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Vietnam urbanization

By 2020, Vietnam urbanization rate from the current 27% is expected to grow to 45.2%. In the 2010-2020 period, Vietnam will in urban areas development 364 million square meters of residential space, this means that every year will development about 36 million square meters of land.dab4d58ck Urbanization plan to carry out the and high-speed economic development has stimulated demand for lighting products, as well as a number of indoor and outdoor lighting products project. Vietnam's lighting products market has entered a golden age.

Market potential

Infrastructure facilities

Vietnam planning and investment in infrastructure and urban development men hall, estimates that in the next 10 years, Vietnam will throw in a more than $60 billion YuXingJian roads, airports, ports and other public traffic network.


The Vietnamese government granted a items of urban reform plan plan to 2020, their total investment amount of $90 billion, aims to improve the urban environment, to old house construction area and the city center.


Currently, Hanoi and ho chi minh city of two cities ChuZuLv office more than 95%. In the next five years is expected to ho chi minh city will have 500000 square meters of new office building was completed in succession, provide additional 160% of office supplies. Meanwhile, a large number of new commercial and industrial park in ho chi minh city construction has carry out construction and surrounding areas, such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

The hotel/resort industry

More luxurious hotel will develop to cope with the demand of international visitors. Tourism department estimates that by 2020, Hanoi will need more than 13000 between three to five star international standard rooms, ho chi minh city is needed to between 7000, More areas of the tourism plan including Can Gio, Quang Nam province, Nha Trang, Vinh Thuan province, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Phu Quoc Island, Da Nang City, etc.

Leisure and entertainment

Vietnam is the world's fastest growing entertainment and media market, expected in 2013 will have more than $2.3 billion in revenues. At present, the single in ho chi minh city has 4215 bar and Hanoi, between 1189 and 73 taxi high between the cinema. Amid higher consumption ability, high youth population and the support of the government, is expected to more leisure and entertainment center will be set up in the short term.

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Eat vegetable oil

Studies have said, the more fat intake, the higher the risk of cancer. Daily life how to eat healthy "gas"? The first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university ShiHanPing director doctor said, aquatic animal fats, good in terrestrial animal fats;yunzhi reishidab4d56ck Vegetable oil well in animal fats, trees oil well in the bushes oil.

Fat popularly say that is oil. According to whether it contains unsaturated double bond of the fatty acids, divided into saturated fatty acids such as pork, poultry, milk, butter, and cheese, coconut, palm, palm kernel of fatty acids, and unsaturated fatty acids such as peanut oil, seafood oil. The unsaturated fatty acid and divided into the single unsaturated fatty acids such as palm oil, peanut oil, rape oil and more unsaturated fatty acids such as corn, safflower, sunflower oil, flax seed oil, polyunsaturated fatty acids and divided into n-3 fatty acids such as fish oil and n-6 fatty acids such as soybean oil.

It is reported, the report says, fat diet of energy < 20%,Chinese Herbal Product can the recurrence of breast cancer a 24% lower risk of breast cancer, estrogen receptor negative effect even more significant. And lots of saturated fatty acids in the diet can shorten the prostate cancer disease-free surial, single unsaturated fatty acids can extend survival time.

According to the first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university professor ShiHanPing introduces, aquatic animal fats, such as fish oil well in terrestrial animal fats such as lard; Vegetable oil well in animal fats, trees oil well in the bushes oil, the perennial vegetable oil such as tea oil well in the annual vegetable oil such as sesame oil.

Experts recommend: fat diet should account for the energy "20-35%, saturated fatty acid < 10%, trans fatty acid < 3%. N-3 fatty acids can improve evil fluid to pledge, improve life quality, and enhance the radiation therapy, chemotherapy curative effect, it is beneficial to patients with tumor. Rich in N-3 fatty acids of fish, such as walnuts food can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and incidence of a disease, and thus reduce the overall risk of death in patients with cancer.   

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incandescent lamp

The incandescent lamp disable LED lamps and supporting policy, Japan, Europe and the United States,coriolus versicolor Chinese market will be launched in succession. In 2012, Japan, EU completely ban, American, Chinese began to ban100W high-power incandescent lamp,

The major market began to start in 2012, we can start the first year as LED general illumination.
OSRAM, Philips, GE and other major manufacturers have introduced a100 watt LED LED general illumination lamp, welcome the arrival of spring. We expect that in 2013the United States of America relay Europe,2014Chinese market begins to start large-scale.

Brand and channel construction is the key, the current stage of brand construction is more important than the channel construction.LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck Because the downstream demand diversity, with traditional lighting market, brand and channel LED general illumination field is the key.

Commercial lighting will be in home furnishing lighting start, and commercial lighting professional, customized features of the lighting manufacturers, the main channel for their own project, solution provides the ability, in the industry set a good brand and reputation.

In addition, the channel also should advance the layout can grasp the upcoming opportunities, can be in focus city build brand shop, but the high cost of its own channels should not be large-scale spread out, should take the distribution channel, effective layout while controlling costs and risks.

Recommended ground photoelectric (002638) and Hongli photoelectric (300219), the two strategic objectives clear, strong brand awareness, proper channel layout, rapid expansion.

