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food of gram

In the food mutually the food of gram
Egg and milk

Contain lactose in milk, the lactose is a half lactose and glucose of two gather a body, among them, the half lactose is its nourishment place.The egg implies a lot of proteins and resolves for the amino acids, the absorption of amino acids consumes an ability(the active conveyance of small intestines wall).At this time, glucose less can make use of in the blood, half lactose the meeting is oxidized to provide an ability.A certain egg white in the egg will with milk inside of some medium the nourishment composition is mutually reaction, make the nourishment value descended, so should not together eat.

Egg and bean milk

Living to have the Yi egg white the Mao to repress a thing in the bean milk, it can repress human body egg white the activity of the Mao, influence protein in the digest and the absorption in the human body, the egg of egg is pure in imply to glue sex egg white, can combine with the Yi egg white Mao in the bean milk, make the protein decomposition been subjected to a bar, lower a human body's absorption rate for protein thus.

Egg and refined sugar together cook

There is the habit to eat sugar water poached egg in a lot of places.In fact, egg and refined sugar together cook, will make the amino acids formation fructose radicle in the egg protein depended on an ammonia to combine a thing sourly.This kind of material isn't easily absorbed by the human body, will produce a bad function to health.

The main nourishment composition of egg has:

Protein:The egg contains abundant high-quality egg white, every 100 grams of eggs contains 12.7 grams of proteins, the protein contained by two eggs 150 grams of mostly equal to fishes or the protein of lean meat.The digest rate of egg protein is the also tallest in the milk, pork, beef and big rice.In the protein that the fresh egg contains, it is main to is egg egg white(pure in the egg in) and yolk egg white.(mainly in the egg yolk)The amino acids of its protein constituteses to organize protein with human body the inest orders to approach, therefore the absorption leads very high, can reach to 99.7%.

Fat:Contain fat 11.6 grams in every 100 grams of eggs, mostly the concentration is in the egg yolk and take sour unsaturated fatty acid as many, the fat presents a milk to melt a form, easy drive human body absorb.

Amino acids:The egg ammonia sour content is specially abundant in the egg, while corn and beans all lack this kind of human body essential amino acids, so, mix egg and corn or bean food to eat, after canning raise both of living creature utilization.

Other tiny nourishment vegetables:The egg still has the tiny nourishment of other importance vegetable, like potassium, sodium, magnesium and Lin, especially the iron in the egg yolk reach to 7 milligrams|100 gram;The Lin in the egg is very abundant, but the calcium is opposite not enough, so, eat milk and egg together can the nourishment repair with each other.The vitamin AN and B is also very abundant in the egg.

1 calls 《double the food record 》of movie, use the effect of exaggerated performance and Song person, displayed food to match toward the people of this world how the terrible result of chronic homicide.But film also reminded large audience in the meantime, noticed food mutually gram, slice to hate to insensibly hurt himself/herself and family in the delicacies.Collected some foods to match in this writer up need advertent small knowledge, invite Chinese medicine hospital in Nanking City to digest a section director, Chinese medicine gold in Nanking City small crystal teach to understand to read one by one, can be provided as reader to make reference to.

The expert said that at great Zhang Zhong Jing Zi You Xi in the medical science house in ages of man of east of our country of 《the summary of gold Kui 》in one book, mentioning 48 rightnesses of foods can not put to together eat.But so-called food mutually gram, in fact is in order to mixing to eat 2 kinds or more than two kinds of sex-like in shape mutually fear, the bad reaction symptom of a kind of appetite way produced by contrary food.Treats theoretical standpoint with modern nourishment knowledge and Chinese medicine food to see, though matching of some foodses exist some blemishes,generally can't result in serious result, greatly need not result in dismay.>>>>Edit recommendation:The fat meat braises lousy can decline cholesterol

Pumpkin and mutton

Mutually gram reason:Pumpkin and mutton together eat hard digest.

