property is 1,026,000 dollars.That family husband and wife the year income add up 120,000 dollars, the year expends 30,000 dollars, and the year is surplus 90,000 dollars.

On the Zong say, wait level in that family income, expenditure reasonable, the saving rat is up to 75%, can see that family consumption be used to good, finance mangaing's programing flexibility is bigger.The family has no foreign loan, the adequacy increment liabilities can accelerate a property growth speed.Shortage of the place still has a low investment property, structure one, living an interest property little, make a profit ability worse.

Manage finance a suggestion:

1.Invest a programming

In consideration of the family daily expenditure, should prepare at least before doing a sound investment programming home life for 3 month fee about 7,500 dollars is to meet an emergency back up gold and withdraws from the existing current account.Suggest according to every month of must expend 2,500 dollars as unit, the wrong period circularly saves for periodically saving of 3 monthses.This since promised liquidity, and then obtained to is many incomes than the current.In addition to the back up gold is outside existing to deposit 80,000 dollars, can re- carry on adjustment and suggest to purchase a bank finance mangaing product and make profit the treasure series finance mangaing product such as the transportation bank, the income stabilizes, 3 turn the tallest 5.2% in rate of return month year, 50,000 sell, far far high in three months time deposit income.

2.Educate a gold programming

The domestic practices for nine years currently, compulsory education, anticipate a primary school to educate expenditure annually on the average about 1000 dollars, the junior high school is 1200 dollars.The senior high school starts to hand over school fees, expenses in the point high school then is a little bit expensive, generally expensive 500 dollars, calculate up other expenseses, education gold of the general senior high school is expenditure's 3000-5000 dollars in every year.University education is the main battlefield that educates an investment.If is a public university undergraduate course,video frequency generally yearly school fees mostly in 5000-6000 dollars, moreover calculate living expenses to wait other expenseses, educate gold expenditure at least in every year 20,000.According to reading the Doctor calculates:The demand general expenses of national university is 188600 dollars, the people does the demand general expenses of university 228600 dollars.According to 6.5% inflation rates, take no account of income growth rate, convert into cash a result about 500,000 dollars.

According to the family's actual circumstance, there is 90,000 dollars or so clean income annually currently.The suggestion takes out 1| to save 22,500 dollars to be sons and daughters for 4 years education gold preparation, purchase one to educate insurance or fund combination to settle hurl to carry on a reasonable arrangement in advance.It is 6.5%(conservative estimate, win the inflation at running) according to the investment rate of return, probably can provide education gold as 500,000 dollars after 15 years.

3.Retire to enjoy life a programming

The family's husband and wife have no agency to protect old age pension, the old age pension plans and prepares to seem to be is importance.After 30 years, if want to maintain to retire an ex- living standard, act for a rate to attain above 70% at least, as a result need to be early carry on retiring to enjoy life a programming.Retire subsequence continuously and live for 25 years according to consuming level currently, if the inflation rate of the year is 6.5%, the year is rate of return 9%, the conservative estimate old age pension prepares above 2,000,000 dollars , from now on, prepares 16,000 at least annually, can immediately pass to purchase annuity insurance or insist certainly throwing 1500 dollars monthly, the investment rate of return is 9%, the square can carry out.

4.The insurance programs

2 husband and wife all have been already cured to protect, didn't purchase other insurances and guaranteed degree low.Suggest now the husband and wife purchase the business insurance increment risk guarantee, can guard against future family risk.Make use of the insurance"double ten principles", then purchase with 10% of the income in year 1000% protect the insurance of sum, according to this principle, that family can annex 1200 dollars insurance fee annually and pass to purchase an insurance combination, such as lord insurance annuity insurance, additional accident insurance, and surprised heavy disease insurance...etc., so the insurance fee is opposite and worthwhile, can satisfy a family guarantee in the meantime as well need.

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and effective

"Peaceful agreement" can be simple and direct and effective
"Peaceful agreement" produced a sharp opposition.According to the latest opinion poll inside the island of pedestal medium, 41% people support "peaceful agreement", 29% opposes, and 29% has no opinion. relevant departments

In other words, at people enter the party turns"peaceful agreement" serious infamy moment, majority of people inside the island still keep supporting the assertion of Kuomintang and show "peaceful agreement" really free.If the Kuomintang ability turns the treatise integrity of "peace agreement", so and surely"peaceful agreement" not the next tenure of Ma Ying-jiu not completion can not of task, still be advantageous to his fighting for serve another term and it next tenure mainland policy of push.

"Peaceful agreement" far from the people enters a party falsity"unify to negotiate", more not"surrender agreement" called by it.Under the democracy system of the region of Taiwan, be a cross-straits united condition immaturity still, or when Taiwan region betray by one's own in the cross-strait talk the root can't see be permitted to public sentiment inside the island, whichever"ruling party"s can't carry on this kind of political suicide.The people enters the parlance of party or"only parties" medium currently, just"election" process in of stir-fry to make, the votes doesn't have no opportunity further understanding and accept "peaceful agreement".

The main contents of "peace agreement" is certainly a cross-straits common establishment to support peace, is also "not martial"s,TV network namely"not with the point of dispute that solves problem through use of force each other", this is as early as 1992 Denghui Lee predominant establish of"Taiwan unifies outline" in have of assertion.And previously of 1991, Denghui Lee has already represented Taiwan to declare "the be over mobilizes the Kan disorderly period", is also no longer make to the mainland by force.

Therefore, if mainland also does to is similar to mean, and from the cross-straits authorize the personage sign together, then reached both parties to all promise "not martial"s by writing.This completely doesn't involve the political hard nut to crack that the current cross-straits still can not crack, is further assurance that the cross-straits accumulates a mutual trust.The purpose of "peaceful agreement" should here, naturally also isn't the ultimate end arrangement of cross-straits political relation, purely for promote cross-straits on the foundation of present condition, in peaceful way solution political disagree.

"Peaceful agreement" is heavy can Chien, simple and direct effective namely as above say.If begging a contents is abundant, so the military mutual trust mechanism of the entry-level form may also bring into, this equally doesn't influence present condition in Taiwan Strait as well and have no people Be short to turn the worry of Taiwan into what party attackstones.But the sea radicle, sea helps two meetings according to systemizing of"92 consensuses"ses consultation and has already greatly had results to show an effect, so two meeting not have no probably on the cross-straits current political foundation, undertake signing of"peaceful agreement".Want ~only the Kuomintang sound and related treatise,digital television from can stand in no fear of falsity Wu Mie.Return a root to investigate Di, still need to pass the examination of public sentiment inside the island, besides Ma Ying-jiu's speculation have no timetable, the people enters a party to actually have no occasion for to scare people inside the island

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mask recommends

The diy fair hydration emergency mask recommends
Fair emergency mask
Self-make an emergency mask net to introduce a style of diy fair hydration emergency mask for you today, hydrate effect very can try! concept refers

The diy fair hydration emergency mask-honey egg yolk spreads

Can person's effect:Breaking up breeze is evil, smooth skin white wheat flour, particularly be applicable to stem to live to strengthen hydration at people of dry region in skin and winter and fair.

