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Beautiful visiting

Beautiful ambassador's visiting Syria opposition faction is laid siege to for super two hours
Two legation cars are broken and made unusable, Secretary of State's Hillary severely rebukes affairs and Syria criticize that the United States instigates armed organization attack government

The United States halts Syria an ambassador Luo uncle especially ·Ford on the 28th at Syria capital city Damascus encountered Syria the supporter of the government to lay siege to while visiting an opposition faction important person, the supporter hits piece of stone and tomato to the car brigade of the Ford and several diplomats, and the car is damaged but has no personnel's dead and injured.totally lovely

Syria the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces a pronouncement on that day and solemnly criticizes that the United States is instigating Syria armed organization to start the attack to the government.

The spot

The ambassador can not withdraw is besieged for super two hours

The Ford and several diplomats divides to multiply by two cars of legation licenses on that day and goes to one inside Damascus City to transact building, visit admire mulberry · Bu Du Lei- together for you

Bu Du Lei- together the Mu Syria and in the center send politician.But at Syria continuously for few months the Sao is in disorder medium, his pouring is one square to the opposition faction and appeal the government"stop cracking down on" for many times and declare only have"stop the suppression would expect sand Er with president · the Sa is virtuous to have a conversation".

Ford and after getting into to transact building with the pedestrian member, large numbers of Syria the person surround a building, close quarter dynasty the car hit piece of stone, and tomato...etc..The witness tells the Reuter's the reporter:"Two cars of legations are broken and made unusable, the demonstrator surrounds to transact building, once in a very long while don't wish to leave."

Bu Du Lei- together when Mu's transacting ground is surrounded demonstration crowd Gao shouts slogan "admire thin father".Admiring is thin is the childhood name of president Ba Sha Er.

Virtuous new agency report way, Ford at transact can not withdraw inside the building of be detained time for at least two hours.

Police in Damascus rushes through to leave for the spot later on, cleans up a passage between the crowd and keeps one export that transacts building.After police starts to pull warnning line, Ford and the suite official's car launch.The witness says that when the car drives to leave to transact building no one throws a product toward the car again, but the slogan voice shouts more to ring.

Respondrich isn't wrong

The Hillary requests to promise the safety of diplomatist

Bu Du Lei- together Mu tell a media reporter, the demonstrator probably has more than 100 persons and once tried to hurtle into to transact building, but failed.

After few hour, American Secretary of State's Hillary ·Clinton to the United States halt an ambassador Luo uncle Syria especially ·the Ford encounter Xu while contacting the Xu opposition faction the people attackstone a matter to mean a rebuke.

Hillary says in American State Department on that day, the United States' attack to this"have no reason" means the strongest rebuke.She said that this attack is a government to Syria try the behavior of threatenning the diplomat.Syria government and safe troops have to be responsible for this.She requests Syria the authorities protects the diplomatist's safety.

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Libyan authorities

The Libyan authorities draws up to discard a court and knot an old case
Libyan authorities"whole country transition committee" Secretary of Justice's Mohammed ·Allah Ji say on the 26th, he support abrogation Mu exceed Er ·card firm thin political power all courts and check Cha organization.area housing

He also says that aiming at the survey of "Luo gram compare crash" has been already ended, whole country transition committee not intentional be Scotland for England the prosecutor provide more proof and make more people be subjected to an accusation thus.

Say on the news conference that Allah Ji convenes in the Li wave of capital city, some judicial experts suggest, should close the Libyan national security law hospital, national security of the card firm thin period to appeal to higher court court and national security public prosecutor office.This project soon will hand in national transition committee review.

The Allah Ji declares, his personal support is this project.

" I am personal but speech, I would like to sign to grant abrogation national security law hospital, national security public prosecutor office and resort court."color steatite

He says that there is the organization to hope abrogation including exclusively useding for law court that takes up political case.The card is firm thin made use of "punishment" opposition faction in this law court at first of member;Some people get to judge imprisonment for life.

The Reuter's reports a way, the Libyan authorities is armed to offend to go into at the end of last month of Li wave inside, card firm thin among the missing later on, jail the card of several thousand political prisoners and opposition faction members firm the thin political power judicial system immediately break up.

"Luo gram compare crash" manufacturing and Libyan person Allah Ji tells a media reporter on the 26th, Bu Du Lei ·Ba Sai especially · inside ·Mohammed ·exceed a space to pull rare don't deserve a new accusation.weak quotation

Exceed a space to pull rare is an unique"Luo gram compare crash" the principal offender for sentencing.American pan-American airline 103 services fly to on the way in New York, the United States from London, England on December 21, 1988 and compare a town sky at the Scotland Luo gram explosion, 270 people die.

Because suffer from cancer, exceed a space to pull to hope to get to release in August, 2009.The medium identify a British government in times before with exceed a space to pull rare get to release for the condition exchange Libyan petroleum and natural gas.However, England allow a Labour Party government denial, call whether release to exceed a space to pull a rare power to make decisions a hand at the Scotland local government in.