Ground the photoelectric domestic lighting market leader, Hongli photoelectric domestic white lighting market mover, baby wholesale clothingoptimistic about the long-term investment value of two.  

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Not Come CHEAP

Yes, these are mobile apps. Today you can hardly imagine a smartphone without apps. From a simple application that tells about the weather, to a graphically rich 3D game, smartphone apps can glue you on your seat for several hours.A19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck Apps are popular among most smartphone users. The app experience is not just a craze it has become a passion that will be fade soon. On the other hand, developing apps has become a powerful mean of generating revenue; with increasing number of downloads, the revenue keeps on increasing.

When ordinary mobile phones turned into smartphones, a new business model, mobile application development industry emerged. Many software development companies quickly became globally recognised brands. Mobile application development proved to be conducive for aspiring developers, and also for cyber criminals. Unfortunately, they started taking an interest in developing malicious apps to earn quick money. They took advantages of security weaknesses of mobile platforms.
They found the way to enter into user's smartphone through free apps. Be it Google Play or Android's Market or the Apple's iTunes, free apps are available for almost all kind for activities. These apps are downloadable on smartphone within fraction of a second and then they can access private information, send text to premium numbers, etc. Of course, it is not too hard to make an app targeting sensitive information. With an OS like Android, which is better known for its openness, the security issues turn out to be more critical. Android has mostly been under the attack of malware.

Users who are not technically sound trust free apps, give permission to apps to access their contact details, calendar, physical location and other critical information and open a goldmine to be exploited by attackers. Here, not only cyber criminals,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard but legitimate companies also tend to do this to gather as much data as possible.   

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Serious shortage

Serious shortage of polysilicon, solar energy market 06 years will not shine brilliantly

Investment Banks Piper Jaffray Inc. Jesse Pichel warned analysts, in the recent growth of made gratifying in 2006 after the solar energy market will probably lose luster, and solar panels, equipment and material supplier will "go to the wall."solar panel dab4c51ck Jesse Pichel says, this is mainly attributed to the serious shortage of polysilicon supply, this is the production of solar cell is one of key materials.

Solar panels demand has been strong, supplier "to sell all products made by now." Piper Jaffray according to the report of the company by Germany, Japan and the United States to promote strong market demand, in 2005 is expected to global solar module market sales reached $5.3 billion, more than 2004 dollars in 4 billion. The market for 2010 is expected to reach us $12 billion by.

From the global solar cells generating capacity to see, expect 2005 solar module market has reached 1638 megawatts (mw), a 30% increase over 2004 ~ 35%. But in 2006, the rate of growth of market is expected to decline, and the general generating capacity of 1680 megawatts (mw) about, only a 5% increase over 2005.

Later, with the gradual improvement of the polysilicon production capacity, is expected to the solar energy industry will accelerate growth, wholesale baby shoes ogkewe25dwe the earliest possible were restored in 2007 fast growth. Expect 2007 solar module market growth rate to 15% from 20% to.

Pichel think overall, promote the growth of the solar energy industry will be the commercial market, its large application will include "wal-mart, enterprise and school-and not sporadic residential market."

Pichel said: "we still think this industry will go to the wall in 2006." The solar energy industry is still rely on government subsidies, and its price is the traditional twice the power grid. Solar cells per watt about 3.25 to us $3.50 price, the prices are expected to fall gradually. Pichel said: "with the development of technology and cost reduction, we believe that by 2010, for most applications, and no government subsidies than traditional power grid,personal computer remote the solar energy will reflect price competitive advantage."   

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Lighting lamps accessories

Illuminated by a light source, lamp and accessories. Lighting can be divided into two types of decorative lamps and lights.

Lighting lamps
Decorative lamp decoration by the components and lighting assembly,T8 LED lamp in addition to appropriate to consider the lighting efficiency and prevent glare and other requirements, mainly to the beautiful shape to meet the needs of architectural art.

Functional lighting effect is : redistribution of light source luminous flux, to improve the efficiency of light utilization and avoid the glare of light, creating suitable environment. In the wet, corrosive, explosive, flammable environment in the use of special lighting, the lampshade is isolating protective effect.

Types of lighting by the use of a place divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting two class.
The indoor lighting. Usually in the total flux in the space of the upper hemisphere and a lower hemisphere distribution ratio classification. International Commission on illumination suggests accordingly: the lighting is divided into direct, a direct, evenly spread, indirect, indirect five. The table below is a different type of lamp light distribution and lighting:

Lighting lamps
The outdoor lighting. Mainly floodlights. Health Supplement dcb4a51kk The floodlight is also called light projector, is the use of the mirror, mirror and the light transmission grid is bound in a small solid angle and become a strong light source. Commonly used in large-scale building nightscape lighting.  

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One year old baby is unknown

In April 29th 8, received a report of the District Public Security Bureau leadership, City Public Security Bureau relevant departments have rushed to the scene of the crime. In case of bad character, city,Yun Zhi district two leadership requires fast detection fast break, timely elimination of social influence. Branch Bureau, political commissar Chen Yi Shi Lei of deputy director general bureau and departments responsible person at the scene command reconnaissance work. The huge project group is divided into several groups, a clear division of labor, each doing his own job, in addition to quickly break through case, will go to all lengths to find the child.