Material:The white Jiang silkworm is 7.5 grams of, the egg yolk is 1, the white Zhi is 7.5 grams of, the honey is 20 milliliters, thin Xin, a Chinese family name is 7.5 grams of, and milk is just the right amount of

Way of doing:

1.Grinding Chinese herbal medicine respectively and mixing blend again for the thin end is even.

2.The egg beats into a bowl and takes egg white away, takes egg yolk and join the Chinese herbal medicine powder after mixing blend even adjusts into the honey and milk, even spread at the face after mixing evenly of neck, avert from hair border, eyebrow. digital television

3.Be spread to a face department for 20-30 minutes before sleeping, wait a dressing eight cent the stem can immediately clean a dressing and use Wen Shui to be pure to clean the face.

The sincerity reiterates:Skin allergy, please be tried to wipe to the elbow internal skin first, after 10 minutes, have no special reaction again wipe on the face. business operations

Special hint:The oil skin quality →10 day a stem skin quality →are a neutral skin quality for 3-7 days →every week once

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fresh interview

Kim Jong-il meets Li Ke Qiang of positive party in government fresh interview

According to the voice of China 《news and newspaper summary 》report way, Korean labor party total secretary Kim Jong-il met the medium totally central political bureau of positive party in government fresh interview often yesterday Wei and State Department vice premier, Li Ke Qiang, .

Li Ke Qiang said while meeting, in recent yearsoperation analysis win a dynasty the relation keep a good development power head.Especially last year, two countries high relation for leadereding to deepen and develop two a country further reaches a series of and important consensus and related to a development to indicate a direction for two countries.The Mainland wish together toward square a, hard carry out to like these consensuses.

Li Ke Qiang said that this year, the dynasty square adopts a series to actively raise Cuo, the together relevant everyone keeps dialogue contact and reiterates for many times that supporting is unconditional heavy the Qi six-party talks, carry out peninsula non-nuclear turn.The Mainland supports dynasty the square together relevant everyone keep and strengthen contact to have a conversation and fight for obtaining an aggressive result, in order to weigh the Qi six-party talks to create a condition soon, push peninsula situation further mollify.The Mainland wish continues to improve a relation for north south both parties and supports peninsula to peaceably stabilize exertion to constructive a function.

Kim Jong-il says that under both parties' joint effort, two countries friendly cooperative relations in dynasty continuously obtain a new development, at present under the international situation of profoundly complicated variety,Europe and GDP data Korea will together China strengthen friendly association and practicality to cooperate further and make two countries related to knot more plenteous result.

Kim Jong-il emphasizes that the Korean assertion weighs the Qi six-party talks as soon as possible, everyone should according to acting a principle in the meantime carry out "9.19" joint statements completely.

On that evening, Li Ke Qiang attended Kim Jong-il to hold of welcome party.

On that day,continue to decline Li Ke Qiang still just Pyongyang met Korea to labor the party central political bureau Wei and the tallest people's meeting often often allow committee member of committee long the gold is always south.

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The regret of wrong

It's old to keep hand and son Jie of son

Before decade, the gentleman tested to go into province inside that not well-known university, he feels that this was already very satisfy.He once listenned to the father generation once speaking a story in childhood:There is a geomancer affirming after once seeing the ancestral grave of his house, this of the meeting in the posterity a staff and two university students.Now then sky, he has already become an university student whom sign is in fact, be his enter school the notification sends to of time, produce not small vibration in household, in the meantime, his uncles start guessing next university student will be who the kid of house.He took this kind of to satisfy to walk into door in the university school.

University inside of life abundant colorful, the excellent youth men and women gather together here and formed a special"society" and all hang an as contented as gentleman smile on their faces.

Abundant colorful of living back, is do foolish things in desperation of emptiness.Like a noble madam, hard dissimulation is limitless lonesome.Empty and lonesome cause directly as a result, would be indulgence and madness.So, the gentleman usually sees lift in the campus the wine bottle son drinks the east pours west slanting, painfully shouted to just kick away the name alcoholic like that of that girl's son of his in, and the cluster that the athletics in the dormitory building fastens the boy's beat.This kind of is certainly lonesome to be also infected gentleman, that the heavy pressure bottom liberation come out from Gao Kao of abrupt however of lose feeling, make him indecisive, his a head of drilled into in the novel about swordsmen of gold Yong, go to the body flavor yellow Rong of wily and little Long Nyu of perfect, at last found out one to let the mind temporarily deposits of place.

When the emptiness came, the heart then became one to visit the soul wild ghost.

The Zhen appears in the visual field of gentleman, is exactly he reads 《the absolute being vulture Xia Lyu 》become fascinated of time, Zhen how not always ready to smile, the very dignified appearance is exactly little Long Nyu's shape, the gentleman like this and absurdly fancied she.The gentleman is very excellent, this he is very self-confident.Just enter school, he got into student association, his calligraphy saw an effort very much, hence he became one member of publicity department in the hospital, again because two of his thin long legs and usually toughens, make him become long-distance run member of team, called up to is a cultivation of both the inner and the outer, it is quite good to synthesize character.After the gentleman sees Zhen, that of his heart that like visits the soul wild ghost sort then produced to stop the mind for depending.The Zhen is also a long-distance run member of team, they several times gets in touch with, the Zhen also had good will to the gentleman, and this gentleman is affirmative, is what youth person is special that kind of intelligent sixth sense feel tell a gentleman.

When the love condescends to come, is also a kind of hair Ren of pain and sufferings.

They since friend, the seed of love silently takes root germination.Could not see Zhen for a day, the in the mind of gentleman had no bottom son, jittery appearance, make the elder brothers of the bedroom always like to take Zhen to stir him, sometime, the trumpet of bedroom was rung out:Spread a Wei in"gentleman, underneath has a girl to seek" trumpet shouting of big Ye voice, gentleman the meeting away and disappear hurtle to come downstairs, left see right to see didn't shadow of Zhen, ask big Ye, he meeting 1:There!The finger that follows big Ye sees past, the old pimple of bedroom is as early as to enjoy there bend from the waist.Spirit the gentleman in mind and first scold 1:Your Ya plays me!Then run over there, give him one to explode Li.

The height with no a lintel wants ~only purely true love, the love in the university can so.Gentleman and Zhen got in touch with for three months, but had never asked the family of the other party and there was also no this necessity.They happily and together train and open the fun of amity, weekend, sometimes the Zhen will run the classroom of gentleman to see he do a Chinese brush-pen word, the gentleman writes down on a painting paper of blank"keep the hand of son, is as old as son Jie" then smile to sing ground to looking at Zhen, the face of Zhen is very popular a while and looking at the appearance of Zhen, the gentleman cannot helps but wanting to kiss her, the but again overcomes own impulse.Be like Zhen in his eyes so pure good girl, 1's suddenly kissing will be frightened to death hers, if the love is a book, while the Zhen is again host within book Mr., gentleman should one page 1 to read, but is a lifetime as for time that study.