American cabled T.V. news company 8 the end of the months, this year report way, exceed a space to pull rare at that time the Li wave of the body inside, sank into obfuscation to be alongside of near death.Because the big part in the passenger is an American university student, part of American councilmans look for to extradite to exceed a space to pull to hope in times before.The whole country transfered committee to suggest at that time, didn't agree to extradite.

The Allah Ji says on the 26th:"I am personal to have never received to come from(public prosecutor of) any claim.However, as a lawyer, Secretary of Justice, as I see it, Bu Du Lei ·Ba Sai especially · inside ·Mohammed ·exceed a space to pull rare have already been subjected to an accusation and sentence, foolish in the jail 10 years."

Scotland the prosecutor requested a whole country to transfer the survey"Luo gram compared crash" of committee help lately and included to provide writing material and witness' list to find out whether more people, included card firm thin I participated in manufacturing crash.

Allah Ji says on the 26th,market time this crash"have been already wound up a lawsuit".Whole country transition committee can't publicly more proof.

However, British aspect British Ministry of Foreign Affairs declares later on, on the night of the 26th and the whole country transfer committee the member negotiate, the latter commitment continues to help a survey.

British[one] spokesman in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says:"Whole country transition committee chairman the Mu Si tower method · the Bu Du Lei-Gu benefit Lei have already promised to the prime minister(wear Wei ·card plum Lun), the Libyan authorities will help England to investigate'Luo gram compare crash'.Tonight transfer with whole country after committee talk over, we are understand and aim at'Luo gram compare crash'of the survey didn't end."

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gradually perfect

The our country LED industry chain sets up gradually perfect
Economize on energy the direction of environmental protection in the world under, all countries develop LED in succession the lighting plan, LED to get soldier processthe EU is multinational to replace an incandescent lamp bubble with the economy energy within two years, and our country also in the first step plan after 4 years not the reproduction bigger power incandescent lamp, will thoroughly get rid of after 2018 and make widely available completely LED the lighting lead light plank application.Along with the ship rises with the tide of environmental protection consciousness, and the policy push of guo jia, this year's LED industry welcomes the most rapid period in its development.

Under the encouragement of policy, LED becomes the focus that the investor pursues, but in this process, LED of World Exposition is applied to is also the function with model engineering, this satge exert exhibition LED the unsurpassed beauty of a generation of the crystal light box, along with policy more of benefit good, numerous stores in succession the desire try, at carrying on the back of street lamp, outdoor illuminate and high level light module in in succession applied.But consider indoors of illuminate an application,LED illuminates perplexity then seem to be more extravagant, after all create cost of high, being a not general common people can bear rise.

The local LED business enterprise continuously replaces a traditional lighting business enterprise and make LED illuminate of the universality is more and more extensive, is some experienced lighting business enterprises very are optimistic about LED to illuminate ages, pass a strong funds, develop a technique, procure and the way for annexing get into LED profession.According to understanding, LED industry in Guangdong sets up basic already complete, cover to pack, chip, show, the power apply etc. realm and own upper stream to outside postpone chip, medium visit to pack industry and downstream LED strong support of the power accessories industry, add of its advantage of cost control ability and norm but the forerunner's management style, ask for help of it strong technique development ability and management scaleruns its course, local LED industry by all means will illuminate to obtain the most beneficial advantage in the market competition in future LED, but face a foreign LED business enterprise to battle out the competition of market will more for easily have a foothold.

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today indetermination

The United States' discarding satellite will bump shot the Earth to fall a point still today indetermination
The United States that is just inheritting toward the Earth loses control satellite to anticipate to fall onto ground on the afternoon of September 23.The English Mei report way said that this may be sunk into to the enterprise servicesEarth with big Ba the satellite of all of the likeness anyplace, but mankind of early-warning time only have 20.The speed that it carries on toward the Earth is each 8 kilometers, anticipating its fragment is inside 800 kilometers of districts at the diameter the scattering.

United States discards satellite to bump shot the Earth on Friday, however but have never known where does the concrete meeting of this satellite land.This is hard to avoid-the Chinese expert mean on Thursday.

Chinese space technique institute for research researcher huge Hao at accept The Xinhua news agency reporter said while making a special visiting of, this time satellite's bumping permafrost trouble originally could avoid.If ample in the fuel, the satellite guide to don't easily sink into of higher orbit, or operate the aerospace machine"grave field" that it falls to into south Pacific Ocean, can't have to threaten to the permafrost today.

This satellite in 2005 because the fuel exhaustion discards, and be like one garbage in the big piece cosmos similar is thrown at fly orbit up.

Rare but happens to have a counterpart, the European aerospace bureau is early ex- to call, they predict, the satellites ESR-2s have already escaped from orbit, future of a certain will also bump the Earth.

The huge Hao says all nations should the aerospace equipments of good advantage reason oneself international blast-off, the in order to prevent results in danger.

The huge Hao expert sayswater resembles that the public needs not worries too much, either.