Criminal investigation group of more than 10technicians in case surrounds the site for careful exploration, extraction of valuable evidence ... ...

The investigation group police around the victim and suspect social relations for diagnostic investigation,wholesale baby clothes suppliers access to various road monitoring information ... ...

Live search group police with three trained police dogs in the vicinity to carry out search and track, trying to find the child ... ...

The trial group police to suspect psychological policy, trying to open the suspect's psychological line of defense, to find a breakthrough ... ...

Village cadres, the families of the victims, the villagers have been launched, all joined the search for the child 's whereabouts.

With villagers, the first 10days, around villager home dog have been poisoning poisoning, including the victim's house dog, some villagers were suspected in the village to the event; and suspected criminals masked, gloves, that is likely to be taken by surprise, in order to prevent the victim identified. Therefore, substation leader asked to adjust the interrogation tactics, Liu is such-and-such and transferred to the unfamiliar environment to start trial, in any case to open his mouth, but also to increase the strength of other aspects of the investigation.

Sly Liu is such-and-such a conceited, the police question evade the crucial point, deliberately and police circles, in each key problem before choosing to avoid and silence, the passage of time so that the child's fate is more worrying, every hour, every minute, the police are in a race against time, one minute late, child the fate of an accident.

In 18, the police in the investigation to understand an important message: Liu wife Sue divorce him, in April 22nd the court notice Liu is such-and-such to get divorce, Liu is such-and-such didn't go, that day in the evening to use mobile phone messages wrote a letter to his wife. Thereafter, Liu is such-and-such had revealed to his ex-wife perish together ideas, relatives and friends urged him to waer sake, to enlighten him to abandon this idea.

The night before, Liu is such-and-such in a home in the village to drink, the heart is still able to calm hatred, once said to do something to make him remember regret things.

The police found through various relations, Liu is such-and-such ex-wife and daughter, asked her to teach Liu is such-and-such. In the face of his ex-wife, Liu is such-and-such openings that every word is" you have come too late!" Since then despite the police how to enlighten, Liu is such-and-such will no longer open.

City Bureau, bureau leader turns on Liu is such-and-such for interrogation, dinner to Liu is such-and-such arranged twice-cooked pork, beer and other food, constantly to lessen his burden, after more than 10 hours of battle, baby shoes wholesaleLiu is such-and-such finally confessed, case he is doing, as the child's whereabouts he always adhere to wait until the very next day morning. Police interrogation and how to enlighten, Liu is such-and-such nothing, start to sleep.  

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Remote control software

Remote control software, is a method of using remote control principle, on the network by a computerPC remote control ( the main control end Remote / client ) remote to control another computer (controlled end Host / server ) application software.

Remote control software and Trojan common point and difference between conventional remote control software and Trojan horse in common

Remote control software working principle

Remote control software is generally divided the client program ( Client ) and server ( Server ) two parts, usually the client program installed into the host computer, the server program is installed to the controlled end computer.

When using the client program to the host computer of the server sends a signal, to set up a special service, and then through the remote service, using a variety of remote control function sends a remote control command,bluetooth keyboard control the controlled end computer in a variety of applications running.  

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HDTV set Q7H100popular

Screen couple Android HDTV set Q7H100popular
Whether before the big show loving "power power love" or" North" love finally be successful madman Yaya, screen couple always attracted many eyes. Next we want to introduce the" a" is also a popular" screen couple partner",Yunzhi psp the difference is the" screen couple" so that we can" do not go out to know the world thing"! Many HD game player may have guessed, yes, they are old home video solution provider fifth elements recently introduced two new products Android HDTV player ( Android living room computer ) fifth elements H100 and by many netizens called" sweep the deck all Android, WIN system" air key mouse ( air flying squirrel ) Q7.
Allegedly entertainment write such message often nothing more than from appearance is matched, character is the couple, whether Mendanghudui aspects. Today Xiaobian try entertainment method, to show the true" screen couple".
Looks a couple
" Sweep the deck all Android, WIN system" air key mouse ( Q7air flying squirrel )
As the legend of Prince and princess always white shirt / white skirt, the" screen couple" is also a white outfit, Xiaobian marketplace in the notice, the two products are made of special high light technology to create, ivory white fuselage regardless of the hand or visual effects have a good experience. In the machine design,PC remote H100has several classic HD player fifth element H8charm, Antique Carved Body" moire" and dynamic Android" robot" blend together, has several other fun.
In contrast, the fifth element Q7appearance to" simple", like the support with oiled paper umbrella girl, but be liberal and dignified and graceful. And the TV remote controller similar body appearance although specially high light processing technology, but because import ergonomic design concept, which is not easy to dispose of and holding sense, which also later directly using Q7play body feeling game provides the necessary" feel".
Gossip:" looks" summary only from the point of view,windsor health the fifth element Q7and elements of the fifth H100is born of a couple.  