Is a weekend again, Zhen invitation the gentleman go to her home to play, for this kind of invitation, the gentleman knows to mean what.When walk into the home of Zhen, see repairing of luxury, make the gentleman feeling surprised, from gentleman of the consumption of peacetime Zhen how also the surprisingly Zhen will own the family condition of such superiority, he ever thought that the Zhen is also as nothing exciting as own family.The mother of Zhen pleases to the Zhen of the classmate is very passionate, but the gentleman felt own hard-pressed.After the purely true love meets artificial material contrast, got rid of to originally have of self-confident heart, gentleman be so.

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how solve a set

Under the bear market should how solve a set
Changing is a kind of active of solution set strategy, words make use of properly, can effectively decline cost, increase a solution set opportunity.But change is also a solution with bigger risk set skill, if once the operation mistake and then will compensate a madam and fold a soldier.So the investor has to be very careful while changing, reduce weight lunchphysically applied in want to control the regulation of changing.

A, stay small change greatly.Small dish because of supporting reorganizes cost low etc. reason be easily picked out by more bankers to control dish.Make thus small dish more live, the trend is usually stronger than big dish.So, the small dish is that the head that wins the Zhi in general situation and hand at running to rise choose a species.

Two, stay low change Gao.Is generally and easily neglected by the market with low price, the investment is usually worth of drive market under-estimation, and low price because the absolute is low, declining further the space is limited, the risk is lower.If from high the low price that deeply fall down, because leaving to run intensive area in a set of prison is farther and have to definitely rise to rise a potential.But the price of costliness mean high risk and make the costliness faced to adjust pressure a little bit greatly, so, to change a costliness while changing, keep a low price.

Three, stay to lately change old.The new, time new circulated dish to be partial to small because of once having not yet to expand to permit, is easily controled dish by the main force.And become available in the market time isn't long and wasn't gone crazy the parched time new and ran a set of prison dish light.Plused a new to just become available in the market to collect a great deal of cash, often had a new profits growth to order.These factors all cause a stir-frying of essential funds to make enthusiasm very easily.

Four, stay strong change weak.The characteristic of minority:If the big dish adjusts, the minority drops along with the big dish, the range usually exceeds big dish;If the big dish sprungs, minority even if follow behind a big dish rebound,benevolence commander its strength also the bigger dish is weak.So, investor once discovering oneself holds at hand of is this, regardless is a quilt sack or an accrual to all want pure Cang in time and choose another pre-eminent.This then can effectively promise the utilization of funds.

Five, stay a Chuang to change to have no in Chuang.The stock with there is a Chuang meaning to there is a main force getting involveds, get involved of main force with lend a strong funds to usually ignore rising and falling of big dish, continuously push high stock price, the stock price presents a strong Heng strong trend.Have no in Chuang in order to lacking, the main funds takes care of, in mostly is some small retails to prop up in the bitterness bitterness, if hold thus stock, can with other retails together bitterness support.

Six, stay a new Chuang to change an old Chuang.Because old Chuang regardless before whether if there was huge, pulled to rise, or regardless whether had the time and space of accrual, as long as inhibitted in the long-term time cost under, the old Chuang was all very easy in consideration of how chose road but escaped, so, ascension space and strength for ascension for old Chuang were all worth to doubt.New Chuang of is a main force to get involved time don't have longer than a year of.Because the new funds just got involved, it delivered dint to usually exceed an old Chuang.

Seven, stay bottom to put a quantity to change bottom to have no quantity.Changing and changing can rise of, rise quickly.Every unlimited in the bottom, at follow behind the big dish rises and falls will also the weaker than big dish whole trend, even if in the future is picked out by the banker, the main force absorb to raise while facing to set up and willing also beat it before the Cang.If that has already had a Chuang but don't put quantity in the bottom, can explain that the main force has already absorbed one belly goods, just thinking wear how to send hair, the ascension space in future is imaginable.So, want to as far as possible pay attention to bottom to put a quantity while changing.

Eight, stay an essential tectonic plate to change an unpopular.Some unpopulars are only undulating in money for several cents every day, the whole day clinches a deal scarcity, if having at hand is such of, should early throw it, change into now to belong to still not big of essential tectonic plate but rise.

Nine, stay a latent topic to change the topic clear and distinct.Usually spread some hazy topics in the market, as for whether the reality is of no account, such as femaleas long as you can get the investment the public's approbation, stock price the often in an interesting condition person's performance.But the topic is once lucidity stir-fried to make and then announce to end.So, notice to choose somes while changing

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political support

Analysis call that kid's birth is a Sa section to together fight for political support important weapon
Whole France is paying attention to this kid's birth now.Not only because he will be first to be born the father is the incumbent president's baby, he is seen more make the important weapon that is a father to fight for political support

《The international pioneer leads a report 》the hair of reporter, river, , Jenny, from Paris"cloth Lu the Ni don't living again, we all can not stand!"The medical personnel of clinic already unbearable heavy burden.

Whole France is paying attention to this kid's birth now.Not only because he will be first to be born the father is the incumbent president's baby, he is together seen more make is a father the Sa section fighting for the important weapon of political support.The baby who didn't be born and then have already drawn in presidential election was exploded by the French medium to anticipate recently, will be born at private hospital LA MUETTE of this month's area 16 in Paris.Once the news get abroad, each road medium upsurges,treasures gathersand the everyones all want to rush ahead the birth of report way president baby.

Parisian police's bureau has already around established "safety blockade line" at private hospital in LA MUETTE.According to know, establishing the purpose of this"safety blockade line" makes the medium kept distance.On the morning of October 10, blockade scope extension, photographer and reporter is blocked Be 200 meters apart from the hospital or farer location, there is police on the scene keeping watch on.

"Have on the whole!"

Sa section together after becoming and divorcing the president of marriage again inside the first term in modern France history, will soon become first on the term parturient president.Currently, Sa section together of the public sentiment support rate fall to win an election of a little bit lowest.The medium are analytical, this kid probably will together add a cent in the presidential election in 2012 for Sa section.

In fact, as early as 2009, have a medium report way Sa section together the couple intends to give birth to a kid in 2011 and had medium analysis to say at that time, this undertaking may be trying to gain the French people's pity very much, public sentiment support rate promoted a Sa section together, help thus he was served another term in the presidential election in 2012.

Henceforth, French medium all often will the news of report way the cloth Lu Ni pregnancy, however all finally is confirmed is a son falsely naught.Until in April, this year, famous gossip magazine in France 《Closer 》with"have on the whole!"As a cover headline, first report way love beautiful give up the happy event of temple, and talk it digs ground to say:"If not is ability out and out confirm, we this time not publicly such news."

"Yun matter" of the first lady loves after report way beautiful give up temple and cloth Lu of Ni I have never made in direct response to this matter.The mansion of French president just as since show toward earth's surface, can't respond to any problem concerning president's private life.The attitude of cloth Lu Ni is equally low-key, in the news program of TF1 television station in France and accept 《Parisian's report 》of in the special visiting, all the benevolent fund that talks that oneself establishes meeting of work, and to the matter of pregnancy greatly beat too very, since deny don't deny as well.