Science analyzes:The above-mentioned parlance comes from 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》:"The pumpkin can not together eat with mutton, it make the person annoy Yong."The reason is a pumpkin to repair medium benefit spirit, the muttony big heat repairs falsely, two repair to together enter, will cause chest stuffy, abdominal distension etc. symptom.

But according to the standpoint of modern dietetics, pumpkin's adding mutton to pour is 1 to quite goodly match.The muttony protein content is high, and imply abundant mineral quality, vitamin.The nourishment composition of pumpkin is more whole, particularly that the carotene, sugar content is higher, the protein is as lower as fat content, often eating can effectively prevent and cure high blood pressure, diabetes and liver pathological changes and raise human body immunity ability.Here, it is special to recommend a muttony pumpkin farcing toward the friend who doesn't love to eat muttony farcing dumpling dumpling.After matching thus, the Tan of the dumpling farcing inside mutton annoys whole absorbabilitieses in the pumpkin special pure fragrance smell and there is a kind of flavor of unusually fresh United States, to the old man, kid of body infirmity and chronic disease the sufferer is all very feat.>>>>Edit recommendation:The food that should not together eat with egg

Dog meat and garlic

Mutually gram reason:Dog meat and garlic together eat to cause to be poisoned.

Science analyzes:At 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》in have the parlance of "dog meat and garlic food, Sun person".Its reason is that the dog meat is hot, the garlic bitter stimulates, both together food can help fire, but the garlic Rong dog meat is a together very familiar Korean vegetables, also be often matched by the residents of expensive grounds, such as state, Guangxi, Hunan and Guangdong...etc., eat very many.

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relations are blocked

Indonesia protests against that the Korean spy steals its confidential to worry that two country relations are blocked
The Korean feeling, hospital is eyewitnessed to the spy the affairs attitude is misty since deny don't deny that Indonesia calls to have no confidential document to be stolen in Korea as well
Summary:According to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》February is 22, the Korean spy of occurrence steals confidential data in Indonesia recently disheveled hair the affairs now sweep floor the Korean government face, Indonesia passed to halt ambassador to put forward to protest against to the Korean government on February 21 and meant disaffection for that affairs.The Korean aspect worries that this affairs may make Korea strengthened to be blocked with the plan of Indonesian relation.
Round-the-world net reporter Sung Wei steel report way according to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》February is 22, the Korean spy of the occurrence steals confidential data in Indonesia recently disheveled hair the affairs now sweep floor the Korean government face, Indonesia passed to halt ambassador to put forward to protest against to the Korean government on February 21 and meant disaffection for that affairs.The Korean aspect worries that this affairs may make Korea strengthened to be blocked with the plan of Indonesian relation.

The report way said that after affairs take place on the 16th of this month, the Indonesian aspect has been remaining mum.The Korean government also calls that Indonesian special envoy regiment already in the friendly atmosphere next time country.But the Indonesian ambassador inquired the beginning and end of this affairs to smooth south bureau chief plain sea in Pacific Asia bureau in the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 21th, and meant a regret to this.Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman says that Indonesian ambassador requests to check pure this affairs, Han Fang also decides to be like the circumstance controled by solid notification.

The report way points out that Korea always poured into a lot of strenuous efforts to this the resources Islamism nation with abundant and biggest world in Indonesia.Korean president, Li Ming Bo, still kept attending "expect Li democracy forum" that is sponsored by Indonesia under the sistuation that postponing bombardment aftermath in the ping island didn't exert in December, last year.Li Ming Bo at that time and Indonesian president, Su, west Luo further make stronger amity relation, actively pushed forward pass participation in the middle of Indonesia the long-term economic development planned and strengthened both parties' economy cooperate.The Korean government has been wanting to make Indonesia become own of the economy cooperate a strategic colleague, the aftermath of this affairs probably will make this plan stranding.