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beautiful Qingdao

Recently, Zhi Mei Village pure brand staff came to the beautiful Qingdao and Ryan Qingdao cosmetics company limited in Qingdao PC remoteChengyang hotel together to jointly create a" feast" -- sik village pure and aromatic hydration essence new listing conference.

Conference on Ryan cosmetics Limited company general manager of Duan Weibin speech for the conference, only referred to previous work experience as well as the future development direction, while total rushing speech for field customers excited.

Subsequently, Zhi Mei Village pure brand manager Ma Keli on 2012sik village spring policy of this theme are analyzed and summarized, the horse manager said,Yunzhi Essence in 2012, Zhi Mei Village pure brand will continue to sell some advantage, in the market activities to create a wider world.

Then, Zhi Mei Village pure brand a minister Zhu Linxia Minister for every customer analysis on2012sik village market planning, so that customers on the new job of a year with an overall plan.

The following brand Department lecturer Wang Shan sik village teacher sik village new " aromatherapy hydration essence " made the lecture, the teacher Wang Shan vivid explanation let customers more in-depth understanding of our products, which also sik village new " aromatherapy hydration essence" into the market for his confidence.

The new conference, Zhi Mei Village pure brand with Ji'nan, Weifang successfully held investment experience, combined with the vivid and interesting class,office furniture the venue was seckill policy success to attract customers.  

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I really never vulnerable

That year that day, a small beautiful cards with faint scent in my dream home, like a bunch of beautiful lily bloom in my lonely life,Sometimes love is an illusion white and delicate fresh scent fills my heart once blank. I'm glad to deep music which, silently watching the blooming flowers dazzling, so let us imprint is engraved on my heart., so is pleasant nostalgia. But the most beautiful flowers will fade one day.
I was unable to change the destiny, everything went through channels continue, like an invisible shackles firmly tied to the traditional I thought and behavior, unfortunately happens, weak I never wavered in the initial selection and vows. The wrong choice and cognizance decided my life is unhappy, help me but repeatedly to reduce their emotional standards and the bottom line, I created a fate sad and helpless, but careless and weakness with fate, destined to good I only have a lack of miserable life, harvesting a distressed difficult definitely broken emotion.

Life is hopeless emotional devastation, let me come to accept that one never expect never imagine, with Fang Yu aroma of flowers. The flowers quietly opened my heart was never wavered in heart. Although not startled day did not move,Fleeting memories but those countless surprised and touched by the warmth, and deep understand enough to let me deep music which. From that day, I enjoy the feeling and meaning continuously warm, enjoy the feeling of the beautiful flowers, bring every joy every smile, I very happy so happy to look forward to continue through the flower fragrance braved the Fang yu.

With the passage of time, the flower is satisfactory flowers to elude sb's observation case quietly grown up really blossom, flower bosom friend. Ever since Yang Linli's tenderness on the top of the hill side by side warmth, starry night walk under the whisper whisper in deep sincere enlighten, unique warm affection to space in the small river of laughter, and the unforgettable family village restaurant. The flowers quietly in feel warm hearts bloom, so tender and beautiful if dumping jade, so I was empty of life is full of sunshine always gratifying, suffused with fascinating ripples.

Although there have been beat all the smoke cloud theory which is right and which is wrong, although there have been temporarily when initiated, although there have been talk insincerely lied, although there have been inadvertently angry, but those are the flowers of life long reminder agent, intended to express heartfelt silence if language, flowers more as the shadow follows the form, even the nighttime breathing is so uniform music of joy, so sweet heart. Once the gloomy eyes flash meanings, face with a happy smile, in which I felt that all all, sincerely hope to open more beautiful flowers will never fade.

And laughter in life was raised, time stream with the God gave me the flower, spent a long sleepless nights, done one by one I can 't control problem, take me out of a low mood. I think these are heartfelt gratitude beautiful card appears bright flowers,change the world thank life show, thank God for giving me such a beautiful flower of bosom, let me so miserable life of a page finally painted dot not so lonely and helpless, no longer be isolated and helpless no longer sad sad.  

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An inveterate miss

For a long time, as if there is a kind of mood always in my heart. We all thought that is because the reason we will not meet again never contact again.

Why I'm not willing to let go? Sometimes even I myself feel very boring, what they do not know that they do every day, QQ will give you a man hanging, even if sometimes you never say a word, because I know you are for me has been hung.

Maybe when I became a habit is not to know how to quit. Always take this relationship to the very pure is very beautiful, but sometimes we are too vulgar, various reasons are their own comfort.

Don't know what the reason is that we are deeply attracted to each other, maybe it is decreed by fate, this is more than a decade to perhaps is the best embodiment, do not know what lies ahead?

Do not know if we would like a lifetime to stick?
These years, maybe we are really missed too many lost too much better, we are trying to make up for those who have been in the past.

The misty rain, the first old singing sound we never walk through together, had not heard the song, memories of our memories, moving us moved! Think too much will be tired too much, put down the burden of heart, simple, relaxed, happy, that's enough, don't expect you to give me too much, only hope you a lifetime commitment! Quit you! Losing the love! An inveterate miss!  