The huge Hao says an aerospace machine of very big part will be to the utmost burned while getting into atmosphere, while the surplus part will fall into ocean or some uninhabited regions.Moreover, American etc. nation now already have ability before the broken bits falls onto ground about a little bit accurately forecast to sink into a location for 2 hours, therefore be subjected to a personnel who threaten the region sometimes evacuation or dodge.

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I want to say to you

Dear of, probably this is the last time to call so you, original these words I want in face of you say of, but the circumstance in that day can not make me open mouth to you, whatever I did amiss, all hope that you can forgive me.Still have is that I cherish very much and you together each cent each one, I don't want to make the disagreeable influenced us so little of wretchedness but again briefly gather together.I love you and love very much to love you very much, this love has already gone deep into marrow, already body not from F;I can not do it to forget you, can not put on to go from my heart bottom you, my heart intertexture wears 1 kind how also pull not pure pain and sufferings, forget you, I can not do it and continue to love you and is a kind of mistake, I don't know how to do, I really don't know how to do, every day drive so antinomy write·······I know my heel very clearly you can not together, know from the first, serious you say "we can be together of" to me for the first time, you know I have much touched?Although I know that you are probably on impulse to say,I still keep embracing some imagination and also seeks a reason that can continue to love you for oneself in the meantime, I like to hear you the voice every day, which afraid is that you get angry to become angry to me I like, can the voice hearing you let I very the happiness is very happy.I don't dare to entertain wild hope you will really marry me, because I am in front of you always all very from vulgar, this probably you don't know, LED the industry new rulebut this is true······

Every day I don't know will miss you how much time, knows not to think that you are my biggest pain and sufferings, I catch each you of smiling face, you of voice, you walk of appearance, also have you the heartless facial expression, the merriment recall us together, our chat, each relevant you of recall me to cherish very much to cherish very much, I embrace so these recollections spent from divorce till now, is also that you have been propping up I live till now, I appreciate that you gave me so many recollections and appreciated that you make my life had no blank and also appreciate that you can fall in love with me.See the message that you give me hair me and then will happily be like the childhood celebrate the New Year, you can make me will be excited several days, these do you know?

But you starts avoiding now I misunderstand me, you say that you don't want to hurt me, can you have been all aring hurting me,Whole heat exchangersalso remember that I get drunk wine to the your words that night?You are hurting me now, you don't make a phone call to me I don't mind, but you don't connect my telephone be hurt me;You don't deliver a message for me, I can comprehend, but you don't return to the message that I give out you and also be hurting me;I so and so miss you every day, and your felling doesn't arrive and also be hurting me;Know you most most hurt me of is what?Is feelings that you don't dare to admit you to me in other people's in front, seem to make the other people know that you love I am you of a kind of humiliation...I can at wish of listen to out in words, can clearly take a rest at you but to the affair that my tell a falsehood says going to work the felling comes out, can together fear from the you and mes that your colleague knew to see out in this matter, everythings of all these all explained that you loved me to say being a kind of humiliation to you.Still that Liu sees a message, I completely can imagine, you is how says mine in front of her, if you spoke you to my true feelings, she couldn't stay and see me.You let me not worth a damn in front of her, you unexpectedly connect me to make a phone call for you to all make her listen to, what problem do you know this elucidation?Explain in Liu's eyes I am a shameless person, in fact, you are to want to prove to see you don't love me this to him right?If say previously I lost confidence decision to end to the life own of words, I still have concerning about of 1:00 and there is reluctanting to part with of 1:00, at this moment of I have already had no to love dearly to the life, is also this time you let in handling the attitude of this affair my decision be over own life, because I live the milli- is nonsense, I paid my havings, get of but is you evaluation like this is to me;I cherish most most of person to I but is so and so of don't care, I am always a very self-confident person, I had no self-confidence in front of you;I am always the person whom a wants a face very much, I had no self-respect in front of you.You are from the heart bottom in despise me, on the hoof make me feeling really painful, I felt sick of this kind of painful, can not get away from this kind of painful, can not also bear this kind of pain and sufferings······I want that ending is the whole······Slice.

I know that my life will soon end before going to, so I don't want to dispute any affair and wanted to make you save you and her business, I ability is you do of also only be so getting more, I sincerely hope you ability happy!

I am a person who wants a face very much, don't want to make the other people know a lot of affairs, so I can't choose a suicide,key problem fixed but will choose an accident.In other people's eyes that is just an accident, if you still have a little love the dignity that I make me keep an end.

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LED industry development

Taiwan even about LED industry development in
The mainland has more than LED manufacturers, but it's still not and China Taiwan Taiwan: current LED capacity still holds the world first chair, output value of Japan is still king, Taiwan in the near future by South Korea beyond, currently in the third. The message said a few days ago, “ by mainland and South Korean enterprises, enterprises in Taiwan LED white hard.

but yesterday in the tenth Liaoning Taiwan week Dalian rows on the informal discussion, Taiwan high grade green energy science and technology limited liability company CEO Zhang understanding three consecutive stressed: “ mainland on LED industry and no substantial understanding, Taiwan each LED technology than the mainland manufacturers have to imagine a worse, Taiwanese in the past in 8 years of time, and not the best technology to china.