May, cloth Lu the grandfather of the Ni the old Sa section together and finally controls not to live and revealed the news that the daughter-in-law is pregnant to the biggest newspaper-Germany of European issue quantity of 《picture report 》.Henceforth French former president is rare to pull the madam of gram while accepting a medium interview and also confirmed this news.

On May 26, small town in the seashore in France convenes of eight country group mastermind's meetings opens that very day,enjoyment consumption the cloth Lu Ni no longer covers up "Yun feeling" in the public in front for the very first time and put on boldly a white personal long skirt, swell up of the lower abdomen is clear it is thus clear that.

Love beautiful give up "true person show" of temple

French historian, news commentator Chris Di Anne ·virtuous Er wave says, this be like love beautiful give up a temple of a television true person's show.Sa section together of the team will make use of this publicity of"president baby", the increment exposes to lead, and make greatest efforts the image of creating the Ci father."People will see a beautiful story."

Is a pregnant news first, the cloth Lu Ni will stand big belly to appear in the public in front later on.The public will continuously concern this topic, the mother and child is the whole whether return smooth ……then is the news of childbearing to spread, president husband and wife embraces infant's hospital discharge, the cloth Lu Ni holds a petite baby, both the husband and wife with concentrated effort look after an infant ……these affairs will occupy the medium a great deal of report way space and even make the person forget the quarrel in the popular front alliance.Particularly being this kid is be born socialist party primary election behind, people concerns of focus will quickly drive'president baby'transfer."

The French net friend who is named "Xian" message says under the report way of "cloth Lu Ni pregnancy", this is the Sa section to together plan and exchange for 5 years with the good will that kid's birth brings, the tenure is very worthwhile.

Mother's image of "president baby" and first lady can acquire political pity, for example American former president Kennedy and England ex- prime minister Blair and incumbent prime minister card plum Lun, all once will be pregnant of the wife consider as to run for to overcome of"secret weapon".And in 1996, ran for hoping of French president to pull at that time the gram once made use of the daughter's grandson Martin's birth as well and created the oneself close people's image, at that time 《Paris contest pictorial magazine 》even once for this special subject report that organized a to expect "was the grandfather's art" way.

In fact, in 2007 Sa section together at go into a lord to love beautiful give up a temple,convenient traffic try to do so.At that time, the television broadcast live he held sons and daughters and wife to fill west the Li was second to go into together love beautiful gave up a temple, the pediatric sub- Louis was full of on the second day curious about that the photograph of facial expression then was full of the main layout of printed sheet of newspaper.

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salvation seen fatigue

"The tiny Bo controls" makes the papaya Wei C salvation seen fatigue
Lead language:Holdses the intelligence cellular phone flat panel computer, lower the head to stare continuously finger to by leap and bound exercise, popular"the tiny Bo controls" makes more and more people infatuate at present.The expert reminds the tiny Bo controls and be eyes is healthily helped by Wei, demand science is remediable.

A, the tiny Bo control, eyes get hurt very much

The tiny Bo saw the cellular phone tiny Bo while controling to let eyes to get hurt to walk, take bus and lie very much on the bed and hurt eyes very greatly.Because, at that time very difficult assurance cellular phone and the distance of of eyes are appropriately.In addition, once a few continuous hour eyes blink not to blink ground to stare at a very small cellular phone screen, eyes will become very dry, don't think this because oneself trapped,transparent products in fact this was the eye department muscle functioned to take place an obstacle.Originally used an eye to easily result in to see fatigue for a long time, and screen top continuously the lighting of transformation again to eyes result in continuously of incitement, while being eyes to keep catching these lightings will bring damage to the tears film layer of black eyeball surface, turn worse eyes thus of tired and dry puckery, even will appear piercing, shed tears, fear light etc. unwell symptom.

1, keep correct reading posture, the distance with 50 cms is good

Keep the correct reading posture good reading to be used to also very important.While playing a cellular phone in the evening the ray is anti- to differ will make eye tired, therefore must turn on a light, never grope in the dark a battle;Browse every 40-50 minutes time and take a rest for 10-15 minutes, don't lie;Choose the background of the cellular phone as softer background color.

The expert points out that because 50 cms the muscle tension can keep on a very low level, over a long period of time use an eye can't result in fatigue, therefore the of eyes and cellular phone should keep to suitablely watch distance,density polyethylene the 50 cms is or so to is proper.

2, the equilibrium meal is foundation

The equilibrium meal is many foundation whites to get crowd for use the eye bodyguards all exist mistake area, think eyes are tired to just need to be taken a rest, there is otherwise no big Ai, is exactly to use eye healthy knowledge of neglecting and just causing the eye disease again and again seek to come.Be transact a clan, want to avoid stem eye disease, the cervical vertebra far-gone occupational disease to don't have"miracle drug wonder drug", the best prevention method is 3:00:Keep correct reading posture;Equilibrium meal;Add absorbing of anti- oxidizing agent, the vitamin C is an among those types.

Expert points out that the human body oneself needs to strengthen a health care, causing the reason of eyestrain is various, the meal nourishment structure of the balance is foundation, then absorb the food of the vegetable and fruit, potato, bean and protein and meal fiber of corn, red and green.The anti- oxidizing agent absorbs to also contain certain function towards alleviating an eye department fatigue, for example vitamin C;Can also much eat to contain the Mg chemical element more spinach to alleviate fatigue in addition, implying a lot of sunflower seeds of organic vitamin A can also absorb appropriately.

3, the anti- oxidizing agent absorb very a key

The anti- oxidizing agent absorbs very a key under the sistuation that keep correct reading posture and equilibrium meal,special plastic add anti- oxidizing agent and then will have better effect.Some foods can resist eyestrain, can also help clear eyes to rest and restore energy and make your eyes brighter.Like nuts, such as black bean and walnut...etc., the vegetable and fruits, such as rhesus macaque peach, papaya, mulberry, blueberry and purple Shu...etc. can availably alleviate stem eye disease.Moreover, the carrot that enriches to contain to spend a green vegetable can also have to definitely protect an eye function.Underneath we emphasize introduction papaya to protect the effect of eye in this text.

Two, papaya Wei the C is many and support a protection umbrella for eyes

The papaya Wei C can protect an eye a time papaya, the fruit peel smooth beauty, pulp is thick solid meticulous, heavy aroma, juice water is much more plentiful, sweet and tasty, nourishment abundant, there is the good alias of "the fruit of 100 benefits", "the emperor of fruit" and"ten thousand life melons"s, is one of south Ling four name fruitses.The papaya is also rich to contain more than 17 kinds of amino acidses and calcium, and iron...etc., imply papaya egg white of Mao, and foreign papaya alkali...etc..The papaya foot of the half inside etc. size provides the vitamin C adult need all day long.

The papaya is in the Chinese vegetable have"ten thousand life fruits" of call, elfevident, much eating can promise longevity.The papaya Wen Wei Suan, even liver and stomach, the comfortable tendons and veins, live physique and decline blood pressure.The fruit of papaya is also rich to contain more than 17 kinds of amino acidses and calcium, and iron...etc., imply papaya egg white of Mao, and foreign papaya alkali...etc..Particularly is the content of vitamin C is very high, is 48 times that of apple among them.In addition, papaya ability balanced, enhance the physiology of the hormone of teenager and pregnant woman gestation period metabolism balance, the smooth skin keeps Yan.