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LED display screen

Brief introduction of LED display screen
LED display ( LEDdisplay, LED Screen ): also called electronic display screen or floating word. By LED dot matrix and led PC panel, by the red,LED Lighting module blue, green LED lamp light out to display text, pictures, animations, video, content can be replaced at any time, all components are modular structure of display device.

The legend of photoelectric LED display usually consists of display module, control system and power supply system. The display module by the LED lamp consists of a lattice structure, responsible for light emitting display; control system through the control of the corresponding region of the light, to make the screen to display text, pictures, video and other content, Zhongshan city light extension photoelectric monochrome, two-color screen is mainly used to play text, a full color is mainly responsible for playback of animation; power system the input voltage and current to voltage and current screen.

LED has received extensive attention and rapid development, and it is itself has advantages not divided. These advantages are wraparound rising is: high brightness, low working voltage, small power consumption, large scale, long life, impact resistance and stable performance.

LED extremely broad prospects for development,Bluetooth keyboard device is toward higher brightness, high weatherability, high luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, direction of development.  

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screen has a long history

The screen has a long history and rich form, company formationthe craft technique is also colorful, it as a traditional technology the field of rare and beautiful flowers to spread, deep popular. Screen used in the early Western Zhou began, called" di".

Is the first to the windshield and covered with, later development, variety diversification, not only has a large screen, also has a smaller screen, also has a small bed, pillow screen, a dedicated, but also pure decorative furnishings.

During the Han and Tang Dynasties, almost wealthy families to use screen. Its form is also a former generation has increased, from the original single fan screen development for fan screen split Qu Ping, folding, folding screen, before the Han Dynasty for the board to be painted, painting, since the invention of papermaking since, for the paper.

Screen types to screen, screen, screen bed hair,operable partition light screen; and if the specific more texture, such as jade screen, carved screens, glass screens, screen, screen, which pigment mica painting screens and so on, this is not the only one.

After the Ming Dynasty had created, has been beyond the screen of practicality, become pure ornament. With the social change, the modern people's way of life has been very difficult to put it as home furnishings, so that its scope is gradually reduced, only in a particular cultural sites are found, such as theatre, teahouse, a field.

In recent years, people at home and abroad began to Chinese classical furniture of interest, including screen,operable wall classical furniture culture and aesthetic feeling gradually by people to recognize, we hope to people from the traditional process of screen to dig a new aesthetic, is a new enlightenment.  

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Who murdered my romance

A section of feelings, in the beginning when we love each other, to the end of each other as an enemy, you are my wrong, I want you to know, we always be well-matched in strength.
" 33 days" -- the lovelorn
Fairy tale
Remember though young and ignorant, but with you an epistolary days are very happy, at least you and I are true, I have two weeks to send you a letter, you also went back to a, and occasionally a tear, it makes me very satisfied. We all have a dream of a to the end of love, nothing more, in our hearts only each other, I poured all my love for you,Cao An Qi Emotional life when you seem to have only me! I remember someone chasing you will openly tell me, for many people this is how miles away! Then I go insane, want this life you must be my bride! This year, we went to the same high school, school together, eat together, shopping together, go home together ... ... The ultrafast time! Although life will often make the shield, but more than half will be good, happiness is really good, you also begin to better to me, buy me a meal of what, I am very happy, later you because of my selfishness, you promise not to do so, I was shocked! That 's OK. Never mind. I'll buy you, you just go home homework is, we still very happy. Moment again after three years.