“ Dalian University of technology we are and to discuss cooperation matters, if the two sides can reach the cooperation intention, we will build a home in Dalian International LED testing laboratory. ” Zhang dare say, China is now more than 10000 LED enterprise, 80% concentrated in East and Southern China, “ if we can seize the remaining 20% share in the northeast, then the prospects are very optimistic about the. ” Zhang dare say, if can be in Dalian successfully started the project, so green is the first year the output of production equipment, second years will be assembled, third years will enter phase of manufacturing technology.

High performance green chairman Wu Shoubao said, they are optimistic about the reason lies in Dalian Dalian lead in all directions, traffic, transaction level in the Northeast in the leading, talent cultivation is successful, the support for industry spare no effort, therefore, Dalian is a worthwhile investment city, “ we hope to be able to find opportunities for cooperation in dalian. ” and with green come together to Dalian visited the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute of engineer Lin Shikai said, “ LED industry will be in the next 10 to 15 years to mature, so looking for a new starting point, but also a lot of olfactory sensitivity of the common choice of enterprises.

Even so, one dare say eco priority to set up factories in the mainland, on one hand is because China has and other places in Southeast Asia to find love and intimacy; on the other hand, in recent years, China's LED industry has begun to do all one can to catch up, “ Taiwanese not because they have better technology is pleased with oneself, we should be with the mainland share. ” Zhang dare say, green is have a genuine and sincere desire to Dalian University cooperation, which is ready to be the most outstanding LED technology to the mainland, “ we really wanted to come to Dalian, because with thousands of kilometers of endure the hardships of travel came here, we are not in order to make a sightseeing tour or seafood, but in order to do do business, is to give myself to find cooperative space.   

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feeling person's love

The their feeling person's love
This is one poor of mineral area, it has been several years since mineral area business enterprise bankrupted, condition like the persons of point all have already moved the small town in the neighborhood up, a little bit younger of all go out make a living, what to stay is the old man of all some retirements and stays and guards of kid, work Peng leave before being all business enterprise bankruptcy everywhere, low short one-storied house according to mountain and then set up, a row row of sign over there, tell the vicissitudes of life of years.

Cold winter in 2010, noon, a rightness of year leads an old man who spend A to take 1 the full 8-year-old grandson just was particularly attractive in the bise, they just from the town last time come, bought some these several days of living daily necessity, also have the grandson the snack that the love ate.second largest industry

Luo Zhi!Pushing away that already the paint shed off of wood door, a warm is from Xi in the building come over.

"The old man son hurries to take off a coat for grandson and go to stove the side roast.See this ghost the weather, really coldly and desperately."Mother-in-law's son says.

"H'm, I take a grandson, you cook a meal.The grandsons are all getting more hungry."The old man son smiles to looking at mother-in-law's son to say.See come to these all have already become a constant habit.

The kitchen livings to have chimney smoke, mother-in-law's son started to be busy getting up."Old man son, , there is no water in home, beat some water quickly."

Shouted for a long time, didn't respond.

Mother-in-law's son took a shovel to run out, but saw the old man son being drink, also ordering a smoke to leisurely and carefreely take out.Mother-in-law's son immediately has a little fire and once robbed the smoke of old man son to cast away ground up, scold:"You didn't hear, smoke, drink.I call you to take out!Call you to take out!"

"Can not, what I used is my retirement wages, your tube of wear?I drink, I love, how."Old man son also not resigned to playing second fiddle.

"You are fierce who, have skill you also go to town to ascend to buy suite for me to see."

This sentence incensed old man son and also uncovered old man son for several years of secret concern.Originally, their sons don't fight to excel and learned to absorb poison, was an old man son to tolerate a son, give out light all savingses in the home stole money that the home buys building again, then had never come back any further.The daughter-in-law also ran and left pitiful grandson and grandpa's grandmother together living.development analytical

Pa!The old man son falls off wine cup smash."I walked, your love how how."

The old man son is regardless of to see Se Se shiver of the grandson , on jilting a door, walked!

Helpless, leave honest mother-in-law's son a person coax a grandson to have a meal.

2:00 in from time to noon, the old man son hasn't come back.Mother-in-law's son a little bit sits not to live.The animated cartoon that adjusts a grandson to love to see the television fastenses scarf and follow the footprint of old man son to go out go to.

Mother-in-law's son that the bise shouting blows beat one cold war and thought of for these several years and quarreled noisily an excessive little time, which the time isn't that she willing concedes defeat.Wish, in the past order the intravenous drop none of drop is accumulate to gather is mutually depending on of today concomitant?The old man son is love to drink, the choler orders, otherly also all not so bad.Willing to give up add dress for her, willing to give up show to show off her in the public in front, like she does of braise in soy sauce meat.She knits sweater old man to the grandson the son beside lead long line for her, her natal home visitor always can see the old man sub- smiling face mutually face ……at the beginning he pursues her of time, she is also 100 in pick one good miss, marry the time of old man son, he starts to embrace her to swear to be good friends with a lifetime ……thought of this, mother-in-law's son has a little blush with shame.