Three, the tiny Bo control to protect the eye sweet article:Papaya milk

Papaya milk alleviates to see tired material:The papaya is 150 grams of gs, milk 200 mls(about 1 greatest cups), vanilla ice-cream(one locket), sugar 1(can add not to add)

Way of doing:The papaya goes to skin and slice a piece.Put into a juice mixer to join 200 ml milk, the sugar, ice-cream is just the right amount of and use medium soon mix blend for several minutes then.

Makes in to°from fresh papaya, milk, fresh and aromatic, drink there and then, if need to outside take, place for longer than 30 minutes(in winter) and 20 minutes(summer) not with protect the best taste.But the calcium quality in milk plus the vitamin C in the papaya is all nourishment composition needed in the human body.Fresh papaya the meeting slightly take bitter taste in winter,The special plastic is a normal phenomenon, send greeting heart to eat.

Four, health Be small to stick a private:

Health is small to stick a private 1, purchase papaya trade secret:The papaya separates Mr. the mother.The male melon is oval line of, the body is heavy and check little meat burliness, the flavor is sweet joss-stick.The female melon body is slightly long and check many shredded meats, the flavor is slightly bad.Living a papaya or half a lifetime of more suitable make soup;Be living a fruit to eat of should purchase more familiar melon.When papaya was mature, the melon skin assumed a yellow, the flavor is specially pure sweet.The skin presents black mark and has already started changing in character, the sweet degree, flavor and nourishments all have already been broken and please watch for while purchasing.

2, papaya in of foreign papaya alkali, have small poison to the human body, the appetite should not be excessive each time, the allergic physical endowment should carefully eat.The not edible papaya just fear to cause temple constringency stomachache, but can't influence a baby while being pregnant.

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disgust to arrive

3 kinds of women will make the mans disgust to arrive not to go
Much time, the man it may be said disgusted extremity to chemisette some weakness, but under majority of circumstances again all hard start to talk, have to stay abhorrence silently and in mind.With as for a lot of women's ends until thoroughly lost him, operation patterndon't also clear up reason exactly is what!

(Source:A family doctor is on-line) much time, the man it may be said disgusted extremity to chemisette some weakness, but under majority of circumstances again all hard start to talk, have to stay abhorrence silently and in mind.With as for a lot of women's ends until thoroughly lost him, don't also clear up reason exactly is what!

The first, the man disgusts all over send forth a woman of inferior flavor.

Really, the man likes the woman whom the aroma comes into nostrils and even has no place to escape under this kind of laying siege to of fragrant Fen and finally become you of under the skirt minister, but, this doesn't mean a man to be willing to buy a debt to any flavors.Some women consistently use quality slightly weak or the smell over-weight perfume to dress up his/her own sex appeal, but do actually and like this of effect meeting get just the opposite.Face a woman who all over the body sends forth too thick heavy cosmetics aroma, general of the mans will avoid three to give up, because that aroma is thick a shieldthe negotiations, far and far separate him at a long distance outside.


The woman doesn't want to use the flavor too thick heavy disguise thing, usually under the circumstance the aroma of cosmetics is more heavy to prove its chemistry of the composition content is more high, since the bane healthily also endangers feelings!

The second, the man fears the chemisette"force a marriage".

On the marriage important event, the woman is obviously more more aggressive than man.Majority of direct purposes that the women are in love be for the sake of the matrimony, although say that the man's in love with purpose is also such, dream freedom of man in fact for hymeneal of fear a little bit more.If you really want that getting married, and acquiring with him is happy after getting married, don't all day force him, stadium project the feelings that will make him have a people the difficult speech, and worsen you.Because the man is most frightened is said by the girl friend irresponsible, don't want to get married not to mean not to wish to be responsible, but just want to prolong to be one more point of freedom of time.


Woman should ingenuously to his allusion, or with back for enter, if mean neglects with him, let his feeling have no you all of a sudden of the taste of day.If he really loves you, necessarily will soon do an activity.

The third, excessively frank oneself comes and goes the woman of matter to usually make man's at a loss what to do.

Once being in love, men and women both parties usually constantly inquire the other party feelings career ever, by this time, some people will be frank to entirely admit that is getting clearer to the other party.Be compared to a man in fact, the woman more easily forgives the other party the feeling history ever, after all this was habituallyseveral thousand years of culture to habitually accumulate Dian down.In fact the man pursues her toward the woman the matter ever, but don't don't hope drive let oneself sad answer.The woman never be excessively honest in this time, this is great injury to him.This makes him have distress speech, to you of feelings will give discount naturally!


The male usually lacks a sense of security to the same sex,Special structure
if you mention a relationship with past male friend, may make him jittery.Should allow him to feel he more more excellent and more lucky than other mans.

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I once loved

Lightly of, I open a cellular phone and order to open blacklist, I you, I once cared of lover, join among them.From now on, you my form together stranger ……

How much time, I feel you or love mine, how much time, I feel you of the in the mind still has me, how much time,food needs careful I flow to fix attention on tears beguilement I, how much time, I at you of spend in lies ……

Ever, you Wen Yan Xi's language, ever, you were extremely considerate, ever, you worried that I frightenned sad, ever and ever, normal shapehave already left me to far go, left now then of was what again?

In the daytime, I the full Yan laughs heartily and makes oneself not grieved hard, whenever the night strikes, I am alone frightened to face open spaces room,since early winterI frightened I only bear that alone terrible dream ……

Then, you walked and there is no one silk news, don't know to is your father to really be critically ill, is still that you take a wife at home, I know, you have never given after walking I to lead a telephone, a message, there is no a salute, there is no a silk reiteration, quiet I my beginning be used to a person, I not is needing you accompanyfood recommendation , don't need you hypocritical of care, don't need you of awake make Tai, I become accustomed to single, I start enjoying a life, from now on, I will forget you, I ever of lover!


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human body endotoxin

Thoroughly clearance human body endotoxin
In the metabolism under the normal circumstance, the food eaten by people after esophagus, stomach, 12 bowels, small intestines and large intestine, finally ejects a body outside from the ass, the whole process generally can complete within 12-24 hours, so can ensure that the discard doesn't lead in the bowel long stop over.Because getting in touch with bowel wall is too long for time,Romance purple the discard unavoidably will be again absorbed by the human body and cause a body thus inside poison.Though the human body contains anti-virus function like this, can tired, nervous or other physiology reason, will make the human body appeared metabolism function out of tune, endocrine mess, make the discard of human body stayed around inside the body over a long period of time.Thus the remenant discard starts corruption in the bowel, the germs in the colon the meeting continuously resolve a discard and produce toxin.Philosophy toxin again absorbs after colon and continuously leaks out pollution environment inside the body, behind Be got into the different organ of human body by blood circulation, thus get into to cause various disease inside the body, appear a memory decline, fatigue and complexion ash Huang, constipation, piles and endocrine out of tune, fat etc..