Finally from the marriage were closer, my fantasy. Finally, we used a different university, and you and I have thousands of miles away, but I've never had a doubt our love the quality, because I know that the expiration period is: forever. Nothing much, just want to study hard, to give you want happiness, regular telephone exchanges don't feel anything strange! Until one day, I found you more and more busy, no time and have a chat to answer the phone, possibly was too tired, just go there some not meet it, I still didn't think, fast forward to eleven, your home, my classmates and I play very refreshing, not much also worried about you at home, after all, there's nothing to worry about, in October 7, I call you, forget the reason, quarrel, I get excited skips school to Lanzhou, on the train almost 36 hours sleep, can imagine the excitement! Everything is normal! Do or do not suspect traces!
One day, knowing that you are new, like a bolt from the blue feeling you never think! I even to the brink of collapse, and scattered through numerous hills and streams the thoughts into the endless panic attacks, even the wind also act recklessly and care for nobody blows my heart for a long time did not seem to be frozen, the Millennium dream, I try to picture freeze before 2010, they found, in the inverse time corner, only desolation the increasing inability to seize back left. Not to mention.
... ... .
But, I want to say that you don't do the actors are wasted! Since you 4 months ago with new, and I also what is ambiguous! Review the feeling?
The lovelorn
Today, at least I know I'm right for yourself, to afford the feelings of 7 years, and you doubt your personality?
After the breakup of the year, I have no clue, folding wings, day picture to die ghost-like, a person, and are memories, like everywhere in pieces in general, have been struggling to piece together the broken down one once. I like a dog wag the tail and flatter, in an attempt to get the master's pardon. But it is full of grievance, no place to tell the sad, you said my youth be opinionated, you can't stand. ( I admit I had asshole to greatly in your hand, but that I made up of many, now you have chosen to leave, please don't talk to me"! ) Don't think you, so long, I just talk to themselves! Not to take yourself seriously. People will become, but to you this is to! Now think that once I feel nausea, it is what I do not deceive oneself and others, self-esteem, Yourcenar said, I always feel extremely harsh but very precise words: the world's dirty, than self-esteem. But today I realized, even if dirty, remaining life, I need my self-esteem goes. Is not a lost love? What's the big deal! The whole of his worn like a" garlic seedling " like.
Have a look now social more beautiful --" as Jack, not enemy chest four two". This is the reality!
The so-called materialistic also is such. Understanding of MM, chat less than a month, as long as you have money, you can go out! ( what MM did not ah! At least I think ), with male and female friends in the guise of just what ah! The trading highfalutin, when you take your I am busy I am busy I, feelings do regular contact some ambiguous feelings of good; do a fuck friends call; the sentiment is not good friends also do not become enemies. In the scene, all say repeatedly repeatedly says I love you, deeply love your one's whole life never abandon, said a lot but I do? Be how much? They all said that if love please love deeply if you didn't love please go away! He said I give all to you, you are my personal treasure, she said, I will stay with you forever and you together, ha ha ... ...
Since no heart there would be no love to talk about happiness, everyone why so hard it not tired?
Don't stop fall in love, the woman kept for man, man is constantly change woman, appears every day in love of honeypot, every time have not tasted true love is what taste, maybe die heterosexual is through a lot, but sadly love is nothing. Clearly, never really got a heterosexual heart, that took the opposite hand with his / her mouth to mouth is the love, really very funny.
Life is not repeated here ... ...
Love is the tour we own, love and didn't love, not a mouth, a two body, the three meal, can be determined, if you don't love that don't cheat don't hurt, if you love, then love seriously.
The game.
In love with fast-food era, we also talk about love? The time is hasty! To scribble on life. You want to take what to do. Love is like a balance, a carrying the spirit, end bearing material, tour code on your hands, you must choose to lean to one side, because the reality does not allow you to stop in the middle of. Some things, some things, I know you understand. The reality is that we have reason to treat. Perhaps many of the meeting and parting, so learn to overgeneralization. Maybe I think simple insipid, believe in love don't lie, you will put your trust in me. Gradually discovered that love is not so simple.
I would not hesitate to choose the former, but finally failed miserably, so I am confused, I began to doubt, confusion my way, see my world I incapable of action. Is not that I'm aloof, but true love is not such, not with the material into any relationship, even a very simple life, poor has happiness the rich are rich luxury, as long as happy good ah! To lead a voluptuous life, scene of debauchery is happiness! Is it necessary? See other Mercedes Benz BMW you lost, then what? Are you a Ma Lo? Love in a BMW than smile on the bike fast?
Many people who are in love is defeated again because they look like before I always think oneself is an exception, maypoik aprereciciar apreopiearwill be the five million lucky. Many people not to see the fact, but is not willing to believe that the inevitable outcome of the development of. Like a red eyes gambler, always think of her own will to win, even underpants are lost.
All in all it was a master of the game! Do you think your hand is high enough?
Not so simple.
You can find - talk to with.
Especially in - seen so much betrayal.
Always restless - only tough.
Who murdered my romance.  

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installation inspection

Office furniture after installation inspection
After the installation is complete,company formationcustomers can also conduct their own some detection, the timely detection of problems and solution. That you should check what? Office furniture installation personnel introduces some aspects should be checked.

1, vertical and horizontal. All level should be flat, all sides should be vertical.
In 2, the furniture, all the cracks, such as the gaps between the door, drawer cabinet body and the cabinet, the gap between the gap should be less than 2 mm. Solid wood furniture because of its shrinkage and swelling properties, requires a slightly lower, but the gap is not more than 4 mm.

3 drawer, damping, sliding door sliding smoothly, does not return from sliding, hand push to which gate should stop where.

According to the office furniture installation professionals, the use of furniture after half an year, originally installed qualified furniture will also appear gaps larger, about a tilt and so on, this is mostly associated with the usage to the user. Such as wardrobe sliding doors easily skidding,

more wardrobe underwear placed imbalance, side light, while heavy lead; a drawer and a drawer on the gap between the larger, and drawers. Too much; when the bookcase put books, because books are heavy, bookcase also may occur in some deformation. But these problems are not serious, contact customer service staff to adjust the hardware position can be solved.

Custom furniture relative to the finished furniture installation, problems may be a little more. Experts said, some owners will be put forward a" reliable " requirement, such as the glass on the hole, the designer will also put forward reasonable suggestions, avoid due to design defects lead to uneven stress and a gap appears, dislocation and the like. Experts suggest that, even if the choice of custom furniture, owners should also follow the designer professional advice.

If the office furniture design flaws, generally installed will be reflected, many furniture brands that are responsible for the installation, if found at the site of the problem is very serious, usually returns to the factory, change after reinstall;solar wafer if the problem is not too large, the site can through other way, generally with customer after the agreement dealt with.  

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So what are business cards?

Business cards are cards displaying business details about a company or a particular person. They are shared during formal introductions for a convenience and for recollection purposes later. This card usually consists of the person's name, business association (often with a company logo) and contact details such as addresses, contact number(s), e-mail addresses and website.