Walk and walk, she thinks, where did the old man son go?The meeting is to go to his good friend old Li Jia, they are together of Chin chess chess the friend is also the wine friend that loves to drink.Ten have 89 to fight to find out him over there behind.

"!"Mother-in-law's son suddenly feels once the foot slip and fell off to go out, the foot felt painful badly, the knee still bled.Originally a don't be careful Ban a piece of rock.

"The ah calculated and still went home and anyway fight old man sons to all have no matter each time."The mother-in-law son is from the language way.Then endure a pain to go home.

Time passed by for a long time, old Li Jia's old man son also sat not to live.Today is how, Zha, didn't see a mother-in-law son to answer?Each time fight old man sons all at will here, afraid one day mother-in-law's son can not find, too worried.

The old man son thinks that in fact is also oneself not to, so cold sky of, oneself should not become angry, even if is become angry to should not"run away", either.Mother-in-law's son didn't work and there is no economic income, oneself is not she uniquely depend on?She for herself living son to teach a female also not easy.Still have these several years, the rheumatism of mother-in-law's son is fierce, that is also follow behind oneself to live an one-storied house leaves of cause of disease.It was oneself to spoil a son and just make mother-in-law's son followed he or she to suffer mental agony a lifetime.

So Be getting more late, mother-in-law's son can't occupy.The old man son starts to take leave old Lee to go home.cable company level

"Does this how can have blood stain?"The old man son looking at the blood stains question of rock way.Not from sped footstep.

Zhi ah, the old man son again pushes away a door, the home has already tidied up cleanly and there is still 1 just slicing good tea on the table and also emits hot air.

"Grandpa, grandpa, grandmother tripped and fell down.Still bleed."The grandson towardsed a grandpa of entering the door to just shout a way.

"Mother-in-law's son, severity, is that I am too intractable, I not to."The old man son looking at mother-in-law's son stills just bloodshed wounds, sad and self-reproachly say:"Go to a hospital quickly, I take you go to."

"The nothing important is getting older, really useless, also harm you worry.I have already ascended white medicine in Yunnan, all at 1:00 all not pain."Mother-in-law's son is tiny to say with smile:"There is hot tea on the table, you drink point, body in Noan-noan."

Looking at the tea on the table, the old man son feels a little bit tearful.

"Hereafter fight, I don't go out."The old man son seeks to gauze to tied up for mother-in-law son:"Tonight, I cook a meal and do some chicken soup to repair for you.I didn't was next to lead kitchen for a long time."

", , , The grandpa cooks a meal Luo."The grandson was like to wait until 1 to have long time no see leap and jump smoothly.

Kitchen inside, the chimney smoke again and gradually rises ……

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economic growth period

Shi Wa Bu:The world is getting into a new economic growth period
Is Shi Wa Bu speech factual records as follows:

Shi Wa Bu:Dear friends and each members of World Economic Forum, I want to welcome to take part in "World Economic Forum lately gets a soldier annual convention" at everyone, we are very happy to convene this meeting in province Dalian City,forum weld automation Liaoning to the third time, and this also adequately proved that this city is in the terrace that becomes an economy development and international cooperation day by day now.

This year reaches fertile Si to convene the fifth year in China, Asia in summer, in summer reach fertile Si is one special of and the Feng of approbation in the world meeting, its purpose for the sake of push the everyone's of exchanges, creation profound insight, and carry out global influence.With one mind join force the special Feng that we can make this Feng willing create and become a real meaning meeting, and can pay attention to entrepreneur spirit, innovate and can keep on development of pay pillar.

First, I want and thank Wei secretary in Dalian City and mayoral〃 and all set of Wei in Dalian City meeting member, thank you outstanding cooperative relation, I also need to specially appreciate people in Dalian City and appreciate the great kindness breadth that you give us display within the past three years and takes in the meantime, in addition, I want and thank everyone is at, thank to again arrive at Dalian at everyone,Profession's statisticsesingmany people may for the second time or arrive at here for the third time, currently we the time of place go to pass importance, because this every moment can keep on of with equilibrium of economic growth and create an employment already become heavy in of heavy, the huge variety taken place by us isn't only only periodic but also obviously structural today.To overcome the strategy that global economy crisis needs the world and nation that we develop to have innovation with performance then can push a new economic growth of 1 thus, new green growth of 1.This is exactly also the aim place of annual convention.