How can below teaching you line up poison

The row is poisonous and still keep eating food row poison most healthily and eat to the food and line up poison Be not a difficult matter any more.The underneath ten kinds of foods are the jinx of body endotoxin and usually and much eat, can easily eat a body endotoxin.The food lines up poison and makes the constipation, Cuo Chuang and quick temper kept off us.

A, honey

The flavor is sweet, sex is even, from thou be nourishing strengthen figure, the row poison keep the good product of Yan.Honey rich etc. for containing vitamin B,The autumn food repairs vitamin D, vitamin E, fructose, glucose, malt sugar, cane sugar, high-quality protein, potassium, sodium, iron, natural spice, lactic acid, malic acid, starch Mao and oxidizing Mao is various chemical elements and stop coughing to the smooth lung, the smooth bowel relax bowel, row poison's keeping Yan have already shown Zhao effect.The main composition glucose and fructose(content 65% one 80%) in the honey is very easily absorbed exploitation by the human body, often eating honey can attain to eject the effect that the toxin, hairdressing keeps Yan and also have much of an advantage to the prevention and cure diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and nervous prostration...etc..

Two, green lentil

The flavor is sweet, sex is cool and have pure heat and counteract poison, dispel the effect of fire, is our country Chinese medicine to usually is used to solve various foods or medicine to be poisoned persistently Chinese herbal medicine.The green lentil is rich to contain vitamin B, glucose, protein, starch Mao and oxidize Mao, iron, calcium, and Lin...etc. of various compositions, often the food can help excretion body endotoxin and promote the normal metabolism of machine body.Many people are taking a meal greasy, fried deep-fried, the food of heat behind, appear skin Sao very easily Yang and dark symptoms, such as Chuang and Fei son...etc., this is because wet poison inside trap and Be overflowed to a skin to, the green lentil then has strong dint to counteract poison effect, can relieve various toxins.The green lentil can decline low cholesterol, and then have already protected liver and the anti- allergic function.

Three, sea tangle

The flavor is salty, sex is cold and have already turned phlegm, eliminate phlegm, even breathe heavily, the row is poisonous, relax bowel of effect.The sea tangle is rich to contain Zao of the gum is sour, sweet dew Chun, protein, fat, sugar, thick fiber, carotene and vitamin B, , vitamin B2, vitamin C and Ni the gram is sour, iodine, calcium, Lin, iron etc. is various compositions and particularly contain abundant iodine, very beneficial to human body, can cure goitre and disease of iodine lack but cause.adjust throughWhat it contains includes 18 kinds of amino acidses in the protein.The iodide in the sea tangle can accelerate the exclusion that pathological changes thing and burning disease leaks out a thing after being absorbed by the human body and there is the function to decline blood pressure, prevent°from artery hardening and help the harmful material to excrete.

Four, bitter gourd

The flavor is sweet, bitterness, sex is even, the Chinese medicine thinks the bitter gourd has already counteracted poison to line up poison, keep and improve looks of effect.The bitter gourd is rich to contain protein, sugar, thick fiber and vitamin C, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and Ni of the gram sour compositions, such as calcium, Lin and iron...etc..Contain in the bitter gourd 1 kind has obviously anti-cancer live protein, can stir up an immune system inside the body to defendoof function and increase the activity of immunity cell, the harmful material in the clearance body.Expert suggests that the female should bear suffering melon more, the benefit is adjusted to follow by blood.

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healthy food

How to choose the early winter healthy food
The first and Ou.Living an Ou ability pure heat, promote the body fluid, quench thirst, familiar Ou ability Jian Pi, open stomach,greatest supermarketsbenefit blood, so have the parlance of "hot big proper living Ou and cool autumn days proper familiar Ou, living to eat proper fresh delicate, the deli is proper strong old"
The second and yellow Shan.Eat Shan autumn winter, not only benefit dint strong, and still have to definitely regulate a function to the blood sugar.In the food in in winter, if burn a Shan segment, pure braise a Shan segment and stir-fry Shan silk, and Huang Shan Zhou...etc., all for care a delicacies
The third, chestnut.The chestnut has Jian Pi to keep stomach and restore virility the function of strong bone and also have the king that repair the stomach of good reputation
The fourth, red true facts The red date has to reinforce body fluid smooth dry, the benefit lung repair the effect of spirit, such as and white fungus, 100
The fifth, chicken soup.Winter is the high hair season of bronchitis, it prevent°froes one of the ways be particularly to drink chicken soup and be good for a child.According to the analysis, the hen fat has to strengthen a bronchus mucosa to secrete and turns the function of phlegm.There is a kind of special material in the chicken in addition, can strengthen to swallow a blood circulation and nasal cavity mucosa to secrete, is lucid to keep a breath way, clearance breath way virus, alleviate to catch a cold stuffed-up nose and treatment to swallow diseases, such as stem and a cough...etc. to be of great benefit to match, the mountain medicine braise a food together, the effect is better
Six, animal internal organs.The vitamin B2 contained by the internal organses, such as liver, kidney and heart...etc. of animal is a lot of.The end of winter and early spring, dry because of weather, not a few person's lips are dry and cracked, easily suffer from quarrel burning, this because of lacking the vitamin B2 to
The seventh, sea tangle.The sea tangle contains iodine much, the iodine contributes to synthesizing of thyroid gland hormone,The love is epidemic while the thyroid gland hormone has already produced a hot effect.So, the end of winter and early spring just the right amount eats sea tangle and have better cold resisting function

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The night is then

"The night is then" clears out light
Was the poison in the your body ejected?What most effectively pure bowel foods are there?To you recommend rich contain of six big foods of meal fiber, vitamin and mineral material, not only can clean up a bowel way, support bowel way health, is suitable for long term to care a health.

Because life medium bad of food habit, usually cause constipation or have a bowel movement difficulty, have some will appear a skin obscure have no light the etc. is all direct performance of garbage excess inside the body.Sorelated information, what most effectively pure bowel foods are there?The following health cares an expert to recommends 6 kinds of garbages that most effectively pure bowel foods let you inside the rapid clearance body for everyone.

The biggest type:Most effectively pure bowel vegetable

The celery can keep all equilibrium fresh greeneries of body fluids behind the vegetable is effective to the constipation, because contain an abundant meal fiber.Is much an alkalescence in the greenery vegetables, can moderate the output excessive acidity material in sugar, meat and egg and the metabolism in the food, make the body fluid kept alkalescence, thus the poisonous thing in the clearance blood.Often eating a vegetable can choose turnip leaf, green vegetables, rape leaf, spinach, Chinese kale, big cabbage, carrot, condy-loma accuminata, and cabbage...etc..

Particularly introduce:Celery

1, the celery is the effect that the high fiber food has an anti-cancer anti-cancer, it through bowel inside digest a function to produce the material of fat inside a kind of wood quality vegetable or bowel, this material is a kind of anti- oxidizing agent, high density can repress the carcinogen of germ creation inside the bowel.It can also speed excrement in operation time in the bowel, reduce the contact that carcinogen and colon glue a film and attain the purpose of prevent°froming colon cancer.