These cards are nowadays a downright prerequisite, for considerably more than just a 'calling card', the business card is the socially acknowledged way of presenting yourself politely to a new or potential customer. It's an expression of yourself, your business and as a reminder; since it performs a huge role long after you have met the person.

If you don't have business cards or have run out of them, there is really only one thing you could do - place in an order for business card printing right away. So what features lead to a well-designed business card? Prior to spending on card printing, it's good to take stock first and find out if you really know everything about printing business cards.

While you might have gone through several design ideas and in all likelihood browsed through a wide range of templates, there's more to it than simply that. There are little facts no one will probably tell you outright.

Here you five important things you should know.

1.You are your business card- After looking through many designs on the market, you may get somewhat confused in regards to what style to make use of. With a myriad of fascinating choices available, choosing the most appropriate one for yourself may appear hard. The true secret in selecting is to be yourself.

You are your business card. So pick the one which signifies you. Don't pay attention to those ads that want you to put money into costly designed cards that don't really characterize you. So long as you go with a design that embodies your professional image as well as your company's image, you've got your design.

2. Quality isn't always the final and crucial aspect- Don't fall for the idea that high-priced and good quality materials are invariably the top dogs in the business. There isn't any truth to it. People don't just assess cards by its quality. They appraise them because of the design, and by the details included within. As a result, you don't have to invest more than what is required. As long as the look is great and the printing is something that suits your budget, you are performing effectively.

3.You can be imaginative- It's also wise to be aware that you could be creative. You don't have to be restricted to layouts and corporate styles. These days, the wilder and more unforgettable cards are catching up with people's minds. So let your imagination take over and be innovative with your cards.

4.Upgrading is essential - It might also be useful for you to learn that updating is a vital. Don't simply use the same card every year. Change your designs annually so as to update your details and improve your style to something fresher. This keeps you extra competitive with superior looking contemporary cards while at the same moment keeping your contacts up-to-date with all your updated contact info.

5.Always have one significant selling element- Lastly, all business cards should have one big marketing variable. This may be a unique symbol, an appealing motto, distinctive metallic inks, special paper elements or other memorable attributes. As long as there's something unconventional and authentic, people will recall it and you will be remembered as well. You'll promote yourself much better this way.

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extraction surface

Bear bile extraction surface quiet eating
New express reporter approaching visitors, in the simple disinfection, are arranged into a workshop, in a dense behind iron bars is a leader of black bear. In no drainage operation, staff have been feeding bears, bears eat,luck2012 implementation of drainage.
The whole process takes about five or six minutes of bile drainage, drainage needle approximately 12-13 cm, round head, a bit like basketball inflating needle. Xiong Pajin's specific inside the box edge is taken eat, bile, silent. Bear only to eat, staff said that feed. A reporter asked: why do not bear a bit activity? The staff didn't answer.
Reportedly, the so-called no drainage, i.e. by surgical operation, in the bear belly made a permanent wound, using its soft tissue made a drainage tube, the stomach, gallbladder and communicated with the outside world. The staff through the wound into a metal drain pipe, made of bile, two times a day.
Every morning and night 6, black bears are introduced and it is nearly equal to that of the iron cage" accept" pumping biliary operation. At the age of 4 and bile, until the end of life.
According to the subunit will explain, in accordance with the relevant provisions, take the bile operation needs in gallbladder and abdominal wall between the structures of the fistula. From the pathology, the fistula channel, is a wound healing, will continue, but the extraction process must stop healing of bile. " This fistulous passages is the hotbed of germs, but also to the visceral system brings the risk of infection,96325 which may also result in cardiovascular disease."
Subunits may question the prior drug
Although look from the surface bears no difference, but yesterday subunits to be official micro-blog, immediately issued an" emergency notice" post, writing Guizhen hall staff bid, the bears or already having arranged a drug.
The announcement says," will be a bear put a tour route peripheral, class B class C sequentially to display, and bile duct with warehouse latest," wrote" it is necessary to visit before the change in bile food formulations added with chlordiazepoxide, prevent bile process to cause unnecessary trouble."
And the so-called chlordiazepoxide, mainly used for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder and insomnia, and occasionally as a premedication to reduce anxiety and tension.
For whether to bear anaesthetic, site yesterday Guizhen Church Board Secretary Wu Ya strongly denied.luck2012 But some reporters also to be provided the route and duration of visits are suspected.  

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The subtle

The old man is really a bit. Don't say," Shua" life, fengjieone year before, I do not know what you are doing what, after I really big one years old tomorrow! I really should think about their own future, no longer like before, like a little child, thought is not mature ... ...

I was reading, as if what all don't understand, good for the future ignorant, I do not know what I will do, I don't know what will happen to my future, because I never plan, day day is a day, muddle along. And I have never done one thing that I think is worth that is worth. Even the University and whether it should continue my study, I also came to unsuspectingly unsuspectingly. Never learn how to grow up. Many students of my age children will play a soy sauce, and I, like a child.