The importance that came to again show this Feng meeting at everyone of, the havings appeared lately gets the leader that the soldier comes from more than 1500 industries, government and knowledge field here, and scatter in 90 nations, this Feng will also acquire the public concern of height and for example say having taking part in of a great deal of media reporter in the meantime.This Feng will of the topic is "concern growth the quality control economic structure and form", this means that we are getting into a new economic growth of 1, therefore also need everyone lately the one who get soldier helps we pushes further economic basic transformation, and the essence transformation of business model, can establish a world thus, here in the world living quality not only only pay attention to of is the amount of production, and our worlds will become more prosperous in the world here, more peaceful and more harmonious, I wish and wish this meeting achieves success.

From here, I want to talk for everyone,United Statesamong the coming three day three targets drawn up by me, as follows:

The first, build up cooperation colleague's relation in at least a new world, push the growth of business enterprise thus and further.

The second, to at everyone come to to say and at least acquire a new strategic views, thus to your business model creation great influence.

The third,(also the most important 1:00) can change into you by yourselves our common global destinies lately control, is also say that help we carry out World Economic Forum of mission, common mission is us, that is to make the world more fine.

Conduct and actions is personal,Japan and Philippines everyone of us can become great entrepreneur;Is collective, we can be really realistic to slice a ground of change world, underneath I have already invited Dalian City mayor and chairman of the board to welcome a phrase

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Female baby

Female baby"have no vagina" watches out for labium to glue connect
Some mummies by chance while clean, changing an urine slice for female baby or changing pants but suddenly detection:The baby's vagina is missing!Hence fear a baby congenital anxiously run to hospital without the vagina abnormal, recently armed police a time gynecology in the Yu hospital usually receives a "careless" mother like this, in fact is a vagina two sides small labiums glue connect ask for of disaster.LED light several weeks

Foreign Yu area Ms. Lee because the work is busy and call the old man of home to help to take a baby.Dimmed eyesight in old man's house, baby's labium glues even more than a months didn't discover.The baby lines up urine seldom, the row wets weep aloud to greatly make, the old man thinks that the kid absorbed water to once measure little cause.Luckily Ms. Lee takes a kid to do a check-up, just discover that the baby is suffering labium to glue to connect of pain.

The labium glues to connect symptom and peg out

According to armed police a time gynecology the introduction of roseate clouds king director in Yu hospital, more than usually 8 months of baby will cry and scream cry, urine to flow to become thin while lining up urine, cent way or don't present line, the above symptom can reflect the baby's small labium to glue to connect.But 34 darling childs of months usually have no specially obvious symptom.Even if cry and scream, the new mother will also think is that the baby is hungry or is would not like to wrap an urine slice.But if don't adopt any box off measure, over a long period of time the labium glue connect will influence kid's growth, result in the result that can not converse, serious have to surgical operation treatment, healthily necessarily will result in injury to the kid's mind and body.

The labium glues connect of become to hold because of wanting

Does the reason why make the labium glued to connect?The explanation way of roseate clouds king director, this mainly is because kid's estrogen lacks, the skin mucosa is young and delicate, and the outside Yin easily has various infection and unusually stimulate, the skin glues a film to easily take place exudation, as time passes two sides small labiums glue connect together.This circumstance also takes place in 5 months to the 4-year-old little girl.By this time of baby's food and drink is also no hindrance and independently play, therefore the mother neglects most easily.more made money

The prevention that the labium glues to connect speaks a method

In the daily life, new mother how prevent female baby's labium from gluing connecting, director Wang reminds the new mother commences from following few aspectses:

1, should develop a good hygiene habit.To notice to avoid the outside Yin burning disease or vagina infection while cleaning a baby.Beard first clean an urethra neighborhood first, then wipe to wash ass surroundings.While cleaning an urethra big labium slightly bye open, expose a whole small labium, urethra and vagina etc., then take a wet towel small labium, urethra surroundings of foul stuff thoroughly clearance.The too damp skin easily stirs up germ, therefore cleans to complete a parent to want with the soft towel and wipe the baby's vagina thoroughly stem behind.The infant rinse tools and implements uses alone and keeps outside Yin to sweep, dry.enterprise deputy governor

2, the mother should cure oneself gynecology disease.Because mother is with the most intimate person for baby, the gynecology disease of mother's oneself such as fungi vagina burning will easily infect to the baby, results in to the baby otiose injury, therefore should cure good oneself gynecology disease after just gestation, so to mother and child health all beneficial.

3, as early as possible wear a relaxed Dang trousers.The female baby is dressed in to open the Dang trousers sit in disorder everywhere, the germ can with ease be infected vagina, so should wear the sealing of body Dang trousers in protection, for ensuring a baby the body is well ventilated, well ventilated, dry, sealing the Dang trousers must loosen, the well ventilated is strong.If the baby is too small to wear to seal Dang trousers, the mat writes and keeps germ from invading while often taking the baby's person to want to along with prepare a clean cotton to be provided for baby to sit.