2, the celery iron content is higher, can add women through the loss of the blood, is the good Shu that lacks an iron anemic sufferer, food of can avoid a skin pale,creation database dry, complexion have no China, and can make the vision had absolute being, the hair is black bright.

3, the celery is the head of the assistance treatment high blood pressure disease and its complications article for choosing.For the arteriosclerosis, have the assistance treatment the function.

4, the leaf, caulis of celery imply volatility material, don't have fragrance, can strengthen the person's appetite.Celery juice still has already declined a blood sugar function.Usually eat some acidities materials that celeries can moderate inside uric acid and body, to prevent gout from having better effect.

Recommendation:The west Qin squeezes juice if drop was a few lemons, flavor would be better.

The second type:Most effectively pure bowel fruit

The fruit can be able to help the excretion to choose the food lemon, orange, You, grape, sugar cane juice, greengage, apple, and tomato...etc..Although the fruit flavor presents acerbity more,metabolize process in the body in can become alkaline, and can make the blood kept alkaline.Especially their ability "fuse"s a backlog in the toxin within cell, finally through excrete system to eject a body.

Particularly introduce:Banana

The banana is cold, some persons with cold stomaches can steam banana to eat and eats for breakfast quite good.

The third type:Most effectively pure bowel Shu

Shu is rich to contain vitamin of most have in the food the nourishment material of anti-cancer function is β -carotene(the vitamin AN ex- body), vitamin C and folic acid, while three contents are all more abundant in the sweet potato.A small sweet potato(about 2 two heavy) can provide the vitamin A that human body need every day, 1/3 of 200% quantity measures of everyday the vitamin C needed peace treaty 50 tiny gram of of folic acid;Among them, the content of meal fiber is higher than a bowl of oaten gruel.

β -Carotene and the anti- oxygenation of vitamin C help the holdout to oxidize the harm that should arouse to take off the oxygen pit sugar nucleic acid(DNA) to the heredity material and there is definitely anti-cancer function.

Particularly introduce:Sweet potato

Often eat sweet potato to contribute to the normal folic acid level that maintains a human body, the folic acid content inside the body leads low will increase the risk of cancer.The meal fiber of high content has in the sweet potato help the stomach and intestines peristalsis, prevention to be constipated and colon rectum cancer of function.

The sweet potato is good for heart and enriches to contain potassium, β -carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and the vitamin B6,generation website this 5 kinds of compositions are all contribute to prevent°froming a cardiovascular disease.The potassium contributes to human body cell the liquid and electrolyte is equilibrium and maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.

β -Carotene and vitamin C have the anti- fat oxidizes, the prevention artery gruel kind harden of function.Add folic acid and the vitamin B6 to contribute to lowering the homocysteine level in the blood, the latter can hurt artery blood vessel, is the independent dangerous factor of cardiovascular disease.

The fourth type:Most effectively pure bowel bean

The bean is rich to contain a meal fiber of bean not only enrich to contain abundant protein, at soybean, black bean, green bean three miscellaneous beans out of the beans in all is rich contain abundant starch food, meal fiber also more.

Particularly introduce:Red and small bean

The red and small bean implies more soap Cape Mao, can stimulate a bowel way.Therefore it has good benefit to wet a function, can solve wine and counteract poison, all beneficial to the heart attack and the kidney disease, dropsy;

It implies a more meal fiber and has good smooth bowel to relax bowel, decline blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering, regulate blood sugar and counteract poison anti-cancer, prevention stone calculus, strongly built reduce weight of function;The red and small bean is a rich food with the folic acid.Pregnant woman, the wet nurse eats red and small bean more to have the effect to urge a milk.

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bloom that secret

My session needs a love to bloom that secret
True-false test?Ha ha, what is a true-false test,LED front-panel my studies, my feelings, still my life?

I dislike a true-false test, because I don't miss my life between right and wrong struggle on the prowl, what I wanted just my life

1 kind belongs to my own, life follow one's inclinations, what then the current affairs fetters is too complicated, how get away from, get that to belong to own big-hearted?

The true-false test makes the person harm deeply brains, be not?

Really want to natural and unrestrainedly smile to say to oneself:I am so nerve-racking to think that is it why?But can not, all of a lot of affairs are that we can not evade

Be like horizontal now in front of me of the true-false test, probably this also calculate not up is a true-false test, just need a do-it-yourself choice, a kind of drive oneself bitterness bitterness band together, don't wish to give up of, 1 can not predict feelings of terminal point.

You canned once know, you were continuing to long for of my in the mind, is a together beautiful my heart scenery, you changed me a lot of, but yourself what didn't know as well

Talk with you each time you can bring me merriment, but sometimes you but is so of faintness, the hands want to cross the distance of reality to daut you, but when stretch out of touch horizontal at you I of the mountain range of , just discover, originally we of still has a distance

I am continuously making great effort, continuously ex- go, multiply by breeze to step a wave to walk toward you to, can you why still just distant journey, not wish to halt enough to stop over

I continuously call, continuously battle cry, the Tu stays to disappointedly sigh and float to spread in the breeze

You say me it's very pureLED carries if don't want to own innocent seek a reason, I want to be like to sing so in this song:Probably love more the simplicity more infatuate

Another probably, probably each story all really has a plot, the absolute being in the fortune telling, have already arranged good everything

But belong to you together my story, I don't want to give to destiny, because destiny will let you I am in the reality interleave separation, I miss I come to compose to write to belong to the road that belongs to us, our beginning from rise of dynasty sun witness, the process contains rain snow to cover with to fall thick and fast and end to also have setting sun twilight mutually with

I dislike a true-false test, but you aren't a true-false test, the true-false test gives me the space of the choice, but for you, I think me to have no from choose
Attach Fan Wei Qi 《true-false test 》:

Each story has a plot
Each love is like moving melody
1 sincerely but think you go forward probably and love more simplicity to more infatuate
You are an outside another window one scenery
In the your eyes I is what the breath relating to you exist my love in
When does the ability honesty face oneself
We never open mouth that to ask you that I love you
Eliminate little courage other people to all say me forever and your previous relation
No one believes to only have a relation
We that doesn't lift always and make the person harm deeply brains with reality from dishonest that problem
My session's needing a love to bloom that secret will definitely have beautiful love

You are an outside another window one scenery
In the your eyes I is what the breath relating to you exist my love in
When does the ability honesty face oneself
We never open mouth that to ask you that I love you
Eliminate little courage other people to all say me forever and your previous relation
No one believes to only have a relation
We that doesn't lift always and make the person harm deeply brains with reality from dishonest that problem
My session's needing a love to bloom that secret will definitely have beautiful love

We never open mouth that to ask you that I love you
Eliminate little courage other people to all say me forever and your previous relation
No one believes to only have a relation LED the actuator publish
We that doesn't lift always and make the person harm deeply brains with reality from dishonest that problem
My session's needing a love to bloom that secret will definitely have beautiful love