In the meager always see this sentence: as a girl, first of all should strive for economic independence, and have qualified to talk about what, danna52015 to 25 years old, for reading and travel opportunities, 25 to 35 years old, hard work, positive work, family, money, be happy, not to mind taking the trouble to work ... This little hands, but belong to me, make achievements, enjoy the results, do not know how happy ...

Well, it is my goal!

In fact, a year ago, and I" old" one year old, I was a person, I am single, I still haven't found the right man ... ... Really a little sad. I wasn't trying, but I don't know what to do. Meet the pursuit of people, but do not know how to seize the opportunity, finally, everything is settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Forget it, I this character, is destined to find, waiting, waiting for the most beautiful meet.
Faint for my birthday, not many people know, is know also will forget, never mind, it lightly! And every year it? Are used to, have to congratulate my I can't get used to it. Ha-ha. ( though I wish my good friends can always remember, forget,laodie20 I'd be lost, even if the mouth is always say "no". )  

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operation mechanism

Sewage source heat pump technology characteristics and operation mechanism
Sewage source heat pump heat pump is the main technical principles of the operation mechanism, the sewage in the heat or cold transferred to buildings. Can be divided into three energy transfer process:
The first process : unit of medium in the evaporator to absorb heat medium evaporation, evaporation temperature of 3 DEG C, poly bag supplierat 10 DEG C of medium water in the evaporator by heat transfer medium, and the heat is released, and to the medium, medium absorbs heat evaporation.
Second process: set oneself medium circulation, evaporation of the gas compressor suction and compression, into high temperature, high pressure gas, into the condenser, heat transfer process to the condenser, and the condenser is connected with the terminal system.
Third process: unit under high temperature and high pressure, medium enters the condenser, heat, and water for heat exchange, will realize in the evaporator absorbs heat and input power sum output to the heating system of process water, heating system water heat release to the room, achieve the purpose of heating. In the whole process, unit energy input output ratio can reach a maximum of 4.5, whereby the motor input power is 1kcal, the energy is 4.5kcal terminal system. In the whole process of a small quantity of electric power consumption, great use sewage energy, thereby achieving the purpose of saving energy, refrigeration process for the thermal process of inverse process.
Technical characteristics
Beijing rainbow benefit of energy science and technology limited company independent research and development of sewage source heat pump system is the key to take the heat removal process to prevent bad water heat exchange equipment congestion and pollution. Sewage in the presence of a large number of large scale debris, such as plastic bags, leaves, cause the equipment and pipeline jam pollution, the traditional means of filtration and machinery grille can dispose of these objects, but the actual inoperable, involves covering, cleaning, impurity transport and the surrounding environmental pollution problemsmake plastic bageven with the most simple water treatment process, the processing cost but also greatly higher than the pump from the water heating and cooling of the value, but also in water treatment process also covering problem. This gave the city sewage source heat pump has brought extinction catastrophe, it is also the technical delay development problem. Therefore, to solve the bad quality of heat transfer equipment and pipeline jam and pollution problems of the traditional sense of the water treatment is not feasible. As a result of sewage water quality characteristics, and the other water source heat pump technology compared with its two characteristics, is also the key technology of this system.
( 1) the application process and equipment.
Sewage source heat pump intelligent sewage control machine ( referred to as intelligent anti trimming machine ) filter face their rotation, at any time have some filtering surface located in the filtering work area, sewage is specified in diameter above the solid, suspended solids were filtering surface interception, which contains the size of the suspended solids to sewage heat exchanger non blocking heat transfer device. Another portion is located in the hydraulic recoil filter surface area. In the filter surface to rotate within a week, each with a filtering hole has a part time in the filter working region to exercise a filtering function, another part of the backwash zone by backwashing, to restore the function of filtering. Sewage through the filtering to heat exchanger heat transfer without clogging, after heat exchange to prevent sewage sewage machine back flush area on the filtering surface of backwashing, and the backwashing dirt all away side by side back to the sewers. To successfully solve the city sewage utilization in large debris caused by equipment and pipeline plugging problem of pollution. The technology and equipment, can ensure the city sewage heat exchanger without clogging to run for a long time, so that the large-scale application of city sewage as cold and heat source of heat pumps become reality.
( 2) sewage heat exchanger.
Despite the removal of sewage in some of the larger debris, but miniature sediment and fibrous dirt still exists in a large amount, actually may not take sewage treatment process, because the processing fees are extracted heat value and high times. Due to the micro fibrous sediment and dirt on the flow and heat transfer has great influence, therefore, Beijing rainbow benefit of energy science and technology limited production of sewage heat exchanger has a special process. My company at home and abroad is the only one in the original sewage source heat pump heating and air conditioning professional enterprises, has experts agree that the world's first, level of technology is a leading international level. The" sewage intelligent self cleaning anti blocking heat collector" the process and technology has been the achievement of national science and technology innovation award.
Practice has proved, the technology and equipment, can ensure the city sewage heat exchanger without clogging to run for a long time, so that the city sewage used as sewage source heat pump cold heat source to become a reality. The technological achievements after years of in-depth theoretical research and a number of engineering practice, has become increasingly mature and improve; already in energy saving, water recycling, Offshore company environmental protection three aspects have extensive, far-reaching influence.  

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