4, understand the outside vagina burning disease.Get the outside private parts vagina blazes of baby, the outside genitals will appear red and swollen ache, therefore usually have some excrescent action, such as will cry while willing grasp the body in Nao, or urinate, run off Nong liquid, send out strange smell, and outside Yin swollen and inflamed...etc..Therefore mother if discover the female baby's emotion abnormality and produce above symptom, should take a baby to seek medical advice in time.If labium happened to glue to connect, sliced to hate by oneself by hand strong line of separate, in order to prevent result in larger harm with glue connect, but send to a hospital to accept a professional treatment.不利辦公室的風水格局

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Benefit opposition faction

Benefit opposition faction will to tie like the card thin the ground hiding a body start aggression
Opposition faction will to tie like the card thin the ground hiding a body start aggression

On September 4, Libyan opposition faction southeast more than 100 kilometerses do obeisance in the Li wave of capital city the Ni fertile benefit virtuous city neighborhood gathers to complete and call in local time 4 day and night or start to always offend on the morning of the 5th, and will in the important town in"take down in few hours".LED industry integrates

Libyan opposition faction military representative director says on the 4th, currently, the card is firm thin of two son match righteousness man already"successfully escaping to do obeisance the Ni fertile benefit is virtuous", but another son Sa Di and card ties a thin spokesman Mu Sa ·the easy Bu pull Xin still over there.As for the card is firm thin where, opposition faction at first once bite settle at do obeisance the Ni fertile benefit virtuous, but latest of the edition said is in Sa Bu in the southern city admire.Easy Bu pulls Xin to say on the 3rd, the card is firm thin still in Libya, and very safe, he nearby have a great deal of person is protecting him.

The opposition faction representative director says that doing obeisance the Ni fertile benefit virtuous tribe elder has already agreed to give up holdout and makes the opposition faction gone into the city in peaceful way.But the easy Bu pulls Xin then at 3 day and night emphasize to point out, do obeisance the Ni fertile benefit virtuous tribe very honest, there is the biggest tribe in Libya there, they have already again expressed firm thin loyalty to the card and mean that the holdout dares to go into the city of Libyan opposition faction.

Egypt 《news report 》4 in the website says, still say now that prohibit to do obeisance a virtuous tribe elder attitude of the Ni fertile benefit exactly how, if is agree that the opposition faction peaceably goes into city, so, the opposition faction early can go into the city and had no a necessity to be like they say of then"start to always offend", so from the declaring of opposition faction self-contradictory, can see have an accident feeling possibility have no so simple.

Chairman from"nation transition committee" in Libya Gu benefit Lei means on the 3rd, the opposition faction troops has already surrounded Su Er to wait four cities especially, if a week the local holdout is armed to not yet surrender to carry on after strong offend.Sand especially 《report in Middle East 》4 says,LED lighting revolution are originally Libyan opposition factions on September 3 to be loyal to the card firm thin city and troops to issue the day of ultimatum, however, the Gu benefit Lei reiterates holdover when the this day arrives.Extension oneself the elucidation situation is complicated, the opposition faction doesn't dare to hastily start an attack to the city that hasn't taken down, otherwise suffer a los and result in important dead and injured of oneself.

Algeria refuses parts of cards firm thin political power military officer to enter

Algeria is main text newspaper 《news report 》cite on the 4th safe section news, more than 30 cards tie military officer and some armed personnels of thin political power to try to pass recently the benefit boundary get into inshore, drive after frontier guards forbid, they change toward Niger direction but go.

Easy Bu pulls Xin to say on the 3rd, the card firm thin supporter still controls many regions, "soon will take back of Li wave inside and a little bit other cities, the combat far didn't end, we would pursue street, house-to-house combat ……few weeks and few months is to few years, we will take back of Li wave inside."Easy Bu pulls Xin and also emphasizes to point out, if opposition faction the different and Libyan government carries on an earnest negotiation, they will "always have no rather a day, can never also manage and like this nation".Easy Bu pulls Xin to also say, he now at of the south suburb in the Li wave, "yesterday and match righteousness the man set out from the south, round of march forward in Li wave, carried on a meeting with intertribal leader and our supporters, everythings all pretty much smooth".However, easy Bu's pulling Xin don't explain that he concretely hides body position.Arabian medium report way says "call to show" enunciation that easy Bu pulls Xin, the telephone number is a Libyan number, this explains he still in Libya.

This front, the Libyan opposition faction has already announced the route diagram that it governs.Interior Minister's moxa admire exceed virtuous ·admire match because of also declaring on the 4th, the Ministry of Interior prepares to enlist 3000 people to get into a Ministry of Interior from"revolution youth", and emphasize to accept the illegal weapon of paying the armed organization, disallow now a gun to pay the circumstance of deluge to continue next go to, to own a weapons to carry on examining and approving and distribute hold gun permission etc., acquire a permission, just can hold a gun.

"Middle East is on-line" website on the 4th report way says, "nation transition committee" in Libya will start formally moving in this week according to the plan of transact in Li wave, it is battered to greet their , 100 discard situation that need to be interest,Philip super narrow anotherly don't say, of in Li wave water shortage, lack an electricity and lack oily condition even if person's headache, and at that time half will the son can not solve.

