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Office furniture market

Due to a variety of objective conditions the limit, the guangdong area furniture, remove some of the larger enterprise and brand, a lot of enterprises in the north of market share is not better than the south of the Yangtze river. These include logistics,Office furniture supplier neize225dw climate, local culture, the market characteristics, and many other factors. At the same time, along with the rapid development of the north furniture manufacturing industries, the cause of guangdong furniture of increasing the pressure of competition. In Beijing, in the north of the mainly xianghe furniture market also in the north with the furniture industry development, has dramatically changed and expansion. Beijing-with its as the capital of the political, economic and cultural center position, radiation the peripheral including hebei, henan, tianjin, shanxi, and other provinces, can say is the enterprise takes the north the market "the battleground."

If China furniture market is a huge cake, so with all the Yangtze river, the cake is cut off a large piece of. Although 2011 for China's furniture manufacturing enterprise, especially in guangdong area, it is difficult for a year, but the Chinese market in you heart is still the most potential and capacity of the largest. People in the mess up often will begin to focus on change, so this year's industrial transfer and upgrade the voice more and more ring. But ignore the most effective ways to expand the market-

Condition limit is objective existence, but the advantage of guangdong furniture industry also nots allow to ignore. Products from the Angle, guangdong furniture products in the minds of the consumers have a certain location advantage, this is because the guangdong as the oldest furniture production has been formed to the inertia of thinking; From the point of the brand, the guangdong area of famous furniture brand redundant other districts, this to fight for market is have a certain advantages, and for these big brand character, also it is they, in the north of Beijing market-especially can also play a part. But, for most of the small and medium-sized companies said furniture, Beijing market more or less then a mystery, or like a piece of iron, whether with its own brand influence, or their own economic strength, seems to be for the Beijing market not start. So, "the river the supplies" what is? The author's trip to Beijing, perhaps can from a side, to understand Beijing market, or how to get it into the Beijing market have some help.

Familiar with stores pattern and choose the correct positioning

Beijing is a multicultural city, as the capital of China, and its consumer group also has the very strong diversity. S is different area, the furniture sales channel more is rich, besides furniture manufacturing enterprise known brand chain stores beyond, still exist many independent stores, a single brand of independent boutique, comprehensive high-quality goods type furniture store, building materials supermarket and so on the different types of household furniture sales channels. Only in Beijing city, all kinds of furniture consumer place has more than 100, both for professional furniture and distributors, also have the chain store operator, also including Beijing local manufacturing enterprise restructuring operation comprehensive stores.

Beijing furniture sells in recent years is alsoIP camera manufacturer dab4d59ck in development, the development trend of present three main features: brand differentiation, regional segmentation, personality rivalry.

Brand differentiation

Beijing furniture market development history early, early also appeared a lot of is relatively concentrated, can be known to focus on consumer place, but along with the changes in the market, more and more financially strong brand stores in Beijing began to emerge, and some of the original old store because of its own consumption environment and business model of backward, and is gradually be eliminated or decline, the Beijing market differentiation is very obvious.

In Beijing, the strongest of brand is evolving to become "establish the situation. Early unexpectedly the home, macalline, jimei, blue house, LAN suburban sincere, love, Beijing building materials trade mansion, home and home beauty, how to reside, Oriental home, the home depot stores such as integrated common survival, and the market share of each other more average, but with the distinction between their business strategy, and the development of their own different degrees, three of them out of the house of incredibly gradually-macalline and jimei household. The three companies, all adopt chain operation mode, and each business area of all break through the 50 square meters.  

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