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small common sense

Sport article of the autumn health small common sense

Autumn Gao Qi Shuang, the sunlight is bright and beautiful, is sport to toughen greatly good seasonal changes,LED lighting but to heart the cerebral disease sufferer but speech should follow the sequence and advance gradually and do what the strength allows and avoid a sweat too and harm Yin to help dry;Avoid the surfeit exercise and aggravate heart burden.Sport can postpone the arrival of decrepitude process, can also prevent°from the medium old-age disease of various acceleration decrepitude.The heart feat sport of cerebral disease sufferer has a stroll, mountain climbing, martial arts, gymnastics, jogging, Deng car, swims...etc., passing sport can promote spirit the blood flowing freely and comfortable Jin to limber up to harmoniously adjust an internal organs function activity and make person in high spirits.Therefore, the autumn health small common sense reminds a cerebral patient of heart the autumn not proper morning exercise.The old people and the heart cerebral patient toughens had better after dinner, if is morning activity, also as far as possible late some with reduce the heart cerebral outbreak risk. different angle of design

Science of the autumn health small common sense sleeps

《Emperor Huang inside through 》think, the autumn proper"early lie to rise early, with the chicken accompany interest".Early sleep to annoy by Lian lung, rise early to annoy by comfortable lung, make the lung refrained from rash action to unfold to went with the weather of autumn should.Rise early appropriately in autumn, can reduce blood to bolt a formative opportunity;Appropriate lazy bed before getting up several minutes,power LED actuator unfold an activity once all over, have important meaning towards preventing blood from bolting forming also.The old people who easily suffer from insomnia sleep ex- hate much speech and food.Chinese medicine has "the stomach at enmity with then lies uneasy" to say, the autumn health small common sense reminds you:The supper should not lead satisfied, in order to prevent the influence sleep quality.


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Bao loses broth

The two winters bulb of lily Bao loses broth

Raw material:The dry bulb of lily is 40 grams of, wheat winter is 20 grams of, 20 grams of sky winter, the fritillary is 3 grams of, the lean meat is 500 grams.(4 people dosage)

Cook a method:LED to commence

Soak stem bulb of lily to need to be used;The lean meat washes slice a piece clearly to and together puts into a pot with medicine material and fills with just the right amount of water, the martial fire cooks for 15 minutes and change text fire Bao an hour, add a table salt seasoning then;Can also replace stem bulb of lily with the fresh bulb of lily, after washing clearly hot water Nao once the back up, rest medicine material and meat cook first, then join fresh bulb of lily to cook for 20~30 minutes.

Effect:The suitable hot and dry coughs, long cough and take a blood, thirsty, orotund and hoarse in the phlegm, and the autumn dry weather result in of is dry nose, throat dry painful.Usually often diarrhea, have the cold a cough to carefully drink this soup.

The doctor is analytical: first timing

The bulb of lily fresh food stem is all used can, is a medicine food and excellent of nourishing good product, all can apply all the year round, eat by autumn the most proper.Its the flavor sweet is tiny cold, have the function that the pure hot smooth lung stops coughing, this soup matches equally smooth lung to keep Yin and pure heart in addition to vexed wheat winter, the pure lung declines fire and reinforces body fluid smooth dry sky winter, the smooth lung stops coughing, the pure heat turn the fritillary of phlegm, the very suitable smooth autumn is dry.

The ○ chooses material important point hold the hand

The dry bulb of lily should chooses aridity and has no miscellaneous quality, white slightly takes thin yellow or thin palm tree yellow, the quality is hard but frailty, break behind the cross section angular quality kind, the scale is small but thick.The attention avoids choosing a color to lead white of, may once bleach with the sulphur of, this kind of bulb of lily easily affect by damp and cold and cook to open to will take acerbity;The fresh bulb of lily then chooses sheen, big and even petal, the meat quality is thick, the color is white or present thin yellow.

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Tomorrow probably

Tomorrow probably such as what I expected
The setting sun is red, prosperous will soon wither.

I am waked up with a start by the cripple dream and open eyes four to hope, the room quiet pole, on the window sill that red light is fresh gorgeous get astonishing, breeze's blowing to move a curtain to feebly be like is stating what.Perplexed,life manuscriptthe wound idea is tiny to living and press mp 3 broadcast Chen Yi Xun of 《Tuo flywheel 》.

"Passing by is 18 years old, didn't take form, however sometimes.Enough I attend to after having no, the untamed nature is naughty.Sha eye, 27 years old, the date has no much, the square doesn't dare to loaf on job ……"

The singing is floating, the time of water get the best annotation in this a moment.A date has no much, the time seems to be so pales have no dint.Song Gao Ren Shang, the heart in a flash vicissitudes of life decrepitude decuple, awakening living at this time, imitating the Buddha has already experienced successively world of mortals ten thousand matters, transmigration of soul life and death, have been already seen through.Suddenly look back, the dust matter has been already spread but the beauty remains, now way the years is like song, life such as drama!

When one was young, I once thought to persist and then can succeed.The day puts together a night to put together and forgot to come and go to forget a beginning of dream.When I see the variety in nowadays, none become, I have a little disconsolate, where is the road ?If say that the road is in the foot, so is long or short, is wrong or to, is should always does the persistence still keep weighing to choose soon?I why always walk so body not from F, the body is like heavy burden.I am suffered, I am happy, the road of front I was fond of a way,Bloom beautifulthe road of rear gradually went gradually and far ……who can point out where is wrong path, is wrong is to also worth I walk.

The facial appearance didn't change, just the Cang is old a young heart, languid remember fondly, tired life.The look in the eyes that they expect, dreary year by year, the black hair paid no attention a vicissitudes of life years.But for, feeling what already may.

Once of friend, whether well.Whether happy?Once remembered that you at the beginning smiled not for the sake of the love with the joy, happy must start innocently imagining future.Still deny to remember you for living but busy must not with joy, work hard start to be very confident of programming future.Can today?I really want and see, the flimsiness of smiling face back before the person.Break up, left who, and then led long whose happiness.Getting is desirable and paid to morely come and go and became tomorrow's yesterday today and just discovered already in the prosperous world of mortals of living in the real life, enchant oneself.

From year to year, under the moonlight and before flowers, is one wine of Zun Fang.The elegance is the quicksand in the palm, even if very carefully protect,can not cover up the trace of years, the blunt eclipse of helpless time is almost exhausted.

The life is like drama, in my eyes.I seem to be all every day at repeated same old things of plot, recite from memory thoroughly cooked stage dialogue time and time again, acquaint with of the scene is constant of actor, depend on sparse such as past, make me feel mind and body exhausted.I start in silent way, play the drama that was deeply disgusted with.Audience even if smile my Chi silly, the spotlight no longer dazzles the eyes.But I like this way very much, a person of silent, 1 plays, a person sees through.

The life is like drama, be all presenting to public moment by moment, someone escaped from leading role to be up directorgive up to leave, can again how.Still keep being the drama of years, breathed deduce to emphasize to reply, live old, play old.

"Expensive is this engraves, I am getting more awakening.In the chronometer, see through very small and distant from cradle to the grave."Exclamation, song, the setting sun falls in a purdah and pulls the cope of night.Probably like what I expected tomorrow.

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