On the 4th, "nation transition committee" is responsible for the minister tower Er beard Ni of petroleum and public finance business to say, will recover two petroleum of big oil-fields in the east to mine in the coming week, but judge according to the western medium, in a week very difficult instauration production.How tidy up be destroyed by the war of the mess is a hard nut to crack that puts in the Libyan new political power in front.

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cause cancer best-selling

Can cause cancer best-selling petrochemistry of clingfilm net tallest of super mark 7600%
Ex- segment time, the causable beverage safe affairs of the "fatal additive" petrochemistry in Taiwan makes popular agitated.Petrochemistry surfeit combine not only only exist a food in, people familiar food clingfilm also is remain of source head.Recently, the international food packing association made selective check familiar 7 brand PVCs on the market clingfilm, discover to have 5 brands existence petrochemistry super mark or violate the rules to add of circumstance.But the southern newspaper reporter investigates and discovers, though these brands clingfilms that are exposed are difficult to find a trace in the supermarket, member courtyardson the net and some wholesale markets still have sale.

Take out check

The petrochemistry is the tallest of super mark 7600%

According to understanding, the clingfilm that often has on the market currently's mainly hasing PE and PVC is 2 kinds, among them PVC clingfilm because of having a petrochemistry, drive nation 《the industrial structure adjusts instruction catalogue(in 2011 originally) 》list as restriction category, and stipulate "canning not directly pack is carnivorous, deli and grease food".

But the examination discovers, there are 4 kinds of clingfilm samples to imply DEHA.Total, contain 5 brands because of petrochemistry the clingfilm that not agree with to match norm.

The investigation report suggests that examines in this time sampling of in the 7 PVCs clingfilm sample, "often × tree clingfilm" DEHP checks to measure for the 116 mgs|kg, super mark 7600%, "reason × clingfilm" DEHP checks to measure a 49.1 mgs|kg, super mark 3100%, "Lin × Ke's clingfilm" DEHP checks to measure for the 10.3 mgs|kg, super mark about 6 times.

The survey also discovers that PVC clingfilm sign not norm, don't definitely mark "canning not directly pack is carnivorous, deli and grease food", only have a kind of clearly show"forbid to used for a microwave oven" and"the product doesn't contain DEHA", greatly parts of PVC clingfilms didn't definitely protect a quality period and had of even didn't produce date and material.


The shopping website still sells well

The reporter goes and sees ten thousand ×s inside Guangzhou City, 100 × etc.s are several supermarkets, the family that retails on the shelf is all used a clingfilm for the independence packing, didn't see the trace of having the pvc clingfilm, and packing box the conformity assessment procedure that up all has already marked clearly pe material and performance.However search in the shopping website, the PVC clingfilm still keeps selling well in many net stores and include drive take out a check petrochemistry super object a few brands all still have been already sold and comes down has already had several bargains for each net store a week, and is all whole case to purchase, not and separately retail.

In introducing the product of these PVC wraps,sales volume not only didn't explain to can not pack deli, but also enounce "the environmental protection has no harmful effects, clarity good, suit to protect various fresh food".These nets stores that are distributed to grounds, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan...etc., in fact the body store address mostly wholesale a market in daily necessities, a time of cutleries of the region, storekeeper is candid in saying, these clingfilms are mainly the supermarket, and market...etc. that go together with to send to the whole whole country.

The international food packs association Secretary-general Dong Jin Shi's analysis to think, the supermarket retails of the clingfilm generally gather an ethylene(PE) clingfilm, independently pack;But wholesale the clingfilm of market sale then the great majority is PVC(PVC) clingfilm.This because PVC clingfilm's having better much lower cost, transparent function, gluing and sticking sex is stronger, a great deal of easy to handicraft operation.And the reporter also discovered while going and seeing, from why does the clingfilm of packing deli of the hand and the seeming all hard distinction supermarket grow a material.

Small knowledge

How to identify and purchase

1.Has product elucidation on the packing that sees a clingfilm, have "QS" sign, serial number and the production factory detailed address in the house, if up mark a PE clingfilm or gather an ethylene clingfilm, can trust an usage;If write PVC(PVC) or is the words that didn't write a material, that as far as possible don't purchase;

2.Look into a clingfilm whole of color, be yellowly suffused with for the PVC(PVC) material, whitely for gather an ethylene(PE) material;

3.Gather ethylene(PE) clingfilm generally stick to sex is as worse as clarity, by hand roll later easily open, but PVC(PVC) clingfilm the clarity then is as better as sticky and by hand roll later don't easily launch;

After 4. PE clingfilm sparks with the fire, the flames assumes a yellow, quickly burnable, leaving a fire source can't puts out, either and has a drop of oil the phenomenon and there is the flavor of candles combustion, while the PVC clingfilm don't easily sparkLouvre museum, the flames root has light of green and emit black smoke, leave a fire source the future reunion put out, and have the strange smell of strong sting nose.

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