In addition, Korea and Indonesia has been keeping a cooperation in the soldier work industry, Korea is Indonesia in the biggest weapon export market in Southeast Asia.Before pushing forward the deluxe coach machine export of supersonic speeds T-50s in Korea, up to Korea have already sold 12 foundation KT-1 coach machines to Indonesia in 2005.Because Indonesia defends to work a strengthening of industry cooperation, two countries still signed concerning the agreement that develops a Korean type fighter jet(KFX) together in July, last year.According to shoulding negotiate, Indonesia will invest 20% of the battleplane development's expenses, and purchase more than 50s after the batch quantity produces.

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game may save

The political dispute covers with a 2011 F1s to inaugurate a war Bo2 Ni admit cancel the game may save
New match quarter the F1 inaugurate a war will on March 11-hold in the Bahrain on the 13th, but the region anti- government protest demonstration, police and demonstration happens people to break out conflict and has already resulted in much person's death and harm on the 14th of this month.

This protests against that the demonstration comes from to share the policy of majority of Shiite Muslems to the lousy Ni parties that controls political power to feel dissatisfied in Bahrain population and requests to practice democracy reform.The F1 is the large international game that holds in that country recently, undoubtedly will become "target" of anti- protester of the government.Consequently proceed from safety consideration, cancel game, not have no probably.

F1 boss, Bo2 Ni-Ai, gram Lai Si was accepting recently 《Times 》of interview, admitted to need to be faced to be taking place of affair."The occurrence affair like this is very sorry, because Bahrain for the sake of their big prize match, pay huge effort.But we have to realize the circumstance that takes place over there now."

"We will carry on supervision to the circumstance every day, so we then can at and at that time notifies a car brigade and carries on according to the plan if is safe."Bo2 Ni says that British admits that the cancel game is to exist reality it's possible."Middle East is a huge growth district, we hope to go there, but we must ensure a safety in the meantime as well and promise that the F1 presents to public under the best environment."

The international vapor is allied to show equal concern over the situations of the realities, a FIA spokesman says:"Some reality are what we have to accepts.But FIA owns enough confidence and believes to unite with the vapor of Bahrain to hold hands, the circumstance can get friendly solution.Currently big prize match's planning don't change, but we we initial concern of is car brigade and the safety of audience forever."

According to the plan, at inaugurate to fight a beginning of a week ago, F1 car brigade still just the Bahrain carried on the last tested before quarter.This means that the personnel of car brigade will go to Bahrain in advance, the aspect of the F1 car brigade hasn't announced any commentary to the run-in plan currently.

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Sudan country

The south in Sudan independently entitles "south Sudan country" behind
South Sudan deciding to be independent will entitle south Sudan country after the plebiscite.The people's lib movement(next call "Su person solution") political bureau in Sudan has already decided this to hand in to each organization of the south and the relevant organization and each political party of the south yesterday.Su's person's solution is the biggest political party in region in the south of Sudan and physically control the south of Sudan, kir term chairman.

The Su person solves political bureau Secretary-general to expect sweet · receive to mean to the media reporter on the 13th:" The south independently the national name problem political bureau carried on many discussions and successively put forward names, such as"the south of Sudan", "south Sudan" and"country in Nile"...etc. and finally decided to use "south Sudan" behind.Of so make sure in the new country to there is this name in Sudan, is for the sake of reflection south the deep contact of of the north, also in the meantime is unify the front door of opening the hope for the realization in future."

The Su person solves the Deputy Secretary-general second rare Er to also mean:"The new nation entitles "south Sudan" for the sake of strengthening both parties' common feelings and wills unify to open front door on the new foundation in the future for realization, or two country establishment nation allied system, this kind of choice is beneficial and be advantageous to raise south the north people of morale."

The boundary belongs a problem

South Sudan that completes a plebiscite doesn't do once and for all, it wants to make use of transition period to work out the pending problem of north south both parties for 6 month before lately national establishment, but oneself development after establishing task also the excrescent Jian is huge.

In the problem detailed list, Bu the ownership problem of Yi region is the rift place of north south both parties' core but sensitive.This rich region is located on north the south hand over boundary and own abundant underground petroleum to contain, 2|3 residents is the D gram of souths ·boon ancient gram of clan residents, 1|3 residents fill for the Arabian rice inside second clan residents.Bu the Yi region occupy an important position in the petroleum industry in Sudan, in addition to is importantly produce oil area, a very important oil pipeline way big Nile oil pipeline in Sudan, once wore space oil-field in the here black space to keep a Red Sea port.In order to battle out a petroleum benefits, north south both parties once was here breaking out many conflict.

North south both parties concerning Bu Yi ownership the point of dispute of problem always keep on till January 9 plebiscite before.Because D gram ·boon the ancient gram of clan have been determinedly opposing a rice to fill inside second clansmen participation vote to decide Bu the destiny of Yi, cause the region's plebiscite's being put off.But on January 8 and the 9th, D gram ·boon the ancient gram of clan and rice fill to bear arms in the second clan of returned to take place because of the territory problem vehemence of bleed conflict.

The analytical personage points out that Bu Yi problem if don't can get a fitting processing, will become "explosive bucket" that north south both parties rub and conflict.

The petroleum benefits assigns

In addition to the boundary belongs a problem, petroleum income's partitioning is also north south both parties' negotiation focus.The southern oil deposit has 70% in the whole country and is up to 98% public finance incomes to come from petroleum;The north owns the petroleum piping export and oil refining facilities.Currently according to 《peaceably negotiate completely 》, the petroleum income practices the south north"55 cent Zhang", but south to existing petroleum income allotment dissatisfied, hope to raise an allotment comparison in the in negotiating, and try to break to mine the dependence of technique and exit outlet in the petroleum to the north, probably consider constucting a new oil pipeline that is led to Kenya by the south.However the oil pipeline way is hard within 12 years to be finished, the south still wants to build up contact with north under the existing condition and carries on the game of petroleum benefits.

The Chinese petroleum natural gas group company owns 40% ownership of a shares in the big Nile petroleum homework company(GNPOC).Medium petroleum a high tube tells England 《financial Times 》, constitute GNPOC each business enterprise, all hope that own existing contract can be free from damage ground to continue to implement, is associately established a business enterprise by two new nations, manage these oil-fields.

China halts south business consul Zhang Jun of Zhu Ba Zong consular post in Sudan capital city to 《financial Times 》mean:"The petroleum is Sudan economy to pay pillar, the owners all depend on it, and we hope that the agreement of of south north can't influence production.For this, we have to cooperate."

The inner part develops secret worry

In addition to this, south Sudan still needs to worry the development problem of oneself.Several 10-year civil wars make it become one of the poorest regions is in the world, big parts of fundses of petroleum export income are used to purchase a military equipments, and the infrastructure construction throws in not and greatly.United Nations statistics data suggests that in 8,000,000 south Sudan populations, super more than one half can not be swept headwaters, more than 90% children didn't vaccinate, civil literacy rate not enough 15%.

In addition, the southern race stands up like a forest to also threaten the region of safety and stable.Sudan southern people the soldier thin benefit river bank of spokesman ·the Ai space Wei Er declare on February 11, southern autonomous regional government troops' people's soldier for the past a week at with rebellious troops of have already resulted in more than 180 persons' death and harm in the conflict."South Sudan republic" will at with is born in the combat of rebellious troops.

Second graduate school Africa laboratory director He text Ping in Africa in the Chinese agency section, the west of hospital once to 《 first finance and economics newspaper 》mean, independently the south behind still had more than 20 political parties and 10 states, and had in 10 states 56 states were to have internal conflict of, add of southern corruption problem also very deeply heavy, so independently behind southern the construction wanting to think a way has already coagulated dint more and managed a better government.

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